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Style Name: Includes 40v Battery|Change
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Style Name: Includes 40v Battery|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are many things that I like about this sweeper:

* It is small, compact, and well balanced.
* It is really powerful.
* The power setting is variable.
* It is much quieter than gas-powered sweepers.
* It is very affordable

I decided to make this short video review in order to show off this great little sweeper.
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VINE VOICEon March 28, 2013
Style Name: Includes 40v Battery|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE 7/29/13: Just a quick note after several months of use. Amazed at how much run time I get on one battery! I can do my entire 1/2 acre property which includes a long, very wide concrete driveway, a concrete walkway to front door, front porch, back porch and deck, and swimming pool area (LOTS of concrete there). I know for a fact I would have had to use at least 3 NiCd batteries to do this on the older model, if that would have even been enough. I can do all of those areas, and still have prob. 1/4 power left in the battery. Incredible! Soooo nice not to have to switch out batteries so often.

I have used corded blowers, gas, and lastly, the older gen version of this B&D blower, which used NiCd batteries. In comparison to the older B&D cordless blower, there are several advantages to this one, but interestingly, max output does not seem to be one of them (this new model DOES seem to push more CFMs (cubic feet/minute) than the older model, but not as much as I expected, personally). Would be nice if B&D listed some kind of spec for this on their box or description.

I also noticed that the in between model (the previous model to this one, which used Lithium Ion, but only an 18V battery) did not get very good reviews., and I wonder if it was probably due to expectation vs. reality. This is NOT a replacement for a corded or gas blower, if you ever needed that much power. The poor reviews might also be a result of people comparing that unit to the other tools it was often sold with as a kit (string trimmer, hedge trimmer), which from my experience, were excellent replacements for their corded or gas counterparts. The "sweeper" has seemingly always been the weakest link in this series.

Marketing was smart (or honest, at least) to use the term "sweeper" as well, because that is how you have to view these. For LIGHT debris only, and mostly dry debris at that. This is not going to blow layers of stuck down wet leaves from an aggregate surface (not well at least). This is perfect for blowing out a garage, though, or a deck, or a driveway or a pool area. Maybe better still, a roof, especially given the cordless/weight advantage of this thing.

The big pros over the older NiCd model:

1. VARIABLE speed control! Yes! This is awesome because I like to use this around my pool, and too much power there is a bad thing, as you blow all kinds of nastiness into the water. Older model had only an on/off switch.
2. Battery seems to be 10x better than the old NiCd ones I used (and still use). This was my biggest complaint with the old model...after wheezing air for a few short minutes, it would begin to very quickly slow down. Very frustrating. This one lasts much longer, obviously, with the new lithium ion batteries, but also with the whopping 36V. Nice. The battery level indicator is a very nice touch too...seems like a small thing, but adds quite a bit to the overall use satisfaction.
3. Beefed up the bottom of the hose with a hefty scraper...nice...I definitely use this. Not a big deal, again, just some more plastic, but also again, a small thing that actually makes this more enjoyable to use.

So for light blowing work, I really don't see anything else on the market that can touch this...VERY lightweight, VERY neighbor (noise) friendly, and as long as you keep your expectations about the power in check, you should be very pleased.

Highly recommended. I look forward to replacing my other B&D cordless tools with this new gen series when they come out with them (I also have the older NiCd model of the extendable pole saw, which is AWESOME, and still going strong today).
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VINE VOICEon March 27, 2013
Style Name: Includes 40v Battery|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First of all, there is another Black & Decker model just like this with an additional vacuum assembly for only $10 more. I cannot imagine buying this model if the other model with vacuum is only $10 more. Here is the other model number that you can find with a search. Black & Decker LSWV36 36-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper and Vac Black & Decker LSWV36 36-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper and Vac. But if you are just looking for only a very compact blower, this LSW-36 Volt Lithium Sweeper is great.

I have been using a WORX Air WG540.5 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 120 mph Blower/Sweeper for the past year or so. It is an 18 volt lithium powered blower and it really works well, but it is a blower only. My chief complaint is that its battery is small and depletes usually before my task is finished. However, it charges up fairly quickly. I was pleased to see this Black & Decker Sweeper and Vacuum has a lithium battery that is more than twice as big as the Worx Sweeper. But in side by side comparison of blowing power, it is quite evident that the Worx blower pushes out more air pressure than this Black & Decker device - although there is not a huge difference. It not so much the battery voltage that makes the difference, it is the actual power or Wattage that is delivered to the motor that is important. I am sure the Black & Decker unit will run about twice as long as the Worx unit just because of the double sized battery. Moreover, the Black & Decker unit has variable power via a rotating speed adjustment knob numbered from 1 to 6. I think I will probably always use it at the maximum setting. The Black and Decker unit is definitely quieter than the Worx.

