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on November 8, 2010
I just received my copy a few days ago, but I have already cooked several of the recipes and they are easy and delicious. As a working mom I was not sure how to fit in making healthy meals for my baby, but this book is full of great tips and ideas. I especially like the background information on why different ingredients are important for my daughter and how they will help her grow healthier every day. I read alot of cookbooks, but this is one I know I will actually USE again and again. On a "sentimental" note, there is a feedback chart in the back listing every recipe, where I can rate them, date them and comment on whether I would make them again - this is a really fun feature that I wish my other cookbooks had. I look forward to passing this to my daughter someday so she can see what her favorite foods were and maybe even make them for her children!
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on January 4, 2012
A book titled "The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet" is just asking to be mocked, especially if it doesn't deliver on that title! And this one doesn't. A better title would have been "Really Obvious Things to Feed a Baby." Calling it a cookbook is a crime against cookbooks! I suppose if a person had no idea what to feed a baby or had never seen food being cooked, then this might help. But I have a hard time accepting one ingredient and the instruction to puree it as a recipe. Giving it a cutesy (though usually meaningless and not very clever) title does not make it a recipe.

Furthermore, the beginning of the book talks about the most healthy ways to cook foods, such as steaming veggies & fruit, then calls for boiling in nearly every "recipe" that follows! Seriously? Not to mention the fact that often there are no instructions at all for how best to cook a meat in a recipe. Often it will just say "4 oz cooked chicken." OK, thanks for that.

I've had this book for months, and have yet to make a single thing from it. Periodically, as my son gets older and his tastes change, I go back to it hoping to find inspiration and am always disappointed. Today the final straw was a "recipe" that called for microwaving leftover rice and veggies and mixing them together. That's it. Just mix them and serve. Well, DUH!!!

To be fair, the book is written by an RN & a nutritionist, so there is some helpful reference information about portions, food sensitivities, age-specific dietary needs, etc., but it's not worth the price of the book. There are much better recipes available on the many helpful and interesting websites devoted to making baby and toddler meals. Save your money and search them out.
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on January 25, 2012
I'm not an obsessive everything-my-baby-touches-must-be-all-natural-and-organic kind of mom, but I want to do the best I can for her diet. I thought this book would be a little more hippie natural, from which I planned to extract what I could... but it's actually kind of lame, sorry to say. I mean, the first preparation option they give you is to use the microwave. No where in the book do they discuss why it's best to NOT use a microwave. They don't opt for steaming the foods either, which is much better than boiling since they even point out the problem with losing nutrients in the water. Oh and one of the first recipes was to mash a banana up with butter. BUTTER. Motherloving butter!?!?! Also, reading their description of milk vs. soy milk made me laugh. How the heck are these people dietitians? So, after I dislodged my eyes from the inside tops of my eye sockets after rolling them so hard, I closed the book and put it away never to be opened again.
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on December 28, 2013
This is not the cookbook for those moms looking to use only whole foods for their babies. There are studies that show babies dont have the necessary enzyme to break down grains until 12 mos which is used throughout until 12 mos (rice cereal). Also, the titles ays "know what goes into every bite". Really?! How is using processed foods in your recipes knowing what goes into every bite? For example: "healthy finger foods for your baby on page 95; cooked noodles, graham crackers, pancakes, tofu (GMO, SOY), cereal...all processed foods. Also, astounding is the toddler tuna casserole using CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP!!!!!! Seriously?! How processed can you get?

I think this book is for those who are just beginning the wholefoods journey and wanting to introduce them to their babies. Their recipes is much better than the alternatives; however, it is a little misleading.
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on June 14, 2014
These recipes are boring and the ones for 12+ months ask for a TON of sugar. Some of the boring recipes in the beginning could easily just be a list of "good foods to feed your baby" I don't need a recipe for prune purée. I didn't bother making any of the recipes. I was blown away by the recipes asking for 1/4 cup of sugar!!! I don't feel like those recipes have any regards to the health of my baby. I wish I could return it but it was a gift. Don't waste your money there are a ton of other books out there that are way better.
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on September 17, 2014
Sad to have bought this book. While it looks nice it has not been useful to me. It seems to promote juices on every page, and has a very basic level of information.
Good if you are not familiar in the kitchen, otherwise not.
Sadly will be returning this.
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on February 20, 2012
This book has received some comments from people who didn't feel it provided enough "recipes" for them. That may be true for some, but the vast majority of new moms I know either don't have time to fiddle with complicated recipes, or don't have the energy. For them, this book shows how easy it really is to feed your baby healthy, homemade/home-produced foods.

Not everyone has a home garden and can harvest their own organic produce, not everyone wants to take a whole pumpkin and spend hours cooking it, scooping out the flesh, pureeing it (I would imagine that canned, plain pumpkin is what most people will want to deal with/have access to), not everyone has the interest or ability or energy to devote large chunks of time to doing what some people think is the "right" thing to do for childrens' nutrition and health (i.e. get as far back to the good ol' days as humanly possible). For many people, the "right" thing to do is to do their best for their child given the time and resources they have available. We're all different, but every mom I know is doing her best for her kid/s. Even considering making homemade baby food is a step in the "right" direction, in my opinion! Just because one cannot go "whole hog" and do absolutely every little thing from scratch doesn't mean they aren't doing their child a good turn by doing SOMETHING. I applaud the authors for showing that taking some simple foods and altering their texture can indeed a valuable contribution to a baby's nutrition!

What's more, lots of folks don't have a lot of kitchen experience--let's face it. And yet, even these people can make their child nutritious, homemade baby food and feel good about themselves and what they're doing for their child. Since when does feeding a baby have to provide the child with a gourmet experience?!!! Babies like simple foods and frankly, don't need anything more than simple, nutritious foods.

I guess my bottom line comment is that, for the person who has no clue if making homemade baby food is even possible for them, this book is encouraging. It's supportive. It's entertaining and fun to read. It's also informative. Nobody needs to be intimidated when trying to feed their child.
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on April 14, 2015
I bought 3 baby food books and this one is my least favorite. I was really looking for a book that can teach me how to make very simple meals when my baby was initially starting out solids. I didn't like how some recipes discuss using 'juice' when my baby was starting out solids for the first time. Or mixing few different food together as part of the recipe. I understand that you can start mixing food after introducing few, but I was really looking for instructions on how to prepare a meal with one ingredient as that's what's recommended when introducing new food to the baby. This book maybe better after the baby is used to eating solids and you are starting to making something more interesting for the baby.
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on July 21, 2011
I love that this book has sections before each chapter that explain what types of foods baby can eat at each stage. Honestly, that info by itself makes the book worth buying. However, I haven't been super impressed with the recipes I've tried: most of the recipes for younger babies (6-7 months) are just two simple purees mixed together--I don't really need a recipe book to know how to do that. I'm hoping that the recipes for old kids are better, and judging from other reviews, I'm guessing they will be. Bottom line is that this is a great reference book, but I've found better recipes elsewhere.
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on May 3, 2011
Recipe titles are so cute, like "Zoom Zoom Zucchini" or "Wee-licious Potato" or "Orange You Cute Carrots and Sweet Potato", but the recipes themselves are not impressive at all. Boil the ingredient(s), mash it, and mix with liquid (water, breast milk, formula, or apple juice). That's it.

There are also many many fruits puree recipes, which are just peel, pit, and puree the fruits. To me, that should not be called a recipe.

Nutrition facts are hard to read. I wish they were listed vertically so that one can compare with different recipes.

Overall impression of the book is, "very sweet", both in graphic/editing and in recipes. The former is good, the latter, not so.
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