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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 25, 2014
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Can you actually start turning your health around in 10 days? Yes, you certainly can, and this book is an excellent guide to Hyman's popular and science-based plan to "resetting" your body and ridding it of toxins -- most especially sugar. Be warned: this plan goes far beyond diet alone. It is radical and time-consuming, and most people will find it a shocking change from their usual eating and living habits. But if you are ready to overcome easy habits in order to lose weight and improve your health, Hyman is an excellent guide. He walks you through the plan in great detail, explaining the science and rationale behind each facet of it. Hyman is both firm and upbeat, half doctor, half life coach. By the time you've finished this book, you'll be convinced of the menace of "diabesity" and rarin' to give up bad habits like sugary drinks and processed foods.

Dr. Hyman states his philosophy simply as "out with the bad and in with the good." The "bad" is sugar, gluten, grains, dairy, beans, processed foods, certain oils, alcohol and caffeine. The "good" is detoxing foods -- whole, unprocessed foods like fresh vegetable, proteins (fish, poultry, meat), and healthy fats. The plan goes beyond food, encompassing supplements, exercise, relaxation, "detox baths," journaling, and even a "media diet" designed to pull us away from our stressful screens.

The 10-day plan is described in great detail. You're not left to choose foods on your own; Hyman dictates what to eat and gives recipes. Each day of the plan has a specific theme and your day will be laid out by Hyman. Example themes: Day 1: Satisfy (your body's cravings for good food). Day 5: Listen (to what's going on in your heart and mind). He also provides a plan for "transitioning" off the detox phase, including reintroducing foods that you'd eliminated and evaluating whether they cause you problems.

Through it all, Hyman is almost ridiculously thorough. This is both a strength and a weakness of the book. The sheer amount of information he gives you, and the large amount of changes he's asking you to make at one time, could be overwhelming for some. So if you are considering this book, ask yourself: Am I the kind of person that likes everything explained and dictated to the utmost degree? If you are, this book will make you feel well taken care of, almost as if a kindly but firm parent were guiding you through every step of the way. If you are not, you may find the sheer all-encompassing quality of Hyman's plan overwhelming, since it goes far beyond changing your diet into changing nearly every aspect of your lifestyle, and many aspects of the plan (besides food) are quite time-consuming. And a plan with 10 facets is much easier to trip up on than a plan with one or two.

This plan can certainly be life-changing if you can work it. Personally, I preferred Hyman's Blood Sugar Solution, which provided a longer-term plan (6 weeks, which is more difficult but a more realistic time frame to see major changes in your health) and even more scientific background. If you're interested in whole-foods detox plans that don't encompass many lifestyle changes and supplements, and don't dictate specific meal plans, consider It Starts with Food which has a very similar 30-day plan (the "Whole 30"). If you are interested in learning more about the science and history behind how our society ended up plagued by junk foods and obesity, and why simple carbohydrates kill, pick up the superb Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

One thing to be aware of: This plan will not be cheap in terms of time or money. You will have to pay for and prepare whole, fresh foods, replacing the cheap processed junk that provides quick calories and little nutrition. You will have to pay for supplements. You may even need to buy kitchen supplies if you haven't been in the habit of cooking. But "health is wealth" -- and in any case, you could eat prime rib every day for far less than it costs to treat the ills of "diabesity" with blood pressure medication, cholesterol drugs, metformin, insulin, etc.

Ditching the toxic, processed, unnatural foods that our society pushes on us (with the government's help, as Hyman explains) and replacing them with the whole, nutritious foods our bodies were meant to have may be the most important change you ever make in your health. Hyman's 10-day plan is one way to make that change, and for many people, it will be just the right way.
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on March 13, 2014
Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase
Quickly I want to say- I am getting good results- but the first two days (especially day 2) is challenging - the body really wanted that sugar! I am not a coffee - tea or soda drinker so can't give any info on caffeine & not a smoker - so no details for that either- sorry.

