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on October 24, 2011
Within the first few pages of Betrayed, I was hooked. The novel is the frightening tale of Brook, a woman abducted by three horrible men, and the days of horror endured at their hands.

It also tells the story of Lance, a man fed up with society, who has made a solitary life in the wilderness. Eventually, Brook stumbles across Lance after escaping the gang who held her.

I appreciated the way the author shifted from Brook's point of view to Lance's. It made a stunning contrast between the brutality of Brook's experience and the peaceful safe nature of Lance's life, giving me time to catch my breath. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more of what was happening to Brook, the next chapter came along to give relief from the tension by focusing on Lance's life.

I also appreciated the stark difference between the profane nature of the kidnappers' dialogue compared to the normal and sometimes very sweet dialogue between Brook and Lance.

This is an unusual book; a study in contrasts that makes each shifting scene pack more punch. The beginning is harsh, violent, and disturbing. But, once Brook and Lance meet, it turns into a tender love story. Although both characters struggle with heavy emotional baggage and very human flaws, they help each other find a path to redemption and healing. When Brook left the cabin to go back to her husband in Denver, I cried. I won't spoil the ending, but I will say the book had a satisfying conclusion with surprising and intense plots throughout.

The book was well-written and expertly paced. With its graphic sexual violence, the book is for adults only. It was an absorbing story, one I couldn't put down, and I can't wait to read more by this author. I give this book five stars for originality, content, and plot.
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on November 16, 2011
Betrayed was a highly emotional story. There is rape in this so reader beware! Lots of vividly detailed description not only with the violence or Brook's wounds but also the mountain scenery and snowfall. I could easily picture all of the characters. Parts of this book were very brutal but other parts were simply touching. It was hard to put down because I kept wanting to find out what was going to happen next.
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on November 23, 2011
Hmm. Where to start. This book, though readable and in some ways enjoyable, was rife with problems. The exposition was excessive and the plausibility, scoffable. The character's thoughts, actions and choices didn't ring true. And there was way too much head-hopping--even venturing into the POV of a goat and the hero's dead wife!

**Caution, review contains some spoilers**

The action that sets the whole plot in motion, at least the heroine's assessment of it, left me shaking my head and laughing. The author dangles this in front of us repeatedly via the heroine's POV (unnecessary - I caught on when it was presented the first time), yet Brook can't seem to ad 2 + 2 and get 4. She even seems to forget about it for a while, once she's at the cabin. Tearful denial that someone she loved could do something like that, I could have bought, but not outright stupidity--musing about it and seeming not to *get* it. It made her character come across as an idiot.

The skanky girl character living with the villains was simply not believable. Some denial and ignorance would have been okay, but her inability to see what was going on in front of her face was laughable. (She observed Brook being held against her will and repeatedly gang raped, then accused her of leading the guys on and of stealing her man <rolling eyes>) And the villains' permanently disrobing Brook and brutally raping her, then taking 'care' to send her with the female to see to her bathing and toileting needs was just plain silly.

The rape scenes were excessive, too. Describing it initially was okay, but it went on too long and in more detail than was necessary. More could have been left to the reader's imagination without harming the the story at all. Sometimes letting us know what is about to happen, then cutting the scene has a greater impact.

To top that off, after flogging us with graphic details of the assaults, the author later rushes the love scenes and peppers us with so many short, purple prose encounters, that I was left wishing for less frequent couplings that were more detailed and grounded in reality.

Back to excessive exposition...
There was way too much 'telling' and not enough 'showing.' And there were other problems, too.

When asked about his past, the hero went into a pages-long flashback (or was it - I couldn't tell - Brook responds to some of the information at the end), recounting the heated argument he had with his late wife over living wills. First off, who cares. And secondly, though both sides were represented, I felt like I was being preached to--like the author was using the book to air religious and political views. The whole thing could have been trimmed to a few lines and gotten the point across as it related to the hero's emotional state and motivations.

