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on December 10, 2010
This book is not for those of us who live and function in the real world. Most of the ingredients or at least key ingredients-such as agave nectar, fat free fruit juice sweetened yogurt, finely shredded unsweettened reduced fat coconut are not readily available to the average person/market. May not break the calorie budget with these dessert recipes but will certainly break the food budget with all the specialty ingredients. Never mind that the author believes that we have enough time to process our own non-processed wheat flour and so forth. Hugely disappointed in this book.
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on January 17, 2011
I really enjoy sweets and hoped this book would suggest some lower calorie or healthier treat recipes to appease my sweet tooth. Basically this is just a series of regular recipes made with rather high cost and hard to find substitutes like coconut sugar. And if you are allergic to agave nectar - forget it! This book uses gallons of it.
Save your money and experiment with substitutes on your own.
The recipes aren't even that low calorie.
The only reason this didn't get a two-star from me was that I enjoyed reading bits from people on the show but these are not the main focus of the book. It was a disappointment.

Looking back now at the five-star reviews, I strongly suspect a couple to be schills. Sorry I was taken in.
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on November 30, 2010
I have three of Devin's cookbooks and I've become a huge fan of Devin Alexander. I've been able to follow all her recipes and pretty much found all the ingredients needed for the recipes. I'm so happy the recipes focus on great taste and natural ingredients. I've even learned of products that I didn't know existed! Such as stevia diet soda. I now love 'em.

I'm currently drinking a skinny temple as we speak. For thanksgiving I took a batch of the coconut macaroons and they were all eaten in 2 minutes! Then I let everyone know they were a light version!

I'm excited to try all the other recipes in the book. The book also has Devin's famous brownies! They are the best. A word of caution, they are so good that you must exercise self control. I only make them when I'm going to share. Otherwise I'd have 12 of them all by myself. Delicious!!

I'll be making the pumpkin bites this weekend. I'm sure they'll be great too!!

All in all another great book by Devin Alexander!
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on March 5, 2013
I kind of wish Biggest Loser would get on the band wagon or Organic / Non Processed / Etc. It seem a lot of these and recipes in their other books have the "semi home made" kind of take, which requires using packaged/processed foods. I don't eat that garbage, so I have to modify recipes. I want cook books from scratch with real ingredients.
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on October 10, 2014
Short version: Don't waste your money on this pathetic excuse for a cookbook.

Long version: As someone with a sweet tooth who could stand to lose some weight, I bought this book with the hopes of learning some tested recipes that were easy on the calories that were still satisfying. Honestly, I think sprinkling some sugar on the pages and eating the book itself would be more appetizing than most of the nonsense listed on the inside. Whoever said this book isn't made for people in the real world with actual lives that don't revolve around dieting was right on the money. The folks on the ranch had all day to come up with this stuff and had loads of ingredients at their disposal with no cost to them, so yeah, it's easy to make these long-winded low-calorie recipes when it's your televised duty. But the average person with a job and a life will quickly tire of these lousy recipes. Allow me to elaborate on why this book is a steaming pile of low-fat crap:

1. Expensive ingredients. Most of the recipes call for at least one overpriced diet food like Kashi, agave nectar, fruit-sweetened yogurt, reduced-fat organic coconut flakes, or Biggest Loser brand protein powder. Not everyone can afford a can of their powdered crap for a smoothie or a $6 bag of coconut.

2. A lot of "non-recipes." Mixing grapes with sour cream or peeling a mango are not recipes. Yeah, I kid you not, one or the recipes is a mango cut in the shape of a flower and the only ingredient is the mango. Eating a handful of berries on a stick is good for you, but it's not a recipe. There are a lot of "recipes" in this book that are simply bowls of mixed fruit.

3. Screw agave nectar. I know agave nectar is touted as some magic diet alternative to sugar, but it actually has MORE calories in it than regular white cane sugar! Normal sugar contains 15-16 calories per teaspoon, while agave nectar has 21 calories per teaspoon. Isn't the point of a DIET dessert to have fewer calories than its evil sugar-laden counterpart? You're better off using regular sugar. And they use this stuff on a vast majority of the recipes too. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's better for you.

4. Disgusting recipes. Some of the ideas the book offers sound kind of icky to me. String cheese and apricots? Wheat pizza dough pretzels with chocolate sauce? All the ones with ricotta cheese sounded pretty unappetizing to me too, but that's just me. If their goal is to turn you off to sweet foods in general with their cheese fruit rollups and vinegar strawberries, then they certainly do a good job of that.

I saw maybe five recipes in this whole book that I might try. And that's a big might. Who knows if any of this stuff would even taste any good with the diet this and reduced-fat that. A lot of packaged diet foods generally taste like crap and I'd honestly rather eat nothing given the choice between not having a sweet snack/dessert or having a sad, sugar-free excuse for a cookie. Instead of bothering with this book, allow me to offer my own suggestions for sugar cravings and dieting:

- Eat fruit. Whatever fruit you like, eat that to sate your sugar cravings if you have said cravings every day like I do. Eat it raw, put it in a smoothie, drizzle it with honey and bake it, sing to it while juggling it, whatever makes you happy. Sticking an apple in your piehole does not require directions.

- If you're really, really craving a brownie or a piece of cake, have one. Don't waste time, effort and money on a low-fat nickel-sized peanut ball that tastes like wrapping paper. As long as you're not scarfing entire cakes and trays of brownies every single day, it's perfectly fine to spoil yourself with a little treat once in a while, diet or not.
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on January 27, 2011
I'm a huge fan of ALL of Devin Alexander's cookbooks and was so excited about trying out the recipes in this book! I didn't even look through it at the store before purchasing because I trust anything with Devin's name on it. However, when I got home and saw all the lists of natural ingredients and then had trouble finding them in the supermarket I felt a little deflated! Still, I decided maybe seeking out these natural ingredients would be a great way to introduce myself to some healthy alternatives to the sweeteners and flours I've used in the past! I also discovered a local natural food store that I hadn't even stepped into before. I am SO glad to have found these more natural ways to enjoy food and I have Devin and BL Desserts Cookbook to thank for that!

The first recipe I tried was the Pecan Praline Cookie Thins - OH MY GOODNESS! Every bit as delicious as pecan pie and so easy to make.

If you don't mind going through a little extra effort initially to educated yourself about these natural ingredients and where to find them this book is a MUST HAVE! Obviously, to those who gave this book poor reviews it wasn't worth the extra effort - they must not have tried those Pecan Pralines. ;)
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on February 8, 2012
My husband and I are enjoying our new desert cookbook. It was a great price with lots of fast and easy recipes we have enjoyed trying. I purchased a used soft cover for just a couple dollars, so I wasn't sure what type of condition it would be in. It looked new the pages were still nice and didn't appear to be used at all. Since then I have purchased other used books through Amazon very pleased with each of my purchases and delivery has been fast. Thank you Amazon for great quality and fast service.
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on February 6, 2013
excellent recipes from my favorite show. if you are eating healthy and like to cook i highly recommend this book
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on January 22, 2011
This is an excellent dessert book, and what I like about it is there is a way to make chocolate syrup and fudge sauce with many reduced cals and fats, there are even fudge sundaes that are yummy, some of it is cute but unecessary like gingerbread shaped watermelon with frosting on them ~chuckles~, there is quite a bit of fruit involved, but overall it is a great dessert book, especially for those who don't want to lose quality and taste ~smiles~
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on January 4, 2014
Have enjoyed this cookbook, great recipes that I have shared with several friends and family members, they have all enjoyed special treatment from me when I make new recipes.
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