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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome tablet
A bit about me first - I am a techno-nerd. I LOVE gadgets. Large, small, you name it. After eyeballing many tablets, including the iPad, Xoom, Samsung and others I chose the 64GB Blackberry Playbook. Why? For one, because it is the right size. I can put it in my purse and carry it about with me. More reasons - it has spectacular graphics - true 1080p HD and it supports...
Published on April 26, 2011 by Silvana D.

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3.0 out of 5 stars It's Coming Soon
"It's coming soon" is a refrain you will hear quite often with respect to the BlackBerry Playbook. I have had my 32GB wifi model for about a week. (I bought it from Staples for less than you see here.) The physical tablet is four and half stars. It is a perfect size, the screen is beautiful and the weight is ideal. It is roughly the same size as a 3d generation...
Published on May 4, 2011 by Just a guy

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5.0 out of 5 stars BlackBerry has done it again :), February 28, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB) (Personal Computers)
I am very big on researching a product before I buy it, so I definitely wanted to make it a point to write a review on the PlayBook once I got some use out of it.

I am in LOVE with this thing. Ordering it from Amazon made it easier and I felt safer than with any other site, and I think that the price for the 32G PlayBook was cheaper on this site than on BlackBerry's site (which would still charge a good bit for shipping and handling; mine was free. And don't even get me started on the in-store prices that would tax the initial price, which will be close to twice what you'd find here, to kingdom come.).

While some might buy it for the game play, and others may use it for internet and media sharing, some may use it for social networking, others may want to hook up a cable and use it for professional presentations...Whatever your use, the PlayBook has it covered.

The initial setup WILL require, as stated on the outside of the box, a Wi-Fi connection to update the latest version of the OS (operating system). After that, the features already loaded onto it make it user friendly. It takes you through a tutorial of how to use the swipe feature to make shortcuts and navigate through the programs on the tablet; and don't let that overwhelm you, within 30 or so minutes, I was already getting the hang of it.

For all you BlackBerry Users out there, as soon as you have the chance to get into the app world, download BlackBerry Bridge. This nifty little app allows your smartphone and tablet to be connected via bluetooth. You can view files such as pictures, videos, documents, contacts, email that have already been sent to your phone - right from your PlayBook. BB Bridge also allows internet tethering, whether your phone works as a regular hot-spot or if you just want to use your phone's internet (**note, internet usage from internet tethering from your wireless phone must be done through "bridge browser" and regular wi-fi usage can be done from selecting a hot spot).

The cameras are great, they do well with a considerable amount of light and there is no built in flash, but I do believe the quality of the camera makes up for it. The layout is very clean and easy to use. The resolution on the screen is amazing. Youtube can easily be played (and an app comes pre-loaded) and looks great and isn't as laggy as it is on most phones.

For the gamers out there, I'm not sure how you would feel about a touch screen interface for gaming but it works fine for me. I am much more into puzzle games, but I did recently download (and become addicted to) a couple free action apps I found (Need for Speed, Asphalt Attack, and an FPS called Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus) run smoothly, have great graphics, awesome sound effects and music, and didn't cost a dime. Whether you're in the middle of a shoot-out, drifting in a race, or battling in a daring game of Tetris, the tablet can still run smoothly while running several apps at a time and most will pause automatically when the window its in is minimized or toggled. Kobo for eBooks comes automatically on it. Free to start up an account, easy downloads, pretty good library of good books. I love this thing. I never leave home without it.

The only complaints I do have (though admittedly, I haven't been doing as much research for the PlayBook as I have been playing with it) would be that I have difficulty with getting pictures onto my PB from my phone. I know I could go through the process of going to my computer and hooking up the USB cable and doing it the manual way, but it could just be me and my device or devices, it would just be easier to be able to send them using Bluetooth to have without using BB Bridge. There is a video chat app, but it only works with other BB PlayBook users. I did do some research and there are a couple CrackBerry apps that will allow video chat with other PC users as long as they have the program installed. And this isn't a big deal for me, but it could be a deal breaker for some of you, there is no USB or MicroSD card slot on the device. I'm indifferent. I'd rather pick and choose what I wanted onto it from the computer or other device as opposed to having them all stored there. That's definitely subjective.

