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129 of 133 people found the following review helpful
on June 3, 2011
This headlamp isn't perfect but in my opinion it's currently at the top of its class...meaning the battery integrated headlamp separate battery pack.

Maximum output in spot mode is 100 lumens and maximum output in flood mode is 25 lumens and both modes are infinitely adjustable (through ramping) down to 4 lumens. The white led modes include a strobe function as does the red led mode.

The output is current regulated for the first 25% of battery power for a more consistent output. It then falls out of regulation and gradually dims for a longer run time. This headlamp is also waterproof.

It has a lockout mode to keep it from turning on by accident while in your backpack as well as a battery condition for 100%-75%, orange for 75%-25%, and red for less than 25%.

Things I would like to change...ugly beam profile, translucent housing that can cause a bit of glare, and the inability to directly choose spot beam vs flood beam.

Let me explain. In general the user interface is great. Once you read the instructions once you won't have to read them again. However to choose spot vs flood you must switch the light on and off. Those two functions toggle each time you do this so if you usually use the headlamp in spot mode every time you turn it back on it will be in flood mode. You will then have to turn it back off and then on again to get back to spot mode. This can be annoying.

The spot beam is functional but it's ugly as well. You can fix this by putting a piece of translucent tape over the optic creating a diffusion filter. You shouldn't have to do this however.

The glare I spoke of isn't bad and can be corrected with a piece of black electricians tape if it does bother you. The housing appears to be opaque until the light is turned on and then the edge of the bottom of the housing becomes translucent and creates a bit of glare near the users eyes.

I still consider this headlamp to be the best in its class as all of the other headlamps in this class have a least as many issues as this one.

The user interface is great other than the one aspect that I mentioned. One click turns the headlamp on. Pressing the button ramps the output from high to low. Another click turns it off. Holding the button, while off, for 3 seconds turns on the red led. Holding the button for 6 seconds enables the lockout mode.

When the unit is first turned on the battery indicator light automatically comes on for the first few seconds.

When in white mode but still turned off rapidly clicking the button three times will turn on the white strobe. When in red mode but on doing the same will turn of the red strobe.

No other headlamp out their in this price range and category comes close to having all of these features. Other headlamps in this category at Black Diamond Spot, Petzl Tikka XP 2, and Princton Tec Eos.
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59 of 59 people found the following review helpful
on December 21, 2012
I've owned several (too many) headlamps amongst which very fancy ones that sell sometimes well above 50 dollars a unit: princeton tech, zebralight, Petzl...

Frankly I never got satisfied with the bulkiness/brightness/battery life compromise. The Zebralight was super light (100 lumens) and super powerful but battery life was ridiculous (1 hour in full power mode!). Princeton tech was not very bright (80 lumens) and battery life was not this long. Petzl Tikka had an excellent battery life but the light was too dim (40 lumens).

I also tried the bulky headlamps with three straps and the battery at the back of your head. The problem of those bulky headlamps is that they are... bulky. Bulky on your head, bulky in your backpack, bulky in your pocket. But as far as battery life and brightness is concerned they are perfect.

And then I got the Black Diamond Storm. It's is very bright (100 lumens and it seems brighter than the other 100 lumens headlamps I tested). Battery life is very decent (several hours in full power mode). I was afraid that with 3 AAA battery in front it would feel heavy but that's not the case at all. It fits and feels well and comfortable.

A tip: use energizer lithium AAA batteries: your headlamp will be even lighter, your battery life will be longer and the cost per hour of use will be lower!
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63 of 64 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2013
Had I reviewed this immediately after I purchased the Storm this would have been a five star review. It's a very bright headlamp on high and provides plenty of light on the low settings. Battery life is excellent if you mostly use the low setting and most of the time low is all you will ever need. The low here is roughly equal in effective brightness to the highs on some other headlamps I own such as the Petzel Tikka and several older headlamps from Petzel, Princeton Tec and LL Bean.

The controls take some time to figure out, but once you get it down changing settings is a snap. My only complaint here is that once in a while I accidentally wind up on the red light setting and it takes me a while to get off it. You need just the right touch.

The light is comfortable, though slightly bulkier than some LED headlamps I've owned, but none of those threw 100 lumens the way the Storm does so I'm willing to put up with the extra bulk. Many reviews here provide details regarding the function and specs so I won't go into those, but instead I'll go right to why I bumped this down two stars after a year and a half of use.

First the housing developed a small crack next to the screw that secures the battery compartment. The light still works fine, but I'm sure this compromises the water resistance of the product. I've seen other reviews mention this crack so it appears to be an ongoing problem with this light.

Second, one of the two LEDs used for the low setting no longer works, so my low setting is now half its original power.

For functionality this light gets five stars, but it has durability issues. I liked this so much however that I bought another and threw my older one with the crack in the housing in my tackle box for night fishing. I doubt I'll be fishing much in the rain at night anyway. Hopefully Black Diamond realized there was an issue with this light and addressed it. We'll see.

