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VINE VOICEon June 2, 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Review of Beyond Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett.

1) Attractive cover grabs the attention of sugar lovers. I mean, there are cupcakes on there. Yummy!
2) As a nurse, I felt the book offered an excellent overview of the medical signs and symptoms related to hyperinsulinemia and the resulting hypoglycemia--what most are now calling prediabetes. The list of symptoms found on pages 3 and 4 gives one the idea of how metabolically pervasive carbohydrates are to the human body. The irritability and food panic is recognizable to anyone with hypoglycemia. "I need food now!" Bennett hits on the diseases caused by sugar on page 7. Blindness should have been an addition here.
3) All of chapter 3 is information based on science and medicine. The problem here, as I noted throughout the book, is that the author frowns upon so many foods---dairy, grains, artificial sweeteners, salts, high-fat meats, processed foods, etcetera---that one is left wondering what remains to actually eat.
4) The Sweet Success Stories told by real sugar addicts are the highlight of the book. I identified with several of these people.
5) I enjoyed the quiz in chapter two; however, some of the questions focused too much on candy and not on the other carbs we so love: pasta, bread, cereal...
6) Tips like using a journal and employing question words--who, what, where, when, why, and how--would come in handy for most folks trying to make drastic changes.
7) The book offers great information on hidden sugars in foods as well as on various forms of exercise. Go Zumba!
8) Helpful section on portion sizes begins on page 193. Sadly many foods are not discussed at all. What about replacements for salad dressings that are no longer recommended?
9) Fair price for the content.

1) Not consistently realistic for people on a limited budget. Throughout the text the author recommends organic foods including grass-fed, free-range meats. In one section, she offers the contact information for a company that ships these approved foods. Let's just say they were out of my budget.
2) Full of shameless self-promotion. How many times do we have to read about the websites, Facebook page, and blog? Six week courses as well as other paid programs and services are mentioned a few times starting on page 9. Page 74 again suggests hiring a health or life coach. It all sounds kind of hokey--and expensive--to me. Also, depending on the website for much of the books content, like the shopping list for example, is not fair to the high percentage of the population that lacks internet access.
3) The book somewhat mirrors the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet): all dessert and no entrée. Perhaps the fact that I was expecting something different colored my perception; however, I feel as if the bulk of the book is mushy, mind game junk that most people have tried before--you know, think yourself thin concepts.
4) Too many acronyms and sweet words. The book comes across as corny. Perhaps that's the point though so as not to scare people away with too much science and medical jargon. If I have to show any more mirror love or repeat any more affirmation, I'm going to puke.
5) Readers should speak to their doctors and do some research on bursting before replacing regular exercise with these workout frenzies.
6) The meal plan and recipes section was shorter than I expected after reading so many chapters on emotional support. Where is the nitty-gritty information sugar addicts need to change their lives? What do I buy? What do I do with it? What things can I eat?
7) The resources section was definitely hit or miss. Some treasures are hidden there as well as some nonsense. The author discusses earthing or grounding, practices meant to protect a person from electromagnetic fields. This is considered pseudoscience at best. The author writes, "As I write this, I'm grounded by a pink band on my wrist that's delivering the earth's recuperative energies to me" (234). Seriously? Much of the resources are more advertisement than anything. Another recommended company is VibesUP who offers "...items designed to neutralize and release your toxic energy and reconnect you to Mother Nature's natural electrical energy" (237). I thought we just decided electrical fields were bad? And the essential oils recommendation...too hippie for me.

