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on January 19, 2011
You love your pet. That's probably why you are here, to find out if this will free your beloved animal from the pain and suffering they are enduring because of those nasty creatures, fleas. And to that point, I will give this product some respect. It killed the fleas. But so does raid. In fact, the only difference between this product and an ordinary bottle of bug spray, is that this one is actually recommended for spraying on your cat. This is what my vet thought of it when i took my poor guy to the pet hospital after more than 20 hours of the warned possibility of "temporary" drooling, leaving out that it was mixed with seizures, shaking, panic, drug-induced stupors, and crying out in pain. Every time he licked himself, the cycle of torture would repeat itself. Cats lick themselves. That's what they do... Especially when they've had fleas. And i followed the dosage directions to the "t."

After watching this and consoling him for about an hour, I broke down and washed it off, using mild soap and lots of water, just like instructed on the warning label where it severely downplays the magnitude and probability of this kind of reaction (do some research; it will blow your mind that this product even exists, let alone, is sold at trusted retailers). All bathing him did was make him want to lick himself more, and yes, I dried him off as best I could, and no, the chemicals did not go away. Same reactions, but with increased intensity since he licked himself even more to dry himself. That's when the ridiculous drooling started, followed by the foaming of the outh, then the panic and fear, Characterized through his cries, followed by running off to hide (there is a cat-pride issue here), where I would find him trying to wedge himself in the deepest, hardest to find corners of my place. Cats do this when they think they are going to die. When I would finally find him, the carpet was soaked, and he was so stoned that he couldnt move. He would shake incessantly, and stare at me as he continued to drool. It absolutely broke my heart. I felt like such a terrible person for administering this horrible product to my special title guy. He's my pet, and I love him too much to see him go through this kind of pain, and its worse knowing that there will be others who go through this.

The vet offered Valium to reduce the seizures, and advised me to wash him again with dawn dish soap. I did so, and helped a little, so I did it again two more times, and it helped a lot. No Valium, because I didn't want more possibilities of complications. He's been through too much already. If you are here looking for answers, there it is. Wash VERY thoroughly 3 or 4 times using dawn liquid dish soap. Dry very thoroughly as well, using more than one towel to ensure you get as much of the chemical off them as you can. My guy was pretty cooperative by the end. I think it was a combination of the drug daze with being weak and dehydrated from the drooling and seizing, and knowing that I was removing that toxic substance from his fur. He even lifted up one of his paws to let me get under his arm :)
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on June 29, 2011
Living in central Florida means that fleas are a year-round problem. I had indoor cats and
never really worried about fleas until I adopted 2 cats from a rescue, who arrived pre-loaded
with fleas. Shortly after adopting them, I became quite ill and the fleas had the opportunity
to get well established before I could deal with them. This began a nearly 3 year saga, during
which I tried multiple types of the once-a-month flea control products, had my apartment
professionally treated several times, as well as using multiple cans of house spray and had
the cats groomed and treated a couple of times, including "lion cuts" where much of their fur
was removed. Nothing worked. Several neighbors reported similar problems with the monthly Rx
and I have been told fleas in this area have developed immunity to some of these products. The
other problem I had was that 2 of my cats are long-haired and the chemical would track along
their fur and not down to their skin. About 4 months ago, I started using Bio Spot spray and the
result has been truly amazing. I contacted their customer service and received excellent advice
on how to manage the problem, including how frequently the spray could be used. My cats do not
like being sprayed, so I spray the mist on paper towels and then use these. While the cats don't
really like getting wet, I love the result, which has been AMAZING. After a 3 year battle, I have
not seen a flea since April, they have stopped constantly scratching and the Flea Dermatitis one
of them had is gone. I also really like not having to apply toxic chemicals to them every month.
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on August 28, 2014
Toxic do not give to your cat. I love my cat like she is my child. She has fleas something wicked. My wife picked up this spray at PetSmart. I used very lightly as directed. My cat started foaming at the mouth, it says that this can be normal but won't hurt the cat. Yeah right. She then ran back and forth through the apartment and would hide in a corner and scream in pain. We went to the animal hospital immediately. I never want to see my cat go through this every again. I wouldn't want to see ANY animal go through this. If you love your cat, please I beg you to refrain from using this product. Tomorrow I will be taking this back to PetSmart and having a conversation with the store manager and the district manager if need be.
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on October 27, 2014
Although the previous review's warning is worthy of heeding, I hadn't seen the review prior to my purchase. About 3 days ago, I purchased and applied the flea and tick spray to both of my cats. Both are absolutely fine and as tempestuous as always. I actually came on here to write a fantastic review since it completely wiped out a near infestation in a matter of days. In my experience, I absolutely love this product. My cat went from nearly stray infestation to almost nothing in a matter of 24 hours.

