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on June 7, 2008
I have been using Oxine for years, after I had a few of my show quality ducks come down with aspergilossis (or some other severe respiratory disease.) Our local 4-H Poultry expert said that there was no hope for the birds and that I needed to put them down before I infected the rest of my flock. Luckily, I found information about Oxine on the internet and ordered some. Back then, I could only get it through England, but I am glad I did. It saved my birds! They were absolutely on their last breath and they are still alive today.

To use the Oxine, I didn't even have to get an expensive fogger, I simply diluted the Oxine in the proper ration and put it into a regular home-use humidifier. I then put the birds and the humidifier in a completely enclosed pen and after about 72 hours, they were perfectly healthy. It was nothing short of amazing.

I am now considering getting a professional grade fogger and using Oxine on a regular basis as a preventative. The threats of the bird flu have gotten me to this point, but now that I am keeping Oxine on hand at the farm, I am a little more confident that I will be able to keep everyone healthy.
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on July 12, 2007
I first learned of this product researching care of my laying hens. What I love about it: UNACTIVATED it is safe for use with "Orgainically Grown Animals". You DO NOT have to activate it - which then requires a respirator.
It bio-degrades down to plain table salt! It is highly recommended for use in the water of incubators for better hatching results. It is used to keep down slime that forms in water tanks. I comfortably fog it in my coop without a mask - the 'girls' are fogged as well - on a weekly basis. I see a fly once in a while now - another plus for Oxine!

It is supposedly "known to kill every bacteria, virus, and mold it has ever been tested against". What sold me on the product was an article of how it cured a duck of an upper repiratory infection. So, if you are interested in this product and safer products for the environment, I urge to visit: [...] to read how a seasoned Oxine fan uses it. I think you will find the information quite remarkable. I am using it in the same manner and much more confident about the care / disease prevention than before I found it. Naturally, Amazon has the best price as well as excellent customer service! Oxine AH Gallon Oxine AH Gallon
Thank you Amazon!
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on December 3, 2008
I use 1 mL per gallon of water unactivated (as labelled) in my plastic chicken waterer and there is no algae or slime at all even after months of use. I just hose the thing out each time I fill it every 4-6 days and add a little more oxine. I also use it in a ultrasonic humidifier 6.5 oz/gallon unactivated (also as labelled) for 30 minutes or so in my coop once in a while both for sanitary purposes (knocks odor right down) and when I think the chickens might have a bug of some kind (daily or every other day for up to a week seems to take care of it). This produces a thick fog that the chickens don't seem to mind and then you have clean chickens, inside and out. I have not tried activating it (with citric acid) - and don't do it with the chickens still there. The label is pretty clear about how to use it and there is more chicken-specific usage info out there on the web, although dosing info is best taken right off the bottle.
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on September 29, 2008
This product was recommened by my natural trimer. We soak our horses hoofs once a week in Oxine AH with Citris acid. One of our horses has thrush so bad that she walks very slowly and is in much pain. We have soaked her feet 4 times now and what an improvement. She now can walk with less pain and can move much faster. Her thrush is almost gone. I would recommend this product for any one who is dealing with thrush and has a natural trim. This product will eat away at the shoes.
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on March 25, 2013
Members of Backyard Chickens ( swear by Oxine. From cleaning coops to keeping drinking water clear to curing sick birds everyone sings it's praises.

Because of the shipping cost I didn't order this until I had sick chickens. Yes, It would have been better to have it on hand before the chickens became sick. No, they did not have chicken pox.

Four days of misting the coop with a very dilute solution in a cool mist vaporizer cleared all symptoms from the birds. I now keep a spray bottle near the coop and spritz the ramps, roosts, waterer and such, weather permitting.

I also use it to clean the coop instead of bleach. There is no odor and I don't have to worry if it drips or splashes on the very curious chickens. (Some BYCers spray it directly on their birds.)

A gallon will last a backyard livestock owner a long time. Keep it stored somewhere that minimizes temperature swings and exposure to light.

PLEASE NOTE: I am using Oxine in it's unactivated form as it comes out of the container, diluted with water. If you add the activating chemical (not included with your Oxine purchase) you must follow a long list of safety precautions. Since it does everything one needs for regular use in its less toxic form save your self the cost of a biohazard suit and respirator.

I am extremely pleased with this product.
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on December 16, 2008
Great stuff - after only 2 soakings, my farrier saw a great deal of improvement in my horses' hoof fungus!! Thanks!!
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on February 15, 2008
Oxine is a fantastic product and although this jug is branded for the commercial animal industry, the same product is also marketed for the food industry, hvac, etc. I use it as a sanitizer at 50-100ppm in making homebrew. I also use it unactivated at 500ppm as a general household disinfectant/sanitizer. Anyone interested in using this stuff should do some extensive research on Chlorine Dioxide, which has major cautions if activated. However, I recommend this to anyone who needs very effective sainitation.
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on November 6, 2013
I never want to be without it. It kills all sorts of germs, bacteria, virus, fungus, and mold. Unlike its cousin chlorine bleach, it doesn't bleach out color so is safe around clothing and towels. It's odorless. I have researched it and they even use it in municipal water supplies in some places, as it's safer than chlorine. I always keep a spray bottle of it by my kitchen sink.

I have used Oxine for a good decade to disinfect hands (rinse after a minute) and clean parrot cages, toys and dishes; dog dishes; kitchen counters and sink; breadboard; cupboards; cutting boards; floors; bath tubs and shower stalls. I spray it in my kitchen trash can and on meat packaging before I toss it, and in my big trash can to keep down germs/odors. I and my family have used it on cuts and scrapes, and to kill skin infections, dog ear infections (wait two minutes and flush with saline), vaginitis (wait two minutes and flush with saline), and jock itch with no noted bad side effects. So I'm not surprised to see people say it clears up horse hoof infections. It does not sting. It only takes a minute or two of contact.

I make up a fresh spray bottle at least once a week. A gallon lasts a LOOOOONG time for home use. I recommend transferring the liquid to glass -- an empty gallon wine bottle with screw top works fine (be sure to re-label it with indelible marker) -- since it did eventually eat through the original plastic container.
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on January 1, 2014
Oxine is the greatest stuff. I use an oxine solution made with distilled water and citric acid to soak my horses feet for thrush, use the same solution unactivated soaked into cotton to pack a sheared heel with deep thrush, use the same unactivated solution to cure rain scald on both my horses, use it as an antiseptic to wash cuts and scrapes. I use it in the horses water to prevent slime and to disinfect stalls. I use it at home to to clean the shower, disinfect water bottles, wash the pet dishes and litter boxes. I am looking into how to use it for our well water treatment since it helps with high manganese which we have and isn't affected by high ph which we also have plus it doesn't leave carcinogenic by products behind like bleach does.
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on July 23, 2010
I have used this to successfully treat thrush as well as white line disease. I mix 50/50 with white vinegar and soak for 40 mins from within a plastic bag-lined hoof boot. You can see the results immediately afterward. Soaking frequency will depend upon the extent of the damage and may vary by your situation. Experiment and use what works best for you.

The price here appears to have gone up to a ridiculous cost. You can purchase it for much less here: [...]
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