Customer Reviews: Bissell PowerForce Turbo Bagless Upright Vacuum
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on May 29, 2007
I researched online but using online comparison tools, also visited several stores (Kohls, Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, etc.) to get a good look and feel for a vacuum.

I was willing to spend up to $120 for a decent vacumm to replace my Hoover - Hepa WindTunnel Bagless model (which started scretching and stinking up the house) before I finally got annoyed with it and threw it out.

The Bissel PowerForce Turbo is, in my opinion, the best deal for the relatively low price of $68 plus tax. Last week I vacuumed and steam cleaned my carpets. Yesterday I vacuumed for the first time with the PowerForce Turbo and I could not believe the stuff that was pulled out from the rugs. Not just dirt and dog hair, but also carpet room deodorizer which was sprinkled on the carpets weeks ago!

The easy empty container is easily removable and washable; the cord is 30 feet long (no need to unplug and replug); the headlight gives you a better view; bagless feature is a must (who would want a vacuum with a bag now a days anyway...); and the vacuum is relatively quiet and lightweight.

Now with all these pros, you would think that there is a con. NOT AT ALL. The only feature my old Hoover had that the Bissell did not have was the dirt sensor, which, I believe is not worth a dime anyway. The Bissell picked up MORE dirt, hair, and who knows what else that the twice as expensive Hoover did not - although the Hoover's dirt sensor indicated a clean carpet.

So, all in all, if you want a GREAT vacuum without spending $200 go with the Bissell PowerForce Turbo model. So far, I am glad I did!!
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on May 14, 2008
Look, it's 68.99 plus tax. It's a Bissell. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

I have two cats and I myself have long curly hair that tends to fall out sometimes. My apartment is about 800sq feet or less and fully carpeted except for the bathroom and kitchen.

My cats are shed monsters.. I moved in on Feb 15 2008 and vacuumed once before I moved in with a friend's Eureka and then after that I have been vacuuming with some cheapo thing that is not meant for this type of cleaning. I thought I had to save up to buy a great vacuum.

Well, this vacuum is better than the Eureka Boss I had with my roommate. I mean the Eureka is great but that thing was so heavy I hated.

Now, the Bissell PowerForce Turbo is pretty in pink and lightweight and seems shorter than the Eureka. I am not quite 5 feet tall so I really had to look around for something I could use and be comfortable. I was actually having fun using this vacuum. The cat hair and stuff it picked up was AMAZING. I have only lived here 3 months even after vacuuming with my other vac... you can't imagine how much dirt there was on the floor. I mean WOW!

Okay so


a. easy to set up
b. lightweight
c. pretty
d. easy to handle
e. had a nice bright light for vacuuming in the dark
f. the turbobrush is like a mini vacuum cleaner - fits into tight spaces like between the legs of a nightstand or in between the wall and dresser. Also great for getting the cathair off the couches.
g. the washable filters are a great feature -- I recommend washing them once a week and more often if you have cats or dogs. I washed mine after the first use just because I am a neat freak.
h. the attachments are basic and fine for normal use -- what more do you need besides a crevice tool (which is great for under baseboard heating); a turbobush and a drapery/duster thing?
i. it has great suction.
j. it's easy to maintain
h. easy power button and release button


1. The Hose is stretchy - but pointless since it just pulls the vacuum cleaner over unless you hold the vacuum with your foot.

2. I'll let you know more in a few months since others say it doesn't last.

It's perfect for small homes and apartments and if you don't vacuum everyday or have a 3200 square foot house.

I wouldn't say to buy this if you have a LARGE house and a number of kids dogs, pets, etc and plan to vacuum EVERY DAY. This is single person's or couple's vacuum with 1 or 2 pets.

Different vacuums suit different needs. Many of the people who have reviewed this vacuum and who gave it a bad review might be using it for a larger home or a home with 5 dogs and 3 cats and kids or something.

Also, you have to be careful what you pick up with it - you just can't suck anything into a vacuum and expect it to work forever.

