Best Motorcycle Earbuds Opinions?

I favor, where legal, a NRR >30, with a low enough profile to accomodate a full face helmet. Audio quality is also of importance. I'd like to hear what has worked well for you.
asked by Spock on July 4, 2011
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I can't speak for these, the J2s, but my previous pair was the micro atomics from Jlab and I was very impressed by the noise isolation while using them as I was riding and mowing the yard. It's all in the silicone ear pieces, you have to use the size that seals in your ear canal. I have average size ears and these do fit with a very low profile. I have used these while laying on my side in the bed and they were very comfortable and should fit well with a full face helmet on. It's winter time now, the bike and helmets are in storage so I can't try them out on the road just yet. The atomics were great for riding, hopefully these will be too. At the great price on these, it would be worth it for you to at least try them. Good luck!
D. Goodwin answered on December 9, 2013
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