I received this book quite quickly after it's release date. I started the program on Monday of this week and so far I am down 6 pounds after 3 full days. I like the recipes in the book although I am finding it difficult to follow the food plan exactly as all recipes are 4 servings and there are only 2 in my household - so leftovers can get out of hand if I let them. Also, I am not a breakfast drink person - so I do not like the texture of the morning drink I chose from page 267- the flavor is fine though. Also, I have been feeling a bit shaky after my half hour walk through the woods with my dog and the shake does not seem to help with that (drinking the shake after our walk) - so today I decided I would eat the turkey meatballs & slaw that were from lunch on day one as my breakfast and use the shake at lunch time - as the shake is huge and filling. So far so good this morning! One note about the slaw that goes with the yummy turkey meatballs- I did have to steam the red cabbage & greens a bit to make that slaw easier to eat - the directions make it look like they are just supposed to be mixed in the bowl with other ingredients but when I tried to eat it that way I felt like wild life chewing up somebody's garden!!

The detox bath has been helpful in regards to stabilizing my body temp especially at night - it has made it easier to sleep. I had seen a version of the detox bath a few days prior to hearing about this book so I was already doing that - the recommendation (at first viewing of the detox bath) was once a week- I needed to do it about every 3-4 days. When I got the book it says to do this daily- I am not a bath person so I am finding it difficult to do this on a daily basis- but I have. I am looking forward to the end of this daily bath when the 10 days of the program is over but I will continue to use this remedy 1-2 times per week. I do energy healing work for my job so I find the meditation is not difficult - I generally do that portion while in the detox bath. For those of you who do not meditate - 10 minutes can be a challenge- when I first started this type of practice I could only manage 30 seconds - 1 minute before I would find my mind wandering. Finally- I just decided to count to myself - it gives your mind something meaningless to concentrate on while letting other parts of the brain rest. If you can not do the 10 minutes don't worry- be gentle with yourself and do what you can-work your way up to 10 minutes.

I have by no means followed this book to the letter-so I can not say how much better my results would be if I had/would but I am happy with the results so far. I am learning some great new eating habits and herb combinations. I was mainly looking to detox because I have been having sinus, asthma and acid reflux issues for the past several months. I will say those areas while not 100% better after 3 full days have greatly improved!!

Upfront shopping costs are not great-but it has been worth every penny and then some. We spend money on crazy things that don't necessarily honour us and one thing I learned for the book "The Soul of Money" is to spend money in a way that hounours who we are as individuals and the money will be available 10 fold. Good luck on beginning your new healthy adventure!! Namaste-

PS-I did not purchase my supplements from the books website-I went to our food co-op and purchased what I did not have in my home. This was not cheap but it was less expensive than the 10 day supplement packet the website offers- also, my supplement selections will cover me for about a month.
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on May 27, 2014
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I'll put the summary upfront: using the principles and plans in the 10-Day Detox Diet, I lost 12 lbs in the first 10 days, a total of 21 lbs in the first 30 days and now 30 lbs total in the first 50 days. In addition, my overall feeling of health and my energy levels increased greatly.

A little about me: I'm in my mid-fifties and am a relatively big-framed guy who stands 6'1" and weighed 310 pounds when I started this plan. That was about 110 lbs overweight as my ideal weight is about 200 pounds (it's been a long time since I've been there so I'll let you know for sure when I get there).

This book was recommended to me by a life coach I was seeing. I purchased the 10-Day Detox Diet, read it thoroughly and loved the sound science and principles behind the ideas. Following the plans in the book, I prepped my refrigerator and pantry, purchased vitamin supplements and fiber pills, tapered back on Dove dark chocolates (my main addictive habit), picked the day I would start and jumped in.

I haven't felt hungry since.

Good things that have happened in the first 50 days: I lost 30 pounds and 1.5 inches off my neck and 3 inches off my waist (just a representative sample; I slimmed down in other places on my body as well). My cravings for fatty foods and sugar disappeared. I'm sleeping better, some nagging inflammation in my knees cleared up and my digestive elimination challenges cleared up. My patience increased for handling both my interpersonal relationships and life's little problems. I have more energy for work and throughout the day. My overall feeling of health improved greatly. I feel like, after all the efforts I have made to lose weight over the years and after all the ups and downs my weight has been through, I've finally found the right set of intellectual tools to approach eating. Feeling this good is motivation enough to keep me eating healthy for the rest of my life.

