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on October 29, 2007
Been using the phone for 5 days now and I love it. No problems yet. Thus far, I really like:

*very small and light
*excellent call quality (better than my previous Nokia)
*bright, clear screen
*relatively quick navigation between screens
*stereo headphones and carrying case included in package
*excellent T mobile customer service (they helped me fix a problem I had installing the blackberry desktop software)

The only cons I can think of right now are:
*have to buy a microSD card to store media
*sometimes the phone lags between screens (as all computers do)
*battery life may be an issue after busy days
*can't get bluetooth to work with my computer (most likely due to the computer, not the phone)

I was choosing between the iPhone and the curve. After borrowing an iPhone and playing with the Curve in the store, I chose the Curve for it's functionality and lesser price. I'm very happy with the decision.
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on October 11, 2007
The T-Mobile Blackberry 8320 is good, especially the WiFi easy-breezy automatic connections. Its no-muss no fuss to set up wifi and the system recognizes whether to switch on Wifi automatically almost everywhere I go. The web browser find Internet links in usable time - unlike my old Treo. The screen is bright and beautiful and the keyboard very functional.

Three things which still need some work, however, before it gets 5 stars.

1. One cannot download bookmarks, it appears, direct from IE to the browser, a fact which is a real pain. A simple thing but frustrating.

2. Although this phone has moved towards multimedia, I still can't get the video or audio to play with standard formats from the usual internet websites, such as those for radio or YouTube. There is no RealAudio, QuickTime or equivalent app which can be downloaded for blackberries and the media player system which is bundled with the phone seems very limited.

3. Lastly the memory allows little space for multimedia so you also need to buy a memory card for any music etc.

Other than these points, its a good phone.
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on April 13, 2008
This is an almost perfect phone. It's rare these days to have an electronic device perform as it has been expected to, but this is one of them. It does everything well that it is supposed to do. The UMA wifi technology works flawlessly with T-mobile's service. I did not obtain one of t-mobile's routers, and I had no trouble with connecting whatsoever. I have a Buffalo WHR-G54 and did not have to change any of its settings to get it to work. My friend has a newer Netgear router and I was able to connect to it with any trouble or settings changes either. It picks up UMA when I'm near a Starbuck's hotspot (that service will soon be dropped). When I make a call at home on UMA and then leave the house, the call switches over transparently 9 times out of 10. The build quality is excellent and the phone is solid. The speaker can be VERY loud or soft, which is a huge plus. This phone has superb audio quality for both voice and ear. It has the best microphone/speech audio quality and best hearing audio quality of any phone I have had for the past 15 years.

This phone is my first Blackberry and I've been extremely impressed with the software that makes it a Blackberry. Writing SMS, MMS, and Email is extremely easy, and it's really nice to have the autotext feature. I have mine set up with three email accounts: one is through gmail and one is through Outlook Web Access from work. I was really surprised that the OWA would work with the Blackberry system - I'm even able to send messages out from it! I never thought I would want or care about push email, but it is really fantastic.

I strongly recommend downloading the Google Maps application. Though this phone does not have GPS, Google Maps is able to determine where you are within 1000 feet or so based on your signals with the cell towers. It really works well, and the search and find features are extremely useful.

I use my Blackberry's media features to listen to music and also to watch videos. It does not have the H.264 codec, but it will play other video files - you can find information on-line on how to convert videos into playable files on the Blackberry. It's rumoured that the next OS will have this capability, along with the ability to create video from the handheld. It currently only has a camera, not a camcorder feature.

The camera works well and takes good pictures for a phone. I have had an LG and a Samsung phone with cameras and the Curve is 10x better in camera quality.

I also recommend downloading the Opera Mini web browser to use instead of the default Blackberry browser. OM is much better.

My only real complaint with my Blackberry Curve is that it only comes with one alarm. I have used the multiple alarm features in my previous phones extensively, and this is the only thing I view as a step back with this phone. I was able to purchase an application called Mobylo Multi-alarm which has so far worked flawlessly and gives me 5 alarms, but it was almost $30, which is over-priced.

The Curve comes with its own "holster" which is made of leather and is attractive and useful. It has a magnet in it which the unit uses to determine if it's holstered. This has been an extremely useful feature. As a result, you do not need to purchase any other cover or container for it. However, don't let it set next to your credit cards. I haven't had any erased, but it the holster is definitely magnetic.

The Curve has AMAZING bluetooth. Paired with a good headset, it has a long range and the connection quality is superb. The Curve also has a very sensitive radio/antenna for both Wifi and GSM, and is better than any phone I've ever had since my Nokia 8200 (a long time ago!) People who say that LG or Samsung or Motorola phones have good connection quality have no idea what it's like to use a phone like the Blackberry Curve - I will never be able to go back.