Update: I emailed Black Diamond support regarding the older, defective light. I was expecting to get an RMA with
instructions on returning the defective light, then waiting a month or more for a replacement. Instead I receive an email from Black Diamond instructing me to dispose of the defective light as I saw fit and they would be sending me a new one. Less than a week later a new Storm arrived in the mail. I'm impressed by Black Diamond's no hassle warranty.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on June 22, 2012
I did a GoRuck challenge with this light and it was fantastic. I banged it against cement, wood, and other people (not on purpose) and it did not scratch or loose any capability. Super durable and water-proof in the sense that it was under water ~ 5 inches and did not have any issues.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on August 11, 2012
It has some little annoyance but there may be good reasons. It cycles through flood and spot every time you turn it on. So if you want to use the spot all the time you have to turn it on then off and back on. Second I would really like it to remember the brightness I used last. But this might be because saving the setting might have to use a small amount of batter while off. If this is so its the right choice.
The good its bright real bright. The fully adjustable brightness is a most have. Will never use one with out it again. The flood is awesome its like a 180 degrees. The battery life is great.
Note the Regulated output only works for the first 25% with alkaline batteries. This does not seem to be so with NiMH (rechargeable) batteries. They deliver a more consistent voltage. I've never seen it drop out of regulated mode with them. The new chargers can charge a set In 15 minutes. Charge them before you go backpacking and never see a beem less than a 100% brightness.
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34 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on June 16, 2011
This lamp is great! A bit heavy but it does the job. Very bright light with the ability to dim is a great combo. There have been other negative reviews about the UI. If you cannot figure out the operating instructions in under 10 minutes I would advise you not to go camping in the woods because you will likely be eaten by a squirrel. The UI is simple and very effective. Great product, great price.
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on May 29, 2012
Went for a bike ride the other night and decided to test this light out(Haven't had time to take it back-packing yet) Very powerful and everything works fine! I used it with and without my helmet on and it never felt heavy as some have implied. Looks to be well made and look forward to wearing it camping and in the rain.

Update:June 8,2012
Got to take this light backpacking and it rained all three days!!! Light worked great and love the night-light(red leds)option! Everything worked fine but the extra weight of that one extra battery ruined my back(or I'm just more out of shape then I thought I was!
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 22, 2012
I have used headlamps for over 60 years as part of my hunting and fishing activities and this is the very best I have ever owned.
It has an adjustable brightness feature which is very useful, as is the red light feature, especially when running a boat in the dark and reading a GPS since the red light preserves night vision. The lantern is waterproof (a must for me), is very lightweight, and is an all around excellent addition to my hunting and fishing gear.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on August 27, 2013
Keep it brief version:
1 star for concept and 1 for the spotlight

Heavy Reader version:
I bought this to replace my Petzl TacTikka and I have to use the Petzl as a reference to define my problems with the BD Storm so read on. I use a headlamp for work everyday. I'm a boat technician. As you can imagine its wet, dirty, oily, and downright hostile environment at times. I wanted to get a really bombproof light and was certain this was the one. My headlamp gets tossed in a tool bag, kicked, stepped on, dropped in the bilge, etc... My I have a Petzel Tikka that I replaced with the TacTikka. The Tac was stolen but the Tikka is still zip tied to my kids bike and going strong. Both of these lights shouldered the abuse at work and were always brought home for weekend use camping and fishing. These two headlamps took care of me much better than I gave them credit for and they did so over a 10 year period subjected to all the rigors of my occupation and lifestyle. As for the lamp in question, below is my 6 mo. trial.

Storm... Wow!, I thought. It's waterproof, expensive, but seemed pretty solid and well engineered. First of all, the spot light is pretty awesome but sadly, awesome stops here. For the most part a spotlight is a real low priority in a headlamp for the most part. What I mostly needed was a general floodlight for close up and distances < 10 feet. The two mini LEDs on the side were completely inadequate for anything but reading and they were even too dim for that. Furthermore, the lens covering them developed hairline fractures on BOTH sides in the same respective location. This light was less than 6 mos. old. The headband's elasticity failed within 4 mos. Within that period it had not been dropped or exposed to any chemicals other than sweat. There are many petrochemicals that can deteriorate elastic rapidly and if it had been exposed to them I wouldn't even be bringing it up. Moisture also found its way in, presumably through the fractures. The battery compartment is solid with a good o-ring and brass thumbscrew. That concludes the durability issues with the Storm, now for the ergonomics. The push button works well when you can find it. I have excellent dexterity, my job necessitates it. It is hard to distinguish the button and took some amount of fiddling every time I turned it on. As for donning, the Storm is a heavy beast. It hold four AAAs and is built heavy.

The spot light and floods can be dimmed but you have to do it every time you turn it on and off. The light defaults to the brightest setting. One last peeve: the lamp alternates between flood and spot every time you turn it on and off. I'm not talking about the switch cycling through the light modes. I mean that when you turn it off after using flood mode, you are getting a blinding spot light the next time you need to turn it on whether its six seconds later or six minutes later.

What a rant... Well I've found this process to be cathartic. Perhaps it will help support other disappointed users as well.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on May 6, 2011
Have only used it a couple of times, so cant say anything about how long it will last, but the casing seems solid. Not as elegant as a petzl, but more functional and only a bit heavier. Easy to scroll through the lighting modes even with gloves on. The lock mode is a real plus and is what sold me on this one -well thought out and and easy to use, will not turn on accidentally in your pack. Both the wide angle and narrow beam full lighting modes are bright enough for walking or climbing, and the lighting levels are fully adjustable right down to a very low light for reading. Don't know about the battery life as haven't had it long enough. Having 4 AAA batteries makes it fairly heavy, so while it is fine for walking or climbing it would bounce around too much for running.
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