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on June 2, 2007
I've used too many waxes to count over the years. For the last few years I held to the opinion that only the more expensive "detailer" waxes do a decent job. Over the last few years I've been using P21S Carnauba, Klasse, or in an emergency I'd use one of the various Meguiar's waxes.

I never planned to use something cheap like Black Magic Liquid Wax. I thought this stuff was for idiots who know nothing about car wax. I'm writing this review because I was WRONG.

I was desperate for a wax because I was out of my usual wax and my shipment was delayed. I went to a local store to buy some Meguiar's wax but they were sold out. I was about to leave when I saw the Black Magic Liquid Wax on the shelf with the sticker that said it's the #1 wax according to Consumer Reports. I remember reading online that Consumer Reports gave this wax higher scores than even expensive detailer wax and Meguiar's. I decided I'd give it a shot since it was only $6.

When I got home I washed the car with Meguiar's NXT wash (GREAT wash), went over the car with a Mother's clay bar and Mothers California Gold Showtime Detailing Spray (GREAT stuff), cleaned the car, applied Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Professional Show Car Glaze #7 for a DEEP mirror shine and buffed it, then I applied Black Magic Liquid Wax and buffed it.

WOW! Not only did the Black Magic go on smooth, it hazed well, buffed easy, and left an AMAZING shine! I'm not sure if this wax would look as great if you didn't do all the pre-work (wash, clay, wash/clean, polish/glaze) before applying the wax, but this wax looks as good/better than even the most expensive waxes I've used over the years.

I'm now seriously considering switching to Black Magic as my primary wax. I'll have to wait and see how well the wax holds up, but I couldn't be more happy with the results after detailing my car.

Consumer Reports was right ... this might just be the all-around best wax on the market.
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on August 22, 2008
I decided to wax my wife's new, always garaged, all black, always clean, car. Consumer Reports rated Black Magic Liquid Wax, #48016 as the best in their 2006 report but gave it just the middle rating for removal. Easy on but not so easy to remove. How, oh so true that is. Washed the car twice. First time I used the BM recommended car wash product, the second time using just cold water. Dried the car with 100% cotton towels. In the shade on a 74 degree afternoon, 55% relative humidity, no wind, and a cool car exterior, I applied the wax, per the manufacturers written directions printed on the bottle's label. The directions state, "Shake bottle well....wax your vehicle in the shade while the vehicle surface is cool. Wash vehicle with Black Magic Wet Shine Car Wash. Dry thoroughly." The directions also state the wax is, "Formulated for easy-to-use application by hand or buffer/polisher." More about this later. Anyway, I did all the above. When the car is clean and cooled off, ready to be waxed, there are three printed steps for application and removal. They are: "1. Pour a small amount of .... wax on a 100% cotton pad or foam applicator.
2. Apply a thin layer of wax in a firm circular motion. Do one section at a time, covering evenly and thoroughly. LET DRY TO A HAZE. 3. Wipe to a deep, brilliant shine with a clean, dry 100% cotton cloth or microfiber towel, turning cloth frequently to prevent residue build-up."

NOTICE that the directions state the wax is "Formulated for easy-to-use application...." NOTHING IS INDICATED ABOUT EASE OF REMOVAL.
This is because it is NOT EASY TO REMOVE. It is, in fact, the most difficult wax I have ever tried to remove. This wax will NOT dry. Never. The sun will fade away and the earth will turn to a frozen rock and this wax will still be wet. Cold, but still wet. Try to remove it with a dry 100% cotton towel or a microfiber cloth and you will buff until you have biceps the current Governor of California would have envied in his glory days, or advanced arthritis before your time.

If you, like me, follow the manufacturer's directions printed on the back of the bottle, you will come to hate this wax and your shoulder's will torture you in the morning. I decided to give this red and black, almost full bottle, to our neighbor for use on his target range. A police officer, I thought he might be able to make better use of it then I was able to. On the way over to his house and thinking about the satisfaction I was going to obtain, I had a flash back to what another reviewer has shared.

If you use the following procedure, his, you will in fact enjoy a nice easy application, an easy removal and a deep, glossy shine. You might even come to like this wax. It is unfortunate that the original directions were obviously writen by a Washington politician and we all know what they say is relevant only to what they think you want to hear. Never mind the truth.

So, for an easier time of it, do the following.
1. Shake the bottle for 1-2 minutes.
2. Thoroughly wet a clean 100% cotton pad or a clean foam applicator pad. Wring it out so it is wet but not dripping.
3. Pour a small amount of wax on the pad. Immediately apply with a firm circular motion to a cool, clean, surface. Cover a large enough area that you have a thin, consistent, glaze over the surface. Avoid heavy deposits that leave thick streaks of polish.
3. Immediately use a clean, dry, soft, 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber towel and buff the wax off. It will dry and come off fairly rapidly and easily and you will have a very nice shine.