Overall though, the PlayBook is awesome and I love it. It serves many purposes, it's comfortably sized, some people may complain about the lack of apps because it's not that giant iThing (yes I know the name of it, it simply burns my eyes to see it) but do some research. I've seen some videos about being able to use the Android market in an app but I'm just trying to cover the basics here. AND whether you're extra careful, a little unlucky, or flat out clumsy like I am, and/or especially if you have children, please do make sure to get an Otterbox! AMAZING! It will protect the device and you won't be out of a few hundred bucks...and literally crying over spilled milk!

Sorry this is so long, but most of these are questions I had before I purchased that I had to go to several different sources to find out! Hope it helps!
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4.0 out of 5 stars An in-depth look, June 9, 2011
Bruce W. (San Francisco, CA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB) (Personal Computers)
I've had my playbook for over a week now, and I feel like I can finally write an objective review. I'll have to admit, I am a blackberry "fan boy", I have had a blackberry for years now, and I currently have a Bold 9700, so I am able to bridge my devices, but this is an in-depth look with as little "bias" as possible.

Pros :
Hardware - This is truly an impressive piece of hardware. The construction is fantastic, its easy to hold, its light, and it feels solid in my hands. The screen is fantastic, very crisp and displays images/videos/text with very sharp clarity. I loaded up a bunch of pictures on my playbook just so I can look at the beautiful screen. Everything is so clear, its such a pleasure to look at. The device is also very fast, launching applications, loading web pages, and switching between apps are blazingly fast. The camera is also good. The back facing one is 5 MP and it takes good pictures, and HD quality video (however no flash :( )

Ease of Use - I have to admit when I first tried it out at Best Buy, I had no idea what I was doing, and I couldn't figure out how to do anything. I've had plenty of apple devices so I thought the missing "Home" button was an issue, and it left me scratching my head. However, once I read up on it a little more, and found you can do everything with some simple gestures, I was hooked. I multi-task a lot, and switching between applications is so easy, just a simple swipe from the bezel in and you're in a different app. Bringing up the "Home" screen, closing apps, getting to the status bar are all easily done with some simple gestures. I have to say, now that I've gotten used to it, I love it and could never go back to the "Apple" way!

Multi-tasking - As I mentioned, I am really used to multi-tasking, so switching between applications is just what I do. I might read some articles, then browse a site, change the music, and then go back to reading the news. This is all a snap with the playbook, and the speed at which it does it is seamless.

Form Factor - This is a preference but for me the 7" form factor is great. I don't really like watching videos on handheld devices (or even my laptop) so this was not a big requirement. I tried out the Xoom and iPad 2 and I have to say, it was stellar at showing off videos. But, I felt it was a little cumbersome, and if I wanted to just grab a device, check up on some scores, and look at some news, I wanted it to be easy to hold in one hand. Also, due to its size, its very easy to carry, and I don't feel like I am holding a laptop.

Browser - This is great. Every page I normally go to loads perfectly, and with the flash support, I get the full web experience. Also, going to foreign sites renders the characters properly as well. The only issue I've seen is on some of the more advanced sites, the pages will complain that I am on an "older browser" but that also means I am getting the full version of the site, and not a mobile version.

Battery Life - I wanted to call this out because before the 1.0.5 OS update, this was a HUGE issue. The playbook would drain power like nobody's business, and I couldn't even leave it on standby overnight. However, this was all fixed with the recent update, now I can browse around and use apps for a few hours, and still have plenty of battery. Just the other day, I left my playbook on standby overnight, and it only drained a few percentage points. So what was a huge negative has become a positive with a simple update. This also goes to show you, RIM is committed to releasing updates quickly and getting the OS up to par with other devices out there.

Cons :
Lacking Apps - This is probably the single biggest complaint you read about, "not enough apps". This is a real issue. A lot of my favorite apps are missing, including Pandora, Kindle, KeePass (password management) and SSH (sys admin software). These are key apps I use on my bold every day, and without it, it is a big issue. However, one recent addition to the app world has boosted the score for me, and thats the blackberry news reader. I was using GeeReader since that was the only decent RSS feed reader available, but blackberry just released the news reader, and it is fantastic. I do see new apps crop up everyday in app world, and the Android app reader is going launch soon, so I think this will improve. (the FB app, word and acrobat apps are great as well)

Lack of Connectivity - If you're on wireless, the playbook is great, but without it, it is seriously disabled. I tried to take it to the gym to try it out while I work out, and I couldn't do much even when bridged. The reason being, the bridge browser is so slow, I couldn't use it. This could be partly due to my bold, but still, it was unusable. I did get tethering to work, but I tried to install an app, and that didn't work either, so there were some limitations there as well. I think if you're not on wifi, there will be some issues with using it.

