Customer Reviews: Blind Hope: An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued
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on August 1, 2010
This is one of those gently but profoundly encouraging true stories that makes a significant impact on your life. Nothing in this book is a stunning revelation that you haven't read before... well, aside from the fact that it is a true story that you probably haven't read before... if you know what I mean. No, my point is that this book reminds us of gentle truths that we often let get stomped by the harshness of life. How to hear a master's voice... you know, by listening. How to love the unlovely... you know, by realizing that you are the unlovely and yet someone loves you. The truths of this book are simple to see, but not so simple to allow to take root in your heart.

This book will make you cheer, might make you cry, but in the end, it's just one of those encouraging books that we all need to read from time to time. No, it isn't earth shattering- and yet, for the woman who lived it, it was. I recommend it for a lazy summer afternoon when apathy is ready to attack with full force.
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on March 29, 2011
This book is the story of Laurie, who adopts a dog with serious health issues. This dog is in such horrible shape when she sees her that Laurie has some serious second thoughts.

As Laurie grows to love her dog Mia and deal with her blindness and other issues, she realizes that Mia's actions parallel her actions with God--trying to run away and do her own thing and then getting upset at the consequences.

Laurie learns a lot about herself through her relationship with this poor, blind dog, and by seeing Mia's actions grows in an incredible spiritual manner.

This book is filled with spiritual parallels, and will definitely bring a few tears to your eyes. I was especially moved to read how Mia brought a young man out of his shell where all others had failed.

If you want a good read that will make you feel good and give you some things to consider about your relationship with God, spend some time curled up with this book.

I received a review copy of this book from the publishers and found it to be a good read. It is one of those books that you can curl up with and forget what time it is until you find yourself on the very last page.
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on April 6, 2011
Blind Hope was a different type of book than I normally read. While I love Christian fiction, this was a little more christian than I had intended. It was a very inspirational book. I do have to admit that I did learn from reading this book about hope.

I loved how Laurie and Mia had so many things in common and how Laurie learned how to see things differently through Mia and how Mia learned to see things through Laurie. This is an emotional book for those of us who at times feel lost and it did hit home and times and at times I had to put the book down and think and put things in prospective in with my life.

I do think that this book is a wonderful read for those that need a lifting and for those who struggle with feeling lost or unloved.

It touched my heart how Laurie took Mia in even with all her appearance issues and oh, the bad breath. Love is such a strong thing that overlooks so much.

This book definitely touched my heart, it just was not what I expected to be reading.
Blind Hope: An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued
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on October 26, 2012
"Blind Hope" was a truly inspirational story, mainly because it IS true. Having had the great privilege of helping to care for several dogs and cats (and even a couple of rats) with various health (and fear) issues, I know how these "needy" animals can seem to meet deep needs in their humans as we try to help them...usually needs we don't know we have when we step up to "help".
I'd recommend Laurie and Mia's story to anyone who loves animals, who's had a troubled past, who's...well, I'd recommend it to just about anybody.
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on June 26, 2014
Great book about how animals and humans can be of great help to one another. God can use anything to teach us, and there is no better teacher on earth to use than our furry friends. Loved it. A+++++ for the fast shipping and a great book.
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on December 10, 2013
Kim Meeder is a gifted writer and her passion for helping animals and people is so inspiring. She is one of my all time favorite authors and each of her books is captivating and very difficult to put down. Her books are the kind you want to read over and over again.
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on June 14, 2013
I loved this book. In many cases I cried because I'm a softy when it comes to dogs. I felt a connection to this story because I too have an Australian Shep and he is a handfull with all of his issues, so it was inspirational to hear how someone else has dealt with those same issues. There is no love like a dog's love wheather they can see, hear or not.
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on July 18, 2012
As the pages of this book unfold the story of Laurie and Mia (the blind dog she rescues) the reader cannot help but draw nearer to the One who rescues us. The line in the book that reverberated in my mind was, "Trusting in a Master that you can never see."
It is the same for a blind dog as it is for those of us who love the Lord. We walk by faith that our Master is always with us to show us the way home.
Loved this book written by Kim Meeder and love the work that Kim is doing on the Ranch for rescued horses and wounded children.
A must read for anyone who is questioning where God is as we walk thru the valleys of this life on earth. "He is with us always" just as He promised us He would be.
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on January 6, 2011
The focus of Blind Hope is how Laurie Sacher, a woman seeking guidance in her own life, encounters Mia, a rescued dog who is nothing like she hoped or expected. But through the trials and triumphs of adopting a dog like Mia, she finds that Mia teaches her many lessons about herself and what love truly is. The book is an extremely quick read (only 178 pages plus a foreword), and could easily be finished in a few days, or even one sitting, depending on your reading pace.

I actually saw this book as two stories: the story of Laurie and Mia, and the story of Laurie talking over her lessons learned from Mia with Kim Meeder, the author.

Laurie's experiences with her dog often lead her to look inside herself and see what she has been. There are numerous moments where Laurie sees Mia's stubbornness, disobedience, and hard-headedness as an analogy to what Laurie herself has been to God. Through the growth and changes in her dog, Laurie also finds many of the same changes in herself. This portion of the story is beautiful and worth reading.

The problem is during Laurie's meetings with Kim. Most of the times that Kim and Laurie have a conversation, it is a repeat of whatever breakthrough Laurie has discovered through Mia. When the two are together, the focus (and the point of view of the story) switches to Kim as the author. While this likely wasn't the intent, I felt it served to make conversations with Kim look forced, or even gave off the impression that Kim is only in the story to reinforce what Laurie learns, sometimes to the point of looking all-knowing.

Laurie's story of rescuing and caring for Mia is the heart of the book, and a story worthy of telling. But for such an intertwining part of the book, I'm not sure exactly what Kim's part is in the story, and I feel she comes off as extra "fluff." Maybe a story told strictly from Laurie's perspective would have changed my opinion of this book, but as is, I find it lacking. Animal lovers and those seeking direction will probably enjoy this book, especially the growth between a woman, her dog, and her God.
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on December 29, 2010
"Blind Hope--An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued" is a true story written by Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher. This book is a quick read, and I finished this in one evening. I found it uplifting and encouraging. It also would be a good book for teenage girls who are in the "searching for myself" stage.

The location of the story is Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in central Oregon. This is an amazing program which rescues abused animals and pairs them with disadvantaged children--a place of healing, peace and a new life.

Laurie Sacher first came to this program seeking help and later became a staff member.
Laurie rescues an unwanted, abused dog--an Aussie named Mia. Her first impression of Mia is "She's a wretched creature, just like me."

As the story unfolds, we find that not only does Laurie rescue Mia, but Mia rescues Laurie. You see, Mia has many health problems due to her neglect, and she is blind. But, as Mia places her trust in Laurie, learns to follow her direction and instruction, and places her hopes in Laurie's care, Laurie is pointed to her Savior, Jesus Christ, in whom she then places her own hopes, trust and care.

There are many glimpses into the life that Laurie and Mia created together--each trusting the other--and as Mia's trust and hopes in Laurie increase, Laurie's hopes and trust in the Lord increase.

Laurie is taught that this little dog is a creature loved and created by God.....and so is she.
This was a very enlightening story, and I think parts of this could be used for a devotional. I found myself going back and reading over various pages--and thinking how this story related to my own life.

One problem--now I want to rescue a dog!!

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
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