Customer Reviews: Black & Decker BV-006 Blower/Vacuum Leaf Collection System
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on October 7, 2005
I put a large trash bag in a trash container and pull the edges over the top then tie the B & D leaf collector under the handles of the container, this way it can not slip off, attach it to my blower/vac and start vacuuming the leaves. What normally took two to three hours, now took less than one and I didn't have to bend over once.

The release on the pull string was a little tricky at first but after opening and closing it a few times I had no problems.

Without the B & D Leaf Collection System I was emptying the bag almost once every few minutes and making a mess each time. Now once the container if full I just tie the trash bag pull it out and put in another. I highly recomend it.
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on June 20, 2008
I hesitated getting this product because of the comments about the difficulty in keeping the fabric "lid" on the waste can. But I thought "There must be a solution. I wonder....?" So I went ahead and ordered it, and, when it came, went to W-----t and bought a yard waste receptacle with a lid that could be secured with its handles. I then cut a hole in the lid just big enough for the hose, ran the hose through, attached the cloth bag to the can (DON'T remove the fabric "lid"), and then secured the lid on top of the fabric with the handles. Voila--the lid stayed on (without relying on the tie cord) and, therefore, there was very little dust. I am very happy with the modified product--it works like a dream.
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on May 11, 2006
OK, I read all of the other reviews before I purchased this item and took into consideration all of the problems other people were having.

Here's the deal...for best results, purchase a trash can with a square top, not a round top. I found one at Wal-mart for $18 that the hose cover fits perfectly! The can has wheels on it, so it is very easiy to move around as it fills with debris. Also, you should utilize the little cord snap device located on the hose end that connects to your machine to help prevent the hose from coming off. Not one time did my hose come off, or did the cover come off of my trash can. I filled up 37 bags of leaves in my back yard in less than half the time it took me to fill up 22 bags in my front yard by hand!!

The only downside to the whole thing is that the hose builds up static electricity while in use, and if you don't let it touch the ground periodically, it will give you a nice little shock if it touches you. Just enough of a shock to motivate you to pick up more leaves!

This thing is great, and those who have a problem with it just don't know the trick. I gues B & D could have specified to use a square top trash can for best results, but oh well, live & learn!
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on November 21, 2002
I was thrilled to see this accessory offered as the shoulder bag included with my BV2500 Leaf Hog was too small for the volume of autumn leaves my maple and Japanese plum trees deposit on my front lawn (not to mention the year-round shedding of bamboo leaves in my backyard).
The system looks great in pictures, but what the pictures don't show is what happens to the attachment once you actually turn on the vac. The porous fabric cover fills with air, putting a big cotton/nylon baloon over the top of your waste can. If you don't secure the bag tightly enough (which is quite a chore given the design of the drawstring), it comes flying off.
And the drawstring. Given how much tugging and pulling and tying (!) it takes to get the attachment secure, it'll be a miracle if it lasts more than a season.
The design appears to be optimized for waste cans with square tops, so perhaps my round can is the problem. Attaching the cover to the lip of the can does not work, so I've been wrapping the cover over the top of it such that there's no slack in the bag. That works well enough, but I end up spilling leaf mulch all over the place when removing the cover.
It's better than emptying the shoulder bag every three minutes, but not by much.
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on December 4, 2014
I used it two times. On the second time a hole was made in the tubing. I like the Black and Decker Vacuum
but this accessory is made cheap and almost cost half as much as the Vacuum itself. I have included a photo
of the damage. You can see on the tube where the leaves now blow out. This product is a waste of $30.
review image
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on December 6, 2000
Without a doubt, the Black & Decker Blower & Leaf Collection System is the best and most simple device ever invented. For all those homeowners who love trees, here is the answer to all of your Autumn cries. Clearing leaves from my yard was as simple as vaccuming my living room, if not easier! Finally, I can look forward to yard work knowing that it will be effortless and even fun!! Oh, and by the way your neighbor will thank you for cleaning thier yard too!! Sincerely, The Average Joe
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on February 3, 2014
I have a B&D LH4500 blower/vac, and love it for its sheer power and performance. That baby sucks up anything that isn't bolted down. However B&D shoulder bags are an abysmal mess, not worthy of purchasing. The shoulder bags are cheap and don't even make it through one autumn before gaping holes appear in them. I think this is how B&D really makes their money - by people having to replace the shoulder bags twice a year. Anyway...