I mentioned that the small power button was an issue due to coming out of standby, but there's actually a "swipe" shortcut. All you have to do is swipe from bezel to bezel, and that brings the playbook out of standby, so no more fiddling around with the small power button! Previous comment is below for reference

(Small Power Button - When I first read complaints about this, I thought people were being nitpicky since how often do you use the power button? Well as it turns out quite a bit. The reason is, its the only way to come out of standby for the playbook. I setup my device to standby after a few minutes to conserve power, and so whenever it goes to standby, I have to press the power button, and I end up doing it at least 2-3 times to get it right.)


I originally commented about the bad memory management, but it looks like this was also fixed in the 1.0.5 OS release. Now, when there are no apps running, there is almost 700 MB of free memory, and even with the browser open, I still have 500+ MB free. This should allow me to run way more apps at a time, and see less of the "automatic" closing that I saw before. Previous comment is below for reference

(Bad Memory management - This is a big sticking point for me. The playbook has 1 gb of ram, so I didn't think it would be an issue but boy is it ever! First off, when you start up the playbook, there's only 450 MB of memory free. Then, if you launch the browser, another 200+ MB is gone right there. So, if you have more than a few apps open and the browser, the playbook will just start closing apps automatically. When this first happened, I thought pages were crashing because of the flash or lots of media content, but after some poking around, I realized it was because of the "low" memory. Also, when I say "low" memory, its not like 50 mb, its more like anything under 150 MB and the playbook could start closing apps automatically.)


Overall, I love my playbook, and I want to give it 5 stars, but I just can't. Once there are more apps available, this will be a solid 5 stars. Also, for non blackberry users, the lack of a native mail client will be a big turn off. But because the browser is so capable, it should ease the pain slightly. The playbook is a great device for RIM to build off of, and I think the next coming months will be key for them, and if they can address some the issues, it will be a true force in the tablet market.
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3.0 out of 5 stars A work in progress, September 13, 2011
This review is from: Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB) (Personal Computers)
Come on people, you can't possibly give this device 5 stars. It does not even have a native email app!

I've owned the Playbook since April. I do not own a Blackberry phone. I like the Playbook but if you need a Tablet NOW, do not buy this one. You will likely be frustrated with the lack of apps, especially email and contacts. Shame on you RIM, this could be a real player and give Apple a little (very little) run for its money.

I installed the non-supported side loaded Android player about a month ago. I could no longer wait for RIM to finally keep a promise and release it. It works and so does Kindle for Android. However, with their latest OS update RIM disabled the hacked Android player. Nice. Thanks RIM. Actually, its not that big of a deal but come on RIM, release the dang thing already. Its Sept. 13 for God's sake!

RIM has the potential for greatness but keeps fumbling the ball. They are like the Cleveland Browns. You want them to do well, they show potential and then let you down because of lack of execution.

The Good:
I just got back from Aruba. I watched 2 movies on the PB while in-flight. The screen is awesome and the 7" size is really nice - very mobile. Its one of the reasons I bought it. I kept up with email via Google mail linked to my corporate mail (because remember RIM does NOT have a dedicated email app). BTW, the missing email app was promised by Jim Balsillie, president of RIM, in April - said it was coming in no more than 60 days. Came from the friggin president of the company! The guy has no problem lying.

Back to the device. I also used it in the hotel room as a media player and the sound is actually decent. Web surfing is nice and virtually as fast as my new laptop PC. Again, no issues there.

Apps are getting better but no where near what Apple offers. This is not a big deal to me. I don't use it to play games.

The Playbook OS is truely a game changer (sorry Apple, it blows away your warmed over iPod Touch OS). Its solid, fast and a pleasure to work with. No crashes...ever. It will undoubtedly get much better over time.

