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on September 2, 2010
I purchased the older model PHV 1800 a little over 3 years ago, back in May 2007. I liked it so much that I purchased another one for my in-laws a month later. For the last couple of months, the battery no longer retained a proper charge and since the battery is unfortunately not replaceable, it gave me an excuse to buy this newer model PHV 1810. As with the previous model, this is the best and most powerful handheld vacuum we've ever used in our household.

As I'm comparing the two units side-by-side, the new vacuum is a little smaller than the previous model and the dirt bin is bigger (it should hold more dirt). Since the battery on the old model is pretty much dead, I cannot give you an accurate power suction comparison between the two, but this one seems as powerful as when the previous model was new.

The nozzle has a wide range of motions, it pivots to use at many angles and has a cleaning brush built into it (you just need to flip it upwards) so you'll never lose it again. Dirt spins away from the filter so suction power stays strong. Cleaning the unit is very effective, you just click the side door open and unlike the older model, this one allows you to remove the canister and filter entirely and rinse them. The manual comes with instructions for removing and disposing of the nickel-cadmium battery, but nowhere does it say that replacements are available. One thing I liked on the previous model was when you needed to charge or use the unit; you simply put it in or remove it from a cradle; with this new model, you'll have to plug and unplug the power supply on the back of the unit anytime you need to use it.

If you want a powerful and portable vacuum, look no further.
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on February 5, 2011
I purchased this hand vac a couple of weeks ago for use at our vacation home. It is intended to replace an old dustbuster, the battery of which was kaput. In our other home we have the previous model--the B&D PHV1800, which we like a lot--I would give it 5 stars.

The newer model is a disappointment for several reasons--
1. Cleaning the filter is much more complicated. One must remove the entire chute and canister in order to get at the filter.
2. As mentioned in another review, the chute is susceptible to having contents of the canister fall out once the vacuum is turned off. If one empties the canister after each use, this isn't too much of an issue. Ordinarily, after cleaning up a few crumbs or a bit of sand, we would not go to the trouble. This thing is for convenience, after all.
3. No way was provided to hang up the vac when not in use. Although the charging tray for the 1800 was cumbersome, it was better than having to put the device on the floor or a shelf for charging. We finally tied a loop of nylon cord around the handle in order to hang it on a hook in the closet.
4. But the final, fatal flaw: After the first charge, the battery could never be fully recharged. The device ran down within 20-30 seconds, even after an overnight charge. Our other one, after a couple of years use, still has full power for 2-3 minutes. So the one we were sent had a bad battery.

At first we found that the 1810 had good suction and from that standpoint performed in an equivalent manner to its predecessor. We developed workarounds for the spillage, storage, and cleaning issues. But when it finally was evident that we had a faulty battery, that was the last straw. We returned the device to Amazon for a refund. I must say that since the return was within the 30 day window, Amazon was amazing! No complaints there.

All this having been said, when we get back to our vacation place, we plan to order another one of these. If the battery works satisfactorily, giving us the same use as our 1800, I will re-review and give the item 3 or maybe even 4 stars. If you get one, be sure to use it a lot in the first 30 days. If it doesn't live up to your expectations, you can use Amazon's great return policy and get another device.


September 25, 2012 update to review:
We did reorder another of these hand vacuums. The battery on the replacement does hold its charge reasonably well. We have now had it for >6 mos, and it continues to function well in regard to its use. Items 1-3 above are still somewhat vexing, but eventually one gets accustomed to the routine.

I changed the review to 3 stars (instead of the original 1 star) to reflect the device's good suction, the length of time it can be used before running down, and its convenience. Not as good as the 1800, but satisfactory.
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on March 29, 2011
I'm known for doing FAR too much research before I buy the smallest product, so it's no surprise that I was diligent to read many reviews here before I purchased this item which we use in our household daily. Here is what I would consider the unforgivable achilles heal of this product:

I was skeptical of reviews talking about how poor the battery life is, because often I see reviewers who are new to owning a dust buster who have unrealistic expectations. In this case, I should have listened to the warnings. This product's battery life, fresh out of the box, is restrictively short. We have a much older B&D dust buster with many more recycle times on the battery that still greatly outperforms this one. It's so short, that when it's fully recharged only after a few recharge cycles, we can JUST barely get up the daily cereal mess our kids leave on hard wood floors just under the dining room table. I'm not talking about bowls and bowls dumped cereal throughout a house, I'm talking about little dry pieces that have fallen off of the table.

That's right, the jokes on us! I read these warnings and again disregarded them. When you unfold the front nozzle to go and use the vac, instantly, the entire contents of the previous vacuuming job dumps out onto the floor or counter depending on where you store it. I wrote this up to user error and neglect in the reviews, but it happens every time we use it and when our kids use it. You spend the first half of it's valuable battery life cleaning up the mess the VAC just created!

