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What I like most about this book was the plot. I like that when I read a book, that I can connect with the characters and really get in their shoes. I love to feel their feelings and see their thoughts. Ms. Scott delivered such a great book that did just that. Not only was breathless reading this book, the plot was amazing.

Abby is you type of girl who lives in the shadow of her pretty, older, sisters. I just hate how insecure she it about herself. She see herself as nothing. A nobody. Someone who would never get a second glance at. While I was annoyed with Abby that she carried this trait so harshly, I see how the plot and her sister Tess will change of all that.

The plot was amazing. Everyone has secrets and no one is perfect. NO ONE! So imagined Abby who has seen her sister Tess as the golden one. The one who gets every boy, who has perfect hair and skin, who gets good grades. Abby learns more about her sister while she is in a coma than while she is alive. And learning this secrets helps Abby realize that no one is perfect.

The love interest in this book I thought was good. I felt for Eli and how he tried to communicate with Abby. Abby was just so into bring herself down that she never saw him. I'm glad that Eli was a good guy that saw Abby, re ally saw her. I was happy that Abby was once and for all, able to see herself.

Between Here and Forever, is a sweet, enduring book. I love the idea self-discovering of one's self, by learning someone's else's mistake. Sometimes it just takes more for us to see our self in the real light then the one we've been casting our self.
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VINE VOICEon March 13, 2013
I run hot and cold with Elizabeth Scott. The first book of hers I ever read was Stealing Heaven, which I LOVED! Then I bought just about everything she had ever written, because I loved that book so much. After that, though, I wasn't too impressed with her other books. Some were really dark, like Living Dead Girl, which was a hard book to get through because the content was so upsetting. Then there was The Unwritten Rule, which wasn't dark, but was just "meh". So I have struggled with buying her new books, but I decided to just go for it. While Between Here and Forever wasn't as good is Stealing Heaven (big shoes to fill), it was certainly one of her better books. It made me decide to give Elizabeth Scott another chance!

Abby has always been in her sister Tess's shadow, but since Tess's accident, Abby has been just as lost. Tess was always the together one, the gorgeous one, and the smart one. Abby was just, well, Abby. Now Abby and her parents spend every day in the hospital next to Tess's bed waiting for her to wake up. When a beautiful young man walks into the hospital room, Abby sees Tess's eye move a little. She is convinced this beautiful boy will bring Tess back and enlists his help to wake her up. While this boy, Eli, seems skeptical at first, he agrees to help.

Although it seems Eli isn't helping Tess, he certainly is helping Abby. For once, she isn't always thinking about Tess and is actually interested in someone (although she still swears he likes Tess more than her). While Abby is convinced Eli and Tess are made for each other, she soon learns there is more to Eli than she noticed earlier, and life isn't so easy for him, beautiful person or not. She also begins to learn the truth about who her sister was and what really happened at the end of her life. These revelations are important because they give Abby a chance to find her own life outside of Tess's shadow, as well as a chance at happiness.

This was a very interesting book because it explored how much a girl can know and not know about her own sister. Sometimes we keep our biggest secrets from those people we love the most. Here, we see a younger sister assuming her older sister's life is perfect and never realizing just how in pain she really is. The relationship between the two girls, told entirely in flashbacks since Tess is in a coma, is very realistic and sad. The good thing is you will be very excited for Abby as the book goes on and she matures. Eli and his grandfather are such lovable supporting characters, they will make you love the book even if you struggle to relate to Abby and Tess.

The language is mild in this book, but there are a few references to intimacy here and there. They aren't graphic or even talked about in any detail, just casual references used to flesh out the plot. The story would be appropriate for any girl, middle school through high school, who is interested in relationships and family. The secret Tess is hiding, her attraction and relationships with women, is developed in an interesting way, showing her inability to admit it to herself as well as her family. This might be a good place to have conversations about who we are and why we are proud of that in many different aspects of our lives. In all, this was a pretty good book, and I would pass it on to a student I thought it would appeal to.
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on April 6, 2013
This book was depressing and very slow moving. The writing was repetitive. The parents were clueless as to what their daughter was going through. I am disappointed - I thought Elizabeth Scott was going to be a new author I was going to want to read.
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on June 17, 2011
I thought this book was interesting, but nothing really happened. And Abby's character aggrivated me at times! Half the time she seemed to be making up excuses to keep from being happy and the other half she just didn't want to accept what people were telling her and continued making decisions based on what she thought her unconcious sister would want. She just seemed to be stuck in this routine and there wasn't much going on. But I gave it three stars.
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VINE VOICEon June 3, 2011
in a sentence or so: Abby's sister Tess was in a car accident that's left Tess in a coma and left Abby wondering who she is beyond the little sister living in her perfect older sister's shadow.