The synchronization feature of the Curve works very well with Outlook on my computer. It is also able to synch with Yahoo, though this is more primitive. Using the Blackberry Desktop Manager that comes with the phone, you can also completely 100% back up your phone so that you can reinstall things or have your data if the phone is lost. The Curve handset also has the ability to lock and encrypt data so that no one else can use it. I have had the Desktop Manager crash on me several times. It has a conflict with the Tivo 2.3a software - I have to disable to the Tivo software to use the Blackberry manager.

The Blackberry charges with a mini-usb connection, which means that you can charge it using your computer. I also have a bluetooth headset that charges usb, so both chargers work with both units - very nice.

Finally, T-Mobile (and only T-Mobile) will allow you to "tether" your Blackberry to your laptop. Thus, while I'm on the road I can connect my computer to T-Mobile's network for an internet connection. It connects at 115kbps, which is pretty good for getting things done. Tech-heads complain that TMO's network is too slow, that it needs to be 3G, but I've been happy so far.

I strongly recommend this phone. It is worth every penny!
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on January 26, 2008
I researched many different quadband PDA phones before I finally bought the TMobile Curve (Blackberry 8320) I own my own business and must be in constant contact with email to keep things going. I have the Tmobile wireless router in my office for the UMA or what they call @home service.

The short story is that everything you have read is true...the Blackberry 8320 is amazing but the flaw is in the UMA network (Tmobile's VOIP WiFi phone network) and the handoff between UMA and the Mobile network is anything but elegant. In fact it usually stumbles. Many times I have to reboot, the Blackberry to switch between the two. Other times, the UMA network is just plain down. The mobile phone network is fine. THe WiFi network and technology seems like they are still in beta.

I suggest waiting to buy this device until Tmobile matures their UMA network. Along with this, Blackberry needs to update the firmware/software for toggling between the 2 networks (UMA and GPRS.)

That said, I am extremely pleased with the interaction/integration with my Outlook and Curve. It is all handled wireless with the Blackberry Exchange Server (BES) I never have to synch my blackberry with my PC with a USB cable. I dont even have the desktop manager loaded. Dont need it. Amazing technology.

Although the phone ring is adequately loud, and the call quality is very clear, and crisp, the actual call volume is still a little weak, hard to hear with the just the device in a loud environment, like outside or with the windows down in the car. With the bluetooth headset however it is perfectly loud and clear.

I must say that Tmobile tech support is terrific. Yes it is true. They have given us Curve users our own tech support phone number. When I do call support, which is often in the beginning as it is a complex piece of equipment, I call, it rings once or twice and they pickup. I have never sat in a queue more than a minute. Awesome. But they know that they have some problems with the UMA GSM network toggling so they are on it.

In summary, I am glad that I bought it. I will be giving it the acid test over the course of the next month while I am in South America. I can even use Skype on this device!!
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on November 29, 2007
I have gone through a few smartphones trying to find one that works. The Blackberry Curve is AWESOME! The phone actually works!!! Unlike the Palm Treo that crashes before and after every call(I know that is why I got rid of the Palm Treo 750 and got the Blackberry curve. I now totally understand why people are addicted and become crackberries. If you are in the market for a smartphone that works get a blackberry unlike a Palm Treo you wont be disapointed. Happy Shopping!
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on December 6, 2007
This is my second Blackberry, and I am very pleased with it's performance and the Color LCD Display is more readable than my older Blackberry.

My web centric wedding photography business is very email dependent. Brides shop on internet sites and expect quick replies from prospective vendors. The Blackberry allows me to reply immediately to their queries.

The Blackberry Curve is more compact than my previous unit, and packs additional integrated software features that are excellent. It has become my morning alarm clock!

Previous Blackberry users will find the command structure very familiar.
The Track Ball is an improvement over the Side mounted Encoder wheel found on older models..

I love the new alert tones in the Curve, although I had to purchase "Blackberry for Dummies" to figure out how to change the sounds.

The weakest link in the Blackberry is the instruction manual. I purchased the Blackberry for Dummies book, which should come packaged with the unit, IMHO.

The tiny keyboard is difficult to read for older eyes in low light. It can be difficult to read the "ALT" characters!

The 5 Alpha-Numeric Password requirement on my Enterprise Server linked Blackberry is a necessary nuisance, which would be valuable, in event of unit loss as the unit will wipe our all user information after a preset number of login failures.

The Camera function is quickly available. The zoom function is cute, but photos are low resolution. Better than no camera, but this is NOT a replacement for a Digital camera.

Purchasers should realize that additional monthly service charges for Blackberry's Server connection and local provider, will increase monthly service charges ($100 per month in my case).

