Customer Reviews: Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5 Amp Electric Chain Saw
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on April 18, 2006
I have two chainsaws (gas and electric) which are not going to get nearly as much use now that I have this Alligator Lopper. It is ideal for 99% of the cutting I need to do. Here are some of the reasons I prefer it over my other chainsaws:

1) Can cut directly on the ground. How many times have you dulled a chainsaw blade because the chain touched the ground? The chain guards on this allow you to cut trees right on the ground.

2) Familiar and comfortable cutting action. The scissor motion is easier than the knife motion of a traditional chainsaw. When trees are felled and on the ground, you can walk along the tree to buck the pieces to lengths rather than propping up the tree and then kneeling next to it for each cut.

3) Appears safer. The blade is almost entirely enclosed. When you put the saw down, you don't need to worry about the blade hitting anything. The light weight (6 pounds) is also less tiring. I would give one to my mother (age 70) to use on her trees.

4) Very capable saw. The manual recommends no more than 4 inch diameter, but I've cut larger trees without problem.

Watch the video on the amazon site. It does a good job illustrating the benefits. A traditional chainsaw is still best for felling trees and cutting large trees, but this lopper is my new favorite companion to my traditional saw.
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on January 28, 2006
I have a small gas-powered chain saw and also a gas-powered pole saw. The chain saw is heavy to hold up and I didn't need to use the pole saw for most of my pruning. Based on the reviews, I decided to give this product a try. This tool works really great! It's not super heavy and you don't have to mess with gas since it's electric powered. I've been using mine to trim oleanders with some branches 4" thick with no problems. Even with ratchet loppers, it's not always possible to cut the thicker branches and the Alligator Lopper solves this problem. You do have to put oil into a small covered hole but you have to oil and chain saw device. The jaws shield the cutters while closed so it's pretty safe to use.
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on November 12, 2005
Couldn't wait for this one to arrive. Won't use a regular chain saw for fear of losing digits, but this tool seems so much safer and was very easy to use. Very sturdy, but not too heavy for a non-lumberjack to operate. Cut hours of my yard work down to minutes, and I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase!
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on May 15, 2006
I have never written a review before but I HAD to endorse this product. In fact I just ordered another one as I never want to be without one. It has already paid for itself several times over with the yardwork I can now do myself. Safe, easy to use, lightweight enought to manage-and I have back problems.
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on May 9, 2006
I have 63 acres of land that I have made ATV trails on. I put a 1000 watt generator on the front of the ATV and bring the Aligator Lopper to the trails. I have NEVER seen anything that can compare to this tool. I can not find any thing wrong with it as of yet. Trimming branches and cutting down small trees has never been so easy. (and fun!) Every "big boy" needs one of these in his tool kit.
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on May 29, 2006
Much more than I expected. Very safe to use. I have an inate fear of chain saws, I use them all the time, but you really have to watch what you are doing. I had doubts about the cutting capability of a unique electric saw like this, however it cuts through 4 inch diameter oak branches like butter. Tip, get the chain to speed before clamping. Perfect for those branches that are way too large for a manual lopper and too unstable and small for a gas chain saw. The lower jaw is designed to let you cut large branches off the ground, by clamping underneath, huge time saver and no chance of hitting a burried rock w/ the chain. The chain is never exposed to a miss placed foot or leg. No fuel to mix and no cold weather issues with starting, being electric. A 4" diameter cut log is great for the fireplace or wood stove. For safety, viability, ease of use, and raw power, definitely a 5.
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on April 15, 2006
This is the best tool I have ever owned. I have a gas chainsaw which is heavy and which I let a male friend use. I also have a smaller, lighter electric chainsaw that is easier to use. But when I saw the Alligator Lopper advertised in a magazine I thought it was the answer to my prayers. Most important is how safe I feel using it. The guards over the blade and the light weight enable me to feel safe and confident when using it. The Lopper does all of the work. You just hold the handles, press the triggers and the saw cuts and closes the Lopper. You do not have to exert force. It cuts like butter. Black and Decker says it cuts up to 4" diameter trees and that is accurate. I even was able to cut 5" trees, though you have to turn the Lopper around the tree as you cut. It is simple to tighten the chain. You just loosen two screws, which allows the spring to tighten the blade into the chain, then tighten the screws. A piece of cake! I love, love, love this tool! Did I say I love this tool? For about a $100 it's a no-brainer. I think everyone should have two.
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on May 1, 2006
I have purchased the Black and Decker LP1000 tree looper and It is excellent !!!!!! while I have an array of lawn tools, up till now, I couldn't find the right tool for stubborn shrubs and tree limbs. Some shrubs are very difficult to trim and keep looking groomed. Hedge trimmers are often lacking in that the branches are too thick and hard to cut. Manual Loopers can be exhusting and time consuming. Well, the Black and Decker Alligator Looper cuts with a vengance!!!! Powerful yet light, it grabs the branch to assure it's not going anywhere and promptly zips it off. My gas powered trimmer blade could take as long as 10 minutes to cut a particularly stubburn shrub branch. My Black and Decker will do this is less than 20 seconds. This stands alone for now, but I'm sure companies will follow suit and get on the band wagon.

