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on April 17, 2013
Before you buy, please make sure which model you are buying.
Not all the Blackberry Z10 will work on 4G or LTE in the United States. And there are 5 different Models.

The Balckberry Z10 [Model: RFH121LW] will NOT WORK with T-Mobile USA. And people is buying careless. And the STL100-1 has a slower processor manufactured by Texas Instruments, while the STL100-2, STL100-3, STL100-4 do have the Qualcomm Snap Dragon.

The seller does no explain which model is selling. Please ask & complain.
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on February 28, 2013
Two years ago I swore that I would never buy another Blackberry as long as I lived. They caught my attention when they were introducing the Z10 and it looked like they were on to something. Well I made the purchase and I have to say I absolutely love this phone. I switched from an iphone 5. My wife has a Galaxy S3. This Z10 is far better than either of these phones. My wife will be switching shortly. I don't know what happened to Julio with his 1 star review but I have to wonder if he is on the same planet.
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on February 18, 2013
This phone is amazing! It is literally a joy to use.

I bought the Z10 as a replacement for my Nexus 4, which was a good phone, and I was still blown away by this thing. Most of the important apps are either on the Z10, coming soon, or have really decent web apps that you can make desktop shortcuts for. Anyways, the screen is the best I have ever seen on a mobile device, and that includes the iPhone 5. Color saturation is on par with the iPhone 5 screen, sharpness is slightly higher on the Z10 (Z10 has higher pixel density), and the auto brightness is by far better than anything on the market! It actually adjusts brightness while you're using the device, not just when you first turn on the screen (as is the case for the iPhone 5, and Nexus 4). The interface is super smooth, the keyboard is by far the best on the market (and I've used Swype, Swift Key, and stock iOS 6/JB 4.2 keyboards), the speaker is actually loud, not just called a "loudspeaker." The battery lasts 150-200% what my Nexus 4 lasted! Anyways, if I were to list all the things I love about this phone, it would be a much longer review than I'd like, so I'll start with some negatives. App selection is DEFINITELY not on par with iOS/Android, so if you go in with that expectation, you'll be sorely disappointed. Google Account integration is not as good as on Android (obviously). For example, you need to employ workarounds to get multiple calendars from your account to show up on the device. There are also a few minor quirks in the OS, that I'm sure will be addressed in the future (ex. The Hub not resetting to the top when you leave it, so doing a peak gesture when you get a notification just shows you what you were doing last, and you have to close that to see the notification. Obviously, finishing off what you were doing is a simple way of avoiding that situation).

Anyways, I'm sure you can see that I've rated it 5 stars. In comparison, my Nexus 4 received 3 stars. It is safe to say that I am absolutely in love with this phone, and have been *very* pleasantly surprised as I had been a huge RIM (Blackberry) detractor in the past. In fact, I only got the Z10 to show people that I rationally dislike RIM, and not just talk without having used their products. Well, I stand corrected. I ended up selling my Nexus 4 after a week of owning the Z10 :)
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on April 2, 2013
First of all, I got mine from TMO under a business account. Though I think that my first hand experience with the phone should be helpful for those of you buying this phone from Amazon.

After weeks of use, here is what I gather for both major Pros and Cons.

1. OS - The new Hub, Peek and Flow are superbly implemented. It may feel weird at first, but it takes no time for me to master my phone. The phone runs fast and doesn't get hot under heavy uses. It gets slightly warm though on the back.

2. Browser - This is the fastest I have seen till date. It has flash player which you can enable or disable. With my unlimited 4G data, I have been able to watch series or movies from HBO GO in HD quality! It is a little bit difficult to move through the web, but doable.

3. Look and Feel - This can be subjective. I personally feel that it looks modern, light and has very sleek slim profile.

4. Quality - It is made of mostly plastic, which doesn't bother me. Though the plastic material doesn't feel cheap when hold in my hands. The screen resolution is the best in the market right now. However, the color saturation, contrast, etc may not be the best. Though I don't think human eyes can perceive any significant difference.

5. Virtual Keyboard - I can't believe that I could end up liking the phone as I tried iPhone since those old days. I couldn't get myself to use it even when I tried the newer one like 4S or 5. Even on the new Android, I got frustrated all the time using its virtual keyboard.

