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on August 19, 2004

it is the same book with a different publisher and title but it has the same information

I tried to return it because amazon has been posting Mind Manipulation and Black Science as a package

they are trying to charge me for the cost of returning Black Science

buyer beware GET THIS BOOK it is awsome but do not get Black Scince
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on May 8, 2004
I love the book but got ripped off when's site suggested I buy this book and "Black Science: Ancient and modern techniques of ninja mind manipulation" together. They are the SAME BOOK! Somebody at should pay A LOT MORE ATTENTION to their site. They should not be tricking us into buying the SAME book, with just different titles. This is a great book, but just get this one. Don't buy BLACK SCIENCE also, or you will find out that you just waisted your money!
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on September 28, 2008
There's so much hatred in the martial arts community directed at this author, Ha Ha Lung, that I knew they must be trying to hide something. So I bought this book, BLACK SCIENCE and gave it a read. I ended up staying up all night reading it. The material in this book is unbelievable. So I bought the rest of his books and most of them were equally incredible. This is hard-core information on manipulating people. Insights you'd normally have to spend 8 years in college getting your PhD in psychology. Ha Ha Lung's books are packed with arcane secrets you won't find in other texts on martial arts. I think the reason he's so disliked is because he gives away the good stuff. I always look forward to his next book. NOTE: If you have this book you won't need to buy Mind Manipulation. They are the same book with a title change. Black Science is printed on better paper and will last much longer.
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on September 23, 2004
I just completed this book and I found it very engrossing in terms of how much information they present to you. I did not want to stop reading it every night because of how interesting the topics were that they discussed. From hypnotism and how it's used to what the Japanese have recently done to play "mind games". If your interested in any sort of "black science", this is definitely a great read that packs so much information in such a small book.
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VINE VOICEon September 28, 2010
The topic of this book is the various ways in which others purposefully and maybe sometimes not so purposefully use psychological tactics to alter our behavior.

In that way, this book deals with important, critical issues yet unfortunately it does so in much too facile a way. In this way, the reader -- upon completing it -- can wrongly assume themselves informed on a series of topics that genuinely command much greater attention.

In no particular order of importance, this book examines the various ways in which others can affect our behavior with reference to the following issues:

1) What does an examination of our body language tell them. From the 1970s forward this topic alone has commanded book length treatments. One such treatment can be found in Darrick Bickerton's excellent Language and Species which shows the connection between spoken and unspoken languages (and thereby somewhat erases the divide between at least human and primate "language").

2) What does our language usage and word choice say about the way in which we process information. Again, for a (much) better treatment of this issue I would recommend the great Lakoff and Johnson book Language and Metaphor as well as Lakoff's later follow up entries, Philosophy in the Flesh and Where Mathematics Comes From.

3) What are our genetic imperatives. While the authors of this book remain rooted in the 70s by quoting for example the famous Maslow table (among other dated sources including B.F. Skinner), more recent reading would better focus on the neuorscientific approaches found for example in Harvard's Steven Pinker's How the Mind Works.

4) For an examination of sex based differences in behavior, one would again much better look to other authors as opposed to this book in learning more. Here I would recommend the excellent Red Queen by the geneticist Matt Ridley.

5) For better treatments of the game theory issues alluded to (but not explored in any serious way) I would suggest William Poundstone's The Prisoner's Dilema as well as Robert Axelrod's The Evolution of Cooperation.

6) For a much, much better treatment of polygraphs, read Terror in the Blood, a book length treatment of the history, limitations and abuses of the polygraph.

7) For treatments relating to group suggestability I obviously would suggest that you go the primary sources including Stanley Milgram's very accessible Obediance to Authority as well as Philip Zimbardo's The Lucifer Effect (which detailed the history and findings related to his 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment).

Aside from the foregoing concerns I also found several things about this book disjunctive:

1) They used terms they created such as "mind slayers" and "mind castles" as a means of attempting to encapsulate issues that rightfully deserve more thoroughgoing and deliberative treatments. I understand that popular books sometimes need to engage in this activity but frankly terms chosen by the authors additionally impressed me as being juvenile and stupid sounding as well.

2) They vacillated back and forth as to whether they admired or feared the activity of "mind slaying" (a term which -- as it suggests -- invovles using mind control techniques to alter others' behavior). This may have been a product of differences in opinion between the two authors but perhaps a better way of resolving their ambivelance over this issue may have been to periodically break for "one on one" sections where the two authors could openly assert their differences (and maybe even their reasons for them).

3) They periodically engaged in odd speculation like where they quoted an anonymous source to suggest that JFK settled the Cuban missile crisis by disclosing to Soviets the specifics about the alien landing at Roswell New Mexico. I litterally laughed out loud when I read this notice which interrupted the flow of the supposedly serious points the authors were then trying to make.

I will no doubt receive many negative votes on this review. Such invariably is the case where people feel empowered by slender volume (this book just barely tops 170 pages) to say they know something.

The problem is that after reading this book no one can really say they know anything.

For serious students of this topic please read the books I've listed in this review. For those interested in a less serious one volume treatment of these issues, I would suggest Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate which is all about mind control but is actually a book where the topic is handled properly.
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on March 3, 2009
This book is a must read not only for martial artists, but for the regular person. This is especially true in our modern day and age where the mental manipulation may be greater now than ever due to increasing technological advancement and intrusion upon our privacy. We are being manipulated constantly from all angles - politicians, media propaganda, Madison Avenue, cults, religious & other 'authority' figures, and of course your modern neighborhood psychopath.

