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on June 5, 2008
everyone reviewing this seems to be focusing on the sell-out factor and not THE ACTUAL ITEM. this isnt a radiohead approved release since they parted ways with capitol. all that beside the point it is still a staggeringly beautiful set of songs and visuals. if your a fan of radiohead, you need this. it is a corporate money grab, but its still nice to have all the old videos in one place and the music is still awesome. radiohead still gets paid if you buy this.
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on June 18, 2008
Yes, true, this is a way for their former label to cash in on the band's years of success. But, nonetheless, it is still a very nice collection of the band's videos.

For me, all of the Radiohead videos that I have are on VHS and not all on one cassette either so having this DVD is a great upgrade to what I already have. There are also some videos that I don't have or have never seen so that makes it worthwhile for me to own this.

Radiohead have always pushed the envelope of creativity with every new release and their videos parallel that progression. From the no frills video for "Creep" to the Hi-Tech concept videos of the latter albums, it's nice to see the progression of their music and video styles. For the Pablo Honey videos, most are somewhat forgettable but I do like the video for "Stop Whispering". Even though the band says they didn't like how that one came out, I still think it's very stylish compared to the videos for "Pop is Dead" and "Anyone Can Play Guitar".

For the Bend's videos, It was nice to have both versions(UK and US) of "High And Dry" included. It would've been nice to have all 3 versions of "Just" on there though. It's also nice to have the full version of "Fake Plastic Trees" on there instead of the shortened version that was run on MTV. The video for "Street Spirit" is just incredibly beautiful.

All 3 of the OK Computer videos are superb. "Paranoid Android" is a great animation following Robin and Benjamin, from the Swedish cartoon "Robin", in an adventure through the city as they come across flashers, drunks, bullies, an S&M clad businessman who dismembers himself and Robin playing a round of ping pong with an angel. An animated version of the band even make an appearance in the bar as they watch a man dance on their table with a small head popping out of the man's stomach..hilarious.

The KidA/Amnesiac videos are visually stunning. Most are CG based and incredibly done. "Pyramid Song" always has me transfixed every time I watch it. The last 30 seconds of the video where the points of light are in the red sky, flying around in unison with each other over a world that has met it's demise is both sad and mesmerizing. The video for "Push Pulk / Spinning Plates" is also incredible. Another predominantly CG animated video which is conceptually remarkable.

All in all, yeah, this was shamefully released by their former record label to capitalize on the band's success, but for a fan, it is a nice collection of videos bundled up on one DVD. The visual quality is good and the sound quality far surpasses what I had on the VHS version of the videos I have. I give this 4 stars instead of 5 mainly because there are no extras (except for a live version of "2 + 2 = 5") or any band commentaries which would've really added to the release.

In my opinion, this is surely worth getting, and I'm very happy to have this in my way too large collection of Radiohead stuff. Thanks Randy for getting me this for my Birthday ;)
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on July 4, 2008
Its a complete recopilation of videos, with good sound and picture but the band didnt include videos of Kid A album, otherwise i feel ok.
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on January 13, 2009
Listen, if you're a Radiohead fan who wants the videos listed above, then by all means embrace this DVD and watch the videos to your heart's content.

As the other reviewers have already said, this is a corporate cash-in attempt and frankly, if you can find other means to watch the content, do so.

The reason I write this review is to point out that the missing and never released videos for "Motion Picture Soundtrack" and "Let Down" (Collectively, two of the bands greatest songs, and in the case of MPS, one of the most HAUNTING videos ever made) are NOT on this DVD. Clearly, this is a plain as eggshell paint cash-in with no balls. Dig deep, Radiohead fans, and find the material on your own. Or buy this if the items listed are all you want.

Personally, I think the band deserves better, and by better I mean a complete collection. Unfortunately, a ham-fisted release like this just means that such a compiliation will likely never see the light of day.
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on June 28, 2008
what a treat..
all the great radiohead videos plus some great new ones debut on this dvd.. a must have for radiohead fans..

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on February 12, 2014
I've loved Radiohead ever since I was 12 years old, and I think I always will. This compilation of music videos is very well done. Their performances are genuine, and the music is just... purely constructed beauty.
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on December 16, 2009
Come on, Indie folks. I'm sure if it were that important to Radiohead for their songs to be visually experienced in their entirety, they would have made a video for every song on at least one album. Let's get a grip, shall we? This is a collection of a boatload of cool Radiohead videos. What do you say to Thom Yorke saying he doesn't really care for the album format?

Cash-out or not, it's a great product and I'm buying it.
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on March 31, 2010
If you love Radiohead, you'll love this DVD containing some of their very best music videos. I never tire of hearing & watching "There, There" it's like a children's fairy tale gone awry. "High & Dry" has 2 versions, prefer the European version in a simple black & white format. Some of the videos will really make you think about the lyrics & make for good conversational debate as to what's it all about. Enjoy!
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on June 17, 2010
My only gripe about this DVD is that they did not do what The Flaming Lips did and remix these in 5.1 surround. While they have some very visually appealing videos, the sound quality is also a factor for me. They do not sound bad, but having these in surround would have been icing on the cake!
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on February 13, 2013
Para quem gosta, é um prato cheio de umas das bandas mais famosas do indie Rock.
Melhores sucessos e excelente performance.
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