Z10 keyboard software is the best right now in the market largely due to its words auto correction ability. I just couldn't believe that I can type almost as fast with hardly any mistakes with Z10 virtual keyboard. The word flicking feature is such an icing on the cake!

6. Removable back cover - Well, most of these days modern touch screen smart phone doesn't have this. With Z10, you have option to use a back up battery when you need it. In addition, you could use up to 64GB sd memory card though you will need to set up the card in a correct way before Z10 will accept the card. Otherwise, by default Z10 will take up to 32GB sd memory card.

7. Call quality and Reception - Well, the most important feature about the phone is to make and receive calls! So far the calls have been very loud and clear. It is easy to use. A few things I don't like is that I can't seem to be able to copy number from the web and paste it onto call window to make a call! Also, I do hope that TMO bring OS update to add WiFi calling features soon.....

There are more, but I should move on...

1. Apps - Not much there. But I only a short list, which is Skype, Instagram, Watch ESPN and HBO GO. Yes, on EPSN and HBO GO, I can use desktop web browser and make it work. However, having these apps would make my life a lot easier. Then I can stop borrowing my wife iPhone from time to time to watch sport games :-)

2. Customization - The notable one is notifications. With older Blackberry, you could set a profile where your ringtone for phone and/or SMS, BBM, etc will ring at different level. That is gone! Also, there is a slight glitch where when I set my phone to "Phone Call Only" it stops my virtual keyboard sound. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. Well, in short, I can do way more on this notifications customization with my older Blackberry than my new Z10. Perhaps there will be an app for that!!!

3. Email - This supposes to be the strongest feature of any Blackberry devices. However, gone is the ability to store emails on your device more than 30days - what gives!

Yes, you can search the server on certain email protocols, but I know many colleges who won't use Z10 because of this. Well, they love to keep email on their phones 2-3 years way back.

I know that this 30 days email sync is similar to many other phone platforms, but why removing one of its strongest features! I do hope that it will be fixed with OS update to be able to archive email on device of memory cards soon.

In summary, I highly recommend the phone if you aren't rely heavily on apps.

The battery is not the best thing, but is on par with the likes in the market - but with ability to swap out a back up battery.

You should find it very easy to learn and master this phone in less than a week.

I am sure though that given the time, apps can only improve as user base grows. Well, Black is Back!
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on April 6, 2013
I went from an iphone 4s to this and I'm so glad I did. It's an amazing phone and I have nothing bad to say about it at this point. It's lighter yet studier (yes I managed to drop it once already) than my old phone, holds a charge longer, has less glitches / errors and from what I understand way more secure. I have only had it for a couple weeks so I will update more later. But so far so good! Totally happy.
Update: nearly a year later and still loving this phone. yes there are a few issues - like the lack of apps with blackberry phones, the camera could be better (it's better than my last iphone but not as good as the new iphone or galaxy) but all phones have issues and this is still a great, reliable, sleek looking, secure phone! Love it still!
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on December 13, 2013
Dissapointing. Be very careful when buying this phone,IF YOUR SERVICE IS NOT FROM VERIZON.

After purchasing this phone and not being able to connect it to the internet, I started investigaing and just found out the Z10 comes in several models. Only the STL100-1 and STL100-2 models work with ALL platforms out of Verizon. The phone you will get is the STL100-4, so it does not work with many other providers across America and the Caribbean, such as Orange in the Dominican Republic.

Be sure your company takes the model STL100-4 before you buy this phone or you might end up with a phone working 2G, which won't allow you to connect to the internet.

THE SELLER SHOULD POINT OUT THIS IS MODEL STL100-4, and not sell it as an "unlocked" phone that will work everywhere with any telephone company.
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on March 24, 2013
I bought my blackberry z10 in black about 15 to 20 days ago from orange dominican republic under a contract which i must say its quite expensive (300 dollars locked 18 months paying 50 dollars a month) of course it gives you unlimited internet, 200 mins and sms but still is quite expensive for such poor country like mine.

Back to the blackberry z10

I have owned the following devices: Blackberry curve 8520, blackberry curve 9300, blackberry torch 9800, blackberry bold 9780 and an iphone 4 and now this. I can say with confidence this is the best phone i have ever bought no doubt.