All in all, I did not miss my PC but then again this was a pleasure trip and not a business trip.

However, because the Playbook is such a mixed bag and if I had to do it all over again since its now Sept. 2011, I would wait to see what the Amazon tablet looks like. It should be coming out by the end of October and is stated to run Android.

RIM's lack of execution is disturbing, as well as its deceitful marketing. However, I have to say I do like the device and I really like the size, the beautiful screen and its solid build. The Playbook is not a cheap piece of plastic. Its really built well. I considered the iPad2 and used it several times at the Apple store. It just looks and feels like a big iPod Touch and at 10 inches, well...why not just carry your laptop.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Please read before you buy this!!!, June 16, 2012
So I don't ever write reviews for products, this is actually my first review. However, I think that after all I've been through with this product, I had to say something.

I received my Playbook in January and I really did love it. I was not a big person on having a bunch of apps or games because I was mainly using it for work and school. It'd be nice, but it is not absolutely necessary. The best part of this tablet is multitasking. You can easily open a browser, swipe up, open your email, swipe up, open facebook, etc. It was 100% user friendly. So I thought this product was great for the price until...

It just stopped charging. I have tried leaving in the charger for hours even days. I left in charged into my computer for hours. I even bought a charging station to charge it and it just flat out does not work. The WORST part about this whole thing is, they want me to pay for customer service since I am outside the 90 day range of purchase. I have had this product for about half a year and it breaks downs and they want me to pay them for a problem with their product.

It is not just me, just google "My blackberry playbook won't charge" or "won't turn on" and you'll get a whole thread of people who have the same issue. The customer service is the worst part about it because there is simply a lack of any. I called a multiple numbers and they can only redirect me to the one that cost money. Why should I pay when I have had this product for less than a year and I did not do anything (like drop it) to keep it from working.

Don't put yourself through this. There is an issue with the playbook and you can google it all. There is no help on their end so if you have troubles with yours, all you have left is a $200 coaster. Please just save your money and go buy a product that actually at least a year or offers some decent customer support for any issue that comes up.
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5.0 out of 5 stars better than an ipad, May 13, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I read at the time all three Amazon reviews of the Blackberry Playbook and decided to take a chance. The reviews were so favorable I wondered if RIM had planted the reviewers. Anyway, this will be my first ever product review.

I got the Playbook tonight after work. I had no problems setting it up. The "blackberry bridge" works great. The screen and display are unbelievable. The operating system is intuitive. The glass keyboard (I'm typing this on the glass) is the best I've ever used. Apple's OS for the ipad seems crude compared to RIM's Playbook. I bought it for traveling, but I can tell I'm going to be using this thing a lot more than I thought.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Most capable tablet, a hidden gem, March 31, 2012
I'm a medical professional, have an iPad1 and iPad2, and use Windows and Mac extensively. 24 hours ago, I decided to purchase the Blackberry Playbook. In 24 hours, I've discovered the Playbook with the current OS2.0 is a hidden gem in this crowded field of tablets, and in this Apple-frenzied society.

Playbook when it was launched in April 2011, did not fare well because the OS was not good. In Feb 2012, it has upgraded the OS to 2.0, incorporating the functions they should have incorporated in the first place. Had they done so, the tablet marketplace may be quite different now in 2012.

When the New iPad came out in March 2012, I looked at the marketing. "Retina Display" required all my apps from iPad2 to be upgraded to use the new display. The upgraded apps have ballooned in size, such that my 32G iPad2 (only 3 months old) has less storage for media. As much as I've been an Apple supporter in the past, the planned obsolescence with a new iPad coming out every year, means the product life will be only two years before one has to upgrade. In this case, as apps continually need to be upgraded, and upgraded apps take up more and more room in the iPad, I will be forced to upgrade my iPad every two years because the 32G of today will no longer be enough in two years.

Enter the Blackberry Playbook. Hardware is ahead of its times. Since 2011, the display has been superior to iPad, with 1080p resolution; the speakers are stereo, there are ports for USB and HDMI, and it comes with front and rear cameras. Now with OS2.0, it's functionality is comparable, if not superior in some respects, to the iPad ecosystem.

