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4.8 out of 5 stars43
Format: Video GameChange
Price:$196.00+ $3.99 shipping
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on March 26, 2013
If you have played and enjoyed Bioshock and Bioshock 2, then you will enjoy this one just as much. The game is very much Bioshock, only in a new environment. The environment is just as detailed and interesting as the earlier games. I am very satisfied with the game.

The Songbird edition has everything you get in the Premium edition, which costs $79.96, but it also comes with the Songbird resin figure. That makes the resin figure a bit expensive. Is it worth it? I would say, only if you really like the game series and enjoy having a piece of artwork from the game.

The figure snaps together; the wings are not attached in packaging. Since it is resin, it doesn't literally "snap" together, but fits together with a few tabs and slots on the back. It goes together nicely, without noticeable seams. Putting it together gives the figure a larger wingspan. The piece is delicate. I could see the base breaking apart with kids being too rough with it. It is purely a decorative piece; it is not made for kids to play with. The finish is smooth, and it is nicely painted. Colors blend together well; the paint is not blotchy looking.

The game is great, and I am sure there are some very detailed reviews on the page for the "game only" edition. I am only adding info about the unique figure included in this bundle to help people decide if they want to pay $70 for the resin figure.
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on March 27, 2013
After waiting since October,it was finally here! and after collecting many collector's edition's,I gotta say this is the best I have ever purchased!
The packaging-The box is about the size of a xbox/ps3 console box,big box!
The figure-After collecting alot of figures and figurines from other games and notice that some of them are either made of cheap plastic,or a good PVC with very small paint job error's,but this figure,takes the cake of being on top my display case!the figure has no error of paint job and is made of really great resin and has good weight on it,he comes with his own red box with really nice artwork around it,it is packaged with those plastic strings holding it(was a pain for me to untwist those things)and the wings has some thin foam paper to keep it safe,the wings are detachable and all u gotta do is attrach both the wings together and fit them on the hole in his back,the wing's are very wide so this makes this figure very big in width and pride.
The murder of crows keychain-Comes in a small red retangular box,It's a nice keychain,it mostly made of plastic,along with the keyring(or some type of cheap metal I think)it did replace my old regular keychain.
The lithograph and downloadable soundtrack-just a lithograph is just a lithograph ad of the devil's kiss spell,it comes in a sealed letter along with a paper for the code for the link to the soundtrack download.I just placed it on my wall next to my AC3 flag.
The artbook-it's a good art book, 64 page,blue linen cover and has that dirty look to make it look realistic,showing all the original concepts of the character's and stuff.
the handyman figurine-now for the least,it's a figurine of one of the many enemie's you'll fight,and he's the tough one, it's blue and very very small(less then a inch),he comes in a small box about the size of a diamond ring box,there is gonna be a bioshock boardgame(which he was made for) coming soon so I guess i'll just hold on to him.
And now the game,after putting countless hour's into it,I gotta say,this game was amazing,in graphics,story,and twist's! The job of Booker Dewitt saving a girl from an publicly unknown flying city of Columbia becomes much,MUCH more and with twisted dark secret's that soon be discovered!This game is worth the money and time,I really got hooked into and loved every moment of it.This game is a masterpiece of imagination.
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on April 2, 2013


Its pretty.There's no doubt about it. This however is a review of the box content,not the game!

Firstly,the Songbird.
Its glorious.wing spans the length of my laptop screen,all VERY well painted. Its heavy too,so it isnt cheap plastic. Shame it doesnt light up :(

Secondly,The pretty parts.
The art book is beautiful,there's no way around it. The cover itself is made from tissue,and the logo is directly printed into it,having a nice recess in the thing. It might sound stupid,but just holding it feels nice because of the texture. The murder of crows vial is roughly the size a car key,hung up on a keyring chain so you take it with you all the time :D Its well painted too,has a little sticker with the vial picture on it. Its a small detail but its a nice touch. The figure a trap. Its tiny. If you're into wargaming like Warhammer or general modelling products,it stands up barely to an inch tall,made from blue plastic. Its worth a repaint though,because the figure is nicely detailed,its just too tiny which is a shame.

Thirdly,well the rest speaks for itself. You get extra content,a few posters and it all comes in a nice hefty box so none of it will break during transport.

Recommending it for collectors,its worth the price just for the Songbird alone
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on March 28, 2013
I am about halfway through the game and first thing I want to say is how amazing the game itself is. I was worried about it not being in Rapture. But don't worry fans, Columbia is so fun you wont mind the change. As far as game play it is the same Bioshock as ever. Same feel and control, but with very fun characters. I don't even notice the missing little sisters. In fact I like Infinite better than both 1 and 2, which I never thought I would say. I love working along side Elizabeth, I feel like this game has the best campaign of any video game Ive ever played. Props to Irrational Games for getting it perfect on this one.
Now to the extra money I spent for the Songbird Edition. I was very pleased with the appearance of the box. The art book is very nice, has a vintage feel, and goes great on a shelf to be looked at by anyone. The Murder of Crows key chain is well built and very detailed. The handy man is pointless, so small you cant even see much detail. That is the only thing in the edition that I was not pleased with. The lithograph is nice and well detailed. The game came with several DLC including weapon upgrades, avatar outfits, and a downloadable soundtrack. The Songbird statue is huge, the wingspan is incredible. The detail is outstanding, people who see the statue are speechless at how well the statue is built and its great appearance. Bioshock Infinite is must buy for everyone! But that said only drop the extra 100 bucks if your a true fan.
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on May 6, 2013
Ken Levine and the staff at Irrational Games has produced one of the best games of this generation. The first Bioshock game set a pretty high standard and the hype for this game was pretty large, but they've made game that not only lived up to that hype, but surpassed it. The graphic design is beautiful, the music and sound effects are great. The action is exhilarating and can be gruesome at times, and is probably too much for younger players. The player can use a combination of weapons and vigors (think magic spells). The use of the sky hook and sky lines really sets the action in this game apart from normal first person shooters. I didn't use them all that much during my first play through, but really needed to use them when playing through 1999 mode.

