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on December 26, 2012
The pair I have is Black, Large Size. Got them for in Winter of 2010 as a Christmas treat for myself :P

So, this is basically the third season that I wear them. I usually use them Fall to Spring while skipping Summer - it gets way too hot in California to wear gloves even with air-conditioning in the car on a full blast.

After three years of use, I have some observations that you might find helpful:

✔1. I bought a Large size when I probably should have gone for X-Large. My thinking was - if this is the real leather as advertised, the gloves would stretch to fit and adapt to the shape of my hands. Boy, do they ever! They now look a bit weird when I take them off but when I am wearing them, they fit like a second skin. In retrospect, I probably should have gotten a correct size because breaking in a smaller glove does require a bit of patience but I am not complaining; how tight you like your gloves is your personal preference.

✔2. The color is black but I noticed an interesting thing - when I wear them with my racing jacket (yes, I have one; it's an original "Triumph" and it's fantastic :P ) that is a very dark black, in certain yellowish light the gloves look dark brown. This is simply a trick of how humans perceive colors, of course, but something to keep in mind when you are dressing up for whatever.

✔3. Another interesting tidbit - I could use iPhone, ATM machines, and touch screen checkout registers with the gloves on. Since it's a real leather and I wear them tight, this is almost literally like a second skin. Also, they are thin enough so I can take cards out of my wallet without taking the gloves off, which completes the experience :P

After the three years, these are still my favorite pair of driving gloves - the quality, the durability, and the style are great and, after an initial break in period, the comfort is fantastic.

Highly recommended. ★★★★★
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on January 6, 2011
I bought these for my husband as a 2010 Christmas present and he loves them. Here are the main PROs in our opinion:

1) Price & good quality leather . There are tons of other leather gloves out there that cost 2 - 3 times the amount. I don't know if they are 2 - 3 times better, but these are a good value for sure.

2) Modern style. My husband is in his late twenties and preferred this modern style to the traditional driving glove style with the open hole on back of hand and snap and gathered leather at the wrist.

3) It grips the wheel nicely and is wonderful for cold weather driving.

Note: My husband is 6'1", wears L or XL shirts, and the XXL sized glove fit him perfectly.
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on June 6, 2010
I've been looking for gloves for a while. These are perfect. Thin leather that is all quality. You won't regret these. Measure your hand, get the size shown, even it it seems large. My measurements showed XXL for me and I'm not a large person, but the fit is great. Check out the Bionic website for all the features then order from Amazon.
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on September 21, 2015
WE'LL SEE! Leon in Waikiki
review image
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on June 18, 2011
These are thin, light and tactile. Perfect for gripping the wheel at go-straight-to-Guantanamo speeds on public roads. However, they do not breath as well as gloves with openings. So, when I'm sweating what's in my rear view mirror, my hands are too.
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VINE VOICEon December 9, 2014
To demonstrate just how well these gloves fit, I'm typing this review while wearing them!

Obviously these gloves are meant to be worn while driving, but they fit so well and are so nimble and form fitting that I can actually type (we're talking touch-type too, not just hunt-and-peck) while wearing them.

Now let's talk about the details:
► FIT:
!!EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Do as the company suggests and measure your hands, BOTH of them (not just the "dominant" hand as they suggest) and use the larger measure to choose which gloves to go with. I have bigger hands and usually wear sized XL gloves, but after measuring my hands I was right about the limit of the XXL and start of the XXXL (that 3xs) with this brand of gloves. I opted for XXL figuring that even if they're a little snug, they're leather and will give a little.

I received the gloves today and they fit like someone took precise measurements of every finger and knuckle! There's padding in the spots where the fingers crease and cutouts with elastic material for all the knuckles. the only negative is that the right hand glove feels a little short in the length of the palm between the pinky and wrist. But I'm expecting that after some breaking-in that there'll be a bit of give and it should fit perfectly.

These gloves feel more like I painted them on. Like another layer of skin. With the strategic location of the padding and elastic cutouts, every curling and straightening of the finger feels natural and unhindered and never bunches up on the tips like regular gloves would.

These are driving gloves, which means they're supple and very thin, but along with that these gloves have those elasticized cutouts on the knuckles and back of the hand. Which serves to give them maneuverability as well as ventilation. As I've been wearing these gloves and have been typing this, they continue to feel snug (but not tight) and cool . Very comfortable indeed.

Along with the already stated elasticized cutouts/venting and strategic padding, the material of the gloves themselves has a slight tackiness to them. Not so much as to feel sticky, but plenty enough to feel like whatever you're holding on to, you've got a firm and reliable grasp on it. Excellent for steering wheel and if you're a stick-shifter (bonus if you've got a custom, metallic shift knob; The gloves will protect when it's hot in the summer or cold in the winter).

If you're a driving enthusiast and enjoy the feel and style of a good pair of driving gloves, get a pair of these. You'll LOVE them.

Update: Jan 7th, 2015
► Okay, I was being WAY over conservative with just how low the temp can go before you have to put your hands in your pockets with the gloves on. The temperature here today was down to 19°F and I was perfectly comfortable with these gloves on!...It's the windchill factor that finally defeats them (Which makes sense being as thin as these gloves are). I continue to be impressed with these gloves.