Again, please look at the Black & Decker LSWV36 Sweeper and Vacuum model before you make a final purchase decision. They are the same except for the vacuum attachment assembly. However, if you buy this less expensive model, you absolutely cannot upgrade. There is no vacuum port for you to mount the vacuum assembly. It is a solid molded blower unit. It is very advisable to buy the other model for only an extra $10.
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on May 25, 2014
I purchased this unit to replace a 20cc Weedeater brand gas powered blower because my gas powered unit died and would not start (I also purchased a B&D LST136 trimmer to replace my Weedeater gas trimmer). First of all battery units like this are a blessing for those like me who tired of pulling our guts out to start small two cycle engines on blowers, trimmers, etc. but do not want to deal with the hassle of dragging an extension cord around while using a plug in unit. The blower is light weight and easy to carry and a lot quieter than the gas powered units (I always wore ear protection while using the gas powered blowers and trimmers). This unit has a variable speed switch located just below the on/off switch which you can turn to the desired strength. One of the few negatives I would say about this unit is the blowing strength compared to the gas powered 20cc 150 mph Weedeater blower I used. The blowing strength I would say is less than 150 mph, but I don't know how much less as the mph and cfm ratings are not listed on this unit or in the documentation that came with it. Compared to my old 150 mph version, I would say it "feels" about 30% or so less in power. Don't quote me on this as this is only a guess. The strength is adequate for blowing grass clippings off your driveway, side walk, porch after mowing. It is also effective for blowing debris out of your garage. You do have to get closer to the debris than you do with a 150 mph unit and the debris is not blown as far. I don't know how well this unit would work blowing large amount of dense grass clippings off your driveway (as when you let your grass get real high before mowing) or actual leaves in the fall. I don't use these for leaf blowing as I don't have trees in my yard. But overall the unit is adequate for what I need it for. I originally purchased a Black and Decker LSW120B 20 volt lithium battery pack blower but sent it back due to the poor battery life. If you are considering the 20 volt lithium version of this unit instead of this 40 volt lithium unit, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you reconsider your purchase. I know the 20 volt unit uses a lithium battery pack that is compatible with a wider line of other B&D cordless tools (not just lawn implements, but also tools such as drills and saws) than the 40 volt lithium battery powered unit, but the 20 volt unit will only get you about 10 minutes of blowing time before the battery pack is completely discharged and has to be put back on the charger. This is fine if you have 2 or more packs handy and you can swap them out as they die, but when you buy the 20 volt unit (or the 40 volt unit for that mater), it only comes with one pack. Also the 20 volt packs take about 6 hours to fully charge where as the 40 volt packs only take about 2 hours to fully charge. The 40 volt unit has a battery life of around 30 minutes and this is long enough to complete most sweeping jobs after mowing. I purchased this unit and it came packaged with the B&D trimmer model LST136, but the set only came with one charger and battery pack. I went ahead and upgraded my plug in hedge trimmer to a B&D hedge trimmer model LHT2436 which came with the same 40 volt battery so now I have 2 batteries to use to complete trimming and sweeping jobs. Additional 40 volt batteries are available for purchase by themselves but they are a bit pricy around $80 each.

UPDATE 6/23/2015
Unfortunately the unit I purchased failed about a week ago. I originally purchased the unit shortly before I posted my initial review above. I think the bearing went out in the motor or something as when the unit was running, you can hear a whine noise which if I bumped the unit with my hand it would go away but would return soon. The noise did not seem to affect performance but I was worried the unit would fail completely. I spoke with a customer service rep at B&D and they instructed me to ship the unit to a B&D service center for repairs. There isn't a center within driving distance from where I live. I guess the good thing is that B&D has good warranties and they paid for the shipping charges to send my unit off for repairs. This unit comes with a 3 year warranty which is nice. They ended up just sending me a new unit so I guess i'll see how it does.
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on June 16, 2014
As all the reviews say, do not purchase this is you want the power of a gas, or even an electric blower. But if you will be satisfied with a blower that will move drive leaves and grass on hard surfaces, this will do.
I wanted to get away from a corded blower i have used for years, and debated between gas and this battery operated blower, but since i already had the B&D lithium ion string trimmer, i decided to give this a try.
Couple of notes: as opposed to the B&D string trimmer which i find i can run on a power level of 3 and be perfectly happy with the performance, this blower will always have to be run at the '6' setting for it to be effective. I am not sure what that means for run time as i have not completely run it down yet in one use yet.
The best thing about the blower is how lightweight it is. It is so 'user friendly' that you want to pick it up and use it. It is very convenient to not have to pull out an extension cord, or 'fire it up' just to give the garage floor a quick cleaning. It is at least 1/2 the weight of all the gas blowers i looked at. And while 9-10 lbs for a gas blower isn't terrible, the compact size of this blower makes you want to pick it up and use it!
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on May 25, 2014
i like that it is light weight and cordless but it doesn't blow as hard considering the advance battery technology that we have today. On a full charge- I get about 15 minutes of use and it die. I was going to return it.
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on June 18, 2013
This thing is great--for the right job.
Prior to this I had a corded Toro model that had a ton of power, but the cord drove me nuts. I sold that then got a refurb low-end gas model. That was OK, but I got to a point where I couldn't' start it any more. I was going to go for big bucks and get a gas powered high end backpack model. Then I thought about looking at rechargables. This seemed the best one to try due to the 36 v battery.

