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VINE VOICEon September 11, 2005
In a seemingly endless sea of remakes which quickly (and rightfully) sink into oblivion, Bewitched deserves credit for at least putting a new spin on the formula. I can't imagine anyone but Nicole Kidman in the role of Isabel...she simply glows, you can't take your eyes off her. Will Ferrell delivers his usual goofy, over-the-top performance, which suits his character just fine. And at the heart of it all is a sweet and (mostly) old-fashioned love story. It also pays due reverence to its source, as Isabel keeps a picture of Elizabeth Montgomery in her dressing room, and wonders what the "real" Samantha would do. Sure, it's not perfect. In fact (minor spoiler alert!), I knocked off a whole star for the whole "Uncle Arthur" nonesense in the final act. But I laughed. A lot, in fact. I was delighted with Kidman's performance. And I left the film feeling pretty darn good. What more could you want?

For once, don't believe what the majority of critics have said. Bewitched is a great romantic comedy.
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on August 19, 2005
Forgive me while I step into Robert Eberts shoes for a quick second, and say that Bewitched is probally the most Romantic Comedy I have seen for quite some time. But again, since Will Ferrell is in it, I might be slightly prejudiced on that account.Bewitched is simply lovely, sweet, sincere and romantic the movie centers around a love stricken witch Isabel (Nicole Kidman) who has fallen head over heels for Hollywood's biggest failure in movie making Will, "He's such a adorable mess," Isabel breathes.

Nicole Kidman plays Isabel, a witch who wants to be normal and live like the mortals. Its a hard transition, made harder by not being sutable to work at anything since she always had magic at her command. Enter Will Ferrell, a terrible actor who's just coming off a major flop film. He is handed the idea to play Darrin in the remake of Bewitched, which he uncertainly takes. The only problem arises is that no suitable Samantha can be found to wiggle her nose properly. That is until Ferrell finds Isabel that one fateful day in the bookstore, where she is wiggling her nose like the best of them.

Enchanted, he begs Isabel to sign on to the show, using words like "I need you" to convince her. Having never been trained in the ways of the world, Isabel is overcome and agrees believing he is professing his love to her.

But love doesn't come easily, for Ferrell is eager to get back in the publics good graces, and is consiquently blind to the lack of quality his character portrays in the overeagerness to believe himself one of the greats.

Nicole is consiquently given parts only where she stands around, and never any dialouge in the attempt to make Ferrell seem bigger and better. That is until she finds out.... and hell hath no fury like a witch unleased.

I shan't say more, but if you are a Ferrell fan, don't miss this movie, need I say more on that score?
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on October 29, 2005
Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman star in the new romantic comedy "Bewitched" based on the legendary show from the 60's!!! "Bewitched" is magic in my opinion, .... no not perfect but, I must say Ferrell and Kidman pack quite a punch, and are a perfect combo. You will either be rolling in laughter with Ferrell's antics or being aroused by Kidman's beauty and charm, casting her magic spell!!!

Before, I watched the movie I had my doubts,.... since it's been a year of remakes and sequels: like "Herbie: Fully Loaded" and "The Longest Yard", thus questioning the movie's potential. I must admit when I saw the movie I wasn't overly impressed, but the concept alone was very creative; along with the Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman really add something magical to the film. "Bewitched" is a very clever and crafty single in the image of Nora Ephron ("Sleepless in Seattle" /as well as/ " You've Got Mail").

The story is something like this: Isabel (Kidman) is a witch who can get anything by the snap of her fingers or the twitch of her nose, that strives to be normal. Isabel is looking for something in her life; something like love. Meanwhile you also have Jack Wyatt( Ferrell) a washed up actor in Hollywood trying to make a big comeback or monopolize on a remake of the show "Bewitched"( very interesting) , for his own selfish reasons. So he is looks for an unknown to play as Samantha, since he is playing as Darwin, who can get the part just write. One day just by magic he finds her, and convinces her to be part of the new "Bewitched" (not knowing she is a witch ) casting her. Isabel mistook by Jack's self centered scheme, feels that he may be the answer to all of her problems.

