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VINE VOICEon April 18, 2011
Package Quantity: 1Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This trimmer has lots of features that makes it a great addition for any homeowner with landscaping chores. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I also have a medium sized gas trimmer so I often felt like this trimmer struggled with larger clumps of grass or larger weeds. Other than that, its a great machine.

First, I love the fact that the tool itself comes with two batteries. Each battery holds a good charge and for light trimming of grass and edging it goes a pretty long way. The other thing I liked about the battery is the charger itself, as someone that has several different cordless tool sets, the thing that bothers me is the number of charging bases I have that are each huge, this one is just a small wall plug that goes to a slide in clip on the battery.

The tool itself is also feels well made and durable. I also love the pivoting head that rotates to make the unit more ergonomically depending on whether you are weeding or edging. The other feature that works extremely well is the auxiliary handle that is both comfortable, sturdy, yet very easy to readjust. to readjust the position, you just squeeze the sides and adjust the handle, let go and it locks into place.

In many ways (weight, comfort, and balance) I like this much more than my larger gas trimmer. If it weren't for the lack of power that i am used to, I would likely completely replace my gas model.
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VINE VOICEon March 27, 2011
Package Quantity: 1Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It took me 5 minutes overall to unpack, assemble the trimmer, and another 8 hours to charge the battery before I can use it. It is lightweight, but comes with surprising power. The string feeds continuously and did an excellent job of trimming. Edging take a little to get used to, but I can already see how convenient it is. There are 2 batteries that come with the trimmer that can be used with other 18v B&D tool. This trimmer really hooked me into using cordless tool. My next purchase will be a 18v blower :-)

I love this trimmer. It just works and works great!
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on June 5, 2011
I bought this trimmer because I had a Black & Decker that operated like this one, but it was not cordless. I love the Idea of not having a cord.The saleman told me that the batteries would last thirty to forty five minutes. I did what the instrustions said and charged the batteries and did just light weedeating,down the driveway and started down the side of the house. It wasn't long the battery was dead. I changed the battery. I looked at my watch and continued weedeating. The Battery only lasted ten minutes. I loaded it back in the box and returned it to the store where I bought it.I got the electric model and love it even if I do have to use a drop cord. The battery opperated model would have been fantastic if the battery had lasted like I was told by the saleman. I hope this will help someone with their decission on which Trimmer/Eder to buy.
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on April 27, 2011
The B&D NST 2118 is easy to assemble and works as advertised. I have about 500 feet of flower bed trimming, which this trimmer is able to accomplish (vertically and horizontally) using two batteries. The first battery gives me about 20 minutes of actual run time; the second allows me to finish the job with power to spare. I do not run the trimmer continuously, as it is better to let it (and me) rest and cool a bit from time to time.

When I plan to use the trimmer, I charge one battery the day before and the other the night before. There is no problem leaving the battery in the charger beyond the charge time; I just get a trickle charge after it is fully charged. I also do not need to run the battery down before charging, as it does not have memory cells.

I use a volt meter to test the battery after a few hours of charging. When the meter reads 20 volts, I consider it charged. All cells will have a surface charge and read a bit higher right after recharging. Occasionally the green light is still on when the battery is charged to 20 volts. This is normal.

A lot of people complain about battery run time. I have many linear feet of grass to trim and can finish this task with two batteries. If I couldn't, I would use a gas-powered trimmer.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this trimmer and the supplied batteries. I realize that batteries can be fickle and mine could lose their effectiveness sooner than the 2-3 years of predicted lifetime. Such are the chances one takes with battery-powered tools.
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on June 15, 2011
I have two 3/4 acre yards to cut/maintain (not at the same time) and i seriously doubt anyone is getting 20-30 minutes of continues run time. I feel that I am proficient at trimming/edging,no back and forth swinging, pull the trigger, drop and go. That being said I have light/moderate grass and was surprised how much I got done in 13 minutes. A 40ftx140ft perimeter for the house, 3 trees, 30ft driveway (one side), 20ftx24ft work shop and a 40ft fence line (both sides). with the 2nd battery I was able to cut my front ditch (3ftx160ft) with thick grass(10 minute run time). No edging, so that left the 3rd battery for touch up.

