Best Winter Sweatpants on the Market - Under $25 Bucks

A Listmania! list by S. Betty "Urban Runway"
The list author says: "Antonio Ansaldi make these versatile sweatpants with heavyweight fleece and they retail for only $24.99. These cargo cut fleece pants have pockets and a woven logo patch on the leg. Very simple, comfortable and affordable."
3LWP SWEATPANTS: Versatile Fleece Pants with Pockets
1.  3LWP SWEATPANTS: Versatile Fleece Pants with Pockets by Antonio Ansaldi
The list author says:
  "Dress up or stay casual in this heavyweight fleece pant featuring deep rear and side carpenter pockets with flaps secured with velcro tabs. Side cargo pocket is detailed with 3 logo woven patch and "A" woven patch logo on right back pocket."
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