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on July 30, 2012
Bikini Drive-In is definetly one of the best sex comedies ever made, right up there with Porky's and Hardbodies. It starts off pretty good, but it gets better as it goes along. Lots of nudity, sex scenes, screwball comedy, and spoof material. This is just a fun movie and well worth buying for fans of sexy comedies and exploitation films. Michelle Bauer's appearance alone makes it worth owning for her fans. In one scene, she receives an oil breast massage. Classic!
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on August 9, 2012
I received my copy earlier this week. I liked it more than I expected; unfortunately I had bought one of the pirated and cut versions off a used-DVD store and was expecting only to see the same movie plus the censored scenes. The movie is better than that.

First, "Bikini Drive-In" predates the collapse of the Skinemax genre around 2005 by about 10 years. You need to get your arms around that. As such, it is a glimpse into what the genre and the drive-in subculture used to be. In its era, the concept of the adult movie had a different meaning than today. A "movie" used to be a long-form storytelling device, and an "adult" comedy was a comedy that was spiced with some nudity. Some other examples are "TunnelVision," "The Groove Tube", and Fred's "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers". Check the early movies out and you will see a vast difference from what passes for a "movie" today.

After the 2005 crash, an adult movie became a device for generating a group of nude scenes (AKA, simulated hardcore, or "love") in one long shoot. As a viewer, I have the feeling that the equivalent of the NBA's shot-clock came into effect: The format has become so rigid that it seems like the director has to get the next nude shot off before the buzzer or else he gets penalized for Delay of Game. The Shot Clock guarantees that the next "love" scene will start according to the clock, but the movies have gotten so predictable and flat that any chance of spontaneity is lost.

Thankfully, there's none of that in this film; instead, there must be a few dozen topless/nude scenes that are sprinkled in like fine spices and integrated into the storyline of the movie as a whole. The movie is much stronger for it. It helps define what the B-movie/drive-in subculture used to be.

This is a genuine adult comedy, not a fake hardcore. There are no phony love scenes. Thankfully, no one is required to pretend that she is in love with anyone. All of the nudity is gloriously gratuitous, presented without apology.

Second, it is a bitter reminder of how cheap the Skinemax genre has become. After they lost sight of the goal of long-form storytelling, it became easier to redefine a Skinemax shoot as just enough to get the required simulated sex scenes in. Sure, less effort is needed if that's all you want to do. It take more effort to establish characters, tell a story, and sell it.

In other ways, the movie is a homage to the lost drive-in/B-movie subculture. Conrad Brooks, an Ed Wood groupie from the earliest days (Glen or Glenda, Plan 9) is cast as a drive-in assistant/man-Friday, just making a living in B-movies after his Ed Wood days have ended. The Mighty Monarch of Sexploitation, who ruled over softcore in the era prior to Fred, is cast as the evil real estate developer who wants to bulldoze the drive-in and build a Mega-MacGuffin. As always, he brings a comic touch to the role, establishing his character as the lovable heavy who actually wouldn't harm a fly. Check out his performance as the mobster in "The Pick-up," available from Something Weird.

Back in the day, this type of movie was thought of as low budget, but by today's standards, it was extravagant. Fred has commented that he now has about two days to shoot a full-length Bikini movie on HD video and 5-6 days to shoot the season. "Bikini Drive-In" was shot on 35mm film by Orson Welles's cinematographer and Fred said that he spent four days shooting around the (expensive) drive-in location and another two days and a long night there. That's enough time and more than enough money to shoot a whole year's worth of today's Bikini movies. Personally I'd rather see him take the 6 days to shoot only one movie that, like this one, will earn a 20-year anniversary re-release.

One aspect of the uncut version that impressed me was how much thought and effort was put into shooting the "big finish" at the drive-in. Nowadays, it would have been enough to round up a bunch of nameless, faceless extras to fill out the frame in order to establish that a lot of people came to the drive-in. Not so here.

There's tons of B-movie girls who are retired but not forgotten. Nikki Fritz is cast as the ugly nerd who transforms herself into "Miss Silicone 1994" by slipping into a phone booth and changing into her super-identity. Any mediocre director wouldn't have even bothered with the nerd-disguise and just stuck boobs in our faces. Speaking of Boobs-in-the-Face, Becky LeBeau is in many scenes, including lap-dancing Fred Olen Ray, who was smart enough to cast himself as the lucky man (Hitchcock never thought of that move). Tane McClure appears as one of the many topless dancers and the great Michelle Bauer is cast as a B-movie star who is scheduled to put in a personal appearance on the Big Night.

The drive-in crowd puts on their own show. That's my point. Nowadays, a "good" movie audience is quiet and attentive, while a "bad" (noisy) audience plays with their cell phones or talks loudly. The B-movie drive-in audience was neither. it was participatory, perhaps like a midnight movie audience, but outdoors. The commotion they make doesn't disturb anyone because the audience is part of the show.

