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on September 12, 2007
This is a small hummingbird feeder that would be great for those just trying their hand at attracting hummingbirds. It's inexpensive and easy to maintain, but most of all, the hummers love it! My wife and I have three hummingbird feeders: this one, a Schrodt - Crystal Single Etched Hummingbird Lantern, and another model with 6 tulip-shaped feeder holes. Though it's not one of the prettier feeders, the Best-1 is the one we paid the least for and it's the feeder they seem to prefer. There are no yellow flowers to attract yellow jackets, and they really seem to like to perch more on this one. Since it's a glass bottle design, you'll need a bottle brush to clean it well inside, but the lid pops off of the red base to make that part very easy to clean.

Older models of this feeder did not have the built-in ant moat (depressed ring around lid of base), so if you buy one locally, make sure it has that feature. With a small feeder like this one, you'll be filling it often enough anyway, so pouring a little water in that ring every few days is all it takes to keep the ants away.
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on September 2, 2013
I was very happy to order 2 of these Best-1 Hummingbird Feeders as they seemed like copies of a much more expensive feeder that I own, use and enjoy.

I became aware that some people have reported that they have observed hummingbirds getting their beaks trapped in the Best-1 Hummingbird feeder and struggling or even dying from the ordeal. I read that there was an improvement by the addition of a second perching ring to offer the birds a footing so that they didn't get stuck between the outer perch and the main reservoir body while trying to dislodge their beaks from the feeder. I even saw photos of dead birds stuck in the feeder but the photos were accompanied by an explanation that the second ring solved the problem.

Upon arrival of the item I quickly noticed that a small difference between the design that Best-1 has copied and the original design has created a circumstance where the birds need to stick their beaks much further into the reservoir to get at the liquid.

I am aware of the fact that hummingbirds have long tongues and reach deeply into flowers but it is easy to see why the birds that have difficulty are getting stuck.

The thread mechanism that the bottle is attached to is embedded into the structure of the reservoir rather than sitting on top the way the original design is implemented. The ports where the liquid comes out of the bottle and into the tray are further below the top surface of the feeder. In other words, the birds have to reach in further to contact the liquid.

A second design characteristic is that the plastic is reinforced at the tiny feeding holes with extra material and the end result is that the birds have to maintain a more precise angle of entry to access the liquid food.

The need to maintain a steeper angle combined with the need to reach further into the container seems like the result of bad design.

I find it regrettable that the designers of the Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder have made these design decisions as they seem like oversights that results in reduced functionality. It seems to me that the issues I am citing should have been obvious to the designers as I made my observations moments after receiving and looking at my examples.

I am glad that Amazon is so gracious with accepting returns as I am sending my 2 new Best-1 Hummingbird Feeders back and buying a couple more made by the original designer. They cost more than twice as much but the enjoyment of watching hummingbirds seems worth it.
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on January 17, 2009
These are the very best hummingbird feeder I have ever seen and I've tried quite a few. They pretty well keep bees and bugs out. The birds love them too. I have six of them in my yard all winter in Seattle and have hummingbirds all year.
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on May 18, 2009
Out of all the feeders we've had, we've had the most success with this one, in that the birds prefer this one over the others. As another reviewer noted, no yellow parts to attract bees. The 8 oz size of the bottle is perfect, because it's a nice balance between having to fill it up too frequently with nectar and having the nectar sit there too long to spoil.

I also like that the upside down bottle ensures that gravity will keep the feeder part full. And I like with just a glance, you can look at the bottle and tell how low the feeder is.

Cleaning is easy enough as the bottle twists off easily leaving you the bottle and two other pieces of plastic to clean. A little brush and hot water, then refill. Every so often (when you start to see schmutz building up), soak all the pieces in a small mix of bleach and water and let it soak for 30 minutes and you're done.

There are 8 feeding holes (not entirely sure b/c feeder not in front of me) for the birds which is more than fine (I've only had 4 birds feeding at one time, which is actually a lot given hummingbird behavior in my competitive yard). However, you should be aware that the hummingbirds will eventually come to this feeder and mainly perch while feeding (as opposed to hovering while they feed).