"Browser" is fast, shows thumbnails of each webpage, and supports Flash. The built-in "Messages" app will take care of multiple e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts all from one app. Built-in Bluetooth allows for internet tethering to your mobile phone (if your phone supports it), so you don't need a separate dataplan for this tablet. Those that use Blackberry can also use the Bluetooth to "bridge" to the Blackberry phone. It comes with "DocsToGo" which allows you to create ".DOC" and ".XLS" natively; "PrintToGo" allows your computer (PC or Mac) to send files wirelessly to the Playbook, without having to use iCloud or Dropbox.

I put the Playbook OS2.0 through its paces, and found it multi-tasks better than iPad (even with iOS5), so you can run apps in the background while performing other tasks in the foreground.

One deficiency is that the Blackberry Playbook OS2.0 does not have native international language input support. Apple definitely is ahead in this regard, at this moment in time, unless Blackberry rolls that out with the next OS upgrade.

Playbook uses the entire surface - the display, the bezel - for gesture control. iPad only uses the display portion for gesture control.

The smaller form factor of the Playbook makes it easy to hold for a long time, for reading, or for web surfing. The built-in HDMI allows you to plug it into a TV, without having to purchase an AppleTV for $99 or an Apple Digital AV adapter for $39.

The video and sound from the Playbook beats the iPad2; I haven't compared it to the New iPad.

The New iPad 16G is $499, 32G is $599, and 64G is $699 (these prices are for the Wi-Fi only models)

iPad2, 16G is $399 (Wi-Fi only); Apple no longer sells any larger memory sizes for iPad2.

Blackberry Playbook is (as of this writing), 16G for $199, 32G for $249, and 64G for $299. And if you need 3G or 4G, you can tether it to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Though Blackberry AppWorld has > 60,000 apps versus Apple's >500,000, what the typical consumer uses a tablet for, can be easily satisfied with the number of apps currently available in either app stores. Granted, Apple has more variety (including their interactive textbooks), and more selection. However, most people use the tablet to read ebooks, surf the web, perhaps video-conference, watch YouTube or downloaded/purchased video. Considering the increased memory usage of the New iPad's "Retina Display", and the increased size of new apps designed to use the new display, there will be less storage available for media that use the higher resolution.

If the consumer is vested in the Apple ecosystem, it would make sense to continue paying for the iPads. Do be prepared for iPad obsolescence after two years.

If the consumer can look beyond the sexiness of the "Apple" brand, and were to look at what we truly use a tablet for, the Blackberry Playbook is a clear winner.

Just be prepared though... the packaging inside the Playbook's box, is not as sexy or sleek as that of Apple products. I've kept my Apple boxes over the years. Looking at the stack on my shelf, I'm realizing I've been paying a premium for those nice Apple boxes.