Again, the previous review is definitely worth noting; however, completely based on my own personal experience, I could be nothing but happy with this purchase.

Post script: Although the other pets in the home were not sprayed, neither of my small pet rats were affected by this spray used in the home.
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on March 12, 2015
Good stuff!! I use the Bio Spot F&T Spot On twice a year on my cats. I give each of them a squirt of the spray at the nape of their neck and above their tail, (about the only 2 places they can't get at to lick) twice a month and for years we have had flealess felines. Preventative measures pays off in the long run and how hard is it to just squeeze the trigger a few times every month?
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on February 27, 2015
I am going to say that this product is FANTASTIC. I read about the product elsewhere online before stopping at my local Petsmart to purchase it. I just ordered Frontline on Amazon a month ago (6 pack), and my Burmese cat who has a black overcoat and a white undercoat came to snuggle, and I was parting his hair near his tail and there was a literal army of fleas crawling around there. He had just been treated two nights before, and I realized that the fleas had simply migrated from where the treatment was applied at the neck, and went to the points furthest away which is the tail.

This product does smell like flea spray, and your cats will not like the sound of the spray (why do these manufacturers use spray bottles for these products when many of us train our cats with spray water bottles?) I sprayed my Burmese near his tail until slightly damp, and the fleas literally started jumping off him. I could see the little black dots popping around on the floor as he walked. Next was my domestic shorthair, and I sprayed him near his tail and again, the fleas started a mass exodus. And my big Maine Coon did not have many fleas, but the few there were (probably gotten from the other cats) were jumping off. After the insect spray smell is gone, there is a pleasant, "fresh soap" smell left behind.

This is best used along with something like Advantage or Frontline, used as a treatment for the rear quarter of the cat. As far as the toxic reactions the two reviewers mentioned, I certainly did not see any reaction in my three cats except peaceful, non-scratching relief. I love this product and will order on Amazon when the time comes.
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on October 23, 2013
Wow. Where to begin. You will realize once you spray this stuff on your cat that you have made a huge mistake. Not only is the smell so noxious and overwhelming, I realized that the cat was having a bad reaction to this stuff. She started trying to lick it off immediately and started shaking uncontrollably. I went and bought Advantage II and that stuff is the real deal. Seriously, don't waste your money on this crap. For $50 you can get a 4-month supply of advantage flea control that will really put you at ease.
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on September 17, 2013
One of my cats did okay. One of my cats slowly lost his appetite after being treated with this and wound up in the animal hospital, very sick. He nearly died. It's not worth it! This is a pesticide and not a safe product. Get some food-grade diatomaceous earth. Yes, it's messy but it's non-toxic and works great! My cat is still recovering. I would never use this again.
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on April 12, 2016
Worst Product EVER!! Do NOT use if you want your cats/kittens to Live.. Dont know IF one of my kittens is even going to make IT though the night..other one is not doing all that great either. Literally, Just got Two 12 wk old kittens about 6pm and seen both had Fleas.. So went to local Pet Store on the way home and got This product Before getting the kittens home. As I did not want a flea infestation in my house.. "Been there, Done That"..more then once..Took them right in the bath room and began Treating the kittens.. Glad I did cause the fleas were pretty bad.. HOWEVER, The Fumes from this product ARE REALLY BAD!!!! It says "use in House Only" but you NEED a Gas mask and all the doors and windows Open in Your entire house while using it. Then You will need to let your house air out.. Needless to Say.. one on my Kittens IS NOT doing good a all, and the other is a little wobbly. Dont know if its from the actually product itself Or Just do the Fumes. Again They Were Awful. Yes I followed the directions. But it is hard NOT to get the coat soaked when struggling to spay a CAT!! The ONLY plus side is It did kill the Fleas.. but possibly at the expense of my kitten's life. So NOW I would like to know "WHO" is going to pay the Vet Bill if I have to my Kitten to Vet.

Did Wash both kittens off with Dawn Dish Soap with in 30min of spraying them with this crap. Will bath them a couple more time before the night is over AND hopefully the one little kitten pulls through and I wont have to take her to the Vet..This IS Going to be a Long Night... I shouldve just used Dawn Dish Soap in the 1st place.. and gotten Borax for my carpet.
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on August 14, 2014
Do not buy this product unless you want your pet to suffer. I only got a few sprays on before I became nauseous from the smell, the cat started shaking and uncontrollably drooling. I rushed him to the tub to wash him off. This is TOXIC. SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.
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