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on March 8, 2010
I've never had a problem with products sold through Amazon before but this time I did. The "new Blackberry Storm 2" I bought from you quit functioning about a month later. I purchased the insurance from Verizon when I bought it and took the phone to them and they gave me a new one. Now the problem. They told me that the phone I bought from Amazon had been returned to Verizon previously.I was under the impression I w as buying a brand new phone from Amazon. I can only conclude that the phone I bought from you was a used phone cleaned up and sold as new. Your conclusions?
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on November 24, 2009
While I do agree with some of the things mentioned in recent negative reviews of this phone, overall, I don't see anything to complain about. I really feel Blackberry has finally made a phone that can seriously compete with the IPhone. The only difference is, I feel, the IPhone is more of an entertainment device that is also a phone, where as the Storm 2 is a true communication device. I love the keyboard and the fact that Blackberry stayed consistent with it's tried and true software and user options. I will be sticking with this phone for quite awhile.
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on November 10, 2009
I previously owned the STORM 9530 and decided to go for the STORM 9550. MASSIVE IMPROVEMENTS MADE over the first storm. The first storm was a pleasure to use after OS updates, but this one is unbelievable. The touch screen is so easy to use with better multitouch capabilities. You can type at the speed of a regular keyboard now. The high resolution screen is the best I have seen yet. I love the weight and slick design. I cannot be happier with this phone. I have used DROID and IPHONE and feel this phone is the easiest to use with MANY updates (OS, browser, 3D graphic capabilities) coming in the future. A GREAT BUY AT THE PRICE!!
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on October 16, 2010
This is my 2nd Storm 2 after changing jobs. It has tremendous memory and functionality for business use. The camera takes great pictures. The phone is durable and can survive being dropped on the floor several times. I have over 1,000 contactsBlackBerry Storm2 9550 Phone (Verizon) in the address book and easily syncs with Outlook. Strong battery life as well.
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on November 19, 2010
The Storm2 does so much more than my previous Blackberry 7130 did--web surfing is much better, the application selection is much better, it's easier to operate, email is still great, call quality is great, and even a devoted iPhone fan admitted my built-in camera was much better than his when we were taking photos with an author one night at an event.

I do sometimes miss having a static keyboard. For example, when you're making a phone call and you need to enter passcodes in or choose an option from those customer service menus most companies seem to use these days. You have to press for the keyboard to come up and then enter in your numbers or whatever. Occasionally, it counts the tap for the keyboard as a number.

I also wish it had better battery life. I know that's partly caused by how many and which apps or functions you've got running. But it definitely drains faster than my old Blackberry. I'll admit I'm bad about remembering to get the charger and plug it in, you really need to do that every day with Storm2. I also think that getting a dock that stays plugged in may make it easier.

But overall, I really do love my Storm2 and wouldn't trade it for all the iPhones in the world.
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on March 5, 2010
To each their own of course... but coming from an 8900 I was really hoping for more. I found the touchscreen to be very challenging to use for even casual messaging. (Why own a blackberry if you're not into data entry on your phone?)

I also was disappointed in the resolution of the screen, again being used to a razor sharp 8900 and after having test-driven the Droid in a store.

The OS clearly isn't built for a rotating touchscreen. Many apps don't support rotation or even touch input.

And the keyboard. You can't see what letter you're pressing as it illuminates UNDER your finger. I found the auto-dictionary slow and not nearly as quick on the Droid. I tried multi-press, suretype, everything to no avail.

And let's face it people. RIM's browser is poor. I returned the phone and got a Droid - which I'm using to post this review. That would have taken HOURS on the Storm.

If you're a blackberry user, stay with the fine Curve or Bold lines. Leave the touchscreens to Apple, HTC and Motorola. If only VZW had the 9700...
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on November 20, 2010
Pros: Fast network access; integration of data and voice; lovely display.

Cons: Display is a little small; no separate phone send and end buttons.

