LeapFrog Leapster TV Learning System
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Better resolution - Leapster or V-Smile? Can't decide which system has the best sound and graphic quality. Does anyone seen both of these systems and tell me which system looks graphically better on screen?
asked by Just Wondering on December 4, 2006
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Hi. I have both handheld versions, which I love both. Though I do have to say that my vpocket is doing something funky, and that disappoints me because neither systems get used enough to be in poor shape. I really take care of them. I was looking to by the vflash, but read some terrible reviews, and then again, they just did a toy review toy special on TV and gave it a thumbs way up high from all the kids and teachers who played with it for over 2 months, kids were engaged just watching other kids play - and of course, teachers loved it because of the educational value. I think looking for kick butt graphics and the like is hopeless in the educational department. Between my two handheld versions, I would call them close to equal, with Leapster being ahead.
A Mother's Logic answered on December 5, 2006
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