With many unexpected twists and turns, between Isabel's sidesplitting magic and Jack's ,.... well ego they end up falling in love with each other. A lot like Samantha and Darwin went through during the original show. The film is very romantic, hilarious, clever, and something you are sure to love. So the film is basically a romantic comedy like other reviewers said!!!

Yet the film isn't perfect,... well nothing is. "Bewitched" at times became a bit to plotty with too many things happening at once. Along with some boring stretches and some too drawn out or unimportant things added in. The film was still good but it is no masterpiece!!! With an all star cast and a great concept.

Overall, I will have to give "Bewitched" a well deserved 3.5/5, a great film make sure to rent!!! No regrets on seeing this one, not one of my personal favorites and could have been better in many ways. An over hyped movie, that is still gold!!!

-Rogue Fox "Rogue"
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You will not find any of the black & white episodes from the early season of "Bewitched," when Dick York played Darrin. This 2-pack of videos are all in glorious color, with Dick Sargent as Darrin Stephens. The main thing of course is that they all have Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, Agnes Moorehead as Endora, Marion Lorne as Aunt Clara, Maurice Evans as Maurice, and David White as Larry Tate.
"Generation Zap" features a trio of classic sit com episodes from the fourth season of "Bewitched." (1) In "Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember" (Episode #119, November 23, 1967), Aunt Clara's inadvertently (of course) sends the Stephenses back to the Pilgrim's first Thanksgiving in Plymouth. Unfortunately, this is the Plymouth where they Pilgrims are interested in burning witches. Ironically, the visitor they go after is Darrin. One of the most interesting parts of this episode is when it gets a bit serious and Samantha speaks out against prejudice during Darrin's trial. (2) "No Zip in My Zap" (Episode #113, October 12, 1967), finds that Darrin has a new account and Samantha has lost her powers. The twist is that McMann & Tate's new client turns out to be a woman, and Darrin and Larry have a hard time dealing with this. However, not as hard a time as Samantha is having trying to do simple things like put plates back together. There might be lots of social consciousness in these first two episodes, but then we get to (3) the classic "Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds" (#118, November 16, 1967), with the wonderful performance of the great Agnes Moorhead. Endora loses all her power after coming into contact with the giant Dodo Bird, which transfers all of her magical power to Aunt Clara. Unable to raise a coffee pot (with her hand) let alone rise from her sick bed, Endora still proves she can make "Derwood" miserable and Darrin's initial glee over his mother-in-law's plight is soon dashed. Meanwhile, it is Aunt Clara who proves to finally have the upper hand with Endora. These are three excellent episodes from this Sixties sit com that is as beloved as it is under-appreciated. That is only because some critics want to ignore the fact that the witch married to the mortal on "Bewitched" is being played by a very talented actress, Elizabeth Montgomery.
The best episode of the trio of color episode of "Bewitched" is the first one, "My Friend Ben" (Episode #87, December 8, 1966). Aunt Clara tries to help with the repair of a lamp by summoning an electrician, but ends up bringing Ben Franklin (Fred Wayne) from the past instead. Before Samantha can send him back, Darrin shows up with his boss. Larry assumes Ben is part of Darrin's ad campaign for Franklin Electronics. There is a nice sequence in this one where Sam and Clara take Ben and show how his inventions are being used. Wandering around the city Ben is arrested for stealing a fire engine and has to stand trial, which takes place in "Samantha for the Defense" (Episode #88, December 15, 1966). The best part of this one is when Ben skillfully refutes the supposedly damaging testimony of the witnesses. We jump way ahead in the series with the final episode, "Samantha's Good News" (Episode #168, April 10, 1969), in which the fact Sam in going to have another baby almost gets lost in the fun as her parents fight it out over which one of them is divorcing the other one. Watching Agnes Moorehead and Maurice Evans chew up scenery is always great fun, even if the prospect of a grandson forces them to pretend to be civil to one another. "It's All Relative" presents another three excellent examples of this particular situation comedy, which could get a bit repetitive and redundant at times. However, distilled to these six episodes the strengths of the sitcom become clear as the twitching nose on your face.
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on March 10, 2016
I loved bewitched the TV series and I love Nicole Kidman. So why not a five star review? I deleted the answer and it was very lengthy. I don't want to make anyone angry. I just didn't like the casting. Enough said.
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on July 9, 2014
A nice idea. It's not a remake of the original show. It's a movie about re-doing Bewitched as a TV series but the star just happens to be a witch. It's a fun movie and family friendly. The actors and actresses were overall cast well. The characters they have in the movie that were characters in the original TV series are Samantha's parents, Aunt Clara, and Uncle Arthur. (Will Ferrel 'plays' Darren and Nicole Kidman 'plays' Samantha in the new TV series) If you enjoy the old series like I do, you will most likely enjoy this little treasure.
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on August 16, 2011
You would think that with all the stars in this picture it would be decent, but it just goes to show that Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, Kristin Chenoweth, Carole Shelley, Katie Finneran, as well as comedians Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Amy Sedaris, David Grier, and Mo Rocca can't fix the horrible directing and even more horrible script.