Bottom-Line: The BlackBerry Storm 9550 may take some getting used to, but as a business messaging platform it excels like no other, including Windows Mobile and iPhone handhelds.

I have carried a Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Storm 9530 for the last two years and I have established a love/ hate relationship with the Smartphone. So when it came time to upgrade to the new iteration of the iPhone wannabe, the BlackBerry Storm II 9550, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Smartphone

The RIM BlackBerry Storm II 9550 is a multi-frequency broadband (3G) handset that offers anytime/anywhere access to corporate (and personal) e-mail, contacts, calendar information, a Web browser, broadband, and a full touch-screen QWERTY keyboard. And oh, yes, it makes calls as well.

In addition to the above mentioned feature-set the black BlackBerry Storm II 9550 offers a beautiful high resolution color 480x360 TFT touch, light-sensing LCD screen; Bluetooth wireless technology and polyphonic ring-tones, all bundled in a sleek, lightweight, and stylish handset. Other features of the unit include a 3.2MP digital camera, built-in GPS, a media player, a calendar, contact list, Instant Message clients, including Facebook, an alarm clock, a calculator and a plethora of other useful applications; pretty standard fair for today's technology rich smart-phones.


One of the first things I notice about the Storm II 9550 is the weight; it is noticeably lighter than its predecessor. Another item: it is much easier to type on the Storm II 9550, the on-screen keyboard is much more responsive and the phone offers a plethora of words from which to choose as you type; nice. Another noteworthy change: the mircoSD card memory has jumped from 8GB to 16GB.

Like the original Storm, the Storm II 9550 brings a lot of functionality and usability to the Smartphone table and quite frankly it remains the most useful business-class handheld I have ever used, and that includes Windows Mobile devices. The Storm II 9550's display is sharp, bright, crisp, and readable in any lighting condition. Phone quality is more than adequate and the speakerphone is the best I have ever encountered.

The Storm II 9550 excels at its chief functional queue: that is delivering business-class messaging functionality to the palm of my hand anywhere, anytime. My Storm II 9550 is connected to our corporate network via a BlackBerry Enterprise server and the Verizon Network. Emails are delivered in a timely manner--in some cases even before they hit my Microsoft Outlook inbox, and synchronization between the device and my calendar is seamless. And with the newest version of RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange (5.0) I can even lookup employees in the Exchange Global Address List (GAL)! Sweet! Can an iPhone do that?

Problems or Dislikes

There isn't a whole lot not to like about the BlackBerry Storm II 9550, but there are a few things. The annoying problem the original Storm has with flipping from horizontal to vertical viewing, depending on how you turn the device is gone. I am happy to report that the BlackBerry Storm II 9550 switches rather seamlessly between horizontal to vertical viewing. There is notable delay in the hand-off between the two orientations.


All-n-all I am very satisfied with the performance of the BlackBerry Storm II 9550. Out of all the BlackBerry devices I have used over the last three years I still like the Storm the most. RIM took to heart the complaints users had about the original Smartphone fixed them and introduced a better product. And the BlackBerry Storm II 9550 far and away outperforms comparably priced Windows Mobile devices like my Moto Q, Palm 700w, or HTC.

The BlackBerry Storm II 9550 is small, lightweight, offers outstanding battery life, superior business-class functionality, touch-screen ease, a laudable 3.2MP digital camera with flash, and a class-leading TFT display. And while the BlackBerry Storm II 9550 may take some getting used to, in the end it's all good, because the main objective is email, contacts, and calendar access and in this BlackBerry devices have always excelled.
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on June 7, 2010
I loved this phone because it has the RIM surepress technology that I love, a great camera, and an easy touchscreen qwerty keyboard, but the shortcomings are in the applications. Just doesn't have that many apps available for this phone because of the format of the touch screen. Lots of apps that are able to be used on other BB's cannot be used on this phone.
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on January 3, 2011
I had ordered the BlackBerry Storm 2 along with the HTC Droid Incredible, not knowing which one I was going to keep, and which one to give to my husband. I am so happy I chose the Blackberry! While the Droid is neat with its trendy apps, and could be great for an avid linux user or a developer to play with, but I am not that fond of his phone. Its neat, but not as user-friendly. It's kind of glitchy and testy. The BlackBerry is not like that at all! It works great! I have 4 email accounts, 3 IM accounts, a facebook, a myspace, a twitter, and a blogger account synced to it. Its amazing. I LOVE how it alerts me of all my messages, and makes it easy and quick for me to check everything at once. This is truly a multi-tasking phone. I have been running a lot of apps at once, 6 yesterday, and it hasn't frozen up on me or slowed down at all. Also, the customization features on this phone are awesome. There is some awesome blackberry developer software available at that makes it really easy to customize your interface. Pretty sweet. Here is a list of pro's/con's that I have come up with that may help:

~Awesome menu structure and ease of navigation
~Slim design that is still sturdy and rugged (also has screen lock)
~Syncing email and social networking accounts is super easy
~TONS of free apps are available!
~Intuitive keypad. Best touchscreen keyboard on a phone I have ever used.
~Great "feel" to it.
~Fully customizable
~Good camera for a phone, flash is good, and auto focus is awesome.
~Awesome video quality, both taken from phone and internet streaming.
~Comes with 16gb sd card, plus 2gb phone memory, so theres lots of room for apps, pics, music, and documents.
~Create, view, edit, and send word, excel, powerpoint, and pdf documents. Huge time saver for me, plus the phone doubles as a backup device, or flash drive.
~Auto-adjusting backlight is intuitive to light, and will dim or brighten to improve readability and save battery.
~Great sound quality for a small device.
~Comes with international adapters for the wall charger.

~Battery life is about a day with moderate use. Its not so bad, but a heavy user with constant notifications could have problems with this.
~When you sync to facebook and email, the contacts are automatically added to your phone's contact list. For a person like me with 500 friends most of which I havent talked to in years, I dont want them all in my phone book. I had to delete manually. It is a minor pain, but a pain nonetheless.

Overall, I am super impressed with BlackBerry. I am definitely sticking with BB from now on! I can't believe I lived this long without it!
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on June 8, 2010
The Surepress technology is superb; finger-slip typos are a thing of the past. It does take a little bit of time to get used to, however, it can be easily mastered in an afternoon.

The only problem I've had with the phone is that I sometimes press one of the keys at the bottom instead of the screen--there's no tactile divider between the two. Having one of the OEM screen-covers helps though, because it doesn't cover the buttons.

Battery life is decent, but it really depends on what you're doing and how many apps you have running. Having Ubertwitter (an app) update your Twitter feed every five minutes will drain it pretty quickly, as will other apps that merely go into background instead of closing. The Music Player drains way less battery than I thought it would--a definite perk.

The phone's software is practically identical to other BlackBerry phones' software. The menus and operation are intuitive enough that I've never had to read the instruction booklet. The Web Browser on the phone leaves much to be desired, however one can download other Browsers from Opera or Bolt that provide better functionality. Personally, I'm not fond of the formatting of the Music Player, nor do I enjoy the process of getting songs and pictures to and from the phone. The computer software needed to do this is slow and outdated. All of these complaints could be said about other BlackBerry Smartphones though; they're not Storm 2 specific.

If you're thinking about upgrading from a Storm 1, do it. The extra memory is amazing, and it makes everything run so smoothly.

One thing I love about the phone is how customizable it is with themes. Don't like the look of the buttons? There are hundreds of free themes that you can download that do everything from change the buttons style, to make different areas on the screen invisible 'hotspots' that shortcut you to your favorite features.

The screen on the Storm 2 is gorgeous. It's big enough to where I can use the phone to read ebooks, yet small enough that the phone's not clunky or uncomfortable in my hand.

It really is an amazing phone. I would be lost without mine--it's my phone, mp3 player, ebook reader, weatherman, calendar/scheduler, camera, entertainment... and so much more than that.
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