The second yard is more difficult and is mostly edging and thick grass with fallen dried Palm tree leaves mixed in year round. 1st battery trimmed the 80ftx80ftx80ft shrub/tree line (13 minutes). 2nd battery trimmed two sides of a 40ftx160ft house and around a large rooted Oak tree and 2ftx10ft patch by the mailbox (13 minutes). again, 3rd battery for touch up

Now for the edging. this is a first for the second property, so the St.Augustine was badly overgrown. Needless to say it took 3 batteries the first day and 3 the second day to finish. Each battery lasted 7 minutes, but I was impressed that the motor never bogged or choked down. The only issue was having to lift the trimmer up so the string could get cut by the auto-feed. 3 weeks later, touch up work used only 2 batteries. This time for 13 minutes each.

Batteries seem to run 100% up to the 13 minutes before loosing it strength to cut, but I don't run them dead. In a months time, I've cycled these batteries 5 times, and the run time is the same and charge time is still 9 hours. I research this before hand, so I new the risks, from reading other reviews from other brands, 10-15 minutes seems to be the norm. For $106 OTD and a free battery (3 total) it gets the job done and am very impressed with it. the only minor negative is IMO a 3rd battery is a must. It also seems most of the weight is at the battery end and holding the trigger and carrying it, gets my forearm tired by the time I'm finished especially when having to use all 3 batteries consecutively. Within the 30 day return policy, I feel I have tested this trimmer pretty well and plan on keeping it.
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on April 19, 2011
Package Quantity: 1Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Black & Decker 12-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Electric GrassHog String Trimmer/Edger is exactly as promised. It's a trimmer and edger in one compact, quiet machine (so much nicer than our old gas powered edger!).

At 6.4 pounds it's light enough for me to use or, even better, light enough for my husband to use without tiring. And its quick-start mechanism saves both time and effort. The adjustable pole also makes it possible for both my tall spouse and his short wife to use it with ease. And the freedom that comes without relying on a cord makes the B&D GrassHog extremely portable and able to reach wherever the weeds lurk.

It comes with two batteries, so one can charge while the other is in use.

Five Stars. The bottom line: whether trimming or edging, the lightweight B&D cordless electric GrassHog has the power to get the job done.
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on April 30, 2012
I have read most of the reviews and I saw that most of the reviews had been written right after unpacking the product. 99% of the time all the products work well at first couple months. I have been using this product more than one year and waited long enough before writing a review. Main body of the trimmer works flawless. Poor battery performance is the main issue for any B&D cordless product. After six months of usage, both batteries had become dead. I have purchased an additional battery, It took few months to become useless. After wasting 100 dollars, I purchased a gas trimmer. I have no issues of running out of power right in the middle of the yard. Perfectly happy with the gas one. For me, a product is a whole line item with its power unit. If power unit fails, the all product is a failure for me.
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on April 18, 2011
This product works exactly as described. I bought one six years ago and worked it to death. It finally died this morning and I am ordering a replacement of the exact same machine. The batteries held their charge and I was able to use the two batteries to weed eat, edge and finally use the companion blower to blow off the porches and driveway on one charge on only the two batteries. Changing the line is easy peasy. Snap out the old cartridge and snap in the new one. This machine works great.
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I am very pleased with Black & Decker GrassHog. I have a lot of back problems, but GrassHog trimmer is easy to use even for someone who gets pain in the back easily.

1. It cuts the grass easily and cleanly, I don't have to do the same area several times as I did with my old grass trimmer. It takes me about 10 minutes to do what I need, I am able to do it on one battery charge. In one month of use so far I never wished I had more power.
2. The guard on the trimmer really works. After cutting the grass with my old trimmer I would need to brush my jeans and shoes as they were covered with grass. After using GrassHog you can't tell I just cut the grass.
3. At 6.4 pounds it is not too heavy for me to operate. I had several back surgeries and many things make it hurt, but 10 minutes with GrassHog do not bother me.
4. The ergonomics of the GrassHog are very good. You can adjust the total height of the handle as well as the angle of the black support handle. GrassHog has good overall balance.
5. GrassHog comes with two batteries and I have not experienced a situation when I did not have enough power to finish the job. It takes me about 10 minutes to cut all the grass I need to trim.
6. I usually keep one battery charging, and the other one in the trimmer. Before I cut the grass I swap them. The charger shuts off automatically and provides trickle charge to keep the battery at full charge when the charger is plugged in.

The only problem I had with the trimmer is putting it together. The instructions are missing some key steps. I am attaching my comments along with a collage of 7 photos.

