Customer Reviews: Sesame Street: The Best of Sesame Spoofs Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
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on July 21, 2011
if you are like me and are an "older" pre-Elmo fan of sesame street and bought the 40 year anniversary box set Disc #1 will be right uo your fact out of the whole box set (including the second disc)there is only ONE elmo skit and it is with Guy Smiley so all the Henson fans will like it..the first disc does repeat a couple of skits from 40 years,old school but not a whole lot,however most Classic characters are on this disc but the second disc,which is ALL post Henson and mostly within the last 8 years or so,has only a couple "classic" characters because most of the more recent parodies they tend to use "anything Muppets",for those who don't know Anything Muppets are those generic looking muppets that are either kind of walking around in the background or they are used just once,so with disc two we get mostly those type of characters,of course we do get a couple grover and oscar and count skits on the second disc..overall the parodies are kind of funny and are aimed at the parents of the kids,so you will get more 'ADULT ORIENTED" type of humor,there are alot of paraodies that are missing which makes me wonder if they are going to do more if yo like classic sesame street then you should get it just for the first disc,,by the way Jim Henson is on MOST of the skits on the first disc doing voices somewhere so that was neat of them to do for us older's hopes for more Henson releated dvds in the future..
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on July 10, 2011
Judge Clark Douglas, DVD Verdict--In a nice touch, two hours of spoofs are spread across two discs. This is a good thing for two reasons: it permits parents looking for something a little shorter than feature-length to pop one of the discs in for their kids and it separates the vintage pieces from the newer ones. The older spoofs are presented on Disc One, and they're a delightful reminder of just how much cheerful wit Jim Henson brought to the program in its heyday. While many of the pieces have educational elements (a classic Bruce Springsteen song is turned into "Born to Count"), others are nothing more than good-natured silliness (a puppet version of Madonna performs a tune called "Cereal Girl").

The disc does a nice job of mixing up the pace, shifting back and forth between song parodies, "Monsterpiece Theatre" installments (with your host, Alistaire Cookie), some Guy Smiley game shows and a handful of special reports from Kermit the Frog. There are a lot of highlights, but my favorite is a little piece called "Twin Beaks." There are so many delightful moments, from Cookie Monster's insistent declarations of "Me think this is darn fine pie" to a visit with "the log bird" to the introduction of a shady avian character named David Finch. Volume One is grin-inducing fun from start to finish.

We move into the somewhat less consistent present with Disc Two, which offers parodies of considerably more modern television programs. The content is still good-natured fun, but the hit-to-miss ratio is roughly 1:1. On the plus side: The Count watches Six Feet Under (there are six feet under a table, just waiting to be counted), the aforementioned Mad Men parody, and the "Grouch-BO" presentation of "True Mud."
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 12, 2011
Over two hours (and 40+) parodies that Adults will love even more than their kids!

For over 40 years Sesame Street has tried to work on two levels. While teaching kids things like numbers, letters, science and geography (not to mention health and manners as well) they want parents - who watch the show with their kids - to be entertained as well. Hence, the celebrity appearances and the parodies of pop culture. This two-DVD set gathers some of the best of these parodies into one neat package. Each Disc runs just over an hour and there are a couple of short bonus clips added to each. (I'm not sure why these are listed as "bonuses" as these compilations were never aired on TV in this format. But, what the heck, they are fun.

Volume 1 contains a lot from the earlier years - and has song parodies too - while Volume two parodies mostly shows from the last seven years. Those who grew up with Sesame street will find memories in Volume 1, while discovering new "spoofs" that they have never seen (they were probably at work when the shows aired) on Volume 2.

My favorites of the 20+ spoofs on Volume 1 (nicely indexed so you can go to these directly on repeat viewing) are "Twin Beaks" (a spot-on parody of the cult favorite "Twin Peaks" right down to a character named "the log bird") and the Springsteen take-off by The Count (who else?) titled "Born to Count". There are many more here but I'll let you discover them.

Volume 2 (the newer material) brings back The Count - this time with parodies of "Six Fee Under" (counting number of feet under the bed), "24" (the whole plot takes place in 24 seconds), and the outrageous "Desperate Houseplants" that has some real adult innuendos that will fly way above kid's heads but be readily apparent to the adults watching. A few here poke fun at 70s tv shows - "The Braidy Bunch" (about how girls got their hair braided) and "Spaceship Surprise" (Star Trek). The only non-Muppet to appear here is Dr. Phil (yes the real one) in a segment where he comes face-to-face with a Muppet version of himself. Again, I won't list more as you can discover them for yourself - and I'm sure you'll have favorites.

While Volume 2 is - overall - not as strong as Volume 1 (I'd give Volume 1 five stars and Volume 2 only four stars), this set is too much fun to not raise it up to a five. Young and Old will enjoy this set. And don't forget to check out the recently released "Elmo's Music Magic" DVD which I reviewed last week. That full of musical parodies as well.

Steve Ramm
"Anything Phonographic"
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on February 8, 2012
If you just want the highlights from your childhood this is the DVD to have. I had forgotten "Rebel L", "Hey Food" and others (from disc 1) that were from the early years, or the years I was a child watching. But it all came flooding back. I remembered the fun and learning. I couldn't stop laughing....or singing along! And while I loved watching the newer ones (on disc 2) that are take offs of hits from today like Mad Men, CSI: Miami and Law & Order (among others) they did not have the same nostalgic value for me. And while using the "donk-donk" of Law & Order was truly inspirational, it is Grover's "Smell Like a Monster" spoof that steals the show. It would have been worth every penny just for this one episode!!! Why was this only on the Internet? I laughed so hard I cried....and watched it again! The genius of Sesame Street is alive and doing well. This is perfect to watch by yourself to "remember when" or to share with your child, grandchild, nieces and nephews. You get the best of the best. Fun and educational. What more could you ask for?
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on June 5, 2012
I purchased this for my new grandson so he can become aquainted with the characters that were dear to my daughter's heart. Old school and timeless with messages that are as relevant today as they were thirty years ago. Take a trip down memory lane, you won't be disappointed.
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on January 17, 2013
I love Sesame Street, especially the old episodes. This DVD set only has a few clips or many different episodes. If you watch this once you really don't need to watch it again.
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on May 6, 2013
Volume one is old-school sesame street and volume 2 is more recent. It is very funny and shows many great spoofs.
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on December 6, 2011
I bought this at the store but didnt really look past the cover. I was surprised by how many sketches are in it. I love them and my daughter, who is 1, laughs along and pays attention (she usually doesn't watch anything for too long). Very worth the price and I recommend.
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on December 28, 2011
Some of these sketches are great, and I liked the aspect of the 1st disc being more "classics" and the 2nd disc being the newer spoofs. I was disappointed that the 1st disc is more just plain outdated than classic. I'm 28 and watched SS as a child my daughter is 5 and neither of us could figure out what they were spoofing, and grew tired and bored of the disc. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did.
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on November 2, 2011
I couldn't wait for my kids to see this, cause I figured spoofs meant the funnys or mishaps of sesame street... Well this is a large bunch of funny like videos, but if you own Alot of sesame street as I do, You've seen most of it before, making it not much funny... These videos are not exactly mishaps at all... Just more fun videos and repeats of ...
I was disappointed; I was actually looking forward to something different, like oops... or I don't know... Just what they did was put another name on a large collection of sesame street videos.
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