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Format: Video Game|Change
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on February 24, 2012
This game has a massive amount of features, characters, backgrounds, music, moves, etc. It is also very challenging.

graphics: The sprites are crisp, well defined, not clunky and move as how you would expect them too.

Music: Incredible. The chracter select screen alone has one of the most heart thumping intros (wait 30 seconds) so you know the dev's put a lot of effort into this game.

Moves: Every character is unique. There are no cheap characters except maybe for Mu 12 who can create a bunch of laser beams and then the player camps. Honestly with players that use that character like that just block those lasers(won't take chip damage) and smack the player silly and retreat/taunt. Mu 12 is very defensive, but again still easily beatable. There is also a puppet master which easily creams Mu 12 if players choose to play that way as he can blind side attack you on the opposite end of the screen so there is no ability to camp. A really unique roster that is full of cool characters that all handle completely differently! Tip, you can change your character color by pushing start when highlighting your character. This unique complexity per character also makes the game more difficult as most people will prefer to play with one character so they master that characters unique caveats.

Balance: Incredibly balanced. I just started playing this series for the first time when the Vita came out against PS3 owners who were Level 41 and won! Still I do have a "bit" of experience with fighting games so maybe that goes without saying. However ANY character can beat ANY character in this game. There is NO ultimate character. The balance is also improved by an interesting energy system which forces players to fight because you have to wait for your energy to recharge (unique for each character) so if you camp at the corner expect the other player to slowly charge up and use devastating attacks from a distance. Again this forces players to interact instead of the Street Fighter energy ball jump/dodge barrage tactic from a corner.

Extras: Where to begin. Wow this has 3 story modes pretty much, challange modes for each character, arcade mode, a REALLY REALLY good training mode for anyone new to the series or fighting game sin geners (holds your hand), replay past vid fights and much much more.

Controls: Yes you can use the back touch for the PS vita. I do use it as I configure the left side tap to to have some multiple button recognition and the right side a different one. This is completely customizable to where you can fully control the game with just it but I don't recommend it and would recommend more a hybrid between touch and buttons as explained above. Pulling off attacks is a synch and everyone shouldn't have a problem.

Online: Smooth and fluid. No hiccups, no disconnects save for when my battery ran out :( and just because you host a room doesn't mean you get to play on the left preferred side. It depends on skill of both characters where I believe characters with lower levels get to play on the left side. you can also take in game screen shots of you finishing off opponents but not during the match of course! Just load up your replay vid and press the vita start+PS button at the same time (Vita can do this for any game).

All in all this is one of the best fighting games I have ever played and I've played a bunch from Street fighter to Tekken. Get this and you will be glad you did.
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on February 22, 2012
Another stand out port for the Vita. Pretty much console perfect with a easy to join quick to start online system and just about an exact clone graphics wise of the ps3/360 version and controls to match. If you like fighters but don't want to join the Marvel Vs Capcom party this is the game for you
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on February 23, 2012
I know I know it's a fighting game it's meant to be played with your friends or online, but there are some of those out there like myself that don't have friends to play fighting games with and am also never good enough to play online with others far better than myself. Also, this is my first written review on Amazon before.

This game has PLENTY of single player content to keep me interested in playing it for more than a week or two. but I'll get into that a bit later in the review.

Gameplay 5/5:
For the Record this is my first time ever playing a BlazBlue game so I can't compare it to the others in the series, I have played Guilty Gears plenty of times and this game is very similar to that in a lot of ways. I personally love the change over to the MvC3 style of fighting where there is a weak, medium, and strong attack type and your attacks have the same combo accept the three different buttons change how the attack executes.

I have not fought against or played as all of the characters yet, but I have yet to find any character that has one super all powerful move that you can just spam to win and the other player can do nothing about it. From what I can tell they are more balanced than some other fighters I've played.

The game has touch controls but... yeah they are more of a gimmick then an actual way to fight. You use the back side of the PSV as an alternative controller you can set certain sections to be A, B, C or D attack buttons as well us the four directions but this is not a remotely useful in my opinion should be turned off.(A trend I imagine I will see a lot in PSV titles). In fact I turned it on once and it just got in the way.

Graphics 5/5:
It's a 2-D Fighter on a Portable system with 3D backgrounds and flashy animations, it works perfectly. The characters movements are fluid and respond to your input quickly and have fun attacks and animations to watch.

Character Roster 5/5:
There is an impressive line up of characters each with very very different styles of combat. I'm quite happy with the diverse choices, though I haven't tried them all yet but of the few I did I noticed an extreme difference in playstyle. Not Once did i feel like Character B was just a copy of Character A with some minor change thrown in.

Sound: 4/5
The music is great the voice acting is actually far more impressive than I expected it to be, I've played RPGs with far worse voice acting (I'm looking at you Star Ocean 4). The music is lively and gets your blood pumping. My only gripe is the announcer, I haven't played the game long enough to find another announcer voice but I reaaaally wish I could turn it off. I have to hear the word Counter said about 40 times a fight and it's from a (I'm assuming) Japanese or Chinese Woman that has a rather noticeable accent.

Singleplayer 5/5:
Yes I'm grading these separately. I love fighting games, but I often run into he problem of not having someone to play with, Arcade mode is fine it's in every fighting game and it's the same old beat X amount of opponents then beat the big bad boss at the end and get an ending specific to the character. This games Arcade mode is mostly like that but it has story bits thrown in in between some fights. The great voice acting makes it even better. I enjoy this far more than a 2 page blurb at the end of the mode about something silly. Apart from Arcade mode there are 4 to 5 other single player modes including the generic Training mode, and Mission modes where you learn a characters attack combos and specials. Added on to this are Score Attack mode, Unlimitedmars mode, and Abyss mode. I haven't actually messed around with the first two modes yet, but the Abyss mode I have found quite entertaining. It's like a mini RPG in which you can upgrade your characters speed, attack, defense or Special attack as you take down more and more opponents. If you lose a fight it's all over and you have to start from scratch. As you play any single player mode you get points you can use to buy items to start out Abyss mode so you can start with more attack or defense and last a lot longer. Last but not least there is also a story mode that I haven't quite gotten far into but it seems really interesting and I look forward to continuing it.

