Gilligan's Island 3 Seasons 1964

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Season 1
(1,154) IMDb 6.5/10

12. Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk TV-NR CC

Gilligan believes the castaways will be rescued in time for Christmas.

Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr.
26 minutes
Original air date:
December 19, 1964

Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk

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Season 1
  • $1.99

    1. Two on a Raft Five tourists led by the hapless First Mate Gilligan and the gruff Skipper of a small boat are shipwrecked and marooned on a deserted island.

    TV-NR 26min September 26, 1964
  • $1.99

    2. Home Sweet Hut "We've got to function as a group," Skipper says. But before that lesson sinks in, various factions construct individual huts that can withstand neither hurricanes nor Gilligan.

    TV-NR 26min October 3, 1964
  • $1.99

    3. Voodoo Something to Me The supply hut is burglarized and the flare gun is stolen. Could Gilligan be the culprit?

    TV-NR 26min October 10, 1964
  • $1.99

    4. Goodnight Sweet Skipper Skipper dreams about how he transformed a radio into a transmitter while in the Navy. When he can't remember details, the castaways try recreating conditions that will stir the Skipper's memory.

    TV-NR 26min October 17, 1964
  • $1.99

    5. Wrongway Feldman The survivors are not alone! They discover an old aviator (Hans Conried) and his crashed plane on the island. All that remains is to fix the plane and send the flyboy off to carry word of their plight.

    TV-NR 26min October 24, 1964
  • $1.99

    6. President Gilligan Who's in charge - Skipper or Thurston Howell III? The castaways decide to settle the question the democratic way, complete with election campaigning.

    TV-NR 26min October 31, 1964
  • $1.99

    7. Sound of Quacking A duck captured by the group could be used to fly a message to civilization. Of course, roasted duck would augment the dwindling food supply. Gilligan defends his web-footed friend.

    TV-NR 26min November 7, 1964
  • $1.99

    8. Goodbye Island The tree sap Gilligan wants to use as a pancake syrup turns out to have better use as a glue - one that can be used to patch up the damaged S.S. Minnow.

    TV-NR 25min November 21, 1964
  • $1.99

    9. The Big Gold Strike Greed creates discord among the castaways after Mr. Howell discovers a gold mine on the island.

    TV-NR 26min November 28, 1964
  • $1.99

    10. Waiting for Watubi The Skipper falls victim to an ancient curse, and only Gilligan can remove the voodoo hex.

    TV-NR 26min December 5, 1964
  • $1.99

    11. Angel on the Island Mr. Howell produces a Broadway play starring Ginger and Gilligan, and it's a blockbuster on the island.

    TV-NR 26min December 12, 1964
  • $1.99

    12. Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk Gilligan believes the castaways will be rescued in time for Christmas.

    TV-NR 26min December 19, 1964
  • $1.99

    13. 3 Million Dollars More Or Less Gilligan becomes a millionaire.

    TV-NR 26min December 26, 1964
  • $1.99

    14. Water, Water Everywhere The castaways resort to hilarious devices to capture and ration water.

    TV-NR 26min January 2, 1965
  • $1.99

    15. So Sorry, My Island Now Gilligan defends the castaways from a confused Japanese sailor who does not realize World War II has ended.

    TV-NR 26min January 9, 1965
  • $1.99

    16. Plant You Now, Dig You Later Gilligan unearths a treasure chest.

    TV-NR 26min January 16, 1965
  • $1.99

    17. Little Island, Big Gun Mobsters fleeing the police land on Gilligan's Island.

    TV-NR 26min January 23, 1965
  • $1.99

    18. X Marks the Spot The United States Air Force targets Gilligan's Island to test a new missile.

    TV-NR 25min January 30, 1965
  • $1.99

    19. Gilligan Meets the Jungle Boy Kurt Russell guest stars as a jungle boy.

    TV-NR 25min February 6, 1965
  • $1.99

    20. St. Gilligan and the Dragon When the women of Gilligan's Island establish their own settlement, the men try to frighten them into returning.

    TV-NR 26min February 13, 1965
  • $1.99

    21. Big Man on a Little Stick A handsome surfer rides a tsunami all the way from Hawaii to Gilligan's Island.

    TV-NR 26min February 20, 1965
  • $1.99

    22. Diamonds are an Ape's Best Friend An island gorilla is uncontrollably drawn to Mrs. Howell's perfume--and anyone wearing it.

