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on January 25, 2010
I purchased this projector earlier in January directly from Benq. Upon initial physical inspection I'd say this is a large projector, a little plasticky and funky looking with a mostly black box a dark purple shinny insert and the unneserarily oversized lense attachment for zoom/focus....ok now for the real previously reviewed everywhere you need to spend a bit of time 3:30 hrs in my case to dial in all the colors properly...once that is done..."WOW" what a beautiful picture, in one word "Awesome", when compared with the LCD it was replacing. At once I noticed the LOUD fan noise..this unit sits directly above the front row of seats which is "my sweet spot", not to mention the misterious BUZZ sound that I identified as the Dinamyc Iris....Yes everytime the picture fades to black or dark scenes...ZZIIIPPPP...I found out the way to get rid of this distraction was turning dinamyc black off doing this affected the black levels and the pop factor in the picture, however not in a major way....but still... I could not enjoy a quiet night movie with all that racket! honest opinion is that for $2500.00 even though the picture was great, it is not worth the annoyance cause by it's noisy back to benq it went. I would find it hard to recommend this projector based solely on it's picture quality...there is more to a good projector than my opinion.
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on December 30, 2009
If you are in a situation where you have ambient light, or a large screen to fill this projector fits the bill. The important part is the six segment color wheel. A lot of DLP projectors with this type of light output will cheat and use a seven segment wheel. The Seventh segment is white. That increases the brightness but washes out the colors and ruins the contrast. Those that are sensitive to DLP "Rainbows" will be very happy with the image quality.

The projector supports vertical and horizontal lens shifting (critical for properly aligning the picture to the screen), however it's a manual stick on the front of the project. Zoom and focus are also manual by moving two large rings around the lens. The build quality of the case is middle of the road, which is fine for fixed installation, but I wouldn't recommend traveling with it. Given the price point of thousands less than competing projectors those are fair compromises.
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on March 2, 2010
We have owned an Optoma 1080p for two years before purchasing the W6000. We project on a gray wall with a screen size larger than 120 inches, ceiling mount. We use it for watching movies and playing PS3 games. The BenQ blows the Optoma away with crisp brightness yet no rainbows or loss of blacks (gotta love dlp). Also virtually no aliasing. There is considerable set-up time if you are really picky about colors and contrast - but at least you have the choice. The fan noise was unnoticeable especially compared to the Optoma...I was afraid it wasn't working correctly at first. Much cooler, much quieter, better picture = worth the price.

Additional note: We have become a house divided...I like the Benq handling of motion, but my 28 year old son does not. We both agree that it is crisper, brighter and quieter than the Optoma but we are going to begin looking for a different projector that we both can love.

Resolved! The motion problems were a result of a setting on the PS3. For games the motion was normal but for movies it was strange...not blurry, but odd. We changed a setting on the PS3 from 24 frames to 60 Hz(?)and now everyone agrees that this projector is perfect.
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on December 9, 2009
The W6000 has some of the highest ratings in a home theater projector under $5,000 and delivers a super bright, high contrast picture. It has 2500 lumens compared with most projectors in this price range with 1000 to 1600. It's big, heavy, it has a formidable lens and delivers an excellent picture in any lighting. If you are considering the Panasonic PTAE4000U or Epson 8500UB, this projector is definitely in that class but is far superior in brightness. For a screen size greater than 120" and with any level of ambient lighting, this is undoubtedly the best overall projector for the money.
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on October 1, 2010
This is a really bright projector and projects very sharp images. Needed quite a bit of color adjustment out of the box but I got it to look really good.

However, the DLP rainbow effect was very noticeable to both me and my son on this machine. What is odd is that we were replacing another DLP projector and we did not see rainbows with the old one. The old projector was a SharpVision XV-Z3000 (720P/1080i). We think the reason for the DPL rainbow effect now being an issue with the BenQ vs. our Sharp is that the Sharp was a 5X speed color wheel while the BENQ is only 4X speed color wheel. Too bad... I had to return the BenQ. I would have kept the BenQ if not for that since it is otherwise a really nice machine.

We wound up getting an Epson PowerLite 8500UB. Very nice machine right out of the box (in terms of adjustments, performance in general, sharpness, blacks, etc.) - a keeper!