1. Photo#1 shows all the parts as they were taken out of the box.
The trimmer itself, the handle, the guard, the recharger and two batteries.

2. Photos#2, #3, #4 show the battery and the recharger. Each battery comes with an orange cover for contacts. The cover needs to be removed when you recharge it and when the battery is inserted into the trimmer.

3. Photo#5 shows the battery on the digital scale. Each battery is about 2 pounds (1 pound 15.1 oz to be exact).

4. The recharger cord is 5 feet.

5. To charge an empty battery takes 8 hours.

6. Assembling the trimmer tip #1:
The first thing you need to do is to put the black handle on the trimmer by retracting and holding two button on the trimmer while pushing the handle onto the trimmer. The picture in the instructions shows the handle perpendicular to the trimmer. I encountered two problems: (1) first, my hands are not large enough to get around the girth of the trimmer to push both buttons with one hand. (2) in perpendicular position the opening of the handle would not open wide enough to go over the buttons.
I was able to do it this way: I pushed one button against the kitchen counter, pushed the other one with my left hand, and pushed the handle over the buttons from the top with my right hand. The top part of the trimmer is more narrow and it was much easier to get the handle on this way.

7. Assembling the trimmer tip #2:
The next step in assembly is to put the black guard around the trimmer head. The instruction do not mention that in order for the guard to go on, you need to remove the screw and then re-insert after the guard is in the right position. There are two holes where the screw could be inserted, and the picture does not show clearly which hole should be used. Photo #6 shows a close of the screwdriver as I screw down the screw into the smaller hole.

8. Assembling the trimmer tip #3:
The guard was very difficult to slide on, I was afraid of breaking it as it was flexing. I wound up using a mallet to tap it in. Photo #7 shows the correct position of the guard. The last 1/4 inch would not budge until I used the mallet for the final push.

9. Assembling the trimmer tip #4:
There are no instructions on how to release the battery once it is inserted into the trimmer. To release you need to push the round button on the battery end down, towards the black part of battery.

10. The angle of the black handle can be changed until you find a comfortable position. I found 45 angle felt best for me.

11. Trim mode puts the trimmer's head parallel to the ground. Edge mode puts the trimmer's head perpendicular to the ground.

Overall, I am very pleased with GrassHog Trimmer. I really like the freedom of not having a cord (my previous trimmer was electric trimmer with a cord). The job gets done faster and easier with GrassHog.

Ali Julia review
review image
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This light-duty trimmer works well but struggles with heavier weeds. The standardized interchangeable 18V batteries last just long enough, and the adjustable handle and length make it easy to configure for me or the GF to use with equal ease. Assembly is easy, and the unit feels solid.

I would have liked the lithium-ion model (charges faster, lighter, battery is less toxic than Ni-Cad) but at half-again the price, that wasn't worth the extra cost.

I also asked Black&Decker how the NST2118 differed from the previous NST2018 which is also sold on amazon (and well reviewed). B&D replied: "The new NST2118 trimmer has the same key features as the NST2018 other than the guard and the aux handle. The unit is still supplied with (2) 18 volt batteries and one charger. No difference in job performance and run time." So as far as I can tell, no reason to buy the older Ni-Cad model since they both sell for a similar price.

I was an early adopter of rechargeable lawn equipment, and this NST2118 replaces my ancient CST2000 (circa mid-late 90s) with 12V Lead-Acid battery. That old trimmer was much much heavier, with lower RPM, and non-adjustable handle/length. I hope this new one lasts me just as long. The new trimmer's much lighter weight, redesigned trigger, and adjustable length and handle are much easier on my arms, although the unit does still transmit vibration up the shaft.

I need to use both battery packs to do my normal string-trimming on 1/3 of an acre: around beds, curbs, pavement, edge of house, weeds on driveway. This works fine for me but those of you with larger properties should look at a different model.

Other than power, my only quibbles were imprecise machining on the plastic of the shield (it was hard to wedge into place), and the edging guard not locking into place (it extends to maintain height for edging, but the weight of the trimmer pressing it into the ground causes it to recede back into the unit).

So for light duty, this is a great little trimmer that could be more powerful, but the price and features are right. Those looking for heavier use might do better with one of Black & Decker's 24V or 36V models, or the Lithium-Ion powered models (all more expensive). Commercial-duty users should stick to gas.

For my purposes, this trimmer works very well, and is Recommended.
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