Software: 10/10

I love bb10 its really fast, it does everything i need without a hickup.
App selection is really good (100,000) apps, i have all the apps that i need (Whatsapp, Instagram, facebook, twitter, dropbox, google maps,amazon kindle) among others.

Speed: 10/10

This phone is FAST! i mean really fast, you can have 8 aplications and use them all at the same time no problem, watching videos, downloading something, playing games, surfing the web anything you throw at it.


The camera on the z10 its not bad at all, its really good, but its not up to lets say Gs3 or iphone 5. The time shift feature is AWSOME all my friends love it! Works great

Battery: 7/10

Again its not super wow, it can last 1 day on a charge, with moderate use, just keep your background light low, stay on an area with coverage and lock it everytime you are not using it if not you will end up at the end of the day with the battery below 10%.

Build Quality: 10/10

This phone feels PREMIUM! It just feels good in the hand, no plastic at all like the galaxy s3, close to an iphone 5 if not better.

Speaker: 6/10

Here is a flaw, the speaker sounds loud but not that great just OK.

Overall: 9/10

This phone is just amazing, gives you something different than android an apple, something unique, an unique way of doing things i love my phone if i could i would afford to buy another for my girlfriend (she has an iphone 4) but wants a z10, i would do it right away. If you have any questions about sideloading any app comment here and i will reply :)
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on March 5, 2013
I've owned and used Droid Incredible, Note 1, S3, iPhone 4s, multiple Windows phones. But, I don't have to use every phone ever made to know that Z10 is the best phone available.

I'm so thoroughly enamored with BB10 after only one week of using it. I have an S3 through Verizon, but I bought a Z10 from Canada because I couldn't wait any longer. When I have to use my S3, I find it clumsy and slow and I'm not talking processor speed. I'm talking about the user interface (UI) I am constantly phantom swiping, then I realize I have to look for buttons/keys, etc. Why should I have to look around click the 'back' arrow a dozen times to get out of an app? Swipe up, it's minimized. Tap the 'X' if I've the urge, to close the app. I have 4, 6, 8 open at times with NO performance penalty.

And how could I have possibly tolerated such an archaic method of communication as Android? I used to excitedly show my iPhone friends the notification center, and the tweeks of the notification center. Hahaha! Who, after using a BB10 device for a week or two, will ever accept anything less than the Hub? Here's my life to this point...closing the app I am in, opening the app that has the communication interaction (text, FB, LinkedIn, etc), responding in that app, closing that app, then finding and reopening the original app I was in? Serious? How much better is the Hub than anything else available? Infinitely better. Swipe up and over, respond without opening any other apps or closing the app you were in, return. Never again will I settle for anything less efficient.

The virtual keyboard? Wow...I never thought I would love something as much as my brief encounter with the Bold 9930 physical keyboard, but this is nothing short of amazing. Stunning in look, feel, accuracy. It's beautiful and efficient and I love it. It even sounds amazing. I'm so fast and accurate and it has to be because of BB, because my fat thumbs aren't any more nimble when I use the S3.

The browser? It SMOKES my S3's browser. I don't even understand how it can be as fast as it is? Why are Android and iPhone browsers so slow? And they have the address bar inconveniently located at the top? Compare it to any browser on any platform. The videos are out there to PROVE it, but actually using it yourself is spectacular.

Yes, every week another droid comes out with great specs and more cores, but it's the same thing over and over. It's the same clumsy, slow, inefficient UI. NO security. SPECS DON'T MAKE IT A BETTER PHONE! All it does is makes an impressive stat sheet. Do stat sheets make your day better? Does it make your life easier to have more cores? Is that what you begged for in your next phone?

Yes, BB doesn't have all the apps yet. They will build them. But, it's OS is something none of the others will have...ever.

Google and Apple know they are behind now. Their browser and keyboard are woeful in comparison. And they have NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO 'Hub' and 'Balance.' Who would like to argue that? The the gesture based UI? I guess, that is a personal preference, and you could argue it, but try it for a couple weeks and then pick up the others. Wow, could they be any less elegant?