The premise of the story is bad enough - a jerk of an actor, Jack Wyatt (Will Ferrell), wants to be the star in a reprise of the 1960s TV series "Bewitched." To ensure that he is the star, he insists that the actress playing the role of Samantha is a complete unknown whose only talent is nose-twinkling. He also insists that she gets no speaking parts. Samantha is more of a prop than a character. You don't even get to see Samantha's face in the opening credits of the new show. Just imagine how boring "Bewitched" would be if Samantha had no speaking parts. And the movie is no better!

The movie's secondary theme almost overwhelms the premise, and unfortunately it is just as underwhelming as the premise. "Bewitched" takes plenty of shots at the excesses of Hollywood, but again the script is so bad that it unwittingly stands out as the best example of the excesses of Hollywood.

And wouldn't you know it, but the completely unknown person who gets to play Samantha happens to be a real witch who happens to want to give up the charmed life and marry a mere mortal. All she desires is a man who needs her. Apparently, warlocks don't need anybody. Isabel (Nicole Kidman) looks absolutely beautiful in this movie, and to be painfully honest, looking at her was the only thing that kept me watching. But the voice she used nearly drove me to stop watching. For whatever reason - the director? - she affected the voice of a naive, even emotionally infantile, little girl. She seems far more addled than her Aunt Clara. There is absolutely no chemistry between Ferrell and Kidman, which is okay, I suppose, because I didn't expect hot sexuality, but the romantic scenes, such as they are, are awkward.

For a movie about witches, there is surprisingly little about witches. The witchcraft is almost incidental, and with or without it this film is a bad romantic comedy. The cameos of Endora, Aunt Clara, and Uncle Arthur are horrendously bad. Nigel (Michael Caine), as Isabel's father, just seems to be reading his lines and I wonder why he ever agreed to do it. He is a Casanova who never tires of putting spells on young mortal women in order to bed them. Some people might call that rape.

This movie does not pay homage to the TV series and it doesn't induce any pleasant feelings of nostalgia. It's even worse than the reprisal of "Columbo" called "Mrs. Columbo." And it's not true what Will Ferrell (as Jack Wyatt) said: I DID notice when they changed Darrin in the original TV series. I much preferred Dick York over Dick Sargent.
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on February 10, 2012
I agree with many that maybe they should have just tried to make a modern-day movie of "Bewitched" with Samantha, Darrell, and the obvious recognized cast names from the original TV series.

Making a movie about some pansy actor who wanted to make a movie about an old TV series, and then meeting a real witch was far beyond the realm of creative cinematic expectation. It's like, they wanted to take a tangible idea of re-making something familiar, and then going to distance to really make it so stupid that people will walk out the theatre angry as hell for wasting their time and money.

Did Nicole Kidman and Michael Caine read the script or even get the gest of the film before they committed to participating in the film, or were they unfortunately stuck to someone's forced demeaning legal contract that insists that they have to do this film?

This is the kind of film that could destroy the careers of already established actors. Will Farrel, I couldn't care less about. He always does something stupid for films anyway. Stupid stuff like this, sounds like his dumb concept world anyway.

I have yet to see a Will Ferrel movie that IS funny, or that I would at least say "....was okay, I guess."

