Customer Reviews: Birds of Steel - Xbox 360
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on March 30, 2012
This is by far the best pure flight combat simulator I have ever played on consoles and on PCs for that matter, and is a worthy sequel to Birds of Prey. While there is an included 'simplistic' difficulty setting, the fun begins at the realistic and especially simulator modes. Be prepared for white knuckle carrier landings in pitching seas, modify prop pitches, trims, mixtures while trying to get a shot at the enemy and being shot at. Marvel as your engine cuts off after you've pulled negative G's and you frantically attempt to restart it as you spin and plummet to earth. At high speeds the close combat is exhilirating, the damage modeling is amazing and the game is just simply one that is quality through and through. The graphics are amazing and the wealth of content on disc should embarrass most other game devs, the replay value of this game is through the roof. There is a ton of COOP and versus multiplayer modes that are just as intense as the single player offerings. Just an amazing game and the true definition of a gem in gaming, an instant classic!
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on April 3, 2012
Very happy with this game considering it only cost $39 buckaroos !

I love the realistic mode in the single player mode.

Still trying to get the hang of all the flying maneuvers in realistic
mode. The instructions (walk thru) are pretty much straight up but actually
doing them is another thing. I'm not talking about the basics I'm
talking about fancy maneuvers...not easy but not too hard and it feels great
when you start to get the hang of it.

Bottom line..if you love flying get this game..I love the realistic option!
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on April 5, 2012
Let me start by saying I have never been a fan of "old school" plane games. Modern fighters and lock-on missiles are more my forte. However, after playing the demo for Birds of Steel, I was hooked! Perhaps it's because of the amount of detail put into each of the 100+ planes. Or maybe it's the unique feel of each plane in the air. Whatever the reason, this game is an absolute blast to play. It's even more enjoyable when you play with your Xbox Live buddies. If you can forgive a few rare technical flaws (AI crashing into you, unexplained deaths, etc), you will be in for a treat!

- excellent interior and exterior detailing on planes
- unique feel to flying each plane
- numerous game mode choices, including campaign, dynamic campaign, mission editor, versus, events, and tournaments
- dynamic campiagn and mission editor let you customize your missions
- one of the BEST co-op plane games I have ever played (including Ace Combat series and HAWX)
- customizable buttons for unique controls
- value! This game is definitely worth more than the $40 retail price!

- there are some bugs: players drop out of games sometimes (rare), AI wingmen and opponents crash into your plane
- learning curve can be steep
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on May 17, 2012
This is in game flight during a carrier Bombing on replay saved. I can't think of another title that has drawn me more to the XBox360 from my PC. Long time IL-2 fan on PC but this is the best darn Flyer I have ever flown on the XBox360, including IL-2. From Arcade mode thru SIM mode, you can't ask for much more then this! Daytime clear weather to night time storms! Editor included to keep it fresh for a long long time! What's not to like? Excellent combined with a Saitek Aviator XBox360 Joystick!

You have all the options for flaps, trim etc. although not clickable switch cockpits it's all there. Including the "pilot" sitting in the seat! Settings to back it down to Arcade mode is also available. There you can learn to "lead" your targets with cursor help.

Once you advance to SIM mode, all the gamey options are gone and you use your visual lead in mind and use cockpit gauges for speed, altitude etc. You have the option of air starts or airport and carrier take offs. Many Planes and variants available along with some history on those planes. Graphics are spot on and performance is what you always wanted from IL-2 on the PC. I believe this title is what is comming to PC as "World of Planes" and will dominate in the near future!

I could not be happier with their decisions to bring this much of a Filght game to the Consoles! Congrats to the Developers!!
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I was relucant to buy a new flying game on the xbox 360 after being disappointed by the last few games I bought. Fortunately the reviews convinced me to give Birds of Steel a shot. At the core of the game there is a robust multiplayer component that will give this game lasting value.

The multiplayer has a variety of co-op and versus modes. You gain experience and points you can use to unlock hundreds of vintage war planes. Moreover, you can customize your plane with decals and art if you so choose. There is also a very cool mission editor that allows you create your own missions to fly with friends. 4 players can play co-op. Or 8 on 8 versus mode.

The single player mode consists of a historical campaign which is great for letting you get the hang of flying. The simplified mode is a good place to start. Realistic mode makes flying considerably trickier as you will stall a bit more often. Simulator mode is very difficult--I found too difficult using the xbox controller. The idea in simulator mode is to finesse the controls, so you'll never push the thumbstick all the way when turning or dogfighting or else you'll push the machine and your character beyond their limits (ending in a black out or tail spin).

The graphics are solid. There are 3 main angles you play with: cockpit view, "virtual cockpit" and an over the shoulder 3rd person point of view. Personally, I prefer the cockpit view. The enemy aircraft are detailed; however, you have to be VERY close to see those details.

