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on January 9, 2007
My wife was worried when I ordered this book for my 11 year old niece, that it might have content that she wasn't ready for, regarding menstruation, etc. The subject was brought up in the "emergencies" section, and handled very delicately, I showed it to my wife and her fears were alleviated. I would say it is age-appropriate for any girl who is able to read at a second grade level.

My niece loved the book, she couldn't put it down all night on Christmas Eve, and had read the entire thing in 3 days. I also got my son "The big book of boy stuff" and they took turns reading bits of their books to each other, and then cracking up, all evening long. It was very nice to look out in the living room and see an 8 year old and an 11 year old with their noses stuck in books, while the PS3 sat, unused in the corner. That is about as good of a recomendation as it gets.
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on March 16, 2007
I purchased this book for my 5th grade daughter and she thoroughly loved it. She brought it to a slumber party where they all took turns reading it and has since loaned it out to several of the girls who wanted to read more. She and I have read it together and enjoyed laughing at the chapter on jokes. It's filled with the usual "how to" stuff: how to deal with girlfriends, boys, school, etc. but written in a clever, engaging style. The reversable book cover titled "Chemistry" is a big hit too since they read at lunch time in the cafeteria and can conceal the subject matter from the boys. She and her friends now want to read the Big Book of Boy Stuff to figure out the male mind!
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on January 20, 2007
Any young man who can manage to grow up (alive) and retain (most) of their sanity surrounded by five sisters automatically gains my respect. When that young man grows up to be Bart King, author of THE BIG BOOK OF GIRL STUFF, who uses the wisdom, never-ending frustration, and survival instincts honed while growing up with said five sisters, my respect turns to genuine admiration.

Like its predecessor, Big Book of Boy Stuff, The, this book is filled to the brim with helpful tips, life-saving information every girl needs to know (i.e. how to put on eyeliner correctly), the best reversible pink cover in the history of books, and much, much more. Don't believe me? Categories in this must-have book include:

Babysitting; Girl Power; Boys; Friends, Cliques, Secrets, and Gossip; Fun Stuff to Do; Holidays; Sports and Games; Dance and Cheerleading; Lies, Mean Girls, and Jerks; Ick; Nicknames, Handwriting, Words, and Doodles; Slang; Dolls and Stuffed Animals; Etiquette and Manners; Family; Beauty; Makeup; Sleepovers and Slumber Parties; Hair; Humor; Fashion; How Important are Looks?; Food and Dieting; The Mind, Emotions, and Dreams; Practical Jokes; Girl Secrets: No Boys Allowed!; Girl Emergencies; Pets and Animals; Shopping and Advertising; Wise Words from Wise Women.

Here's a strategy tip straight from Mr. King himself: If your brother or sister ever tells you to "shut up," try using this magical spell from ancient times: I don't shut up, I grow up, and when I look at you, I throw up. Problem solved!

And for those of us (read old) who have gotten behind on the cool (is cool even still cool?) phrases of the day, here's a few hints: chichi (pronounced shee-shee) means expensive in a tasteless way, harsh the mellow means to upset people, and a nooj is a harmless troublemaker.

I'm telling you, you need a copy of THE BIG BOOK OF GIRL STUFF! Otherwise, you'll never know what you need to know, while everyone else knows it, which makes you look perflippity (which means silly, by the way).

Reviewed by: Jennifer Wardrip, aka "The Genius"
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on September 22, 2007
I bought this book for myself and for some of my friends birthdays. They love it and so do I. This book has a reversible cover that says "compisition notebook" and if you take the cover off, the cover is leather and says "Chemistry" on it. The Big Book of Girl Stuff has funny jokes, party ideas, information, ideas for any day, manners, lots of good advice, and much more for preteen and teenage girls. I laugh out loud every time I read this. My book came on time and is so funny!!! I recommend this for any preteen or teenage girl.If you are looking for the perfect gift, this is what you want to get. I thought some of the topics could have a little bit more details but other than that....GREAT BOOK!
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Bart King's five sisters provided great assistance with the writing of this giant book of girl stuff. Students in Bart King's classes also helped and through the kindness of many girls and women, this book evolved into what it is today.

The pink text in creative fonts makes this mostly black-and-white book much more fun. The images are sketches in pink and the interspersed pastel pink pages are especially pretty. On these pages you find things like:

Top Secret Shopping Information

The Fashion and Beauty Hall of Shame

Makeup Basics

5 Pages of Slang - "Lush" means very good, and is also the name of fun bath products.

The section on perfume includes information on aromatherapy and explores the possible essential oils to create moods, like rosemary can improve memory and concentration. Many of the sections address multicultural issues, like etiquette in Japan.

As far as humor goes, there is plenty to be had and it even left me laughing out loud or snickering to myself. The cartoons are especially funny and some are even helpful suggestions like the one about whining, still whining and "reasonable suggestion" that goes like this:

Picture 1: "Please, please, pleeeaasse?"