    TV-NR 26min February 27, 1965
  • $1.99

    23. How To Be A Hero The castaways try to convince Gilligan that he is a hero.

    TV-NR 26min March 6, 1965
  • $1.99

    24. The Return of Wrongway Feldman Wrongway Feldman returns to the island to try to escape civilization.

    TV-NR 26min March 13, 1965
  • $1.99

    25. The Matchmaker Mrs. Howell engineers a romance between Gilligan and Mary Ann.

    TV-NR 26min March 20, 1965
  • $1.99

    26. Music Hath Charm Mrs. Howell forms a symphony orchestra out of the castaways--but island natives mistake the music for war signals.

    TV-NR 26min March 27, 1965
  • $1.99

    27. New Neighbor Sam The castaways are terrified, believing that unseen mobsters on the island want to kill them.

    TV-NR 26min April 3, 1965
  • $1.99

    28. They're Off and Running After losing everything else, the skipper wagers Gilligan in a bet with Mr. Howell.

    TV-NR 25min April 10, 1965
  • $1.99

    29. Three To Get Ready Gilligan finds a magic stone, which will grant three wishes before sundown.

    TV-NR 26min April 17, 1965
  • $1.99

    30. Forget Me Not When the Skipper suffers from amnesia, the professor resorts to hypnotism to find a cure.

    TV-NR 26min April 24, 1965
  • $1.99

    31. Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home Each castaway writes his or her own version of their escape from a Japanese sailor.

    TV-NR 25min May 1, 1965
  • $1.99

    32. Physical Fatness Gilligan puts the Skipper on a diet.

    TV-NR 26min May 8, 1965
  • $1.99

    33. It's Magic Gilligan finds a crate full of magician's props, but his attempts to use them backfire.

    TV-NR 26min May 15, 1965
  • $1.99

    34. Goodbye, Old Paint A famous painter renounces civilization and arrives on the island--with a short wave radio.

    TV-NR 26min May 22, 1965
  • $1.99

    35. My Fair Gilligan When Gilligan saves Mrs. Howell's life, Mr. Howell names Gilligan his heir.

    TV-NR 26min June 5, 1965
  • $1.99

    36. A Nose By Any Other Name An injury from a falling coconut gives Gilligan a huge nose.

    TV-NR 26min June 12, 1965

Product Details

Genres Comedy, Kids & Family
Director John Rich, Rod Amateau
Starring Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr.
Supporting actors Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Tina Louise, Russell Johnson, Dawn Wells, Charles Maxwell
Season year 1965
Network Warner Bros.
Executive Producer William Froug
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

392 of 408 people found the following review helpful By J. Bartek on January 6, 2008
Format: DVD
All 3 seasons in one package! it doesn't get any better than this. These are complete and unedited unlike some sets that are being released with different music, or edited episodes. season 1 is in black and white as originally aired, seasons 2 and 3 are in color as aired. I have watched reruns for years and when i saw that the complete series was available as one set, i couldn't pass it. Bonus footage includes interviews with Russell Johnson and Sherwood Schwartz, also included is the pilot episode with a different 'professor' 'Ginger' and 'Mary Ann' and different opening and closing music. A great treat for fans and someone that wants it all! Quality is excellent! I don't purchase many tv shows on dvd, but this was a must for me! 5 stars without a doubt!!!
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139 of 146 people found the following review helpful By Kai Lu on May 11, 2006
Format: DVD
Gilligan's Island has often been an object of ridicule for both professional critics and self-annointed intellectuals alike, most of whom point out the various implausibilities in the show (i.e., the Professor is an "idiot" because he can cause nuclear fission using coconuts but can't build a raft, the unliklihood of the Howells taking a "three hour tour" on an obviously inexpensive charter boat, let alone taking along three season's worth of wardrobe and costumes with them, ad nauseum), but chances are these same critics have also seen many -- if not all -- the show's episodes, and have enjoyed at least a few guilty laughs for their trouble.

One of the reasons why Gilligan's Island is such a great show (it is the most re-run show in the history of television, and that INCLUDES I Love Lucy) is precisely because it is so wacky, nonsensical, and flat-out ridiculous.