This does work. Whether or not this procedure will allow the wax to last any longer than the excellent carnuaba paste Kit Wax shine, super easy to appply and buff out, is not known. But, the above will work with the Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax wax and give very nice results with modest effort. If the manufacturer's directions were worth reading I would have given it four stars. Maybe even five.
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on November 11, 2006
I am the type of person who only waxes our cars twice a year (I figure that's better than nothing). I want a wax that is easy to apply and provides lasting protection (mostly because I won't be applying it again for six months).

I used Black Magic a couple of months ago on our cars and I am thrilled with the results.

It was the easiest wax I have ever applied.

And, two months later, both cars are still slippery as snot (I couldn't think of a better description). Dirt and grime wash off easily and reveal the great shine that I saw the day I applied the wax.

I highly recommend this wax.
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on December 30, 2007
I have been waxing both old and new cars for some years now, and my primary wax of choice was either (1) Armor All Wax It Dry when I'm in a real quick rush or (2) Meguiar's Gold Class when I have 2 hours to spare. I ran out of Gold Class recently and needed some more wax, so I looked at the Consumer Reports review and found that they rated the fairly cheap Black Magic wax as the top choice. I purchased it based on Consumer Reports' rating.

To start, the wax is a cherry smell and EXTREMELY easy to apply. It is creamy and applies very easily. I used to use a microfiber towel to apply wax but have switched to a foam applicator as it doesn't absorb most of the wax like a microfiber towel does.

Most waxes will dry to a haze and you just wipe it off, but Black Magic never dried to a haze even after a couple hours! After reading a couple reviews, I suspect this is common. It remained greasy and required a lot of hard buffing. HOWEVER, the shine is pretty good ... if you can buff it out that long and hard.

As a good test, I applied one half of my car with Black Magic and the other half with Meguiar's Gold Class. Black Magic was easy to apply and hard to take off. Meguiar's Gold Class was hard to apply and easy to take off. One month later, I wet my car down to wash it and noticed that the side with Black Magic was still beading water (an indication that the wax is still there) while the side with Gold Class was streaking water.

If your goal is shine and ease of buffing out, buy something else like Meguiar's or Mothers.

If your goal is durability and ease of application and a cheap price, buy Black Magic.

Happy waxing.
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on August 8, 2006
Excellent product for the price....use a pre-wax cleaner 1st (Mother's #1)& then apply....goes on easily but do not let it dry too long before buffing it in; leaves a nice deep glossy shine...I've put 2 coats on so far this year & the car looks great.
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on July 10, 2006
This, and Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wax T-6 tied for number 1 in the June or July 2006 issue of Consumer reports.
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on November 24, 2006
My dad also bought this wax based on the ratings in Consumer Reports. As others have mentioned, the CR review was right on.

It went on smoothly and has a pleasant scent. It took a little more effort to buff out, but it was easy to remove from any black plastic/rubber trim. Although streaking was more than usual, the shine was amazing!

Three months of parking outside in the sun and some rain, and the paint still shines and feels like there is still wax on it.

Highly recommended.
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on July 8, 2006
I read about this product in consumer report and was exactly as described. Went on smoothly.Shined to a bright finish. The wax provides a durable coat.
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VINE VOICEon November 9, 2006
With all clear coat finishes on modern automobiles, the finish may look pretty good even when then outer layer is beginning to deteriorate. So "waxing" is still important. I recommend a fresh application of polish twice per year for maximum protection.

I have been following Cosumers Reports recommedations. Three years ago, their recommendation was NuFinish liquid. This year, CR recommneds Black Magic Liquid Automobile Polish.

The liquids are easy to apply, and seem to last at least as long as the paste waxes.

In my opinion the Black Magic is at least as good as the rest. I like the cherry scent.
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on May 24, 2008
Before I give my review on this product, I'll give you a point of reference of my car waxing experience. I'm not a professional auto-detailer, nor do I detail cars for fun. Basically, I wax my 3 cars twice a year (Fall & Spring). Therefore, I want a wax that is easy to apply and provides long lasting protection. I've been using NuFinsh as my wax (polish) of choice since 1998. Although I'm not a professional detailer, I constantly get compliments on how nice my cars look & how clean they are.

So with that being said here's my two cents, like others have stated, the wax went on very easy but it had a greasy texture that was hard to buff off. I had to use more elbow grease than what I would have liked. However, the SHINE on my car was AWESOME. Nufinish couldn't carry this wax jock strap when comparing shines. It also removed (err, covered) some of the light scratches on my car. Even with the extra effort in buffing I still recommend this product, the finish is just that nice. In addition, maybe I applied too much wax that's why it was hard to buff off.

Now, I'm curious too see how long it lasts.... If it lasts less than 3 months I will probably update my review....
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