Picture 2: "I really need it!"

Picture 3: "Mom, having this laptop will make me a better student. I will be able to get the best education possible and fulfill my ambitions."

Topics include: Fun Stuff to Do, Holidays, Sports and Games, Etiquette and Manners, Beauty, Family, Humor, Fashion, Food/Cooking, Emotions, Girl Secrets, Dream Symbols, Girl Emergencies, Shipping, Wise Words from Wise Women, Best Friend Test, Friendship Bracelets, Dreams, How to Improve the World, Money, Pets and Animals, Sleepovers, Makeup, Cheerleading, mean Girls and Jerks, Nicknames, Handwriting, Slang, Babysitting, Dolls and Stuffed Animals, Girl Power, Boys, Friends and Cliques.

"The world is extremely interesting to a joyful soul." ~Alexandra Stoddard

This quote makes even more sense when you also read: "It takes over 200,000 frowns to make a permanent wrinkle in your forehead." The quotes by girls and women are also sprinkled throughout the pages and include wise words by Alanis Morissette, Helen Fielding, Constance Noring, Julia Child, Kate Winslet, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Winona Ryder, Anne Frank and Jessica Alba.

Women of all ages will enjoy this book and find it humorous, creative, insightful, informative and intellectually adventurous. This is the book you would have loved to read in your childhood treehouse! The cover also makes this book more secretive when you reverse it so it says: "Composition." Without the cover, the front cover is imprinted with: "Chemistry."

~The Rebecca Review
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on October 24, 2006
My daughter received the Big Book of Girl Stuff for her 10th birthday, among many other presents. As soon as the last present was opened, she disappeared with the BBOGS only to emerge at noon the next day declaring she'd read it all. She took it outside with her, slept with it, and I'm afraid, yes, it even went into the bathroom with her. After finishing it she showed especially juicy excerpts to the neighborhood girls.

The BBOGS is an addictive ride for the 8 to 13 year old girl.

Whether you are trying to hook your young girl on reading or just open her eyes to the wonderful world of girl stuff - this book will stick to your girl like stink on a monkey!
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on January 19, 2007
I bought this book for my 11 yo because I had heard Bart speak and he's pretty funny. She loved it, and I wasn't sure she would. She's not a girly-girl either. This is our new go-to gift for birthday presents.
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on August 8, 2007
I bought this book for my 9-year old daughter. She "kinda likes" to read, but it's not her first choice. SHE LOVES THIS BOOK! She reads it in the morning when she wakes up, before she watches TV. The paper cover comes off and it's labeled "Chemistry" so it doesn't look like a "girl book", in case you take it out in public (or around boys or adults). She refers to it regularly when she "needs advice" on things like - Parents, wearing makeup, clothes, jewelry, what to do about friends or boys, or fun things to do when it's raining. She's eating it up. I would suggest an age range of 8-13; it's written in a fun format, with short sections on a multitude of "girl issues".

I'm buying it for birthday presents for girls in her class. Highly recommended.
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on June 16, 2015
I bought this gift for my daughter's 10th birthday, as I thought it would provide valuable, current insight on peer and social issues. I also thought she'd be more inclined to follow advice from this cool guide than she would from I, her out-of-touch and ancient ;) mom! I've been reading the book along with her, and I like the fast-paced and witty text. However, I think some of the wit and sarcasm within may be lost on some of the book's younger readers (the recommended ages are 8 & Up). For example, on page 38, under the heading Fights, the book reads: If you are in the right...he will apologize...If you are in the wrong (hard to imagine, but still), you will apologize... My daughter and I haven't made it very far into the book yet, but I do find that most advice is agreeable with what I might say myself. We've given each other nicknames from a game in the book (my daughter chose Lavender Weeki Wachee for hers), and I feel that more mature topics are handled with enough information to satisfy a grade-schooler's curiosity. As an example, under the heading Kissing, French Kissing is listed by its other common names (i.e.: tonsil hockey), and is described as originating from a tradition in France dated 1,500 years ago, when a dance between partners would end with a kiss. Overall, I am happy with this purchase. I am glad that I've chosen to read this along with my daughter, so that I can clarify text as needed, and not be caught off guard by any questions she may bring to me after reading.
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on August 8, 2008
I found this book at my daughter's school library and borrowed it for myself. I have browsed portions of this book and I liked it. I am planning to copies for my daughter and my niece... or maybe for myself and my sister so we'd understand our growing girls better. See their world from their point of view and be able to intervene effectively when "girl" problems arise.

Apart from that, it is fun and funny. While clearly my generation is so different from my daughter's there are still parts of the book that bring nostalgia and draw giggles.

And it's also entertaining to peek into their "private", "moms are not allowed" worlds.
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