But the best part of the game is the story. Having played Bioshock or Bioshock 2 is not a prerequisite, but you would get more out of this game if you have. The player can learn more about the story from finding voxophones (tape recorders) and kinetoscopes (silent movies)scattered throughout the world, so exploration is recommended. The themes running through this game are very interesting, touching on racism, nationalism, and religion. You may find yourself looking up things on the internet such as the the Boxer Rebellion, Wounded Knee and Pinkertons to find out a better understanding on what is going on, although you don't have.

The characters of Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth are voiced very well, and in particular the character of Elizabeth really shines. She is one of the best non-playable characters in the history of gaming, as she is not only animated and voiced very well, but she also helps the gamer out during intense battles by giving the player supplies when they are really needed.

I can't recommend this game enough.

If you are buying the Ultimate Songbird edition than you are probably already a fan of Ken Levine's work. The artbook is nice and the Songbird statue goes great with my Big Daddy statue I got with the Bioshock Limited Edition.
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on April 2, 2013
The Bioshock series gets another installment that truly a masterpiece! This game is phenomenal! The Ultimate Songbird Edition is a sight to behold. The statue is crafted nicely and all the extras are quite nice! Not a game to miss!
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on April 23, 2013
It's hard to say anything about Bioshock Infinite that hasn't already been said. If you're looking for a regular multiplayer shooter this isn't the game for you. If you're looking for a game that will change everything you think you know about gaming or works of art, this is the game for you. The game examines deep philosophical questions of patriotism, religion and much more. Where the original Bioshock opened the door to the conversation of games being art, Bioshock Infinite solidifies it. Every moment of the game is filled with a great story and likable characters. The gameplay is well balanced between intense shoot outs and serene moments to soak of the atmosphere. While one could argue that the biggest downside is the lack of replayability but the game is just like a great novel where each play unveils a little more. I highly recommend this game to almost any adult gamer. It is an essential title for any video game player, not just of this generation but of all time.

The extra content in this game is great. The Handyman figurine has inspired me to purchase the board game while the Murder of Crows vigor key chain is well detailed. The real show stopper is the Song Bird statue. It is a good size and solid quality. The detail is amazing and well worth the price alone. I am always a sucker for game soundtracks so to be included here is a great bonus. Everything else isn't that special but the rest makes up for it. I recommend this for the diehard Bioshock fans.
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on April 24, 2013
Bioshock Infinite is a fantastic game, hands down. It is fun, engaging, keeps you coming back until the bitter end. If you're familiar with other Bioshock games, this will be a little different for you. Where as Rapture was creepy, dark, and scary, Columbia is bright and airy with very few scares, if any. That doesn't mean it's not good, you're just playing this one for the story above all else. This is a slight departure from what we know of Bioshock, but it is definitely welcome.

Now, the only reason I game this a 4-star rating was for the Ultimate Edition of the game. It doesn't feel like it's work $150 dollars to me. The songbird statue is big and detailed, but the rest of the stuff isn't. The Handyman figure is nothing more than a tiny plastic board game piece and the Murder of Crows keychain feels like cheap, hallow plastic. It comes with a small lithograph that's not much bigger than a post card and an art book that, if you're like me, you'll only look through once. It's an interesting little collection, but not really worth the price. Save the money and buy it when the price drops. For $100, it might be worth it.
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on July 31, 2013
This edition to this amazing game is worthy of any collection. I purchased mine a few weeks ago and it came in the mail while I was on vacation. Being compleatly honest, I've purchased this game twice now, once as the premium edition, and now this. I loved the game so much and loved songbird so much that it was a must buy. As a long time collector of many other things, I'm happy to say that this has kicked off my bioshock addiction and I have four bioshock 2 figures on the way to my door step!! In the short end of it all this game is totally worth every penny, great graphics, great game play, story is enthralling, and the ending is satisfying. I've played through it twice now! It's hard to get bored of, and is a great addition to a legendary series. Though I must say, I didn't order mine off here! It's still on the irrational games shop website for the standard price so go there first!
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on March 29, 2013
READ BEFORE! This game is only single player so dont buy it if your an onlineaholic. This to me was the best gameplay a single player game could offer, the story was almost like a thiller movie, at the end it made me go...What happend? I have never had that really happen to me so that is why i give it a 5/5. Now for the Songbird edition. I do think it was overpriced, the doll really it great though, great quality. It should have run about 120 i think. But knowing bioshock in a few years it'll be 200 or more to get it so overall it wasnt to "poor" a choice. ahhhhhh you get the joke HAHA
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