( I do not own any stocks in RIM or in Apple )
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Playbook is for Pros, April 14, 2012
I had to post this to due to the negative reviews. RIM has no plans to ditch the Playbook according to their new CEO on April 10th, 2012. I also read that Microsoft and Nokia had discussed a joint bid to buy RIM out. But, RIM knows that they have what the other two companies can not readily do for themselves...a solid enterprise customer base for their smartphones worldwide and a professional grade tablet that rivals the iPad in terms of power, screen resolution, interface, sound quality, build quality, and much more. Like other reviewers, I for one am glad I no longer need to use the button on the bottom of the Apple products I own. The browser on the Playbook is so much better than Safari on the iPad. RIM needs to market the Playbook better, but it's kind of hard when the Kindles have, for as long as I can remember, been on Amazon's front page (i.e Amazon owns the Kindles). New apps are coming out regularly. And, I can just as easily bookmark my most-used websites as icons on the Playbook's main screen or on the browser's main screen. Plus the iPad is just big...I'd rather carry my small laptop, which has a larger keyboard, around. My iPad would be collecting dust if it is not being used by my kids for games and Netflix right now because I'm now carrying my iPhone and the smaller Playbook for regular use. If Apple provides a smaller tablet with a better browser, this may change. But, that's not in Apple's plans right now. And, it would take a 3rd or 4th generation Amazon Kindle Fire to even catch up to the power that the BlackBerry Playbook has for professional use. Since I focus on more work oriented tasks, the solid professional build quality, the sharp screen resolution, and smoking speed of the Playbook multitasking abilities and is exactly what I'm looking for.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent QNX tablet - getting better by February with 2.0 OS Update!, November 16, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB) (Personal Computers)
The first attempt from RIM/Blackberry into the Tablet market has been Sour 'n Sweet.
Sour because of the reviews: Much of the media have pounded the Playbook for being a "Half baked product", which I agree considering the original OS (1.02) release. NO native PIM, e-mail or BBM, lack of apps, buggy Bridge support (more about that later), no autocorrect feature, etc.
Sweet: For users, I think reviews frankly miss the point. The hardware is solid, very cutting edge, and the new OS is a delight to use. Based on RIM/Blackberry acquisition of QNX (OS that power car media appliances, rockets, and a long list of "etc") it is ultra stable, a delight to multitask, browsing the internet is a breeze, even use all those flash based content "other" Tablet manufacturers say you really don't need (yeah right!), and now a LOT of new apps and games have been released via App World.
Now, Blackberry Bridge. If you have a BB smartphone, you're in for a treat. The Playbook connects via Bluetooth to your phone and SHARES your data plan. Yes, if you have an unlimited plan for your phone you don't need to pay another data plan for the Playbook. Since OS update 1.0.7 (current OS) most apps can take advantage of Blackberry Bridge as well (think of Facebook, Bing maps, etc). Also, you get all the PIM features and BBM from your phone replicated in your Playbook. Whatever you write/send/receive on the Playbook will be in your phone as well.
Now to really get your attention, this coming february OS 2.0 is coming for the Playbook. This should include many new features including native email, PIM features and Android app player. The last one lets you use Android apps seamlessly on the Playbook's OS (provided they have been repackaged for it, should be a no brainer for developers. There are UNOFFICIAL ways to get apps to the Playbook though) which should unleash many apps on the Playbook.
I don't give it 5 stars because of the current development of the OS, maybe if the 2.0 OS was around it would be 5 stars.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Glad I waited a while to get a tablet & stumbled on the Playbook., June 17, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB) (Personal Computers)
What can I say. I am so glad I waited on the ipad 2. As a result I was introduced to the playbook by a friend and I fell in love with its size. After a bit of research I concluded it was just perfect for my needs.

I waited a while to do this review, so I could have some time with it and like a lot of playbook owners, I am just baffled by how this device got all those bad reviews. This thing is just pure pleasure to use.

I have been using a bb smart phone to keep my life organized & the addition of the playbook has made it even better. Being able to access my email accounts, calendar, tasks, files and even bbm from the playbook is sweet. My phone battery lasts for days now even with wifi & bluetooth on because I hardly pick it up.

One of the complaints was the lack of 3g, but IMO I think I have a sweet deal. I can surf the web through the bridge browser which doesn't cost me a cent more. In fact I could tether it to my phone & use the regular browser or whatever if I am desperate without having the expense of an additional data plan to manage.

Lack of apps was another complaint. Again, the device was brand new, so I didn't expect a lot of apps. Hell, the ipad went through the same thing. That being said, apps are coming out daily and I have been able to find quite a few useful ones. That should get better with time.

Blackberry's support seems pretty good as well. Since I have had it, there has been a few updates to the OS that unbelievably makes it better every time.

I'll finish by stating I have no loyalty to blackberry, but I have to call a spade a spade. This tablet is as good as advertised and I am very happy with it.
Really happy with this purchase.
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5.0 out of 5 stars I am very satisfied with this product, September 24, 2011
I have been using my PlayBook for about four months and have been very satisfied with the performance. There are apps that are useful and make it easier to use this tablet in a professional setting. The biggest seller for me is that it plays Adobe Flash and you don't have to have a special app to watch videoes on YouTube. Being able to bridge the device to my BlackBerry smartphone is another plus.

I have seen Apple fans invading the site to pan this device. And judging from the comments I've seen, they either don't own the device or never had any intention of buying one. I demoed the iPad and other tablets before I chose to buy the PlayBook. The reason the PlayBook won, in my opinion, is that it isn't cluncky or bulky. It is the perfect size if you want a portable device that you can carry anywhere. I can put it in the pocket of my suit coat and not worry about leaving it somewhere. And it works on most of the Wifi networks I have used it on.
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