You have to be careful with ends of curtains, robe ties, strings, paperclips etc. You have to check the vacuum more than once a month.

If you're a single person or a couple with a small to med size home with 1 or 2 pets and vacuum like once a week... this is the perfect vacuum for you!

Just be good to it and it will be good to you.
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on June 6, 2007
I just bought this vacuum today from Walmart (after looking at Target), I was expecting to pay around $150 for a good vacuum. After really researching the other ones on the shelves, they were all pretty much the same, same 12 amps, long cord, bagless, HEPA filter system, so why pay more? I don't need all the frills of a clog detecter or fancy on board tools, I just want the basics and this did a pretty good job (plus it comes with a one year warranty). I vacuumed my house with our old $40 vacuum and then went over it again with this vacuum, my kids loved to see all the dirt being sucked up and whirlwinded around the container, but that's how much dirt you get left behind with a cheap vacuum cleaner. The attachments are easy to use and setting it up is really easy.

This vacuum does a pretty good job, I'm happy with it.
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on January 17, 2010
New UPDATE....8 years now, and I haven't had to replace a single thing on this beast. LOVE IT.

(This is an update for the Bissell PowerForce Turbo Bagless Upright Vacuum:
Just wanted to let you know that it's been almost 6 years now, and my Bissell is still going strong. Nothing broken on it, even though it gets abused by dragging, bumping and clunking. I love this vacuum! ...original post below )

I bought this vacuum cleaner in 2007 and still use it constantly. This is the hardest working machine I've owned and the BEST $65 spent.

We have mixed flooring, (porcelain tile, carpet, wood flooring) and it works great on all of it. We have beach sand and pet hair, and this vacuum gets it all up. ALL OF IT.

I don't know why some folks say they are having trouble losing suction. If you empty the cup after every use, the debris will not build up into the other filters. I just empty mine in the trash outside, so there's no "cloud of dust" in the house. I also undo the bottom cup where the foam filter is, then take the foam filter off and tap it, and the ridged filter, against a tree or something firm. If you have pets, you may want to do this every time. This keeps the bulk of the hair, etc. from gaining access to the internal parts. There are several parts to remove to improve the suction. I know it may sound like a pain to clean them all, but once you have used this product for awhile, you'll notice that you won't need to do so much, so often.

For those who say it doesn't pick up everything, try adjusting the height up higher. Strange as it seems, it does NOT suck better by being closer.

There is a dirt cup, another dirt cup below that with the foam filter and accordion-type filter, a tiny little sponge filter, and a cone-shaped solid filter. After a really good cleaning, it takes me about 2 minutes to clean them all and put them back on. I would recommend getting a spare foam filter and the accordion-shaped one. The reason is not because they break, but if you have dogs, you will want to wash them out on a regular basis. I just rinse them all in soapy water, then spray them with the hose and let them dry overnight. Mine still has the same suction it had when I bought it.

The folks who said it sprayed dirt out of the cup probably did not have it lined up right. It slips right on, then you have to lock it.

I have to agree with the hose issue, though. You need to turn the machine aside so it won't tip over. Small issue for me. The hose could actually be a bit longer and more flexible, too, I think.
Also, if you wear shorts while vacuuming, be careful not to let the hose 'snag' your skin. OUCH!

The Turbo Brush is great for mattresses.

Overall, if you take care of it, this vacuum will give you years of faithful service. I have totally gotten my money's worth!
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on January 29, 2007
I really like this vacuum cleaner. It has three filtration methods which is good for me because I have asthma. You are able wash two of the devices which is also good so you don't have to replace it all the time. The vacuum cleaner was very easy to asemble. All you had to do was pretty much screw the handle on to the vacuum. You had to connect the other parts too which are not hard at all. It picks up fine dirt and other particles that are invisible and visible to the eye. It looks good and best of all it's worth the money. No bags to keep buying and/or looking for.
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on July 23, 2007
We somehow broke the cover off of our old bagged vacuum, and I accidentally tore a hole in the bag. After getting new bags, the next time I vacuumed, I sucked up our couch cover, and it got stuck up inside the vacuum. It then proceeded to spark from where the cord went into the vacuum. So that was fun. In other words, it wasn't in too good shape.