The issue of government and technology knowing too much about us and worming its way into our lives and our freedoms was also a heavy theme, but was handled a little better.

Regarding plausibility...
In another excessive, ill-handled flashback, Brook has a 20-week sonongram, then loses the baby at 19 weeks. Huh?

When Brook calls her parents to tell them she's alive, they don't notify the authorities. And neither her parents nor the police notify her husband. Uh-uh. Not buyin' it. While she might have talked her parents out of it, the cops would have told the husband themselves, to see his reaction. And it doesn't end there.

The detective 'doesn't notice' Brook's shocked reaction to her husband's (false) account of their actions the day she was abducted. You've got to be kidding me. When a wife disappears, the husband is the first suspect. They would be watching that like hawks. Then, when Brook encounters (by police screw-up) one of the suspects in the hall before the line up, they go ahead with the tainted line-up anyway. C'mon. Do you really think we readers are that stupid?

**End of Spoilers**

I liked the lead characters in this book and I wanted to like the story--the plot held promise--but it kept getting worse and worse until I finished it only to see how truly bad it would get. I'm sorry, but I can't recommend this book.
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"Betrayed" ended up being a different book than I expected. I expected more revenge, less romance (I guess I'm a tad bloodthirsty).

Don't get me wrong - I liked the book. Do be forewarned that there are very graphic rape/violence scenes in the first part of the book - a bit more than is warranted, I believe. But there are also tender scenes later in the story - quite a dichotomy.

There was quite a dichotomy on main protagonists, too. First there is Brooklyn, sheltered socialite, a little too naive (I definitely pictured her as a blond - I can't remember if her hair color was mentioned).

Then there is Lance, loner by choice, mountain man. I especially enjoyed reading Lance's story and backstory and the descriptions of his living conditions and lifestyle.

And the authors make the story work, even with the savage, bumbling caricatured lowlifes that kidnap Brook. All the characters are well-drawn, sometimes too much so.

The story between Brook and Lance was very well done, a quirky romance growing from violence and pure chance.

I won't go into details on either ending but the author(s) wrote an alternate ending to the book Betrayed - Alternate Ending that I thought fit the rest of the story better. At least the alternate ending gave me a more satisfied feeling when I finished it. The first ending felt rather rushed and tacked on.
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on May 21, 2012
I guess I must come to (vice) grips (no pun intended) with the fact that I'm a voyeur! I'm not entirely comfortable with this insight, but in reading WODKE HAWKINSON'S thriller BETRAYED, I have to admit I began reading this novel with the insight that it would be dangerous...and it was! I downloaded this book months ago and only recently plucked it from my Kindle list and began reading, no, a better adjective...devouring this thriller...I was hooked, I couldn't put it down. And, yes (not to spoil anything...but) the scenes in the beginning are graphic, violent and...unfortunatley...kept my eyes glued to the page. (Thus my brave announcement) But, at the perfect moment, the author's knew when to draw back and breath a much needed sigh of relief. And, that heroic moment came with a gentile mountain man (HUGH JACKMAN) named LANCE! Of course, the novel set me up to know this, but the love story that follows is sensitive, sweet, full of character insight and just, plain beautiful. The quietude of the snow laddened cottage was romantic and safe and full of fantasy. (I want to go!) And, the developing story of two kindred, off-beat characters meeting in the worst of scenerios was really...enchanting. I felt that I was reading two different novels, the authors had such a good way of creating believable characters. Only one slight afterthought...the ending (I have not read the new ending these awesome writers are advertising)was a shall I put it...quick. I felt they wanted to tidy everything up. What I wanted was REVENGE. From Brooklyn against her no-good, horrific husband for BETRAYING her in the way he did. I would have brought a gun to the party! But, perhaps a lawyer is all you need in these troubled, shark infested waters! Can't wait to hold hostage this dynamic duos next offering. I am a FAN. Devout and subserviant, masters! Please!