There's no ant moat per se, but you can apply mineral or castor oil to a cotton swab and dab it on the provided hanging wire, and I've found this works well for dealing with ants. Even better is to get an ant moat and fill it with mineral oil (or castor oil), and it won't evaporate so you can fill it and forget it. (I prefer the "Detourant Ant Guard" as it's not effected by rain and regular birds won't try to inadvertently drink the oil).

And replacement parts are easy to find online, though I've just order whole new ones in the past.

And for you novices, you can easily make your own nectar using 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, boil it for about a minute, and refrigerate for storage. Let it cool before serving of course. If you think the birds will go through all the nectar within 3-5 days, you can skip the boiling part.
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I buy hummingbird feeders locally whenever there are end of season sales. Six or seven hang out in our very large yard at any given time; we've gone through many different styles and brands. Best-1 hummingbird feeders have held up the longest (7+ years) and seem to be the hummingbirds' favorite. As a matter of fact, the only time one failed is when a raccoon tried to drink out of one, the feeder fell, and the glass bottle broke. With any other, you'd have to throw the whole thing away. No problem here--replacement parts are made and sold.
These feeders can be found elsewhere at cheaper prices, and replacements for either the glass top or plastic bottom can be bought separately. Look up Nottawa Wild Bird Supply (can be found online) in Michigan. They sell this 8 oz. feeder for $8, the base replacement for $5, or the 8 oz. glass top for $3. I stop in whenever I'm in the area--it's a birder's paradise.
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on September 12, 2011
Works great and since the hanger is connected directly to the feeder with metal I won't have to worry about it breaking due to the extreme heat here in Texas. Other feeders have a plastic top and it just cooks in this heat and breaks. Wasps can't get to the food which is another large plus. I purchased the small size but will purchase the larger size. Note: Get the ant well to go with this to ensure that ants don't get into the feeders.
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on May 6, 2011
This is about my 5th feeder. This is the only one I'll buy. I replace them when someone accidentally breaks the glass container or the little pieces on the stand.

My hummingbirds love it! They'll sit on the perch for several minutes at a time. They look at it so lovingly!!! They even fight over it!

The product was just as described. It was well packaged and shipped quickly. Please consider this seller. I'll use them again!
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on February 6, 2010
I've always had feeders for my hummers, but never ever found one I could clean. If you love hummers, as I, buy this product, you will never be sorry, AND THE HUMMERS WILL NEVER EAT MOLD AGAIN !!! That is what is most important.

Sue Manison
Tempe, Arizona
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on January 16, 2016
I am very disappointed with the Best-1 hummingbird feeder. The "new design" includes the two perching rings to prevent the birds slipping when their beak is trapped in the hole. That is an improvement, but the hole has not been altered in design. One can drill out an angle to improve it and it is a bit tricky to do. When I examined the red plastic receptacle on the new feeders, I was appalled with the poor quality of the product internally. The thread to engage the bottle is very blobby, the holes have plastic flashings obstructing the access to the nectar. The inside is full of blobs of plastic where the nectar needs to fill the reservoir. The rough finish inside will make cleaning impossible and so the receptacle is useless.

I have five of these feeders for 16 years and I wanted to add couple more. The old ones are smooth inside and are easy to clean. But the major fault with that design is that it kills the hummingbirds when their beaks get stuck in the awkward angle of the hole and in trying to get free, they slip off the perch. It happened to me. I did not get it that it was a design problem at that time.

I am very sorry to have purchased these feeders. I placed a call to the manufacturer and have not heard back yet. I do not recommend these feeders to be used for both the foully design and the poor quality of the product.
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on August 21, 2013
We have enjoyed using this "Best 8oz. Hummingbird Feeder. It's easy to clean and to fill with their favorite nectar. They provide us with hours of entertainment. We have several feeders that we use at the cottage and even have one at our condo that we vacation in Mexico. The Hummingbirds are such a joy to watch. They love to perch, sip, fight and socialize at this feeder. So far the best feeder yet!
Our neighbors even comment on how many Hummingbirds we attract with this feeder.
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