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on November 24, 2009
This is a very nice keyboard for the money. I'm pleased with it overall & would recommend to others.

Pros: The keys are vivid & clear when illuminated. The keyboard was completely plug-n-play on my Windows Vista machine. Keys are quiet & have a very nice feel to them. Keyboard itself is nicely compact, taking up less space than my previous keyboard.

Cons: When the keyboard isn't lit, the keys are hard to read. Not a big deal though as I can't imagine that I'll be turning the lighted function off any time soon. With the compact size, some of the buttons such as home, delete, page up, etc are positioned in a vertical row to the right of the enter key. It will take some getting used to as every time I go to hit the backspace, I end up hitting the home key.
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on August 3, 2010
The light makes all the difference. Without the light, the keyboard is very difficult to use. There is a BIG problem with lighting the device. The light is turned on using the Scroll Lock. This turns off the arrow keys. I hate the consequences of no arrow keys! Excel becomes very awkward, actually a nightmare, to navigate.

I have searched for a detailed manual and, so far, had no success. There must be a way to light the keyboard and not lock out the arrows. I'll keep searching, but if anyone has one please upload it to this product.

The other reviews are correct about key size and placement issues. I am forever turning on the Cap Lock when typing the letter "a" or trying to key shift. The keyboard does not have a normal configuration. There are numerous cumbersome key placements that make average touch typing impossible.

While I regret choosing to be so cheap, this keyboard is an improvement over the Dell Inspiron setup. Oh, for my old iMac ... I miss you so.
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on August 3, 2011
First, let me explain something about my Wife. She likes things that look pretty and operate well. She actually got jealous when I got a new hard drive for my computer, thinking I did it to "make mine better than hers" when in actuality, I just needed the space. I love her; that's why I built her the attractive, feminine powerhouse of a PC that I did. It is a combination of ultraviolet and blue, to which this petite USB keyboard with nice, big keys and easy to read lettering is a perfect match. The footprint is unassuming, so if desk space is a minimum and you want multimedia controls, this is a great choice. And YES, it allows you to type in the dark. Most no-name gadgets tend to be flimsy or disappointing, but this one is an exception.
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on November 4, 2011
We purchased three of these in the past six months. One of them arrived with a dead '1' key. The other two worked great until this week when the 'q', 'a', and 'z' keys quit responding on one and the shift key apparently jammed on the other. The key looked normal (i.e. like it wasn't pressed), but everything responded as if the shift key was pressed including when using the mouse. I'd recommend spending a little more upfront for better quality.
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on July 18, 2010
I enjoy the way this keyboard looks, feels, sounds and works... The Blue LED matches my case fans perfectly, the keyboard itself is substantial, it has absolutely NO brand on it whatsoever, the size is compact and familiar to use (I'm young, so I enjoy a smaller interface), and I can't say enough about how easy it was to install... I'm running Windows 7 and all of the functions of the keyboard just work without a companion program for all of your hotkeys...... well... almost all of the keys work... (see cons). I also enjoy how easy the keys are to remove and replace without breaking making cleaning very easy. Oddly enough, having the illumination controlled by Scroll Lock has been nothing but good in my situation.

I found that my Email and Documents hotkeys didn't do anything for some reason. I had to go to the hassle of re-mapping them with a program I found online somewhere. They function now, but the bother was a bit odd to deal with. Also, there is an extra \ key beside the spacebar for absolutely no reason. I find myself hitting the key instead of the left Alt key often and will have to get used to it being there. I would just switch it for the Alt key and re-map them, but the keys are slightly different sizes, making this impossible.

This keyboard is dang cool. I mentioned before that it has absolutely no branding on it... and as such, the owners manual is quite brief (i.e. a leaflet with a few bullets on use and care). Be aware that the language used on the outside of the box is redundant and almost complete gibberish at times (as if translated poorly from an asian language). I would also recommend going out of your way to find the White color option unless you specifically want blue for some reason... I almost exchanged it for how low-contrast it is.
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on February 5, 2010
Wow, I cant belive I sat in the dark all these years without this, what a god send this key board is the best, everyone in my family wants one I love it, bright clear and even though its a bit smaller than the normal key board I had no problems ajusting..
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on July 17, 2011
The features on this keyboard are very nice; However, it was defective. The letter a (lower case) and A (upper case) failed to type. This is a matter of poor quality control. CHINA???
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on October 21, 2012
I don't write a lot of reviews but I believe this to be the best $25(shipped)I've ever spent. No more struggling to see the keys due to desk lamp glare and not so great vision.
The keys feel good, are a nice size and are clearly lit with a pleasant blue color. The built quality is far above what I was expecting and I would have been happy with this product at twice the price.
I tried to purchase an $80 Razor prior to finding this, but luckily for me they were out of stock.
If you're like me, an average couple hours a day pc user, there is no need to spend any more money. No more debating, buy it.
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on March 11, 2010
This was my first lighted keyboard and I really liked it. But after 3 months, the letters are already starting to rub off (every keyboard I get does this, though, so it's my skin oils doing it, I guess.) My biggest issue, other than the backlighting goes off and on at weird times (could be interference from a metal desk, for all I know) is that I can't quite get used to it. It seems to be a normal keyboard layout (aside from the itty bitty backspace key which I do NOT like at all) but I have more trouble with this keyboard than I do the tiny keyboard on my netbook and I am told it's because I am a fast typist and these lighted keyboards have some feature that interferes with that.I love the fact that it's black, the blue lighting is adequate without being blinding, and I don't have to always have a light on to use it. I've looked at many different keyboards like this and found this to be the best deal with the least bright and annoying backlighting.
I was thinking of buying another one, but I contacted the seller weeks ago to inquire about also getting a silicon protective cover for the keyboard and they didn't even bother to respond so I may just look into other options, maybe something with a backspace key I can see and easily use.
I guess if you're a peck-peck-peck type using this to play games in the dark that only require clicking and minimal typing, this is perfect. It turned out to be a double edged sword for me but I still think it's a very good item. The ease of installation alone is a great selling point but if you type fast like me, you're probably going to run into the same problem I did.
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on December 4, 2012
If you are like me, you are probably accustomed to using standard keyboards with standard sized keys. Unfortunately, in their quest to add a 10-key on the keyboard, the keys had to get smaller. Much smaller. The delete key is a puny little key in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. Oh, and unless you type in the dark, the display- while having a cool looking blue glow- is difficult to read after awhile. If I had to do it all over again, I'd pass on this one and spend a few extra $$ to get a better, bigger, brighter keyboard.
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