Abby visits her sister every day. and every day, things stay the same. Tess doesn't move. Abby doesn't know what to feel doesn't know what to do. Abby's parents don't know what to feel and don't know what to do.

after Eli, the boy from the gift shop, walks by and says something in passing, Abby swears she sees Tess's eyes move. she knows what she has to do to wake her sister up and get things back to the way they were before. there are several snags with this plan, however. Abby has always been in her sister's shadow...does she want to go back to that? Does she want to be the not-as-pretty or not-as-talented sister? does Abby really want Eli to fall for Tess?

allow me to open with the fact that i've never read a book by Elizabeth Scott. obviously, i've heard of her, but i just haven't picked up one of her books. not for any particular reason - it just hasn't happened.

allow me to now share with you that i'm kicking myself about that. i was floored. i was completely and utterly invested emotionally with this story. i literally finished this book like, 4 minutes ago and i had to hammer out my review right now because that's how excited and amazed i am.

to put it into words that might actually be helpful (beyond my blathering and omgitssoawesome chatter), Abby is a broken character. she doesn't give herself enough credit and she doesn't see things the same way everyone else does...but she also sees things that others miss. she knows she's not her sister and that everyone loves Tess, but she takes that to mean she's not worthy of adoration or affection or love. the worst part is, she accepts these as fact.

i know.

what's worse is, this happens. in real life. we are down on ourselves and tell ourselves we don't deserve something because that's just who we are. it takes someone like Clement, the adorable old man at the hospital, or someone like Claire, Tess's former best friend, or someone like Eli, the smexy boy from the gift shop, to invest in us and show us that we DO matter. that we ARE worthy of love.

this book is about so much. it's about loss. it's about hope. it's about how friggin complicated all of our relationships can be. it's about finding out who we are. but mostly it's about knowing that we matter and that we are someone worth being cared about. this is a message we all need to hear, and thank goodness for Elizabeth Scott for framing that message in a book with a totally swoonworthy boy, mysterious circumstances and a twisty-turny plot that sucked me in, heart and soul.

fave quote: "I'm not saying I want to run around hugging everyone or skipping through fields of flowers, but the hard knot of anger - the one that's lived and breathed across and around my heart - has loosened." (180 | 262 Nook)

fix er up: i've been using this one a lot lately, but i'm not in love with this cover. and by not in love with it i mean i don't like it at all...but seriously the writing and the experience more than makes up for that biz.
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on May 22, 2011
Reviewed on my blog, the Vintage Bookworm. (

Between Here and Forever was a bit different. This is the second book I've read by her, and I have to say she is a fantastic writer. I didn't like this one as much as I loved the other novel I read by her, Perfect You, but it was really good.

Abby kind of annoyed me. A lot. But at the same time I really liked her. I loved how devoted to her sister was and how much she wanted her to wake up. But she did it all for the wrong reasons! Which I won't get into.

I LOVED Eli! Abby and him are perfect for each other! I love the relationship they have in this book and I love how Eli helps her deal with Tess and helps her grow by the end of the book, and she helps Eli grow as well! I also love Clement!

The situation with Claire and Tess was a great addition to the book, though I kind of guessed about them after a little while.

This book was a pretty light and fast read, which I loved. I was able to read it within a couple of days, if I was able to sit there for a bit I would of been able to finish it in one day. The chapters were short.

The ending really made me want to know more, it almost didn't seem like a standalone novel. Elizabeth's writing really keeps you reading and wanting to know more after each chapter.

I'm not really sure of what to write about this book. I seem lost for words for reviews lately.

Overall, I really liked this book. There were a few things that really irked me, but not enough to make me give it a bad review. Elizabeth Scott is a really good writer and I plan on reading more of her books soon.
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on July 1, 2011
An emotional read that kept me turning pages or clicking the next button on my nook until the very end. A tale of two sisters that hit close to home with one sister a perfectionist and the apple of her parents eyes and another sister who feels like she just lurks in the shadow and will never live up to the spot her sister has left vacant.
I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster with one moment hoping that the sister woke up from her coma and at the other moment just wanting her family to choose to end the suffering. I still don't know where I sit, but without ruining the story, I can honestly say that I am not sure whether I liked the path the author chose.

I don't always dive dip in my reviews about the normal book review topics - but just this once I have to talk about the character development of Abby, the younger sister. It was such a joy to see her develop from the sister in the shadow to her own full person, with her own thoughts and opinions. I felt as though I was taken through a complete journey of her discovering how she fit in the world. I loved it.