But No! This movie sucked beyond belief. For me, I haven't really enjoyed very many situation comedy movies since the eighties anyway.
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Nothing irks me more than a blown opportunity for rejuvenating a fondly remembered sitcom that evokes instant nostalgia among baby-boomers but somehow misses the point of why the original show was so beloved. It appears director and co-writer Nora Ephron, along with her co-writer and sister Delia, got caught up in their own cleverness. They start with an only-in-Hollywood conceit, focusing the story on the effort to remake the "Bewitched" sitcom rather than trying to update the odd goings-on at the Stephens household for the new millennium. I applaud the originality of the concept, but the execution falls so flat that I was sighing at what should have been. There is some mild amusement with the show business sequences, such as the poolside negotiation, the auditions, the cartoon opening refocused completely on Darrin, and Samantha's on-set witchcraft. However, the love story, in particular, in the last half-hour, nosedives into predictability compounded by the lack of chemistry between the leads.

An otherwise stellar cast has been set adrift. As Isabel Bigelow, a real witch tapped to play Samantha, Nicole Kidman is inarguably beautiful but oddly disjointed doing a breathy Meg Ryan impersonation. Kidman is an actress who depends on her fierce intelligence to maximize her effectiveness in roles, but she seems so preoccupied with being child-like and vulnerable that she often comes across as a graduate of a special education program. What she most lacks is the sense of bemused irony and saucy knowingness that Elizabeth Montgomery naturally brought to the role, but frankly that would have been an impossible task anyway. Will Ferrell steals the picture as fading star Jack Wyatt, but it's a petty crime at best. The character is such a complete jerk that one wonders whether Isabel just enjoys being a victim. While quite funny at times (especially as Isabel's witchcraft mangles his dinner scene on the sitcom set), there is an air of desperation in his antics as if he was the after-dinner entertainment on the Titanic.

Standing in for Agnes Moorehead, Shirley MacLaine has a role that consists of a series of grand entrances and unfortunately due to the role-within-role she plays, there is not much for her to do besides some empty canoodling with Michael Caine, who plays Nigel, Isabel's erudite warlock father. In separate sequences that seem to function as pure nostalgia, Carole Shelley lacks Marion Lorne's genuine befuddlement as pixilated Aunt Clara, and Steve Carell does a merely adequate Paul Lynde as jokester Uncle Arthur. And the movie unforgivably wastes Amy Sedaris as nosy Gladys Kravitz. In new roles, helium-voiced Kristin Chenoweth fares better as Isabel's man-hungry neighbor Maria, as does Jason Schwartzman who captures the requisite oiliness of Jack's sycophant manager Ritchie.

The 1960's sitcom was really not that great, just silly fun with a sharp cast, but this movie makes it seem as profound as Shakespeare. Scenes from the show's first episode are interjected to remind us of its legacy, and Montgomery`s Samantha is deified absurdly in an animated glossy. Watching this movie at a sneak preview among a sea of giggling children, I was overcome with the depressing feeling that this movie was hobbled together by committee driven by the studio's profitability demographic profile. Unlike an Alexander Payne or even a David O. Russell, Ephron simply does not provide any distinctive point of view here that could have made it more memorable. It could have been either a sharp post-feminist tract using witchcraft as a proxy for female empowerment or a social comedy about discrimination or mixed marriages. Instead, the film is a synthetic and forgettable waste of talent. I pray there is no sequel in the works.
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on February 24, 2015
Fans of the series will likely be disappointed in this film. It stars Will Farrell, Nicole Kidman, the incomparable Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine to list a few. But, it is primarily an excuse to showcase Farrell's idiotic old gimmicks. The basis of the film is Farrell is a wasshed out celebrity who embarks to revive the old award winning series on a new TV show. Isobel Bigelow (Kidman) is cast to portray Samantha Stevens along with Iris (MacLaine) /Endora [in the worst performance of her career]. The gimmick is that Isobel really is a Witch, complete with a cat. Steve Carrell plays Uncle Arthur (originally Paul Linde) and saves the day. Fans of the show cannot compare this movie to thee beloved series. The film is subtitled and closed Captioned in English for the deaf.
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