Just Love my new tool !!!!!!!!!

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on February 9, 2009
I'm a 59-year old woman who simply did not feel like I would be able to use a regular chain saw safely. (kickback potential, and exposed cutting chain worried me) So I looked for something that would give me chainsaw performance with added safety.
Our recent ice storm left me a yard full of branches and logs. To defray the cost of cleaning up this mess, I bought the B&D Alligator Lopper. It was a wise choice for me. Worked perfectly right out of the box. I have used it one day at the time of this writing. I was very pleased with how easy it was to operate and how safe I felt using it.
This item has two very nice safety features:
(1) the blade is entirely covered on the outside edges, which keeps the blade protected from your body, minimizing the chance of accidental cuts if there is kickback or other problems.
(2) there is a button on each handle and both of them must be depressed simultaneously to make it run, so if you got your hand jarred loose by kickback or other problems, the lopper would stop cutting when either hand quit pushing the power button.
I was really pleased with both of these safety features.

A few things to note:
-READ THE MANUAL, IT'S SHORT: you need to put oil in it and re-supply the oil reservoir fairly frequently, plus you may need to adjust the chain frequently at first until it seats in. (however the process for adjusting the chain is quite easy)
-it worked well for me on logs up to 4+ inches.
-if you have logs down on the ground or sidways to your body, it is easier, because you use more of the lopper's own weight to do the cutting work. Always cut with the blade facing down to best use the weight of the lopper. Don't use this item above shoulder level or when working at elevations off the ground.
-have the blade running at full speed before you start cutting the log/branch, and until keep it at full speed the cutting is completed.
-this piece of equipment has a two-year warranty, that's a good sign from where I sit.
-the instruction booklet is short, I always think this is a sign of a well-made, intuitive piece of equipment.
-they do supply a small amount of oil to get you started, but you will need more oil in short order.
-the weight was not really a problem for me, but then I used the time between cuts to move the logs, so I got some rest in between cuts that way.
-this piece of equipment is NOT designed for continuous all-day cutting, it's for occasional homeowner use.
-you should have a 14-guage or larger cord if you are cutting 100 ft or more from the outlet, otherwise the motor may overheat. It's probably a good idea to check the motor occasionally to be sure it's not overheating, I had no problems with mine overheating at all.
-the item is double-insulated and does not require a 3-prong cord, 2-prong will work just fine.

UPDATE: Having used the lopper for a few weeks now on several occasions, here are my observations:
-Note that in the booklet they instruct you to re-set the chain tension frequently at first: that's a MUST-DO. The chain gets loose pretty quickly at first until it sets in, so every 10-15 mins of use, take a minute, loosen both the bolts on the chain cover, and then re-tighten them. The chain is self-adjusting as soon as you loosen the bolts, so it only takes a minute and you do NOT have to remove the entire cover, just loosen and re-tighten.
-Put in oil every time you re-seat the chain. It does not hold much oil, so put in more whether you think you need it or not.
-the dinky little oil bottle they provide with the lopper is messy. You have to insert the nozzle far enough to push down the valve in the oiling hole, so be sure you get it in far enough. I'm personally buying a different oil bottle because this one tends to leak on my hands.
-I've used the lopper to cut up about two ricks of wood total. It's been a very handy piece of equipment. I've been able to cut logs just a little larger than the recommended 4 inch max by cutting one side and then the other side. One problem I've encountered is that wood chips get stuck inside the jaws and even the housing at times. When you finish a cut, I recommend shaking the lopper a little while the jaws are still open to dump out excess wood chips, and when you do take off the housing give it a good cleaning. If too much wood gets stuck inside, it'll cause the chain to come off.
-Try to cut straight across instead of angling the cut. Angling will tend to cause it to stick in position and not cut as well. Sometimes angling may cause the chain to come off the track. Straight cuts work much better.
-speaking of the chain: mine has thrown the chain off the track a few times. It's not difficult to re-seat it. READ the booklet, it will really help you. If I can figure it out, then I know you can too.
This has been one of the smarter purchases I ever made to help me keep my yard in good shape, as I have a lot of trees.

By the way, the weight of the machine has not been a problem for me, nor have I experienced any problems with my hands from using the lopper. I have used it for about one-two hours each time with no problems that day or the next.

Got to tell you, my next-door neighbor is a do-it-youselfer like me and when she saw me using this lopper, she just had to have one for herself! She says it's the best purchase she ever made!
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on March 22, 2006
I have tried buck saws and gas powered chain saws. The first is hard work (I'm 70+) and the second is fairly dangerous. This "Alligator" (its trade name) comes ready to go right out of the box. It is easy to pick up and position, and really simple to use. Just grab the handles, one hand each side (remember this was designed for safty). Then spread the "mouth" of the gator out, sqeeze the triggers (one for each hand) and gently close the mouth of the gator around the braanch you want to cut. It cuts up to 4" trees very smoothly with no effort on your part. When you squeeze the triggers the chain starts. It's not noisy but you know it's going. I bought two, one for my son.
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