Conclusion: If you are okay with a focus more on life change instead of hard and fast diet rules, this book is for you. I recommend anyone unfamiliar with the damages of sugar overload read the book. If you are already familiar and are looking for more than mental preparation and support such as actual dietary advice, cooking techniques, and making food choices, then this book may not be what you need.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I ordered this book though the Amazon Vine program. I thought it would give me good tips on conquering my devotion to the sweet taste. But alas!, all I found was a hystrionic, almost manic coach throwing at me a multitude of suggestions. There is way too much hyperbole, both for the positive and negative. The overly cheerful creation of words, the suggestions to constantly repeat your affirmation (up to 100 times per day), the affirmative visual aids (post-it notes posted everywhere), prayer, Success Strut, Benefits List, seeking doctors and therapists to help you understand your addiction, meditation, journaling, and shameless constant self-promotion drove me nuts. Here's an example from page 79

"Before You Head into Week Two, Have You Laid the Groundwork for Your Success?
- Are you boogeing to your Woo-Hoo, Feel Good Theme Song every day and doing the Success Strut?
- Do you boldly pronounce your affirmations frequently throughout your day?
- Do you regularly See, Feel, & Act As If You've Already Won?
- Are you looking at your vision board several minutes a day?
- Are you regularly doing Sugary Soul Searching?
- Are you often asking yourself the 5 W's & 1 H?
- Did you prepare your "Why I Need to Quit" and Benefits List, and are you taking it with you for inspiration wherever you go?
- Have you made an appointment with a sugar-savvy doctor yet?
- Have you found a supportive therapist, health coach, life coach, or nutritionist?
- Have you joined the free Beyond Sugar Shock Freedom SparkTeam on [...] and started chatting with us?
Congratulations! You've Completed Week One."

How can one take this author seriously? The whole book is full of this kind of nonsence. Even the recipes are ridiculous. Here's the complete list: Balsamic Dressing, Chef Salad, Connie's Crispy Kale Chips,Connie's Frozen Fruit Kabobs, Egg Salad, Egg and Veggie Scramble, Greek Spinach Salad, Jill's Roasted Veggies, Olive Oil Dressing, Roasted Turkey Wrap, Steak, Sea Scallops, Super Oatmeal, Mexican Green Salad, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Tuna Broccoli Slaw, Turkey or Bison Burger, plus a couple more. She could have added at least 1 recipe for dessert using almond flour, or something along those lines found in the Paleo Diet websites. After all, we sugar junkies would love an alternative. Needless to say, I cannot bear to finish this book. I love myself, and value my time too much to waste it on such a worthless book.
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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have type 2 diabetes and gave up sugar about 5 months ago. I wish I'd done it sooner, and I ordered this book hoping it would include a lot of helpful recipes and might be something helpful I could give to others to encourage and equip them on the journey. Reading this book was the closest I have come to torture in a long time. The author's rah-rah cheerleader tone was a real turn-off to me and her over-emphasis on positive thinking and self-talk was neither helpful nor valuable to me. Included in the book is a six week plan to get rid of sugar addiction:

Week 1-Change your thinking. Okay there is some good stuff here about evaluating your sugar consumption, but also a lot of positive thinking and self-talk drivel.

Week 2-Work on your body. More positive thinking and self-talk drivel and some questionable advice about reducing your sugar intake. Among her suggestions for reducing your sugar consumption. Instead of eating sweets all day long, eat 4-5 bites twice-a-day of a dessert of your own choosing. Really?!? Talk about an invitation to fail!

Week 3-Work on your "spirit." Again a mixed bag. Some good stuff here about getting enough sleep and getting more benefit from exercise and more positive thinking and self-talk drivel.

Week 4-Work on your body again. If you still even remember you own this book, here in chapter 8, you start changing your diet. Finally a content-rich chapter on changing ones diet. Some good stuff here about all the good things one can eat and a list of the most important foods to buy organic if you can't afford to buy all organic.

Week 5-Work on your mind again. Some okay info here about saying "no" to sweets in creative ways, but come on! Some of these things may help in the short-term, but there comes a point when better choices and the feeling of well-being from them are the only motivators that endure.

Week 6. Work on your "spirit" again. Lots of suggestions here, some of which are good, others not so much. This chapter is kind of a smorgasbord of mind-body suggestions including exercise and meditation.

Following the "program" outlined above, there is additional material including 37 pages I really liked about what to eat and what not to eat. Her recipes are wonderful. How I wish this section of the book was longer, much longer.