After about 20 days on the plan I also went back to Amazon and purchased Dr. Hyman's Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook to expand my access to additional recipes. Once I got the hang of how Dr. Hyman combines the ingredients for dishes and meals, I started experimenting with carefully modifying some recipes to tweak them for my own particular culinary preferences. If you use good common sense it's easy to mix and match ingredients and spices to tailor dishes and meals to your liking. I enjoy cooking and like to experiment in the kitchen. Your mileage may vary and the provided recipes are just fine the way they are presented. I'll keep doing this as long as my weight loss continues apace and my overall feeling of health stays strong. If I go too far afield, I'll just move back closer to the original recipes.

The real trick now is making sure I eat healthy over the long term. I already passed my first big test: a long overdue vacation at an ocean-side resort with lots of social interaction and eating out at restaurants. During the short trip I managed to lose 5 lbs instead of gaining weight as I likely would have in the past. Once again, I feel like I have the tools I need in Dr. Hyman's program to handle all situations.

Side note: I did a sleep study three months ago and was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Many overweight people who snore loudly like me have sleep apnea and don't know it. Since I was tested, and prior to starting the 10-Day Detox diet, I started on a CPAP machine and have been diligent about using it so I credit this with also helping me to have the energy to face up to my dietary challenges. I think it would have been much more difficult to lose weight without also dealing with this condition first.

I believe good health is a combination of restful sleep, breathing fresh air, drinking lots of fresh water, eating healthy food of high quality, mitigating stress and exercising regularly. I feel I have the other items in order and now I will tackle the stress and regular exercise portions.

Best of luck on your particular journey toward health. The 10-Day Detox Diet continues to work well for me, perhaps it will work for you too. Highly recommended.

Update July 2014: In the first 100 days I have lost 44 lbs and feel great. I'm sticking with the principles laid out in Dr. Hyman's books as they are working well for me.

Update September 2014: I hit my halfway point and I'm now down 55 lbs. This feels great as I've struggled with my weight most of my adult life. Best of all, others around me have taken inspiration. One person I know has lost over 40 pounds in the last three months just by utilizing information from Dr. Hyman's books that we talked about and is now at his ultimate goal weight and is very trim! I'll get there too. The key for me is that I don't feel deprived. I eat plenty of good food but now just the food that is good for me. The rate of my weight loss has slowed but is still steady. I now need to concentrate on making regular exercise a part of my life.

Update January 2015: My weight loss has plateaued at 55 lbs down for the last 4 months and I still have 55 lbs more to lose. I just saw my cardiologist and he is very happy with my progress and my blood work showed huge improvement from before I started this lifestyle change to now. To continue my weight loss I need to trim back my portion sizes a little and start exercising consistently. I'm confident I'll get to my goal weight of 200 lbs or less in 2015. I'm sticking with Dr. Hyman's program.
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on July 29, 2014
Format: Hardcover
I would give this 5 stars except for a few things. My biggest turn-off was the suggestion of taking the PGX fiber supplement. For someone who is encouraging people to eat naturally, well, I've never seen PGX growning on a bush or tree. It's man-made in a factory...the same thing he is telling you to avoid. Of course, there are a few other packaged things that are allowed (Dijon mustard, for instance), which can leave some people confused about the "rules" of what you can and cannot have. But the thing to remember is to look at the ingredients. Stay away from anything that has ANY type of sugar (sucrose, fructose, etc.) in it.

But I will get on to my overall review...

I chose the Whole Food Protein Smoothie for breakfast. Flavor-wise, it's not the most appealing when you're not used to it. The first morning we (my husband and I) drank it, we both felt nauseous afterwards. I'm not sure if it was because that was a lot of smoothie to drink so early in the morning or what. The next day I tried a different smoothie, but we liked that one even less so we went back to the Whole Food Protein Smoothie. As each day progressed, I didn't mind the flavor as much and I definitely liked how it made me feel. My husband, however, never grew to liking the flavor of it and mildly complained every morning as he drank it. I can actually see myself drinking these every day now. So, if you don't like it the first day, stick with it.

We opted for raw almonds for our mid-morning snack (and sometimes a few macadamia nuts)

For lunches, I alternated between the salad and chicken soup options. I have never been a salad person (or a soup person) but I liked how I felt eating healthier so I started to look forward to them. Our salad dressings were just a mix of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper (and sometimes some Dijon mustard).