Bottom line: Very compact, rugged, feature rich, and reliable performer!
If you need reliable Email Delivery, this is the unit. It works great on domestic and overseas travels.
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on May 20, 2008
I have to say, I was really torn about what sort of rating to give this phone. After a few months of usage, I'm comfortable with a below average grade.
Here's the biggest issue: It's bad at being a phone. I really wanted to use the wi-fi feature to get better service at home, but I can confidently tell you that it practically doesn't work. I'm not sure if this is due to T-Mobile or the phone.
What makes this phone even worse is that often times it will tell you that it has service when it actually doesn't. This is true both when using the wifi and regular t-mobile service. I can't tell you how many times I picked up the phone, saw full bars or close to it, then tried to make a call only to get the 'no service' beep, and sure enough the bars are all suddenly gone. I've had many people tell me that they called me, but it never rang on my end, even though it indicates service. On top of that, I'll send e-mails/text messages and will find hours later that they failed sending. This kind of negates everything that's cool about this phone.
I have to say, it's a good looking phone, and they keyboard rocks, and the way it let's me type anything I want without trying to outsmart me is absolutely lovely. The browser it comes with is so so, but Opera Mini is easy to install and works well.
I actually really like the voice dialing, which I use with my bluetooth headset.
As far as multimedia goes, I have mixed feelings. It works well enough as a music player, though it's not exactly fully featured. The software it comes with to sync media does a terrific job at converting video. Video plays back very well, HOWEVER, if you use the auto lock feature, you'll find that it will interrupt your video! So, if you try to watch a clip that's longer than a minute or so, you'll find yourself constantly hitting buttons to stop the phone from shutting off your video and locking. This is really just dumb... turning the auto lock feature off and back on is not exactly a fast process, either.
It takes ok pictures.

All in all the phone has pretty great features, but none of them work that great. Even e-mail, the thing that most people use this thing for anyway, is disappointing in that it doesn't support html e-mails, and viewing attachments is sometimes harder than it should be.

I'd pass on this one and wait for something better.
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on March 5, 2008
Updated Dec 2008:

If I could, I would move the rating up to 4 stars. 5 for the phone and 3 for TMobile.

The phone is AWESOME. I'm sold and I don't think that I will go back to anything else.

There are some quirks though, especially with the media interface. The Roxio media manager is terrible (and very slow) compared to iTunes or Media Player. Plus it is kind of frustrating that playlists tranfer into the phone correctly only through Roxio, Media Player 11 doesnt seem to transfer playlists.

As I had mentioned in the previous review, my first phone was a lemon but thankfully TMobile replaced it without any hassles.

Which gets us to TMobile. Love the guys for their service - it is head over heels better than the rest of the industry (I have been with Cingular, who are OK and Verizon, who would shoot you in the face if possible.) However, their data network is TERRIBLE. Websites take forever to load. I have to hard reboot the phone once a week to restore data access which somehow stops by itself! You can use the phone as a modem with you laptop only if you are ready to wait for ages for anything website to show up!

Lets hope TMobile's 3G network solves these issues. If not, then they will go the way of Sprint with customers running away to other carriers and that would be a crying shame given how good their customer service otherwise is.


Features and usability-wise, this phone is simply awesome. You will get hooked once you start using it. Other reviewers have covered most features in detail so I will not go there.

However, I did face some pretty serious issues with the phone. Within a week, I noticed that a crack had started appearing on the upper right hand corner of the phone. Then in a couple of days time a similar crack started appearing on the left side too. The phone was never dropped and neither was it stuffed into any jeans pockets (its winter time so it was mostly in the coat pocket in its case).

Then, when I tried to take the rear cover off to take out the SIM card before shipping the unit back, the cover just wudnt budge. After a half-an-hour long struggle at the T-Mobile store with 5 people trying all they could, we finally managed to pry it open to realize that the rubber lining between the cover and the main body had somehow melted and become sticky - thus preventing the cover from sliding off. This is in a phone a week old!

I am still not aware of how T-Mobile will resolve the issue (their customer service is amazing btw, it is hard to believe that they and Verizon actually are from the same planet!). This may just be a one off issue with this specific piece and I waiting for the replacement. Something to look out for nonetheless.
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on March 22, 2008
Like everyone, I was torn between getting an iPhone and Blackberry. I have it in for AT&T and am email oriented, so I went for the latter with TMobile's 8320. It has free wifi for browsing. The downside is this version of the phone does not have GPS, although it does have Blackberry Maps.

I find the phone to be really good; email is outstanding; T Mobile's service (especially customer service) to be really good; the camera with zoom, with the $5.00 deal for 400 texts and picture sends, to be quite good. The only real disappointment is the really poor browser. Even with my home WIFI enabled, it is slow and minimalistic. It is only to be used in an emergency. If I had realized how bad the browser and surfing was, I might have gone with iPhone, or gone with AT&T for the GPS. But....remember, AT&T is more expensive, the customer service and phone service is what it is (although friends say it has improved a lot).

T Mobile's great customer service is worth something, I think. I have called TMobile a number of times for dumb "how to" questions. They answer quickly, they are patient. It is the best customer service I've ever gotten from a carrier... This summer I go to Europe. I look forward to getting a T Mobile Intl plan for that. That's worth something also...
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on October 10, 2007
Switched by 7800G for the Curve. The keyboard is the same as the 7800G which is good. The new features are great - I use the MP3 player, phone and voice dialling. The phone seems more well made than previously blackberries.

The one negative is I have had experience with the phone freezing when getting calls. Eventually I see an exception/error on the screen.
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