Customer Reviews: Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire
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on July 17, 2013
Everything just seemed to be too easy. TSTL comes to mind with Lia. When she has a legitimate reason to distrust Luc, she just accepts everything. SPOILER....(It's okay that he has leaked info to the press that will affect her future plans) .... She is fine with it because he told her the truth. Excuse me but, BULLHOCKY! She has a right to be upset and not trust him but, she just goes along with WHATEVER. That is when I started to skip and skim.
The ending was just too pat, too easy. No problems to overcome.

I have read much worse but, I wanted this to be much better.
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on September 17, 2015
This was an interesting book. Olivia never knew what her father did for a living. Luc has a chance to meet Olivia and decides that he still wants to get revenge on her dad. Luc blackmailed Olivia to get her to be his fake fiancee to flush her dad out of hiding. Things don't go the way Luc thinks they will go and gets a few surprises of his own. Olivia finds out that her life wasn't what she thought. These two had to walk away from each other to figure out what they really wanted.
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on March 29, 2012
Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire is another wonderful recently released title in Entangled Publishing's new Indulgence line that readers who love category romance but still want their stories to be quality novels will enjoy a lot.

Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire starts with a modern Romeo and Juliet premise: the incredibly handsome and charismatic Luc has sworn revenge against Olivia's (Lia to her friends) father, and when after eluding him for more than 10 years, Luc has given up and is ready to move on enters Lia, and it seems the key to finding the man who ruined his and his whole family's life has been handed to him.

Though the premise was what originally drew me to this story in my opinion the strong points and highlight of Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire are its characters. Nina Croft develops Luc's and Lia's character in detail, making them real and interesting for the reader. I was devouring the pages with baited breath I was that curious to finally learn what really happened to Luc and discovering Lia's feelings along with her self-discovery was just as exciting. (However, I would have preferred if the story were a bit longer and we got to learn a bit more about Luc, as his character remained a bit of a mystery and the story ended without us learning much about his background and past.)

And of course as they are interesting characters on their own, when Nina Croft brings them together it gets even better! The attraction between them, the tension, the sparks they all kept me glued to the page and well past after midnight (or even 2am...).

The love scenes are written beautifully, they are hot and sizzling and yet Lia's pure innocence and wonder shines through. The love scenes varied between tender and romantic and hot and passionate. The sparks fly between these two, and I was very glad that despite Luc's irresistible sexual aura (and trust me, his sexual charisma is a force of nature!) and dark charm Olivia held her own and stood up to him quite well:

"Why the hell would I trust you?" she snarled. "What have you ever done to gain my trust? You slept with me, then you blackmailed me into staying here. You want me to help you find my father, but you won't tell me why. I find out you've been in prison, but you refuse to talk about it. You..." she paused then forced herself to go on, " make me want you, and then you walk away as if I don't matter at all."

One major plotline that didn't sit well with me was how Lia declared that she hated her father. To understand and accept such strong emotions from such a soft and kind hearted character I would have needed to see more reasons or get more explanation to how and why she could hate her own father (sorry but if it's only based on her mother's/parents' self-destructive love that doesn't convince me, that's just not enough to warrant such violent emotions like hatred towards a parent).


My other problem was that we were left without explanation regarding many details: just to name a few of the main ones: the what and why of Olivia's dad's involvement in Luc's imprisonment (why did he do it? and why to Luc personally?), then we never got to know the specifics of why Luc went to prison (yes because he killed a man, and I get that as a sign of trust Olivia must not have questioned that, but we readers would have liked to get an explanation, and I think Olivia deserved one too).


Though the Romeo and Juliet, starcrossed lovers, sworn enemies lovers trope was at the base of this novel I found that the characters got over this detail too quickly. There was not much agonozing and tortured dilemma (I missed this mostly from Luc's part who has passed the past 10 years hating a man and he got over that pretty quickly and without much turmoil - or at least we didn't witness it).

And to finish here is one of my favourite quotes that shows the kind of humour that was hidden at parts in Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire:

"He got to his feet, moving to stand in front of her. Lia stood up as well, not wanting to be at a disadvantage. A wave of apprehension passed through her, but she stood her ground. She was determined she wasn't going to be intimidated, but he was just so big, and she'd always been better at dealing with horses than she was humans. Maybe she should treat him like a stallion she was training. Stand up to him, show him who was boss...and if all else failed--castrate him.
"What are you thinking?"
"You were smiling."

Verdict: Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire is not flawless and I wish some things were a bit better developed, but nonetheless it was a very enjoyable, fast and lovely read. If you'd like a quick, engrossing and passionate light read, Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire is a good choice.