As far as who I would pass this book onto - I think my age group would enjoy the read, but it would definitely be a great book for our high school and college readers who may find themselves in Abby's shoes trying to find where their place is amongst their family and friends.
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on April 30, 2012
I never know if I am going to like Elizabeth Scott's novels. Scratch that, I love her writing, I often do not love her characters. I wanted to read this because my dad was in a coma for seven months before he died in 2004. I wondered if Abby's experience would be anything like mine and in some ways it was. Scott nailed the effects on family and loved ones - the struggle to keep hoping, to remain strong when it seems impossible, and the feeling that everyone's life is on hold. But other than that...

The story was good, it really was. Especially Abby's realization that it is quite possible to break your own heart. I think this is a message nearly everyone can comprehend. My issue lies with the characters. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO I AM SUPPOSED TO SYMPATHIZE/EMPATHIZE WITH OR RELATE TO in this novel. There, I said it. Tess seemed slightly evil and I didn't really feel sad about her situation. I feel awful saying this but there was just nothing that made me feel connected to her as a character. Abby was so beat down emotionally by her sister that she was overtly pathetic and I just couldn't make myself care about her. She complained about her life revolving around Tess but from what I could tell that was a result of her own actions and behaviors. The only character worth paying attention to was Claire, Tess' ex-best friend and Abby's current friend. A teenage single mother working as a nurse's aid, Claire had a story to tell. But Abby, Tess, and even Eli just fell flat with me. Scott has ways of showing readers something and then spelling it out for them which makes me feel like she's saying, "Okay, idiot, incase you didn't get it from the color coded candy bars, alphabetized magazines, and six other obvious clues, this character has OCD." I do not mean to be harsh, this is something that many writers do and I just do not happen to like it very much.

I wish I could say more positive things about this novel. The underlying theme of being who you are versus who people think you should be may resonate with a young adult audience. SPOILER: The discussion of Tess' rejection of her "alternative life style" could also warrant discussion with teens struggling with similar issues.
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on November 23, 2011
This is my second book by Elizabeth Scott and I must say I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first one. Maybe the first one was a little too YA for me. But this one touched me because Elizabeth made sure we felt what her characters felt. And I can see how some young sisters would go through what Abby goes through in this book. By being in the shadow of their older, much prettier, much talented and popular older sibling.

So Abby has always been in her sister's shadow and she has come to terms with that. But when her older sister got into a car accident and ended up in a coma, her focus shifted to her older sister and what she can do to wake her up. Trying to bring her family back to the way it was before Tess' (Abby's sister) accident. Looking for ways to get her sister to open her eyes, she comes across a guy named Eli. When Eli went into Tess room and spoke, Abby swear she saw Tess' eyes moved behind her lids. So she comes up with a plan thats she's sure would wake Tess. But little did she know that, that plan of hers "wake" things up inside of her.

All the while, while she focus on Tess, her friendship with Tess' former best friend progresses. And her friendship with Eli takes another step too. But what she never expected was to find things out about her sister that she never thought possible. That's when she becomes aware that she never really knew her sister the way she thought she did.

I think this is a good book for those who have younger or older siblings. Maybe this book can make you see things a bit from their eyes. "Between Here And Forever" is a fast paced and easy read. I read this in about twenty four hours. This is a sad story, but Abby somehow finds exactly what she needs.

I give this book 4 out of 5 Stars, and as I like to say, a "Good Choice for Reading."
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on July 25, 2011
Abby is 17 years old, and her sister Tess is in coma. She has been since New Year's Day when she had an accident.

Tess was always perfect. She's even perfect now, beautiful. Abby is nothing like her, and she's tired of being compared to her. She wants her to wake up, but not because she miss her, but because if she doesn't, Abby will be forced to stay on her shadow.

When Abby met a gorgeous boy who works at the hospital, she thinks he will be able to wake Tess. She always liked boys as him, handsome and beautiful. Of course, Abby doesn't know that Tess had a lot of secrets...

Abby is very insecure. She always felt she was on her sister's shadow, and she doesn't think she can be more than her, so when she met Eli she's sure he's going to fall for Tess. I'm not really sure why Abby felt that way. It was obvious Tess wasn't perfect...actually she was very mean, dramatic and kind of spoiled; but their parents never did anything for Abby to think that way.

Eli is an excellent character, and I was really surprised by him. He's more than beautiful, and not only physically. But he's very shy. Obviously his life isn't as great as Abby thinks, and I was glad he wasn't perfect.

Abby and Eli are a sweet couple. Abby is very immature sometimes, and Eli is trying really hard to be with her; and I was glad when they were finally together. I'm sure they can help each other.

I can't tell you about Tess and her secrets, but even in coma, she was an intense character. She was very mean in the past but I still felt sad for her and her life, which she apparently never enjoyed.

Overall, Between Here and Forever is a heartwarming story about love for the others and for yourself. It's the first book from Elizabeth Scott I read, but it will not be the last.
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