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VINE VOICEon October 11, 2006
"Blind Horizon", an amnesia action/mystery with some 'big name' stars, went straight to DVD without ever being theatrically released, so many have 'written it off' as a lousy film; but if you give it a chance, this is actually a very entertaining little gem!

Directed by Michael Haussman, the distributor, Lion's Gate, dissatisfied with the rambling 'director's cut', brought in ace film editor Alain Jakubowicz to punch up the film, and his re-cut gives the movie an edgy, fast-paced 'look', reminiscent of Christopher Nolan's "Memento", especially in the central portrayal of Val Kilmer's "Frank Kavanaugh". A likable 'lost soul', shot and left to die in the desert, who knows vague details of a plot to assassinate the President, he gradually discovers he is not a 'nice' person, and is, in fact, a key player in the high-level conspiracy. But as with Harrison Ford, in "Regarding Henry", his amnesia offers him an opportunity to 'change' his whole persona...if he can survive the attempts to silence him, and conquer his own instincts as a 'hit man'.

Blessed with a first-rate cast, "Blind Horizon" offers many intriguing supporting portrayals, from a likable local sheriff (Sam Shepard), and his politically ambitious deputy (Noble Willingham), to the mysterious 'fiance' (Neve Campbell) Kavanaugh can't seem to remember, and the beautiful nurse (Amy Smart), he'd LIKE to know better, to a mysterious 'contact' (Faye Dunaway), who drifts in and out of his dreams, with missing pieces of the puzzle. Kilmer is, as always, eminently watchable, capturing both the innocent and unsavory sides of Kavanaugh very effectively, and making his climactic actions worth waiting for.

Of special note is the film score, written by the collective group of composers, Machine Head. Working with non-traditional instruments, the 'sound' is both musical and mysterious, and ideally suits the film's ambiguity.

"Blind Horizon" certainly deserves a look, as a film far better than it's ill-fated history would indicate. I enjoyed it, and I think you will, too!
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on July 6, 2013
Movie stars Val KIlmar, Neve Campbell,, Sam Shepard, Faye Dunaway. Val Kilmer plays Frank, who is left fror dead in the remote Southwest and is found clinging to life and in a state of amnesia. as he recovers, ominous memories began to flash back regarding a Presidential assassination. Sam Shepard plays the sheriff of the town where Frank is hospitalzed. Enter Neve Campbell who says she is his girlfiend. Well to make a long story short come to find out that Frank and is girlfriend are assassions and Faye Dunaway is the Head Honcho of this group of assassions. Their mission is the kill the president.
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on May 22, 2005
Choice. In the end, that is what this film comes down to. It is the ultimate moment in the climax when the choice is made... and... well, you'll have to watch it yourself to discover the 'next' part.

Val Kilmer play a great role, weaving in out from amnesia as well as sounding a bit slow on the uptake. When he becomes insistant that his attack has something to do with an upcomming presidential assination attempt, pieces of the puzzle begin to drop. Enter Neve Cambell, his fiancee although he does not remember her. She tries various things from pictures to talking to coax herself back into his memory but nothing seems to work. Not when he is focused on conspiracy.

Or the beatiful nurse... Amy Smart, who has taken a liking to him.

With several people involved in this smart thriller, the stakes are high. Yet, the suspense is what makes this movie the keeper. There isn't any real explosive action or violence. This film is more plot driven and relies on some character development to propel the action.

When the end approaches, it becomes clear who is who, and who everybody thought everyone else was is not as predicatable. With a stunning performance by Cambell, this film offers up really good jobs put in by an A and B list of actors.

While not so Blind to the viewer, Blind Horizon offers some thrilling insights into the confusion of the human mind.
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on March 20, 2011
I hunted this movie down for my own personal Kilmerfest, but it really grew on me. The characters are interesting, sometimes novel, and the writing and acting is strong enough to support rewatches to spend time with them. Decent popcorn movie.
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on August 24, 2009
This thriller has a great line up of stars from Val Kilmer, Sam Shepard, Neve Campbell, and Amy Smart.
The fine direction from Michael Haussman compliments things nicely. This movie is like a film noir.
It is dark and smoky, and this reflects the cloudy vision of Val Kilmer's character who has amnesia and is trying to figure out who he is and what has happened to him. He remembers something vaguely about this place, a border town, which seems to be in the middle of nowhere, and the President of the United States. Some things seem predictable, but then it takes a turn here and a turn there.
What struck me too was the soundtrack which is rich with textures.
Good stuff.
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on November 1, 2005
Blind Horizon

I bought "Blind Horizon" on DVD because Val Kilmer is one of my favorite actors.