UPDATE: Dec 15th, 2014
► Discovered that these gloves work with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen, no problem (SWEET!).
► Went on a road trip this past weekend (3 hour ride each way). I wore these gloves for the entire way there, no problems at all. They were never too hot or too cold, never felt uncomfortable. On the way back, I decided to take them off and see what the difference was going back to au-naturel. I drive religiously with my hands at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions and after about an hour my right palm was getting sore. The gloves have the padding in the palms, so that's why my palm didn't get sore on the way there, and when I put the gloves back on my right hand was fine again and the soreness went away.
► As thin as they are, these gloves actually still provide a bit of protection against the cold. I would say keeping your hands from really feeling uncomfortably cold in temps down as low as the 40°s (Fahrenheit).
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on November 28, 2009
i had recently purchased a 2009 Mazda Miata, and decided that it would be a really nice part of the sport car riding experience was to immerse myself in all aspects of the feel for the wheel. With these gloves, which are as sheer as any leather glove could possibly be, and they protect the leather wrapped steering wheel from the effects of sweat and oils that the human hand produces. these gloves are a great value, and are so flexible that driving without them is like missing something in the driving experience. A quality glove that fits and feels like my own skin. It is a thrill to don them, and get into a sports car drivng experience.
when i wear these suckers out, i will certanly buy another pair. Great quality and so much fun to slip them on and prepare my mind for wringing out this little Mazda cutie.
My first really groovey purchase was the car, and the second was tthe Bionic glove......keep on trucking!
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on April 28, 2012
Overall I like my new Bionic driving gloves because they are comfortable and grip the steering wheel well, plus they protect my hands from the sun. I can tell they are made from goat calf because they are nice, soft, supple, thin and smell like goat cheese! (Smell not a problem.) The caveats are that the sizing is a bit strange: I always buy XL gloves that fit tightly, but my XL Bionic gloves are just a little big. I wonder if the Large will fit me better when I decide to buy again. I also did not like very much the vents on the knuckles and back of the hands because the sun can burn my skin through there. Why not make a fully closed glove of goat only (maybe they would overheat?). These are a combination of mostly goat skin and a little bit of a nylon-like fabric for the vents that can be seen on the photo, which shows back of the hand. The palms and under fingers are nicely padded for comfort.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 2, 2015
After 4 years of use my Bionic gloves were still like new and if anything even more comfortable as they molded to my hands. No frays, open seams or degraded leather areas. Sadly, as I kept them in my car, when my car was stolen a few months ago the gloves disappeared with them. After replacing the car, I thought maybe driving gloves were a bit over the top and went without them for a few weeks. But I enjoy driving with them so much more that I ordered the replacement pair and am enjoying them again. As designed, they fit very snug, like a second skin, but the cut out areas connected with mesh, allow for comfortable expansion and flex without feeling confined. I live in a state that's never cold and so these aren't used to grip a cold steering wheel or to keep warm. I just feel I have more control and a better grip especially when doing spirited driving or on curvy roads. Also, on very hot days, it;s not unusual for hands to perspire and I feel that these keep my leather clad steering wheel like new as well and completely clean. The only draw back using them in my warm climate, especially in a convertible where all is visible, is that I don't want to give the impression of being pretentious, as if I think I'll one day land a role in a sequel to the movie The Transporter! But short of that self consciousness, I really love these gloves, their fit, quality, and the superior grip and control they offer. Highly recommended even more so if you live in a colder climate or are just a driving enthusiast.
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on February 10, 2016
I've used these gloves heavily for 6 months now and I'm pleased with the purchase. Usually in that time major pros or cons to the product will surface, but in this case not much has. I don't know if they've changed manufacturers, but mine did not include "BIONIC" stamped on the back which is a plus actually.

I have long fingers, but narrow knuckles so I fell into the small/medium overlap of 8" and I went with a medium. For reference, my finger lengths in inches (pinky to index) from top of knuckle to fingertip are roughly 3, 3-3/4, 4, 3-3/4. The gloves' middle finger length is spot on, when fingers are extended (see photo) and 1/8" of space on the remaining fingers. These gloves also lack a stitched seam running across the palm just below the base of the fingers, several other gloves I've tried from local stores had this seam and I personally found it very annoying.

Do note that the padding takes some getting used to if you're accustomed to evenly-padded leather gloves. There is enough padding on the fingers and base of the palm to add some comfort, but enough bare leather/hand contact to the steering wheel to let you know what the wheel is trying to tell you.

These are of acceptable quality considering the price. No, you're not getting Autodromo Stringback gloves, but you aren't getting cheap vinyl either. The leather itself is cabretta which, as the Internet would tell me, is a sheepskin leather. These gloves are not a "work" or "keep my fingers from freezing" glove. The material is thin to allow you to feel what the car's steering wheel is telling you; don't stress the material and it won't rip or tear. The gloves will be somewhat stiff until broken in, but become nicely supple once worn in.

In my set, there are sections of marginal quality leather on the left-hang ring finger (see photo) and middle finger which lack any leather "grain" and look like they're about to bubble up and pull off, but have held up well. And like on all well-loved gloves the edges of the die-cut leather will begin to curl up and friz, the reinforcing stitch around the holes and mesh will fray, and the wrist of the glove develop a tendency to curl. This sort of damage is expected and these gloves have held together well.

They work, what can I say?
I personally own an '07 Corolla and a '13 FR-S. The gloves help make drives in the Corolla easier as its wheel is the hardened plastic/foam wheel and offers little grip outside of the spokes. The FR-S has an upholstery stitch on leather on the inside of its wheel that annoys me whenever I need to slide my fingers across them.

For the dozen-odd rental vehicles I drive through the year, it's of varying help. Some wheels have decent grip while others don't so your mileage may vary.

The cloth mesh used to vent the glove back is a bit abrasive. I only notice this because I have very pronounced knuckles and the back vents move slightly across them whenever I grip things. It isn't enough to cause irritation, but is enough to notice it while breaking them in. Afterward it doesn't even register anymore.

Not bad for the price. Will try to remember to update this review in the future for a longer-term perspective.
review image review image review image
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