Android and iOS will have to steal the 'Hub' and 'Balance'. They will have to patch sloppy hack code onto an OS that was built to play apps. For BB10 the OS was built with those things at it's heart. Security, communication, separation of work/play were afterthoughts for them. If Android and iOS have to copy many key components of BB10 OS....who is behind who? What is a better phone? A list of specs meant to 'wow' the geeks, or one that makes your day better and more efficient...a few seconds at a time, hundreds of times per day....
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on March 26, 2013
I'm not going to write about how good this phone is, but rather share my experiences with other phones:

Starting with the iPhone, I had been an iPhone user since inception up until the release of Galaxy SIII. I switched to the Galaxy because I felt like the iPhone was exactly the same phone every year despite me buying a new model every year. Literally, the same phone, I bought the new iPhone every year hoping something 'cool' was added, but nothing, same look and feel.

I went from the iPhone to the Galaxy SIII because I had heard great things about Android. Sure enough, I enjoyed the phone, though not as slick as the iPhone, the Android Operating System was a refreshing experience. This honeymoon lasted about one month, and then couldn't stand the phone. The battery drain was just too much, then people told me, root it!!! That's the way to go! Samsung's TouchWiz interface is a battery killer and is clunky. Okay. I rooted the phone and installed basic Google apps. Okay battery life did greatly improve and I was happy again. Until I realized that I had installed a ROM that was supported by a Community of brilliant people, I must say, but I was a BETA tester!!! I couldn't take the crashes, and basic functionality bugs... So I went back to the iPhone because even though I was sick of it, it at least lasted me half the day.

I bought the BlackBerry Z10 and haven't looked back, I haven't been this excited about a phone since the first iPhone, when I switched from a Nokia. It was night and day, and that's how I feel right now. Going from Galaxy and iPhone to a BlackBerry is literally night and day. Incredible battery life (up to a day and a half of intensive use before a charge), true multi tasking.. this is truly amazing. I remember when the Apple introduced the multi app function, but was it really multi tasking? Clearly not, currently you cannot go to Youtube, listen your your favorite mix and reply to a text, or go to Facebook. The minute you leave YouTube, the music stops... That's not the case in the Z10, you can navigate the entire phone, open any app, and the music/video is still playing. True multitasking.

Awesome phone, really powerful operating system. Incredible response to touch, so fast and responsive. A++++++
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on April 7, 2013
I know that in today's world almost everyone believes that Blackberries are doomed to extinction. Two years ago when my old Blackberry Bold died for no reason, I was one of them. I thought they "lost their magic" and my girlfriend got me an iPod, an iPad, and I got myself two android phones. My first one was a Motorola XT316, that was a steaming pile of crap. My second one was a Samsung Galaxy Y, and it was okay.

I was happy with them. The Apple devices were soo cool. And the Samsung phone worked okay. But I sorely missed on the one thing Blackberries excelled at: e-mail. E-mail, contacts, appointments and so on are a critical part of my job. Blackberry focused on that so much that before long they were no longer with the cool crowd. But communication is what the phones are for, right? Or so I thought. I was happy with all the apps. But no app came even close for e-mail as it was on the blackberry.

Anyway, I was really torn between this and an iPhone. They are in about the same price range. It took me two months to finally bite the bullet and spend $650 on this thing. And it has been amazing from day one. My dear e-mail is organized as it should, my contacts, my appointments, everything. I'm in love with the HUB. It has all the cool features the apple/android devices have. Not exactly a carbon copy, but somehow very similar. The gestures work really, really well. And the thing that knocked my socks off is the word autocompletion. I can write a fully worded, well spelled, grammatically perfect e-mail in about 20 seconds. And it's no longer just e-mail... facebook, whatsapp, twitter, everything is in one place, fully integrated, and well organized.

Blackberry always had something nobody else has. I agree that the old BB devices where ugly, that their naming convention was confusing (and silly), their camera sucked and they tended to die for no reason. If Android or iOS had some of the e-mail features & security blackberries have, right now I would've been reviewing their phones.

In short, this is Blackberry "hail mary pass" and it is a resounding touchdown all around. Truth to be told, there are not all that many "crush the sweets" apps for it, but I believe that that's what my Playstation is for. I may be in a different wavelenght that the rest of the market, I'm not an expert or anything. If you're looking for a work device, and a very cool device, this is for you.
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