Val Kilmer gives a great performance, as Frank, who suffers from amnesia after being shot. Not knowing anymore who you are must be really frightening. But the character he is playing is not the most likeable, so I couldn't really be sympathetic. There are no scenes that touch on human emotions, like in "Heat" or "Thunderheart", my two favorite Val Kilmer movies.

What makes the movie interesting and entertaining is its complicated plot, the many flash backs, twists and turns, the many questions it raises from the beginning on. I have to admit I needed a second viewing to finally understand most of it, to figure out all the connections between the different groups of people and the parts they are playing. Some questions may still be left open. This movie will keep you busy trying to put the puzzle together until the end.

There is also included the obligatory love story between Frank and Liz, the nurse, which is nice but for my taste this connection was not developed in a natural way, which makes it look a bit unbelievable. There is not a single scene where the two get closer, have some serious talk before she flings her arms around his neck and asks him to come with her.

There are a few more scenes that are quite unbelievable and strange. Like when Frank gets shot at the beginning of the movie he jumps from a fairly high cliff. Nobody can survive such a fall without any broken bones.

For my taste there is also too much smoking in this movie, quite inappropriate smoking, like when the nurse (Liz) smokes next to the patient (Frank), who is connected to oxygen and then barely puts out her cigarette in the chamber pot and leaves it there smoldering.

Later Frank tries to drink and smoke back his memory.

Anyway I recommend this movie to anybody who likes a complicated plot and do some serious thinking.

Another interesting movie with a quite complicated plot is "Mindhunters", which I enjoyed watching a lot.
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on February 5, 2014
Movie has all different kinds of players, your not sure who's on what side. I love movies with a twist at the need.
Good movie . Violence not for the kiddy's.
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on October 21, 2014
great suspense movie with two of my favorite actors
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BLIND HORIZON starts out remarkably well, establishing a deep sense of mystery and foreboding. Val Kilmer stars as a man found half dead in the desert, and who has amnesia and can't remember his past. However, he has flashes of memory that intimate the President of the US is going to be assassinated. Michael Haussman uses flashback scenes effectively, but after a while, the movie falls in on itself in its lack of substantiation for its actions. It's not hard to figure out why Kilmer must know this information, and it's also plain to see noirish Neve Campbell is not all she appears to be. The subplot of Noble Willingham (as Deputy Cash) and his illegal activities does little to enhance the plot and perennial Sheriff Sam Shepard tries hard to bring some life to his role, but the movie become simply ludicrous once the assassination plot's secrets are revealed. Just who is Faye Dunaway and what does she have to do with anything. So as not to spoil the movie's climactic moments, I can't go into the details as to why the movie fails, but up until that point, it's a tidy just doesn't end up being a good one.
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on September 5, 2005
He's shot on a remote arid pasture of New Mexico. Loses his memory. Wakes up on a hospital cot with all these flashes, you know, US president being assassinated by snipers and all that jazz. No one quite comprehends what White House has to do with this forlorn desert but that's the rote mystery of it all.

Intriguing setup? Well, borderline. But the execution is so flaky, so pseudo-MTV like, it annoys more than it entertains. Strange characters spring up periodically for no rhyme or reason, accompanied by high octane outbursts of sepia and B&W -- flashbacks one concludes.

All of which resolves into a painfully deja vu plot. Every time a clue comes up it feels like a stray clip from a Depeche Mode video. The experience is grating, not so much for all the adoloscent 'twists' up its sleeve, certainly not for a lack of top stars (Val Kilmer, Neve Campbell, Sam Shepard), but for its aesthetic predicated on sudden bass thumps and scattershot imagery.

In other words, a loud B-grade thriller that induces amnesia in its audience faster than its own protagonist could try and remember.
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