Knowing how people are so easily brainwashed and manipulated is key to discerning for yourself how to avoid being a victim yourself. The author does a great job of covering how the mind works and integrating how ancient and modern 'mind-slayers' use our own psychological hindrances and mind filters such as phobias, doubts, past traumas, prejudices, desires, insecurities and more to control us.

I really like how he integrates quotes from past masters, writers and strategists that apply to what he is talking about. For example this quote of Wu Ch'i (430-481 BCE) "One man willing to throw away his life is enough to terrorize a thousand" is so true today with what is happening in the so called 'War on Terror'. Seems like not much has changed. Or Sun Tzu - "To subdue an enemy without fighting is the greatest of skills" is so applicable today in how there is an silent war being waged on our minds daily.

Very insightful book with great real life examples to demonstrated the power of mind control and mind manipulation. Some of the information is downright scary but sobering nonetheless - psychotronics, electro-magnetic warfare, & especially about how our modern intelligence agencies have been (and probably still are) pouring millions of our tax dollars into mind control (ex. CIA project MK ULTRA) research, mind manipulation Black Ops, etc. This was back in the late 50's & early 60's, I wonder what they are doing now and how far they've come?

I obviously Highly recommend this book. Not sure why the good doctor gave such a bad review, maybe they don't teach the good stuff in school these days. Concerning his comments on NLP not working and Barack Obama using it, I wouldn't doubt it actually. A politician using NLP or some form of mind control to influence the populace... na would never happen!

This is why I have a hard time just watching the news, I can see right through most of the double speak and lies spat out. Many of the 'pundits' especially political ones use various hand gestures in combination with their speech patterns to influence the viewer. They call it programming for a reason.

I know some very successful people who have used NLP and have seen it used myself to great effect, but it doesn't feel right to me. It is manipulation of course, and of course it won't work on everyone, especially on those who know they are being manipulated or have strong clear minds.
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on January 9, 2005
I was recently browsing through books at a bookstore looking for books that deal with Ninja philosophy - I became intriqued after watching a movie called Ghost Dog. I picked this book up and proceeded to thumb through it. 30 minutes later I bought it. It is amazing to know that the field of psychology was being developed thousands of years ago in a different culture than German. Get this book and learn the "two ways", "the five weaknesses", how birth order effects a persons general attitude. Then go out and control other people's minds.
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on May 27, 2012
Yes indeed it is one of the most thrilling and essential reads I have ever come across in my fullfilling and adventurous life all around the planet. I can't give it enough appraisal. Dr. Haha Lung has written this book, the chef-d'oeuvre that it truly is, for us not to become victim of mind manipulation from a visible or hidden enemy at the control breaks whether it is an opponent in combat, in politics or religion, but most of all the media. He makes you get the opportunity to become the potential mind warrior with the upper hand in any situation you might find yourself in life. He lays out his knowledge in a very bright and uncomplicated manner making it an easy and very, very captivating read. I give this book to everyone as a birthday gift, yes indeed I do. It's clearly a great pleasure for me. You will have a hard time letting go of this book once you've first started reading it. A true master piece! It's worth its weight in platinum. I am as thrilled for the novice and the highly educated gettig ready to be wrapped into his addictive oeuvre. It's a true ninja killer strike of the absolutely clear mind. So go buy it today folks!
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on February 22, 2013
its a fun read but kinda outdated, a couple good principles but hard to apply and work better in specific situations, not that they dont work. works better on uneducated people and people who are dummer,

ir you want to learn advanced social skills so to say, look into psychology, books on influence, verbal skills, confidence, and such. a book called influence is great, so is nlp and even better modern neuro science.

all in all a fun read especially if you like ninjas and eastern philosphy
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I have been involved in the martial arts most of my life as well as Asian philosophy. I have read and reviewed numerous books on the actual physical techniques and the more esoteric aspects of “the way of the warrior.” I purchased this (Mind Manipulation: Ancient and modern Ninja Techniques by Dr. Ha Ha Lung and Christopher Prowant) book recently and just finished reading it.

In any kind of combat there is a connection between the mind, body and spirit in which each must be developed to become a successful warrior. This book is focused on the development of the mindful elements of warfare. This 181 page text is organized into five detailed chapters. Chapter one (Masters of the game) gives on overview of the Asian mind, the ninja mind and other related factors. Chapter two (Understanding the mind) explains how the brain sees, the power of visualization, the power of believing and mastering the mind. Chapter three (Mastering others) covers mind control by the numbers, the five weaknesses, the eight relationships, the nine roles and several other topics. Chapter four (Secrets of Sennin) deals with undermining self-concept and identity, self-concept, the quest for identity, the 10 minds, shadow language and other subjects. The final chapter (The black science) covers the uses of superstition, hypnotism, way of the words-wizards, masterminds and black magicians and mind dancing. There is also a glossary and suggested reading material.

This is not the kind of book you can rush through like a novel, but rather a book that needs to be studied in order to master the material. If you are into the martial arts and the art of war you should check out this interesting and informative book.

Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Use of the Monadnock Straight baton)
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