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on August 8, 2013
I had to read this book for book club, though I wish I had stopped reading earlier on when the book seemed dumb (page 2). I would rather chew my own arm off than re-read this book. Here are the main reasons why this book is awful:

First of all - the rape/violence scenes appear to be written by a teenager imagining what a rape or assault would be like. I actually laughed out loud at some of the "evil" things the attackers said as they were so fake and ridiculous.

Second - the rest of the book makes no sense. None at all. Why would someone spend an entire winter up in a cabin when their family thinks they are dead?!?!

Third - the main characters have no depth and I actually did not care for the woman at all. She is not lovable.

Fourth - the ending was stupid and unbelievable.

Fifth - the book was ripe with errors and typos. I don't think this book was ever proof-read.

I normally don't write such scathing reviews, but I also have never hated a book so much. Learn from my mistakes - do not waste your time!
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on April 15, 2013
Okay, so I have written one bad reveiw in my it's hard for me (hence the 3 stars instead of 1). Let me just begin with what bothered me about it. The first part of the book was an eye opener of sorts; however, i loathed it. The torture was drawn out in such horrific detail, I almost put the book down....this was new to me. I love dark erotica...I don't need HEA, but this was sick and physically painful to read. NEVERTHELESS, I do understand why it was necessary and the escape and rescue was indeed endearing, but not quite redeeming. The second part of the book could have made this book soooo worth it! I mean, it's like all this depth and detail in the horrible first part, then the love story was glossed over, minimal detail and what's worse...what really wants me to give this book 1 star....The heroine never gets to stick it to the bad guys. They took a f***ing plea deal???? After all that torture?? And the SOB husband gets off? NO WAY!! The book has awsome potential, and the love story has soooo much potential, it was really neat how they fell in love, but not enough. I finished this book extremely unsatisfied.
NOTE: This book was very well written. Grammer was no issue and I would love to see a second edition to the second part revised! I'm sorry but I can't say the love story had any redeeming qualities other than the plot. Great idea and creativity, but extreme lack of detail and/or luster.
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on January 15, 2012
I am not a professional book reviewer, just an avid reader who loves a good book. When I downloaded Betrayed, I had already been warned that the beginning was graphic and it was. When I read I tend to put myself in the book and though it was hard to read what happens to the heroine, I kept reading, even though as a women I felt her violation. The story takes on slow transformation of a woman so severely abused that she is able to overcome what is every woman's nightmare. I was a little upset with how she handled her ex but then the mature part of me kicked in and saw she had done the right thing and that in the long run he would suffer. I won't give anymore away. This is a book that is only for Adults, that is the mother in me, but part of me wants older teens to be aware of the dangers out there. Still conflicted but as I have adult children now, that might cloud my judgement. I will definitely read more of these two authors works :)
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on January 28, 2013
Rape scenes were pretty awful agree - but I have a strong stomach and dont think these things should be glossed over

The escape was ridiculously bad luck

The love story was boring boring boring

And the ending was wrapped up all very nicely adn quickly - not cool
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on August 1, 2012
Betrayed is quite a disturbing book so it may not be for you. It is a story of a car jacking gone wrong and our main character Brooklyn gets abducted and horribly abused and raped by her captures. The rape scenes are rather graphic and will make you want to turn your head away. This book is very descriptive so if you have a weak stomach don't read. By perseverance and luck Brooklyn manages to escape only to find herself lost, mostly naked, beaten and freezing to death in the Colorado wilderness. Luckily for her while she is near death's door she comes across Lance who gets to her just in time to come to her rescue. Lance has chosen to distance himself from the world due to a tragedy in his past and lives in the mountains where he lives a simple and solitary life. Now he has to come to terms with his new guest and work to not only restore her health but to gain her trust. My biggest disappointment was that so much time was spent describing the extent of the rapes but the actual time spent making love was brushed over. This is not a book of erotica so that is ok, but it just felt so off balance to give the bad guys so much detail while leaving Lance a little neglected. I would have liked better descriptions of him and Brooklyn too, I really can't picture either one of them or their ages. Still was a great read.
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