Plot: 8/10
Characters: 8/10
Writing: 8/10
Ending: 7/10 - the suspense/torment could have been a bit longer
Cover: 8/10
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on November 9, 2015
This is the first book i have read by Nina Croft. Not only was the story well written but the characters development was first rate. Seductive and decadent. Definitely be looking for more from Ms.Croft.
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on August 22, 2013
Absolutely looooooved this story! Loved Luc's troubled handsome self and loved naive Lia. I wished there would had been an epilogue where we saw a snapshot of their lives grow together, where Isabella accepted Lia without judgement, where they had kids and lived happy.... in Italy, in England with Lia's horses.... and Mike opening up to being a happy kid too despite the knowledge of his father's background. Where perhaps Pete and Kelly also fell in love. I was also left curious to know what Luc did as a job, other than having inherited much from his grandfather he had made his first million on his own... but how? I was left wanting more obviously, but overall I reccomend this book - worth the read.
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on March 5, 2013
I wasn't sure about this book but decided to give it a chance based on reviews and I am so glad I did. It captured me from the first page and I read it practically in one sitting. The characters are well developed, believable. Romance, sex and angst. All you could ever want. I highly recommend this book.
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on September 2, 2015
Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire was also sadly disappointing. I did like it at first, because it opens with Lia going to a strip club to ask for a job! But really she's looking for her father, and the owner of the club is someone she remembers who knew him. Well, someone else is also there looking for Lia's father. While Lia is hoping to track him down and get the money he stole from her family, Luc wants revenge! And Luc sees a very good opportunity to finally get it by using Lia as bait.

Of course, I don't think blackmail is okay is any circumstances, but I was expecting Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire to be kind of light on the blackmail. Maybe even that it's nothing too serious and the title is just dramatic for attention. Nope. Luc threatens to post naked photos of Lia on the internet and send them out to papers if she doesn't help him. That is not okay! Obviously, he's never going to do that because this is a Romance novel and the hero isn't suppose to do something unforgivable. But he does have the pictures, which were taken without her knowledge! I could not forgive this at all! It's despicable! And unnecessary! He just does it because he thinks she's a lying, "treacherous" witch, not actually a daughter looking for her missing father. What a jerk.

Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire could have been a fun read about family secrets and sexy criminals, but I really could not get passed the hero threatening the woman he's suppose to be falling in love with with nude pics. That is a very big no-no.
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on May 14, 2012
Author: Nina Croft
Published by: Entangled Publishing
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: GMTA

"Blackmailed by The Italian Billionaire" by Nina Croft was a very good spicy romance novel.This novel was was definitely one that was hard to put down until I was finished with it...very addicting read. I felt this was a well written novel.

The authors characters were really interesting as well as believable .... Luc (hero)was something to, hot, sweet... lovable eyes with a scar on his face.. and still beautiful all rolled up in one... however, their were dark secrets.. a grudge that he had been holding on to for over ten years...he had a strange friend who owned a strip-club...and then their was the heroine... Olivia who was very naive in many ways.... but lovable...was looking for her father...Jimmy Brent...(Was this the same person that Luc was holding a grudge for?)... moving on...who didn't treat her or her mom very well and left them not knowing he had a son.... Now Olivia(Lia) is wanting to find her father ...she is about to lose everything she has...and she goes to a former friend of her mom's....who owned a strip-club... And this is how it all is coming together... Were both of these two people looking for the same person and equally hated him?? Now how this all comes together you will just have to pick up this read.... and you will find out just how this 'blackmail' occurred in "Blackmailed by The Italian Billionaire."

"Blackmailed by The Italian Billionaire" was located from the countryside of London, England. The plot thickens in the wonderful story of love and romance....adding in some mystery with Mr. Brents' past. It was simply wonderful how the author wrote the loves scenes that were very passionate, romantic and yes Hot!

If you are a romantic and love hot spicy romance and even so laughter... then this novel "Blackmailed by The Italian Billionaire" is a good read. This is definitely a Adult Read.
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Luc Severino has a grudge against Lia's father, Jimmy Brent. A grudge that he has been holding for over 10 years. Lia is searching for her father for different reasons. What neither of them know is that they both equally hate him. Lia for the way he treated her and her mom, for him leaving without ever knowing that he had a son and for him leaving them broke. Luc for what Jimmy Brent did to his father and for trying to have him killed while in jail.

When Lia goes to a strip-club owned by a former acquaintance of her father's, she doesn't realize that she is being set up to help Luc exact his revenge on Jimmy Brent. What Luc doesn't know is how hard he will fall for the daughter of his enemy. Luc offers her a job, takes her back to his office and then blackmails her with the pictures that she didn't know were being taken. What happens from here will have you wishing that you had your own Italian Billionaire to blackmail you.

"Blackmailed" takes you from the countryside of England, to London and then to a secluded island in Italy. Ms. Croft took two people from different back-grounds with different goals and wove a wonderful tale of love and romance. She showed all sides of both Lia and Luc, threw a little mystery in with Jimmy Brent and his past and brought it all together in one hot book.

I have not had the pleasure of reading Nina Croft before but I so look forward to reading more of her. Lia and Luc were just plain sizzling! The book had love, laughter and some smoking hot love scenes.
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on June 6, 2012
Posted on Romancing the BOok's blog
Reviewed by Deborah K.
Review Copy Provided by the Publisher

I really liked Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire. It is a good contemporary romance with a good plot, great characters, and it's steamy hot too! Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire is one of Entangled Publishing's new Indulgence line and I think it's a winner! I fell in love with Luc from the beginning (I mean look at that smoking hot cover!) he's one of those flawed alpha heroes with a possessive streak and a go after what you want attitude. I really would have loved to be in Lia's place with Luc on his private island...what's not to love about that? I thought at the beginning that Olivia was a little too naïve but then by the end she had really grown into her character.

I would have liked a little more back-story about what happened between Luc and Olivia's father the story was a little foggy on that part of the plot. All in all it was an enjoyable short escape for a couple hours and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys hot romance!

Favorite Quote: "I have to admit to a certain level of moral flexibility when it comes to getting what I want," he said. "It's probably best you know that right from the start."
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