In Gilligan's Island -- The Complete First Season, viewers are treated to 34 original episodes, uncut, including the rare pilot episode that contains three castmembers not included in the actual show as seen on television. The episodes are in black and white, but this doesn't detract from the fun.

The complete list and brief synopsis of each episode have already been written by other reviewers so I won't waste your bandwith in repeating them, however I will say one thing: seeing these episodes brings back many fond memories for me, and I didn't even realize how much of a fan of the show I was until I watched this 3-DVD set.

I remember coming home from school in eigth grade each day and seeing Gilligan's Island on TV, and that was over ten years ago. I hadn't seen an episode of Gilligan's Island in the intervening years until I bought the DVD set.
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68 of 72 people found the following review helpful By M. A. Stevenson on March 23, 2008
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
It's so great to have all of the Gilligan's Island episodes, and the commentary by Sherwood Schwartz on each season. They have taken GI off all my satellite stations, so I had to get the DVD's to see the episodes.
But it was worth it, clear pictures, and no commercial interruptions!!!
I like to laugh, so this series is the perfect medicine for me. Well worth the price!!
1 Comment Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sending feedback...
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90 of 103 people found the following review helpful By C. Stockton on April 3, 2008
Format: DVD
Normally I wouldn't pay this much money for an old TV series, especially one this silly. From a nostalgic point of view however this series is quite entertaining. It helps growing up with a crush on Ginger and Mary Ann. :-O

The audio may be mono but it sounds much better than the old transfers you heard on broadcast tv years ago.

The only negative so far is the flipper discs. You should be very carefull when handling. The only discs I've ever had go bad after a couple of years were flippers.
14 Comments Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sending feedback...
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110 of 129 people found the following review helpful By T O'Brien on February 13, 2004
Format: DVD
Gilligan's Island The Complete First Season is a must have for fans of the 1960's comedy. Everything you could want is here. The 3-disc set includes all 36 episodes from the first season presented in standard black and white. The episodes look great in black and white rather than that awful color that was inserted into them while on TBS. The DVD also includes the lost pilot episode with three different cast members alongside Gilligan, the Skipper, and the Howells. Also on the DVD are tropical tidbits about certain episodes, profiles on how the cast was selected, and a tropical island survival guide.
The excellent cast really made this show what it was. Bob Denver as Gilligan, Alan Hale JR as the Skipper, Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III, Natalie Schaefer as Lovie Howell, Tina Louise as Ginger, Russell Johnson as the Professor, and Dawn Wells as Mary Ann made up one of the best ensemble casts in television history. Fans of this much loved show should run out and buy Gilligan's Island The Complete First Season. You will not be disappointed!
5 Comments Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sending feedback...
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61 of 71 people found the following review helpful By Alan Vallazza on January 10, 2004
Format: DVD
The Cast
Backus, Jim Thurston Howell III
Denver, Bob Gilligan (some say Willy Gilligan)
Hale Jr., Alan Skipper Jonas Grumby
Johnson, Russell Professor Roy Hinkley
Louise, Tina Ginger Grant
Schafer, Natalie Lovey Wentworth Howell
Wells, Dawn Mary Ann Summers
Maxwell, Charles radio announcer
A ship's captain, his first mate, an actress, a professor, a farm girl, a millionaire and his wife, all stranded on an uncharted desert island in the South Pacific. Seven random people thrown together by fate, united in search of an exit. A Twilight Zone episode, you say? An existential play by Jean Paul Sartre, perhaps? No, nothing quite so cerebral. It's the central plot line of Gilligan's Island, one of the most popular and most referenced sitcoms in television history.
In September of 1964 the S.S. Minnow set sail on a three-hour tour that would last three years in prime time. Although Gilligan's Island, the brainchild of Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz, was one of the worst reviewed shows ever broadcast, it was always a favorite with the viewing public. Millions of people tuned in to see the comic antics of the inept Gilligan and watch each week as the castaways inevitably failed to get off the island.
Gilligan was the boat's sole crew member, aside from the skipper. He was well-meaning but inept in his attempts to find a means of returning to civilization. As a result, and perhaps even more because this simple-minded farce became a top hit, the little band was stranded on that island for three full seasons. One question that never got answered, however, concerned the luggage. In the first episode, and in the theme song, it was pointed out that the cruise was only supposed to be for three hours.
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