Amazon was awesome with regard to taking the BenQ as a return. Thanks Amazon!!!
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on February 26, 2010
I've been using a front projection setup for several years now, starting with a serendipitous purchase of an NEC LT150 that was a "price mistake" find. After getting it and figuring out how to mount it, put up a screen and run cables in the ceiling with a friend's help, I've been hooked on the true theater type experience that a projector provides. It was a dim, loud, business class projector but still a thrill to have a 100" picture. I upgraded over the years to a brighter NEC business projector, then finally entered real home theater projector land with a 1080p Optoma HD80. At the time, the HD80 was one of the best bang for the buck projectors ever made, and I enjoyed the heck out of it. One of the things that bugged me with the NEC business projectors was the dreaded DLP "rainbow effect", and with the HD80 that was minimized enough that it never really bothered me. I'm fairly sensitive to it, apparently, and could force myself to see it on the HD80 but only by unnatural things like shaking my head.

Unfortunately after 2 1/2 years the HD80 died, and I decided to look around for new models since 1080p has become the standard, and less of a premium feature. The Benq W6000 was high on my radar because it's one of the very few moderate priced DLP models that includes lens shift. Its brightness is another attribute I liked since I have a "living room HT" without full light control, and the extra brightness is great for those afternoon football games. I ended up buying an Epson 8100 LCD unit locally, and the W6000 here, and compared them (eventually adding a Sony SXRD model to the mix to hit all 3 major projector technologies). The Benq lived up to its billing, producing a very bright, dynamic picture. After some tweaks to the initial base settings, I was pretty happy with the overall picture, colors, black level etc. As another reviewer noted, Dynamic Black seemed to cause a little too much iris noise so I also turned it off, and didn't notice much difference in the overall picture. But one problem came back... rainbows. The color wheel is actually only a 4x speed, as opposed to the 6x speed that the HD80 used. In addition, extra brightness seems to make ANYTHING more noticeable, rainbows included. After a couple of weeks, I just couldn't live with it and ended up returning it. If you're not sensitive to this artifact, the W6000 is a fantastic projector. I really, really wanted it to work for me but ended up paying more for the SXRD unit (Sony VPL-HW15). (I wasn't overly impressed with the Epson 8100, though it's a lower priced model so not a really fair comparison - I wish I'd been able to find an 8500 to try instead.)
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on December 28, 2013
Great picture, super bright. At 1100 hours, the bulb would shut off immediately after startup. Tech support advised me to remove and reinstall the bulb which I did and it worked problem free until 1700 hours when the problem repeated. Called tech support and they told me the bulb was at the end of it's life so it's not to be unexpected to have these issues. I of course feel like a $300 bulb should last for every second of the 2000 hours it's rated at. They also advised that the temp sensor could be going out as well. Unplugged the unit for a week, plugged it back in and it worked for another hundred hours and now at 1800 hours the bulb finally went out completely. Sending it in this week for analysis. ****UPDATE**** Bulb completely failed bought a new bulb with housing ($300) and installed. The new bulb ran for 120 hours before it failed again. Had the projector and bulb professionally analyzed by a local company with 35 years experience and the results were that no problems could be detected with the projector but there was (another) bulb failure during their testing and it's worthy of note that this was a BENQ bulb, not a cheap aftermarket bulb. When you purchase a bulb online from Amazon, you get a 90 day warranty after which BENQ offers an extended 6 month / 500 hour warranty. I will send in the bulb to BENQ for their analysis and see what happens.*******UPDATE*********** BENQ determined that nothing was wrong with the bulb and refused to replace it in spite of the warranty. They insist that the problem is with the projector in spite of the findings of the local company I had look at it. Shipping the projector insured to BENQ would have been a $200 affair (1 way, not return shipping) so I gave it away and will never buy another BENQ product again.
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on April 2, 2011
Like many, I went back and forth over the thought of buying a projector before finally pulling the trigger. There was a SERIOUS issue with the amazon shipment of the first unit, and I needed the projector in place for the Final Four so I had to ppurchase one elsewhere. Of course, the amazon order was finally refilled and arrived today, after I have already bought and installed another unit. So that one will be going back. But to the review.

