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on December 27, 2008
This is what I especially love about DVDS, the chance to see something that will likely never play on a television channel again. 1980's BEULAH LAND was a three-part mini series running just over four and a half hours. It's not perfect but it is highly entertaining and very well-acted. The program spans a period of over 30 years, from decades before the Civil War to the War to it's aftermath. BEULAH LAND stars Lesley Ann Warren who marries her childhood crush and eventually becomes mistress (the nice kind!) of his vast plantation estate, Beulah Land, battling evil overseer Paul Shenar, Yankees, financial hardships, hunger, and her feelings for artist Michael Sarrazin, not necessarily in that order. At times BEULAH LAND threatens to become a P.C. GONE WITH THE WIND or a PG MANDINGO (or vice versa) but it's extremely watchable (I planned to watch it over several nights and ended up watching the full movie in a night) and nice bit of nostalgia when these lavish mini series were on the main networks several times a year in the late 1970's and early 1980's. One thing I found a bit irritating was the continous jumps in years in the storyline as well as several main characters dying outside of the story, having just read some Amazon reviews of the book it appears the movie is only following what the book outlined.

Lesley Ann Warren is very appealing as the noble heroine Sarah, Meredith Baxter is fun as her fairly trampy sister. Paul Rudd (not the current film star of the same name) is appropiately bland as Sarah's husband Leon and Hope Lange shines in a too brief role as his imposing mother. Paul Shenar may give the best performance as the rather dashing example of pure evil but equally fine work is done by Dorian Harewood in the complex role of Floyd, a slave of dignity and intelligence who yearns to be a free man but remains on at Beulah Land. Clarice Taylor as Floyd's mother Lovey also gives a superb performance. Jenny Agutter is pretty good as the whore who becomes Shenar's bride although the British actress curiously speaks with an Australian accent at times instead of a Southern one.

Some of the more fascinating threads in the storyline of BEULAH LAND are somewhat under the surface: Leon and Floyd's relationship from best friends in childhood to it's ultimate strain as they grow into master and slave, Floyd's discreet unrequited love for Sarah, and a strong suggestion of at least a latent lesbian relationship between Leon's sister and her devoted black companion.

The current DVD cover shown on for BEULAH LAND seems to suggest the film is a grittier Civil War story like THE BLUE AND THE GREY; the copy I own has a more appropiate cover of Warren and Sarrazin that suggests a old-fashioned romance. Although the DVD lacks any sort of "extras", and doesn't even have closed-captioning, I consider it rather bargain-priced considering it's a two-disc set with 281 minutes of story at it's current price. BEULAH LAND may not be a classic but it's a solid piece of storytelling and should appeal to those who enjoy this genre of filmmaking.
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on February 18, 2007
I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants a different, true look at the War Between the States era. Being a movie buff of this nature of movies, this is the only movie I know of that shows the cruelty of The North, as well as who started slavery and other facts. All the actors did a great job. Be ready for a good intense, romantic, blast of reality.
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on July 25, 2005
Persons who collect good Civil War fiction will love this one.

See a younger Don Johnson here in a major role too for the fans of DJ.

Similiar to the old favorites GONE WITH THE WIND...NORTH & SOUTH...THE BLUE AND THE GRAY. If you enjoyed or own any of those DVD's you won't want to miss adding this mini series to your collection of fine, fictional Civil War drama.

I have long awaited this to come out on DVD. I have tired of and no longer use VHS tapes on my large screen DVD. I cannot tell you just yet about the screen quality of the DVD as mine has not yet arrived at this writing.

The story line is great and the actors all have done a fine job in this story and best of all, the price is great for a great movie.
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on September 30, 2008
If you like Civil War-era stories and whether or not you read the three books, I think you should enjoy this production. The characters, costumes, settings are all very true to the periods. It should be noted that if you are a Civil War (battles) buff, there aren't many here, it is a story of a family of the Old South and how they cope. I think the character portrayals are all great. One may think Leslie Anne is a little sappy, while at the same time the strength of the story, but it does work. I highly recommend.
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on June 6, 2013
I watched this movie and it was great, but between disc one and disc two there was about a 17 year gap that wasn't covered. At the end of part one Rachel, the small baby is held by Leslie Ann Warren. Then at the beginning of disc two Rachel has already been married, had a child, and been killed. This part was not shown as was the completed devastation of the troops and cities during the war. Pieced together the part missed by watching 10 min. segments on YouTube. Very disappointed in this version as it looked as if it should have had 3 discs instead of two. DON'T ORDER THIS MOVIE. Make sure you get the entire version. Would have been great to see in it's entirety rather than part in 10 minute segments you had to look up.
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on June 24, 2009
Enjoyed the movie. Good and entertainin about the civil war before and after and the futility of slavery and its aftermath as well as suffering of people post civil war. Particularly interesting were how people in the South viewed themselves, the glory of plantation life and slaves contributions in making it what it was. Also showed that although some slaves were freed, they really never were.
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on July 28, 1999
I put this movie right up there with gone with the wind. good romantic southern movie
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on August 25, 2000
Beulah Land was an excellent movie. It compared well with Gone With the Wind beign a great southern movie. But it is in a totally different league, because it was about more than just the war and the years following it. It was one of the best movies I had ever seen. It brought the story down to a very human level.
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on March 17, 2015
This was a mini-series in the early '80s. Vaguely like Gone with the Wind with a different family and longer stretching time period. Was controversial at the time is was shot because it included more about the interactivity and friendships between some of the slaves and the owner family. Includes the evacuation of Atlanta, the "triage at the Atlanta train yard". Shot in authentic period plantation homes. Did fairly well with period accuracy in look and feel. Shot in Natchez, Mississippi. Enjoyable trip through the time period.

Eddie Arnold, Hope Lang, Don Johnson (early in his career), Michael Sarrazin, Paul Rudd (before he became a full time prof), Dorian Harewood, Meredith Baxter Birney, Martha Scott, Jonathan Frakes, Bibi Osterwald,Madeleine Stowe (early in her career).
Includes appearance by the Delta Queen, which people are still trying to save and preserve. A good many authentic civil war uniforms were lost during production due to extra's being sent to lunch in thunderstroms and the old thread giving out on the seams from the weight of the wet wool AND then being packed and sent back to rental company without being dried out.
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on July 7, 2015
@2disk froze up near the last 1/4 of movie and it never would play the rest after that. They said I could return it but it's one of those things that's hard to stay on track with…..After a almost a year now, I've still not seen the end of this movie…Who knows, If I could finish the movie, I might give it another star or two….…..
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