Afternoon snack of veggies with a spread...I tried two kinds. The Olive Tapenade (good but garlicky) and the Tomato one (didn't like it, dumped it down the sink)

We enjoyed all of the dinners except for the Steamed Snapper with Ginger and Scallions. That one had an odd flavor, but everything else was really good. The dinners were pretty simple to make and I was surprised how good they tasted, even when I was leery about the combination of ingredients.

Fiber Supplements - I opted not to take the PGX Fiber as I felt the veggies would give me plenty of fiber in my diet. I was never hungry so I didn't feel I missed anything by not taking it.

Vitamins - instead of buying a ton of vitamins, I purchased the Nature Made Diabetes Health pack. For about $20, you get a 60-day supply and it covers most of what the book says to take. I only took vitamins in the morning after my smoothie.

Detox bath - I took them most of the 10 days, but my tub is small and when time was short, I would skip it. The first bath on the first night was the best, though....slept like a baby the whole night!

Rash - I did get a rash under my left armpit (kind of on the outside of my breast). It never itched, but felt kind of raw like if you had chaffed. I googled it and found that it might be caused by toxins leaving the body. It is almost all gone now. I put some anti-chaffing cream on it just to sooth it when I had clothes on.

Exercise - I rode the recumbent bike 30 min every day. I did my exercise after work since mornings are not very convenient for my schedule.

Journal - I read the questions, but I just couldn't take it very serious. It was too hokey for me.

Measurements - I think taking your measurements on a daily basis is overkill. I took them before I started and after the 10 days. I lost about 1.5 inches overall.

Breathing - I didn't do the breathing exercises. Not because I don't believe in them, but because they were a low priority and I wanted some time in the evenings to just veg on the couch.

Time - this diet takes a lot of your time. I am used to being in the kitchen a lot, but this took waaaaaay more time that normal. That being said, I do think the extra effort is worth it.

Cost - There is no denying this diet is expensive. I spent over $300 trying to purchase food for the first 10 days of the diet. Granted, some of those items will carry over into more than the 7 days, but no one can say this diet is cheap. Again, that being said, I think the extra cost is worth it. Our second trip to the store (going back on it again) was $200 for the 2 of us.

Final Thoughts - in the book, he admits that he uses the 10 days to trick you into wanting to make this more of a life-long way of eating. I felt sooooo good at the end of the 10 days that I consider myself totally "tricked" into wanting to eat like this long-term. I do want to find ways to cut the costs of the foods down so that it's not as expensive. And I need to figure out a good way to handle eating away from home. After the 10 days were up, we went on a 3-day weekend family reunion. I was at the mercy of what was offered for food and the choices were pretty much all foods that are not allowed (cereal, milk, muffins, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, desserts) and I totally derailed all efforts from the previous 10 days. I felt so depressed when I got home (not only from gaining the weight back but also from eating the crappy food) and I just wanted to get back to eating healthy. I was up until 11pm last night making chicken soup, cooking chicken for our salads, washing veggies, etc. I am now addicted to feeling good rather than sugar.

You may think that this diet is not do-able. And for some, it might not be. But I am sure that if you do follow it, you will feel so much better. But if nothing else, start cutting out the crap in your diet. Get rid of your coffee drinks, your sodas, your fake sugar and real sugar, over-processed foods, etc. It's poison for your body. Can't live without your caffeine? Actually, you can....yes, you will yawn for a few days, but your body will re-adjust.

As for Dr. Hyman....I wish he wasn't in cahoots with Dr. Oz (can't stand that guy!) and that he wasn't trying to gouge your pocket book at every turn. But he's just trying to make a buck so use your brain and take the good from what he is offering. He makes a lot of claims, and even though he quotes sources for many of them, if you google his name and the word "scam" you will find a lot of people debunking him. Don't be a mindless sheep just following and believing every word he says. It's all a lot of hype. However, if you eat like he tells you to, you will lose weight and you will feel better.

And to all the people who are trying to find loopholes in this diet so you can still have all the things you are addicted to, BUCK UP and just give it 10 days and see how great you feel without all that crap in your body. Don't try to supplement the smoothies for some pre-mixed thing. Don't kid yourself that Stevia is okay (it's not). Just eat what he tells you to. No substitutions.