This unit truly blew me away. I have a room that gets a moderate amount of ambient light from closeby windows that can not be blacked out. Despite this, this projector puts out a picture that is VERY watchable and enjoyable during the day, and truly ASTOUNDING at night.

This unit replaced a 42" LCD TV, and it's like going from black and white to color. The picture is incredibly sharp, the colors are vibrant (after calibration) without being overwhelming. The black levels are very good, much better than I even expected, projected onto my Elite Cinegrey screeen. Watching videos has become a truly enjoyable immersive experience. I now find myself spending much more time watching movies, and spending much more money buying blurays than I ever thought I would.

The only issue I have with this unit is that when the iris is adjusting, I do here it a bit if I am sitting on the couch directly under it. It does fade though as you get into the movie, but the sound is there. Other than that, it is a very quiet system.

Also, I dont see any DLP rainbows at all.

LAst note, I was raving about this unit so much that my friend who has a $6,000 JVC projector came by to take a look at it. He was truly blown away by it. He couldnt believe that it produced such a rich and watchable picture in the daytime with ambient light. He has black screen that have to come down for him to even be able to see his screen during the day. When night came, though his unit gave deeper black levels and slightly better colors, he admitted it wasnt enough of a difference to warrant an extra $4,000. He left saying "I could have gotten 4 of those for what I paid for the projector, and the electric curtains so that I could use it during the day. and I wouldnt have to sit in complete darkness at noon!"
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on December 22, 2011
It has been a pleasure to watch movies with this projector. Has enough power to illuminate a 12' wide screen from 21 feet. Users reported bad initial default colors, but BenQ must have fixed it because in the current version (Nov/2011) the default looks great and I could not improve on it with any of the available (there is a bunch) adjustments. Some reviewers mentioned the fan noise. I found it completely acceptable, but we use it in a large room mounted on the ceiling so if you sit next to it that might be different. The projector has a high altitude setting! This is very important if you leave above 4000'-5000' elevation. On this setting the fan will spin higher to make sure it has the same cooling effect on the thinner air. Very smart! You may end up losing lamps before their due time if you use it at high elevation and do not have this function for the projector. If you do not want a 3D projector but a high quality bright 1080p solid performer this will fit the bill.
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on October 14, 2011
Update: I took away one star as I had to return the projector after 6 hours of viewing due to excessive rainbow artifacts. I could see rainbows during actual scenes (My wife, who has never seen the rainbows on the old projector said she did notice them on the W6000 but they were not bothersome to her). It is a real pity as the picture quality is simply AMAZING and the brightness makes it perfect for any room.

This projector is physically huge compared with my old 4805. The box is sleek and shiny black - would have much preferred a white box as it would blend better on the ceiling. The lens is in the centreline so mounting and aligning with the center of the screen is easy - the projector has a mechanical joystick control that allows shifting the image up/down right/left by several feet in any direction so even if you don't have things just right or have limitations on placement this projector can probably accomodate the situation. The projector is not super quiet but fan noise is not loud and at low frequency so at 3 ft away from the seating it is not bothersome - in normal bulb mode or high brightness though the fan might be too loud for some people. The image out of the box without calibration looks great. This projector is REALLY bright, colors are SUPER vivid, the images, especially blueray through HDMI are RAZOR sharp, and the contrast and dark levels are impressive (even without the iris). In low bulb setting it is still super bright. Menus are easy to read and understand and the remote is easy to use.

Regular DVDs looked to have MPEG compression artifacts and then I discovered the default sharpness had been set to +8. I brought it down to 0 and normal DVD looked great (Blueray still looked great at this setting). There is a comb filter for further cleaning things up but I have not tried this yet. I strongly recommend this projector with the BIG caveat being that you better have a screen at least 100" in size or prepare to be blinded (in a room that gets a lot of light though then this level of brightness is a boon) AND if you are sensitive to rainbows from spinning color wheels, you will probably notice it in some scenes on this projector (e.g. bright objects moving on a dark backround). The rainbows ended up being a "show stopper" for me and I had to return the projector (Kudos to Amazon for their liberal and easy return policy).
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