This book contains some valuable content linking sugar to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. One link she mentioned, though, which she did not substantiate is a link between sugar and Alzheimer's disease. This is the first time I have heard this and I am afraid it is not accurate, though if it is, this is a huge significant fact that is under reported in the news and the medical community.

There is no doubt there is some worthwhile info in this book, but it is hidden among so much worthless fluff that I would never recommend it. There has got to be something better out there for folks who want to get healthy that is much more content rich. One book I think promotes a healthy eating lifestyle is Joy's LIFE Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever, though it lacks background material on why sugar and processed carbs are so unhealthy. Dee McCaffrey has written some good things which I mostly like, thought she does allow other sweeteners that people totally eliminating sugar should avoid like honey, brown rice syrup and agave. Dear reader, please recommend other resources in the comment section below.
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on June 22, 2012
I can't understand some of the negative reviews. I found the book to be extremely helpful in every respect. She offers specific ideas for analyzing your sugar tendencies, motivation, handy lists of what can aid in recovery, etc. This is from a person who understands the addiction process, as she has been through it herself.

As far as comments on the cover, Connie has mentioned in other places that she realizes the cover may not have been the wisest choice, and that some people have chosen to cover it up because it bothers them, and she has asked specifically for feedback on that issue. I have always found Connie and her writing to be upbeat and inspiring. I downloaded the book as soon as it was available, and I wasn't disappointed.
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on June 22, 2012
I was thrilled to find this book and see that finally someone is "banging the sugar drums" again. Not since Bill Dufty who wrote
"Sugar Blues" has there been any good information on this subject. And, to boot, haven't you begun to notice Big Suger already taking a stance: a national commercial is playing now that "educates" the consumer that "there's no difference between corn sugar and cane sugar"...."sugar's sugar".....well, it certainly is and is a lethal as cocaine. It was one thing to use it as a preservative decades ago, but another to consume over 150 pounds of it a year.....Sugar is poison. Next time you get a tiny packet of salt - check out what's in it: dextrose!!! why? it helps the salt "stick" to stuff!!!! American tobacco companies cure their tobacco with's in nearly everything we touch, taste, consume whether we need it or not. And, we wonder why we've become a sickly and obese nation that is depressed......duh!
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've wanted to cut down on sugar/carbs, but was having a hard time sifting thru the 'eat this, don't eat this' bombardment that seems to come at you every week. This book is easy to follow, fun to read & gives you a lot of common sense ideas to cut sugar & carbs from your diet. I haven't exactly followed it for 6 weeks, just took some of the ideas & applied them to my daily meal planning.....I've lost 8 lbs. since receiving this book & no doubt will be able to lose more. I'm in my 40's & I think my tastes have changed-I really don't like sweet stuff that much anymore & I can't stand any of the artificial sweeteners, so having some ideas on how to cut back on sugar is wonderful.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had such hopes for this book when I found it available to read and review in the Amazon Vine Program. I've learned from experience that when I eat sugary foods, and starchy carbs, I gain weight and don't feel at my best. Some of my recent physicals have confirmed that I need to be careful about my sugar intake. So I eagerly began reading this book when it was delivered.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even finish it although I tried. There as just too much rah-rah language, shameless self-promotion, and silliness, among other shortcomings already well-covered by prior reviews. At the umpteenth reiteration of a sidebar titled "Coach Connie's Sweet Success Strategy," I was nearly nauseous.

I'm done with "Coach Connie." This book is a mess. I have some older books on my shelf, from which I learned more about sugar and carbs and their effect on health, than from "Coach Connie," including The New Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar to Trim Fat (2003). Although some new science may have emerged since the Sugar Bust books were published, I still refer to them now and then, for straightforward and relevant information, minus the Coach Connie Rah-Rah Blah-Blah.
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VINE VOICEon May 24, 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I enjoyed reading most parts of this book and it gives quite a few great examples on how to go about ditching sugar from your diet. Much of the 6-week plan is based on mind over matter principles, like listening to your favorite tunes when you get the *urge* or signing up to chat with others on the web to discuss your feelings about why you may want to indulge, etc. These are all good practices and will generally boost your self esteem in the pivotal moment. The author has also included some tests and plenty of affirmations to keep you going along with check-lists to see how far you've come.