And here a few tips that I learned:
1. Pre-measure your nuts and seeds for your smoothie and put them in snack baggies (or container of your choice) to save time in the mornings. You can re-use the baggies.
2. Make a double batch of the soup and then bag up individual portions and freeze s
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Format: Hardcover
IMO, the state of our food and health in American is at a critical state, and addressing blood sugar should be at the forefront of Preventative medicine. Many Americans (like myself) come from immigrant families who are seeing rampant high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes and at younger ages.

This is the second book by Dr. Hyman I have read, the first being The Blood Sugar Solution. Both books deal with blood sugar, diabetes, pre-diabetes, overall health/fitness, and the SAD (Standard American Diet) most Americans eat everyday. This time, he gives a jump-start plan for 10 days--which feels very do-able vs. a complete diet change. Dr. Hyman includes studies and facts to back up WHY blood sugar is such an issue for many people, for example, why eating high fructose corn syrup is toxic to our digestive system and overall health.

What I Like about the Blood Sugar 10-Day Detox:

1. I can do anything for 10-days. I have tried different popular diets like Low Carb, paleo, vegetarian/vegan etc. myself and I have been able to sustain the diet for about 2 years or so. The hardest part _always_ is the first 10-14 days. The book has ALOT of guidelines, but they are well-organized and logically presented so you can follow along with the book as you go (rather than read the whole thing and try to keep track of all the new rules).

2. There is a basic plan and an advanced plan, so you can choose how drastic or "gungho" you want to be in order to fit your lifestyle. As a mom and business-owner, it can be a real challenge to make a drastic diet change for yourself.
You mom's know that if you take on a diet or detox plan, you will be buying groceries and cooking for 2 different dinners every night. I've done it and it gets old over the long term.

3. The extras tips Dr. Hyman gives to get a good night's sleep (the ultra detox bath) and exercising properly for strength and calorie burn are helpful and easy to incorporate.

4. If you are doing gluten-free, paleo or low carb already, you will have less of a problem adjusting to this 10-day plan.

Where I have a problem:

1. This is not going to be cheap. He includes vitamins and supplements as part of the plan. I think this is an important component, but it adds to the overall cost, especially if you want to continue beyond 10-days.

2. The recipes look really good, but he recommends you eat organic foods, free-range chicken and "wild-caught fish" a well as nut butters, nuts, hemp, chia seed etc. These are great foods, however you can expect to pay double or more for organic. Almond butter (which I adore) is pricey. My local natural grocery has a special on raw creamy nut butter for $13.49 for a 16 oz jar. Raw nuts can range from $7-12 a pound, wild-caught salmon around here is $8 per pound. If you are putting your whole family on this diet, be prepared for a big grocery bill for a couple weeks.

3. The book is really focused on 10-days, but that's not life changing--and it's probably not enough time for a long-term impact on blood sugar levels and a life-style change.

4. The supplements you can buy on sale on your own, but I'm leery where Dr. Hyman mentions you can buy your supplements from his website for the basic or advanced plan. That's convenient (and I think
a conflict of interest) but it'll set you back $140 a _month_ for the basic supplements or $290 for the advanced plan supplement kit per MONTH.

To do this plan according to the recommendations and the supplements offered at the site, you need a good amount of disposable income. However, I think it's possible to buy your own supplements for less, and to work this diet according to your budget if you plan ahead. You will need to consider how to continue AFTER the 10 days is up. It doesn't make sense to go back to your old eating and lifestyle after the detox.