Out of the box I was assembled and ready to go in 3 minutes flat (after I charged the battery). I was hoping for max power with the 36 v, but as others state, I think the extra voltage buys you time not power. Why then 5 stars? Like I titled this review it's perfect for the purpose I needed it...blowing out the garage and light leaves and stuff off the driveway and back deck. This thing is so light and quiet compared to the gas it's amazing. Furthermore, I need to go through my house to go to the back deck. This is MUCH easier to carry through the kitchen. All that AND I don't have to mess with the pull starter....simple flick of a switch. I'll end up using it more because there is such little 'start up costs' to get it out and running.

Like others said I did about 8-10 minutes and the battery indicator showed 2 of 4 lit. Thus I'm assuming I'll get about 15 min total out of a charge. Again, perfect for my needs. Come fall if I do need to do heavy duty leaf blowing I'll likely need to get that backpack...I don't think this guy will cut it. But, I may have found a reason to have 2.
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on May 27, 2014
First time Amazon review. Three years ago I decided to replace most of my gas operated lawn equipment with cordless/battery operated equipment. I tried some of the 18V stuff and wasn't happy with it so I took it back and bought the B&D 24V string trimmer and hedge clipper. I was impressed as they were almost as good as the gas and a lot more convenient and easier to start. So I searched for a 24V blower that would be more powerful than the 18V and I would have the convenience of another battery to swap when needed. Unfortunately I discovered there were none in the B&D lineup so I settled for a 18V. I quickly needed to add a second battery and a quick charger because the battery life was very short and I usually ended up having to change the battery even though I ran it until the very last, weak, stream of air. I liked the fact that it was very convenient and easy to use so I stuck with it even though I really wanted to replace it with a longer lasting and maybe more powerful blower.

I recently discovered the 40V Lithium unit and was hesitant to spend the money at first but finally decided to order one. Boy am I glad that I did. Although it is not greatly more powerful it is noticeably more. BUT, it lasts for the entire cleanup on all my walks, driveways, porch and decks, and still has some battery left. And, that's on full power. It does have a selector dial to lower the force and save the battery but so far it has not been necessary to reduce the power. It also have a scraper on the end to unstick dirt, leaves and grass from the walks. It seems perfect for my cleanup work. Another great feature is the battery which re-charges in about an hour and unlike the 18V NiCad is fully powerful right up until it needs recharge (no more trying to finish with a very low air stream. Don't buy for a leaf blower, it is a hard surface sweeper. I have a smaller lot so your experience may vary from mine.
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on August 29, 2013
Finally, a blower that cleans areas that my gas blower couldn't, deep in cracks and crannies. Its very light but Extremely powerful. We have a paver driveway and a pavers in our back yard deck. Leaves get into the cracks and could NEVER come out, until NOW! Seriously, this blower will Knock your socks off!!! Thanks Big A, for carrying this outstanding product at a GREAT price!
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on May 29, 2013
After reading other reviews of this product, I wasn't sure how much I would like this cordless blower. After using it several times, I have to say that I'm impressed. The battery charges quickly and is more powerful than expected. It moves yard debris off hard surfaces very well and even blows around the adjacent gravel if I'm not careful. The battery lasts at least 1/2 hour (which is as long as I've used it). Even with the battery in place, the unit is lightweight enough to use easily for extended periods - and the noise level is not nearly as annoying as electric or gas blowers, even at the highest setting. Lower settings still have enough power to blow dry sticks & leaves, while keeping the sound levels down. Overall, I'm very happy with performance so far.
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