This is a fun flight game. Certainly the best vintage flier on the xbox today. My brother and I each own copies, and I can say we're happy with the value as we've spent hours flying sorties in the Ruhr vally, over Midway, and Wake Island. As of this writing Birds of Steel has offered the first bits of DLC including more missions (Battle of Britain) and more planes. I love to see a company continue to support their games. This game is a great purchase!
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on December 6, 2014
I hate to admit this, but I purchased this game back in September of 2012 and I finally got around to playing it for the first time a few weeks back. Unfortunately, thats one of the downfalls of having such a massive backlog of games, games like this can easily get swallowed up and forgotten. Anyways, in the mood for a flying game, I finally decided to unwrap this baby and finally give it a spin. Now that I have done so, I am in absolute awe that it took me this long to finally play this game. As the title of my review states, its absolutely brilliant!

One of the best aspects of this game is its as difficult as you want it to be. It has various difficulty setting which take it all the way from being easy, to extremely challenging, and I do mean challenging!! The amount of content included is really impressive. Most games pale in comparison. There is campiagn, dynamic campaign, tournaments, versus, events and if that wasn't enough, there is an editor that allows you to make your own missions. Again, most games pale in comparison!

All that being said, its the game itself that really shines. Its just brilliant with everything that you would expect from a great flight simulator. The combat is tense and exhilarating and the graphics are beautiful. Each of the planes have a unique feel to them and are rendered in amazing detail. Not to mention, the damage modeling has to be seen to be believed.This is honestly the best combat oriented flight game I have ever played, BY FAR!! I honesty can't think of another game that I enjoyed this much.

Bottom line - I enjoy writing reviews, but I rarely do so for video games. It really takes an incredible game to motivate me to write a review for it. So the fact that I am even writing this review is a testament to this games quality. The fact that I had this game for over 2 years before actually playing it is a just a crime. This is without question the single best combat flight sim I have ever played on a console, by far. If your looking for a quality combat oriented flight sim....look no further. This is really as good as it gets. I sincerely hope we see a Birds of Steel 2 for Xbox One/PS4 someday soon. It would be a real crime not to have a single sequel for this game.

5 stars and then some!!
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on December 28, 2012
This game is alright, the graphics are not that good for a 360 game and interacting with the game is quite complicated. Also it states in the description that the game has a novice or easy flight setting which is not true. You will still need to be able to understand how to operate it using the pitch and yaw. The only difference is that on the easy setting you are not tasked with controlling every aspect of the plane and receive unlimited ammo and fuel. I would have preferred an actual easy setting like that offered on the Ace Combat games as I am not a practiced flier and just enjoy getting in the plane and flying around to accomplish the missions. If you like having more control over your plane in video games and want a WWII flight sim than you will probably like this but if you are more of a novice and just want to fly a WWII plane and shoot down zeros and "Natzis" I would pass. Would not have paid even the $7 if I had known this ahead of time.
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on June 29, 2012
Birds of Steel is the successor to IL2 Sturmovik in every way. The game is more polished, and the visuals are wonderful, and gameplay is fun and addictive. It's very approachable for those not well versed in flight sims. The simplistic mode makes it easy to pick up and play. You can then progress to Realistic, and Simulator for a real challenge.

The game has a ton of replay value with the mission editor, and dynamic campaign options. There is also new content that can be downloaded to extend the life of the game.

The hanger is a cool addition. here you can buy planes and customize the look with WWI decals/slogans etc.. Very nice touch.

There is also a mission replay option, again a nice touch.

This game that deserves more attention from the main stream gaming sites and should have more people playing it. I don't usually gush about this type of game, but it really is that good.
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on November 29, 2012
I loved action games especially air combat games - this one is fabulous.
Learning curve is high and a bit difficult with just a x box controller.
A flight stick would make it more enjoyable.
Grapics and actions are good.
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on January 22, 2015
Birds of Steel is a great, awesome flight sim.

The planes look realistic, the locations are amazing, and the gameplay is good. I say good because the learning curve is rather steep. The hardest parts of the game so far seem to be landing the plane and making maneuvers in flight. The controls are really sensitive. I tried to land in a mission once and I tried to align myself with the runway of the carrier, but I moved a little too far to the right and I crashed into the tower of the ship.

The combat is fantastic. It's fun, exhilarating, and never a dull moment. Anything could go wrong or you could be the luckiest pilot alive. Pilots will hound you and won't let up unless you turn the tables on them or one of your allies guns them down. And your allies aren't bad or stupid either. Though, they will focus on THEIR problems and won't seem to back you up sometimes. Combat deals not with just fighters, but actual tactics like dive-bombing, bombing runs, torpedoing ships, focusing on bunkers or enemy hangars or ships. There is actual tactical and strategic planning involved when doing each mission. It's not just "shoot down all the enemy fighters and their position and the mission ends" kind of gameplay. There is actually a reason to take down their fighters, bombers, ships, etc.

The planes are specific to each superpower during WWII- US, Britain, USSR, Germany, and Japan. Each plane has a specific purpose not just some "here's a basic plane that you can replace when a better plane is available". Each plane has a tactical advantage over others even some of the basic planes.

If you can muscle your way through the learning curve this game is perfect.
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