Multiplayer 5/5:
I don't often play in multilayer as i usually get my butt handed to me over and over again, but I always give it a try to test out the waters. I got my butt handed too me over and over again BUT it wasn't because of lag or input delay, it was just because I don't know what I'm doing yet. The game's multiplayer was flawless the entire time I played on the Wi-Fi in my house. There was never a random disconnect or lag at all and i was matched up against at least evenly matched opponents (I almost won one match). I don't know if this is a tell of the PSV's online capabilities or the Game itself but I can't even get a fighting game to go online without lag on my PS3, with a high speed cable connection. You also earn points in multiplayer that you can again use in Abyss mode so there is never time wasted!

Final Thoughts:
This was the first game I popped into my PSV, within 30 minutes I was already happy with my decision to buy not only the PSV but this game as well. It is a fantastic launch title for Fighting game fans everywhere and I only hope that I can get better at it so I can compete online. My only warning is that if you can find a hard copy of the game do so, the download size of this game is 3.5GB, one of the largest games you can download, and will eat up a lot of Memory card space.
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on February 24, 2012
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND hits the PS Vita at launch, and this is the 3rd iteration of Arc System Works' 2D fighter.

The value of this title is highly dependant on your history with it, more importantly your purchase history. If you bought Continuum Shift, and the DLC characters, EXTEND adds one additional character. If you skipped out on Continuum Shift (or if you bought CS but no DLC), you're getting at least four new characters, which for this series, is a lot, considering the intricacies of each character.

The gameplay mechanics have also been revamped, and all the content from its console brethren remain intact.

So why the Vita version? DAT SCREEN, that's why. This game absolutely pops, and wouldn't you know, the d-pad on the Vita is excellent. I can't believe it ... an excellent, out-of-the-box, no obtrusive adapter, d-pad on a portable device. It's responsive and it makes fighting games on the go actually appealing, because you can play them.

If you're a solo fighter, BlazBlue has a lot more content than its only competition at the moment, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, but if you're new to the series be warned, it's heavy on the anime and funky in its execution. Every character is a project, with only a couple being easy to pick up fairly quickly. I'm quite fond of this series, and Arc Systems previous series, Guilty Gear, so I love how gonzo BlazBlue can be.
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on May 1, 2014
I have never played an ArkSys game except for Persona 4 Arena. So please know that I am coming from a more "simple" standpoint.

First things first: This game is fun as hell. Even when losing it's still a blast. The game does have a "stylish" mode (which is pretty much changes the game to Persona 4 Arena's controls), but in my opinion, I felt like it hampered the experience.

Every single character brings something special to the table, but I have a problem with the main character, Ragna, who is waaaayyy too OP. Which is stupid because he's also the easiest character to use.

The only problems with this game that I found:

-The game is incredibly stingy, yet generous at times when it comes to combos. Sometimes it just doesn't recognize your inputs at certain points of the combo, depending on who you play as.

-Playing as Iron Tager (the grappeler of this game) is impossible on the Vita without a fite stick. Nine times out of ten, instead of doing the 360 input, it just comes out as a weird shuffle then a jump. Which is really unfortunate for me, because I love playing as grappelers. In my opinion, they should've changed Tager's command grab inputs to be more like Kanji's from P4A to compensate for the lack of a correct means of a stick.

This game's fxxxing beautiful, by the way...
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on August 20, 2013
Being that I have NEVER played a BlazBlue game, I needed another fighter for my Vita so i thought id give this one a shot. And boy, it's great. It's easily the most technical fighter i've ever played (I play MK, Tekken, Def Jam lol). But if you have any prior knowledge to fighting games then you'll fare pretty well (after some training) with this. Would definitely recommend.
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on August 15, 2013
Game plays great and in some ways looks better than the console version (though that's mainly because my consoles are connected to a really old TV). The story's handled even better than in the first game, plus the story recap chapter makes for a good abridged look at the first game for those who haven't played it yet. It's actually fun to get all the endings for the characters as the true ending provides a good story, alot of the bad endings also do that but after you get them you get to see a hilarious omake theater explaining what you did wrong, and almost all of the gag reel endings are downright hilarious.There being several different modes you can play in gives this game some extra play value outside its story, arcade, and vs modes; I'm still trying to clear Abyss mode. The fighting mechanics work well and are also beginner friendly with a "stylish" mode to help those not good at combos to execute advanced moves with the push of one button. Definitely reccomend this to anyone who loves 2D fighters
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on May 12, 2012
This is my first time into the series of Blazblue but I was blown away with the content within it. The fighting styles are pretty unique from each character but not too difficult to control.
- Lots of content
- Story mode was great
- A lot of humor to balance all through the fighting
- Very High Replay value
- Voice actors from both modes (EN or JP) were terrific
- Very Challenging

- Multi-player community would d/c before losing a match :(
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on May 8, 2012
I'm a big fan of guilty gear since the PS time, the jump blazblue was smooth, this game is awesome, I played previous games then I decided to get for vita, the graphics look amazing on the OLED screen, has every mode that console version has, if you have the console version and what this on the go this is perfect, if you only played previous versions of the game you will all dlc more characters so is a great deal.
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on October 19, 2012
This game is a completely new generation of fighting game. Faster exchange in attack and defence, more complicated combos, and well-developed battle mechanisms. Strongly recommended for fighting game lovers!
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