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on August 16, 2008
I have owned this toaster for about two months now and am very pleased with the toast I get from it. It seems to be almost impossible to find a toaster these days that will toast bread evenly and consistently. This one not only does the job, but is also reasonably priced.

I have used the "bagel" setting for English muffins and it works well, toasting just the inside surface of the muffin while warming the crust side. Bread is evenly toasted on both sides. It doesn't matter which slot I use, the toast is consistently the same degree of "brown." Each pair of slots has its own set of controls, so you can toast to different degrees of "brown" at the same time. The "frozen" setting works with frozen bread as it should. In short, this toaster does exactly what it's supposed to.

I have only two criticisms. First, it takes a long time to get the job done. That is ameliorated somewhat by the fact that there are four slots, making it twice as fast as a two-slot toaster. To toast bread to a medium-brown takes about 3:30 (minutes:seconds) on setting number five. The settings go to six, which yields a smoking, almost black, piece of toast after 4:30. If you want your toast truly black, you'll have to use the "frozen" setting.

My other criticism is its size. Check the dimensions and make sure that you can live with them. This toaster is large.

Edit: I have found one more criticism, but it still doesn't affect my opinion that this is an excellent toaster. When the toast pops up, it isn't raised high enough. The toaster will allow you to lift the toast another half-inch or so, but unless you are toasting a full-sized piece of bread (think English muffin) you will not be able to reach it without a tool. This is an annoyance, but I just stab the muffin with my butter knife and pull it out.

All in all, an excellent toaster. I'd buy it again.
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on January 12, 2009
I received this toaster for Christmas and was pretty excited about using it. I mean it looks great and I have a soft spot for little blue lights on things (mental note to make therapy appointment). Fast forward to my reaction after firing this baby up for a family breakfast - ACK!. be fair the toaster looks cool albeit a little bulky so that's a star in it's favor. It also has a "bagel" setting which earns it another star but that's where the generosity ends.

A brief description of that morning. Hmm...toaster setting goes from 1 to 6 so I'll use 4 because I like my toast brown. Insert toast. La la la la wait excruciatingly long time. Ah ha toast pops up..or kind of..this toast doesn't event come up to the top of the toaster ACK! First instinct is to grab metal fork and dig out my treasure toast. ~Flash back to past episodes of Americas Dumbest Videos or some such~ Decide that's not a great idea so I unplug toaster and retrieve toast (or what should have been toast). The bread showed no browning at all with a slightly dehydrated crustiness on the surface. Ok...well...attempt number two on setting number 5 which theoretically should be a fairly dark setting but cooked the toast to the almost brown look I wanted. This also resulted in waiting an unbearable length of time to finish. Now considering myself a pro at operating this less than noble beast I moved on to english muffins. Great news! It toasted just one side like it was supposed to! Not so great news..had to use same high number 4 setting to achieve any color AND had to unplug toaster and dig out said muffins with metal utensils which, regardless of a disconnected power supply, still caused me to twitch nervously during the process.

One star for appearance, one star for features.
Minus one star for performance, minus one star for making me twitch and minus one star for an overall disappointing toaster....
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on March 11, 2009
I haven't owned a regular toaster in a long time, but wanting more counter space, I decided to go from a toaster oven (which I only used for toasting purposes) to a regular toaster.

This one looks nice on the counter, is not too big, and I really like to cool touch exterior (though the very top gets hot) because I have young children. They are able to use the toaster without any problems.

I love the bagel toasting feature, which warms the outside of the bagel and toasts the cut side. The toasting is consistent, so once you find a good setting, you can stick with that.

I also love the lift up feature, though it does not lift up enough for those mini bagels my kids love. The need to use wooden tongs to get them out. If it weren't for that, I'd give this toaster 5 stars.

Also, another reviewer commented about a burning smell. We experienced this as well, but after three or four uses, it went away. I am sure this was because the unit was new, not due to any defect.
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on November 1, 2008
The toaster came quickly enough and looked great, but only 2 of the 4 slots worked. After contacting Black and Decker and following their instructions to the letter, I have yet to see (nearly 2 months later) the replacement toaster they promised. If I had know I would just be throwing away $50, I would gladly have spent more for a Kitchen Aid or Krups or whatever brand would actually stand behind their product.
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on April 27, 2009
The spring mechanism used to load the toast is poorly constructed and very challenging to use. At my home, it became an Olympic event just to see who could get the toast started. This required one to push the lever down in just the precise manner so that it would engage - many times the toast had to be unloaded and reloaded. In less than a year, the spring mechanism broke altogether.
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on February 23, 2013
black & decker used to mean quality products with the consumer in mind,Boy they missed the boat on this toaster . the old saying the person who designed this never had to use it fits ,#1 toasts slow slow slow so slow you will be late for work waiting #2 who puts the bottom tray for removing crumbs in the back ? no good thinking here #3 could you spare the cord you better have this toaster within 12 inches of the electrical outlet otherwise you are out of luck find another toaster other than this black & decker to purchase
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on September 8, 2015
If you buy anything other than the smallest kind of bread, it will not fit in the slots. Toaster design 101: make the slots long enough for the freaking bread to fit. I shouldn't have to cut my bread in half to toast it.

Due to the inability of this toaster to perform its most basic function because of this epic fail, I wish to give it MINUS FIVE STARS.
review image
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on August 8, 2008
This toaster is decent enough. It goes well with all the stainless steel appliances in my kitchen. It toasts decetly weel. The only thing is the top body heats up lot more that my previous " toastmaster" toaster. it is not a big deal as i am careful, and my kids are too young to play with it.
I would recommend it.
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on September 21, 2008
I didn't know that toasters could be or would be made without heating elements on both sides of the toast. This toaster has 4 slots--but only 4 heating elements--instead of 8 (which would be 1 for each side of the toast). Not only is it slow--it does not (and I can't understand how it could possibly) toast both sides of the bread--as there are not elements on both sides of the bread--unless I have a defective toaster. We are looking for a new toaster.
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on April 24, 2009
This may say Black & Decker on the outside, but it isn't made by them. The name is licensed by "Applica," trading on an established brand. Made in China, of course. (Applica have also licensed the venerable British name, Russell Hobbs.)

After a few months the lever on the model I have became stiff to operate, and wouldn't always stay down in the toast position. As the warranty from this company isn't worth much, I dismantled the thing (I don't recommend this) and finally got it working. It does look good on the (plastic) outside, but it's all paper-thin gauge steel inside. The lock-down action is controlled by a solenoid acting on a small steel plate, all controlled by a circuit board (situated behind the knob). You're probably better off with a mechanical system, as circuit boards and toaster heat don't go so well together.

If you only want it to dress up your kitchen, it's nice. If you want to toast with it, get a different one.
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