Overall, I am shocked at the discrepancy between the amazon user reviews and this product. User reviews with so many people contributing tend to be very accurate. For whatever reason, the reviews have failed us and this product is less than useless in our household.
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on August 30, 2010
I have compared new Black and Decker 1800 and 1810 side by side. Less noise is the only thing the 1810 has over the 1800, but I don't consider that an advantage in a vacuum cleaner that I want to suck! The suction, the charging stand, the design of the 1800 is far superior to the 1810. In fact the 1810 has a MAJOR design flaw: Fold the nozzle back and everything you just vacuumed up falls out the nozzle!
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on April 28, 2014
To be fair, I was a satisfied customer for a year. This vacuum works fine. But after that, as other customer mentioned, it generates burning plastic smell when in use. I opened it up, just as other user GQ mentioned, the motor sitting on a piece of flimsy plastic, it's broken from the vibration.And because turbine and motor are actually connected. The turbine will keep spinning on the rest of the housing generating poisonous fume. So even the vac will function, I won't risk my health and use it.
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on January 5, 2016
So there is a huge design problem on this vaccum and I am surprised no one talk about it... under the body of the vaccum (in the blue part) there is a filter that exhale air and then blow away everything you try to vaccum... so it s like a game: you try to vaccum things and they go away as the air exhales... very annoying game for a vaccum cleaner.
review image
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on October 7, 2010
I absolutely love this thing! I bought it because of the product reviews but was a tiny bit hesitant because of the reviews complaining about the absence of cradle charger (which the old model had). Actually, I am really glad it does not have a cradle charger because cradles always take up so much room on the counter and you have to hold down the cradle and forcibly remove whatever is charging. This is wonderful because it folds flat and just sits on the counter like a box. The suction is amazing - I did not even know that anyone made a hand held vac with this much suction!!! Also, the battery goes forever and it is a breeze to clean!

--I want to get one for every room in the house! One reviewer said that debris fell out of the channel/tube when he folded it closed; I had no problem with this and the only thing I can think of that might cause such a thing to happen is that maybe something too large got caught in the tube and everything else just got backed up behind it.
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on March 14, 2015
This vacuum cleaner is very powerful and easy to clean, but that's where its virtues end. I used it about five times in the first few months that I had it, and the motor froze up. Black and Decker did replace it under warranty, but they didn't make the process very easy. The replacement is still working a year later, but the battery is already dead after only 10 uses during that year. I charge it up completely, and within a week it loses its charge. So I basically have to charge about the same day I'm going to be using it. The problem is poor engineering. Black and Decker chose to use 30 year old battery technology (NiCd or nickel cadmium) which are notoriously poor performing rechargeable batteries due to their high self drain rates and short lives. I'm guessing they did it to make the product with a designed obsolescence.
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on February 27, 2015
My wife wanted a small vacuum to clean up the mind-boggling mess that our two year old leaves in the back of her car on the way to and from daycare. Somehow, the mass of the crumbs left on the floor and in his seat from his snacking seems to be greater than the total mass of snacks that we give him. And we found pretzels on the floor; we've never even given him pretzels!

I was skeptical of a battery powered hand vacuum because I've had some in the past and they, well, sucked... in a bad way. They were never powerful enough to pick up crumbs, especially out of a carpet. I had picked out a model that plugged in but was still pretty compact (it starts with a B and rhymes with whistle), but she insisted that if she had to plug it in every time she had to use it, then she probably wouldn't use it. Anyone else here married? You'd believe that, right? I did. So I got this one and I'm blown away (pun intended) by how well it works. I cleaned up the entire backseat in less than five minutes. It devoured the crumbs out of the carpet and in tight places. It sucked up whole goldfish, teddy grahams, etc. I did have to empty it a few times, but emptying the bin and knocking the dust out of the filter is extremely fast; I can probably do it in about 20 seconds now. A few times, I got too overzealous and sucked up a bunch of whole teddy grahams/goldfish at once and they clogged the inlet. I walked to the trash can, turned the vacuum off, pointed it down, and tapped it a couple times to cause everything to drop down. I really couldn't be happier with this vacuum.
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on July 10, 2011
If you're looking to suck something up that is quick and easy, sure it is ok. If you are trying to vacuum out your vehicle (which is the main reason I bought this), expect multiple trips to the charger. The suction power does not last any more than 2 minutes fully charged. Quite disappointed with this product after I read a lot of great reviews. Take this for what it's worth, but definitely not worth the money to me.
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