I bought this collection system to see if it would be any better, and behold! It actually is! It's not rocket science - comes with a couple of different adapters made for different B&D blower/vacs, and snaps right on just like the shoulder bag. It does what it's supposed to, but it took a little experimenting to get it that way. Here's the trick:

You have to lay the trash can down on the ground, on its side, so that the leaves blow in sideways. This may sound weird, but it really works. The vac is more than powerful enough to blow through the leaves that accumulate in the 'overturned' trash can, and when I did this, I was able to fill the can completely every time. This does several things:

1. Significantly extends the reach of the hose.
2. Keeps the can from tipping over, because it's already tipped over.
3. Allows you to fill the can absolutely full, until the cover is ready to blow off.
4. It's actually easier to move around laying on its side, and is far more stable.

Also, take the time to pre-rake the leaves into lines. They don't have to be neat lines, just enough so that the leaves aren't spread all over the yard. I've always done this anyway, even before getting this collection system, because it makes vacuuming them a LOT faster. It may seem like it takes longer to do this, but it makes the whole leaf cleanup process go much faster overall.

So, why 4 stars instead of 5? I've noticed the same problem as others. The hose disconnects from the top of the cover pretty easily, which is a pain, because I have to stop from time to time, to reattach it. It's easy enough to do, but is a nuisance. B&D would probably say it's to keep the user from damaging the cover, but I think it's just a bad design. I'm going to work on a better fastening system, and if I come up with anything I'll update this review.

Overall, this is roughly 1.758 million times better than the really terrible shoulder bags that B&D sells, so I highly recommend it. Takes a little getting use to, but well worth it once you get the hang of it.
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on November 10, 2013
The bag connects to the hose rather loose but nothing that a tie wrap didn't solve. The adapter that connects to the blower/vac blew off several times. A rather poor design of "twist to lock" for something with this much pressure behind it and something that moves around while using. The bag that fits on the barrel is very difficult to attach tightly. The "cinch cord" works at first but loosens up and then the bag blows off. I tried bungie cords to hold it on then finally gave up and took the advice of one reviewer - cut a hole through a trash can lid, feed the hose through and secure the lid to the can with a ratcheting strap. The lid stayed on the can fine but the bag that is attached to the hose started to come out of the hole. I then had to tie the hose to the can lid to prevent the bag from blowing out of the hole. Wow, so all of these steps to get the unit to start working. It takes more time to get the hose, lid, strap, etc... set up than it does to empty the bag a few times without using the hose at all. After just an hour of use I saw the hose had several splits and holes in it. It was a crisp New England Fall day but not cold enough to make it that brittle. If it was too cold outside to use it then the whole point of using it is a waste of time. I was using a 32 gallon Rubbermaid trash can which holds about 2-1/2 of the blower/vac bags of leaves. It makes more sense to me to use the bag that came with the blower/vac and just empty it. It takes more time to set the hose up then it is worth. The blower/vac works great with the bag it comes with but the hose kit is a waste of money. I have returned the defective hose to Amazon and will continue to empty the blower/vac bag. The hose seemed like a good idea at the time but it isn't worth the hassles it comes with using it regardless if the hose ripped or not. Save your money and just empty the bag when it fills up.
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on January 4, 2003
I saw a neighbor using this and thought what a great idea. Since I already had a Stihl blower, I searched the internet for a version of this for my blower. When I didn't find one, I decided I would try this system even though my blower is not a Black and Decker brand.
Without this system, the bag that you carry around fills up too fast and gets heavy to haul around. Since I bought this, no more stopping every minute to empty the bag.
To install on my Stihl blower, I had to remove the special attachment for B&D Blower and it easly fit onto where the leaf bag would normally attach. I had no trouble using this with a round trash can, but it has a lip which keeps the mesh portion from coming loose. I also found that I could get a really dense bag by pushing the leaves down when it fills up and mulch up some more leaves. Since I pay per bag for pickup, this saves me some money.
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on November 2, 2003
I ordered this product in early September planning ahead for the season, and received it the end of October because it was backordered. Now I know why! It works great! It's a very powerful vacuum and when used with the Kangaroo container it's perfect for what I need! I bought a Sears push mulcher that looks like a lawn mower but is a dedicated mulcher and it stinks compared to this!!! Not only is this attachment at least 2-3 times more powerful, but because it's portable, it's a lot easier to use than lugging around a lawn mower mulcher. I can easily carry it to my patio, or anywhere else I need to do some spot pick-ups. Unfortunately, though, when leaves fall, twigs fall along with them, and it's probably not the best thing for the motor, so try to avoid them. I use the mulched leaves around my flower beds and delicate plants when I'm finished. Get it! You'll love how well it works. Word of caution: By the time this attachment came, I had misplaced my blower instructions, so I ended up taking it apart to put on the attachment, until I realized there's a button above the power button which was a simple release. Live and learn... Great product!
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