As I started looking for a good vacuum, I definitely wanted the bagless feature. I hate the mess of changing out the bags. Went to Wal-Mart thinking they would be $100 and above, but thankfully they were almost all under $100. I was choosing between this one (70-ish) and a Dirt Devil (60-ish), but the Dirt Devil had horrible reviews, while this one had great ones (from here).

Well, I've had this vacuum for about two weeks now, and I can say I'm VERY pleased so far! It's got great suction power, it's wide, and the dirt bucket is so easy to empty. The power brush feature is AWESOME! I used to have to clean the stairs with the hose, and it wasn't efficient or easy. The power brush makes it so easy to quickly run over the stairs. The cord is long and wraps up easily. The hose is a little hard to take out of its holder, but I'm so glad I don't have to take it off the vacuum, put it in the hole, then reverse to put it away, like other vacuums do. You just take the hose out of where it sits, and it's ready to go.

So far, no complaints. A great vacuum for any household!
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on December 28, 2007
I just bought this vacuum last night to replace a dying Dirt Devil bag less model. The Bissell was extremely easy to put together and I thought why not try it quickly on an area rug. I ran it for about 3 min. on a three foot by three foot area.
First impression: The motor is very quiet. Was it working? I turned it off and looked in the dirt container. This rug had been vacuumed earlier in the day and appeared to be clean yet there was a layer of debris in the dirt container!
For the money this has to be the best upright bag less vacuum deal out there. I thank the previous reviewers for their input and I too recommend this product.
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on December 22, 2008
Let me start by stating that I have 4 cats and a longcoat German Shepherd. I used the product every other day for the last year. Like many people wrote, mine too just lost its suction. At first it seemed like a great vacuum. It sucked up everything. By as time went on it got worse and worse. It did have to be cleaned and emptied every single time I used it also. I decided to upgrade to the Bissell Pet Eraser. Hopefully investing a little more money into a better grade vacuum will work out for me.
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on September 12, 2009
I bought mine at WalMart for about $70, and I am honestly shocked at how much stuff this thing gets out of my carpeting. The see-thru canister lets you see what's being picked-up as you use the vac (no bags, which is great!) and although I've always been a person to keep a clean home, my old vac was apparently not doing much of a good job. This vac picks-up so much stuff from my carpets that I truly wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. I also like the 30 foot cord (which feels like a pretty heavy-duty cord); assembly was simple and easy, instructions are in perfect English, attachments feel solid -- they are plastic, but they are thicker and heavier plastic. This is just a great product -- I wish I'd bought one sooner. They say that the single dirtiest thing in your home is your carpeting, and now that I've got a good vacuum, I can truly believe that. Again, the amount of stuff that this vac picks-up from my carpeting is beyond belief. I'll not ever be without a quality vacuum in my life, now that I've seen what a good one can do.
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on December 5, 2009
ok, so we had one of these a few years ago(A different brand), and thought the bagless thing was worthless so went back to our bag hoover.

The hoover started to NOT suck very well, and after cleaning it out time and time again, got tired of the hassle and started looking at bagless again. After many reviews, we settled on this one.

POWER FULL!!!. Our living room is about 20x30 feet. I had literally NO idea how much our hoover bag was not picking up. I literally was emptying this thing every minute or two because of the sheer amount of dust/dirt/pet hair it was picking up. No fooling.

It was really doing a great job. It actually made my wife mad at how much our other vaccum was not getting in relation to this.

Since we bought this thing, our carpets have looked great, even with three dogs and a couple cats, two kids an me. Vaccum once every couple of days and this thing works like a champ.

Would HIGHLY recommend this one.
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