Besides all the top-heavy chicks, we see a guy who is dressed up in a "Creature" suit and we follow his little subplot. In another car, we find Forrest J Ackerman, who spent his lifetime contributing to the B-movie culture. He is involved in another little subplot. The B-directors Rolfe Kanefsky (Jacqueline Hyde & Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible man) and Donald F. Glut (of the dinosaur and mummy series) were also attracted to the big night. It goes without saying that Jim Wynorski was there to take in the view.

All in all, the missing nude scenes are all back, but they also help paint a portrait of a part of the moviegoing culture that is long gone from the American scene.
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on August 4, 2012
I'm writing because a recent reviewer commented that this version is the same length as previously released edited versions. I own a recently purchased VHS version of this movie, and previously owned a heavily edited DVD version by Miracle Productions, which I traded in for credit on a Blu-Ray purchase at a major retailer. The Miracle Production DVD featured a large marquee on the DVD cover with the names of the major actresses. The VHS features a model reclining on a sports car on its cover. There is or was another DVD version with a similar cover. I have not seen that version.

Long story short, the new DVD version of Bikine Drive-In is substantially the same as the VHS version. Its run time is about 85 minutes, vice 86 minutes for the VHS. I believe the difference in the running time is probably based upon the length of the legal warnings at the beginning of the film. The new DVD version is unrated, but would probably receive an R, as would the VHS version.
The new DVD contains a commentary track by the director and an actor. It also contains about four introductions by the director which are amusing, but repetitive.

IMHO, the picture quality is good, but not great. The DVD cover notes that the film was mastered from the original materials; it does not say it was digitally remastered which might have improved the picture quality. To the extent the product description suggests that the new version contains a great deal of previously censored footage, that is hype. This version is a major improvement over the Miracle Productions DVD. The picture quality is somewhat improved over the VHS version.
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on January 16, 2014
This movie is to show some skin and laughs. In the first few minutes, the camera is on a beach corner. Two sunbathing
girls take off their tops. A well dressed guy walks up and hands starlet contracts to them. Blur - Blur - Blur. Pause - Go - Pause.
Not viewable. Disposed at once.
Yes, I was mad enough not to return it for a refund.
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on January 13, 2010
This movie is DEFINITELY not the one you want. It's been completely edited out and watered down. It's a sham that they dare to put the "R" label on this movie when it's been edited down to something tamer than you see on NBC or CBS. Could potentially even be considered fraud to advertise this as an "R" version.
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2014
This is one of those tacky 80s flicks that is high on fun, high on gratuitous nudity, low on plot and marginal on acting. In other words, it's the type of "B" movie that I get nostalgic about as they just don't make "fun" movies like this anymore!!

A young woman (Michelle Bauer) inherits a drive-in movie theater from her late grandfather. This was the period in time that drive-ins were systemically going out of business as they had gone out of style. That's something that would have been unheard of back in the 50s, but, it is sadly the progession of things. {I'm not even sure whether there are any drive ins still around these days; I remember seeing them as a kid but have not seen any in a few decades}

So, the lass tries to drum up business for the drive in < the property goes into foreclosure. But how? Her plan is to lure customers by having the ticket holders and concession stand workers wear bikinis. BRILLIANT!! Works for me every time!!

As you may expect, the film is saturated with topless women frolicking about, having fun & living life to the fullest. Michelle Bauer is gorgeous and there are quite a few other attractive women in the film as well. People who criticize the plotline of flicks like this seem to miss the point. I mean, if you're looking for a deep & meaningful movie like SCHINDLER'S LIST, then go see SCHINDLER'S LIST. Movies like this are not meant to make you think and they're always going to be lacking in depth. If you like the genre of lots of fun & lots of uninhibited women, then you're bound to like this 1!
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on November 27, 2013
I wish I could review this for it's contents but the picture quality is so grainy and poor that I could not watch more than a few minutes. I skipped through the chapters in case it was only at the start of the DVD but seems to be poor picture quality throughout.
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on October 20, 2015
Basic plot line is a college girl inherits a rundown drive-in theatre from her grandfather. But, a greedy developer wants the land for a new mall, and the bank holds a note on the theatre which is due in three days. She recruits her friends to spruce up the grounds and her new love interest decides the only way to come up with the money to pay off the bank loan is to dump the G-rated films and replace them with scream queen classics. Oh yes, all the female attendants at the drive-in will now work in bikinis (or less). Characters are OK, with the exception of the gangsters hired by the developer, who come across as being completely brain dead. So-so plot; decent acting; pretty girls in bikinis, wet t-shirts, and sometimes less.
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on August 24, 2013
Great movie based on the save the drive in theme. Beautiful women in erotic positions but not explicit. A true B movie with plot, skin, music, and fun. The commentary was also very interesting.
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on December 2, 2012
Silly and cliched all the way, but it's a fun flick full of 80s skin. It's one of those where it's obvious that the people making it were having fun making a movie they knew was ridiculous.
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