The book is written in what I'd call a *hokey or corny* manner, I assume this is to keep spirits high and keep us moving forward. I personally, prefer a more medical approach, but she does have a bit of good research to share which we can absorb and ponder. There is a lot which goes into a change of habit and not everything is about sugar or simple carbs, although they are a big part of the whole. Many of the symptoms of sugar addiction mimic thyroid disease and adrenal malfunction and these need to be taken into consideration as well. None of this was mentioned in the book which was unfortunate. I was not impressed with her page on supplements and felt the book could have done without that information. All in all, if you have a severe case of the sugar shakes and you need help, you should find balanced information here to help you with your addiction. Once people find out how toxic sugar is to our system, they'll usually start down the path of sugar-free.
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on June 20, 2012
I became a "Sugar Shock" believer over a year ago, as I began my own journey to battle this hideous addiction. My love affair with sugar goes back over 50 years to childhood. It finally caught up with me (and it will with everyone sooner or later) leaving me suffering with dozens of sugar related diseases, all of which have now been reversed, includind diabetes. The 70 pound weight loss was an added sweet bonus and I am now healthier and at my desired weight! Connie clearly explained the impact sugar has on the body in her book "Sugar Shock", but it was her newest release "Beyond Sugar Shock" that took it to the next level. I am in the Health and Wellness industry ,and as a recovering sugar addict myself, I read it desiring to gain even more insight and encouragement. "Beyond Sugar Shock" delivered the goods, and unlike others who may have been offeded by the cover photo of cupcakes, I was NOT offended because I was no longer drawn to such an image with a drooling desire...PROOF POSITIVE, I have come that far! Thank you Connie for carrying the torch! This book is full of Connie's infectious upbeat energy, and frankly, with such a serious subject at hand, needs a playful, yet powerful message. By making it fun, it make's the journey a little less uncomfortable and more teamlike. Each one of us caught in this web of sugar addiction has got to feel they've GOT what it takes to kick it!! Connie delivers that belief. The included 6 week program, broken down into three sections individually devoted to "Your Mind", "Your Body" and "Your Spirit", leaves no stone unturned, and lays the foundation for moving to the next level of progress. The real life success stories included in the book ( with a surprise entry of a highly visible television personality) are accompanied with photos, giving proof once again that leaving sugar behind, can be done. The emphasis in the book on Affirmations and Self Talk are what they are, and although not for everyone, they DO make a difference. I would say the "negative Nancy" personality who gets their hands on this book, of all people, is the one who would surely benefit the most by doing affirmations! Visually, the book reads with ease, offering the reader a variety of page lay-outs that include tips, places to journal and answer questions. The many resources at the end of the book, along with the recipes for success, are valuable and give the reader a fantastic tool box to get started. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars, is because I love recipes and I would have loved more :) Go get this book !!
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VINE VOICEon June 14, 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My husband was recently diagnosed w pre-diabetes and it made us realize how badly our diets had actually gotten. We have been overeating sugar on a daily basis for decades. How scary! Sugar is in EVERYthing, including our children's toothpaste and soda is the worst offender packing more than two times the amount of sugar women should have in one day, in ONE can. Ick.
This book was like a beginner's guide to how to stop overeating sugar and also an informative look into how sugar affects our health. It tells how we can limit sugar in our diets and how we can make better food choices. The changes are expensive (as reviewers have noted), I mean who can really afford to buy everything organic and grass fed and who really has the time to not use our microwaves and all the other convenient, processed foods that came along with it. But we must find a way to make better choices.
This book is informative, but very repetitive. After a while I was reading and my brain was processing, Blah Blah Blah. Not good. This book needs to be written and people need to be informed but it is written so poorly and repetitively that I couldn't get past Chapter 3.
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