That said, I like the information in this book. It's an important topic, it's information you can take and adjust to your lifestyle, long term eating and your own budget. It's not a long-term solution but a good overall jumpstart for those who need it. And some of the ideas and tips you can take with you going forward towards good health.
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on November 24, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I wish these career celebrity doctors would come down to earth and try to walk a mile in our shoes. This is not a diet for your every day person. It's very difficult to follow, time consuming, unsustainable over the long haul, and expensive. I found the reading to be repetitious and confusing. Personally I feel it's a conflict of interest when these doctors use their books to promote their own brand of supplements. Save your money and do a little research. You don't need expensive supplements to be healthy. If you want to try a more realistic program, I highly recommend the book called "It Starts With Food". For that matter you don't even have to buy the book to do the program. Just Google "The Whole 30" and visit their website. You will find a section where you can download the basic plan and if you join their forum you will get LOTS of support. Just read the reviews on the book and talk with some of the people who have been through the program. It's been life changing and people of all ages and from every walk of life are reporting significant improvement in their health saying that it's been life changing. You don't have to spend a fortune on expensive supplements and foods. As long as you follow their guidelines (which are basically Paleo) you can eat anything you want from your pantry, and for pity sake, if you must buy supplements, there are plenty of companies out there that offer supplementation much more affordable then what some of these celebrity doctors try to pawn off on us. Try the Puritan's Pride website and you will find some great deals there. Save your money and just follow common sense: Eat mostly plants, lean proteins, healthy fats and cut back on carbs and sugars. Watch your portions and do some form of exercise every day. Best of luck.
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on April 17, 2014
Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase
I've gone through all 10 days and am now starting the "Adventurous Plan" - one of the plans recommended after the detox. I've read other reviews on here who didn't like the book, and I'd like to point a few things out:

1. You DON'T have to buy all the supplements directly from Dr. Hyman. I bought all of mine at the local store for cheaper. Don't fault Dr. Hyman for making money on an program he believes in wholeheartedly. We would all do it if given the chance. Bravo to him!

2. You CAN do this detox and have a busy life. I have 3 young kids at home and followed this program to the letter. I even got my family involved with cooking and teaching them about benefits of eating healthy.

3. This program WON'T break the bank anymore than buying a ton of processed foods. How much is it to buy a bag mixed veggies to sautee with some chicken breast? Not much. And basically, that's the jest of every single meal: lean protein and non-starchy veggies with a little added fat.

I have felt horrible for months with fogginess, memory loss, and extreme fatigue. I'd already taken gluten and coffee out of my diet in desperate attempts to find the root cause of my symptoms when traditional doctors haven't been able to find anything wrong with me. Within 3 days of this detox, I felt more clarity and energy than I have had in months. My hunch that sugar (possibly Candida) was the culprit turns out to be a good hunch and step toward healing myself. Had I not taken control of my own health, thanks to the help of Dr. Hyman's book, I very well could have ended up with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I frankly REFUSED to allow to happen.

I am a psychotherapist who feels passionate about health throughout the mind and body, and I highly recommend this book.
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on February 25, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
What if you could find a life-long nutrition and diet plan on which you (as a food lover…that’s me!) would not feel hungry or deprived, and yet would allow you to shed those accumulated pounds that cause daily frustration and inspire cries of, “Be gone from my body! Sheesh!”

Well- I did in Mark Hyman's detox diet- and having started via a galley of the book sent to me- I'm 6 weeks in and I've lost 16 pounds. Which for me counts as almost miraculous. Plus, I don't feel hungry or deprived - at all.

As I enter my fifties, I found myself gaining quite a few of these deeply hated pounds, which I could -- depending on the day and my outlook -- blame on traveling non-stop as the CEO of an entrepreneurial company, a slowing, aging metabolism, not getting enough exercise, bad genes, going through menopause, or something mysterious about the mostly “good” foods I ate clinging to my hips and belly with the relentlessness of duct tape.

So when I got a press outreach about this, I jumped at the chance to participate in the beta group for the book’s plan. Given that Mark Hyman formerly served as co-medical director of Canyon Ranch, founded the Institute for Functional Medicine, and has been a four-time New York Times bestselling author most notably with his book The Blood Sugar Solution, I figured he must have an expertise worth taking seriously. Plus, the outreach came with raves for his work from everyone from Arianna Huffington to Dr. Oz to President Clinton. That got my attention.

The diet was set to start the third week in January, and so I plunged just after New Year’s into reading. I found myself mesmerized with the smart, accessibly explained and brilliant insights about how our bodies and metabolisms work. I loved the sheer heft of the science behind it, along with his preposterous sounding, completely confident claim that by reconfiguring the foods we eat to better align to our core body’s chemistry and removing known allergens and toxins from our diets, that we would shed significant weight as well as feel more energized and clear thinking than we had in years.

Wow! With so many promises, I went looking for a whopper of a footnote disclaimer, but found none. But he had my full attention. What could possibly exact such dramatic change, and do so just in 10 days? My intellectual side kicked into gear, keenly -- and quite honestly, pessimistically -- ready to read what he believed to generate such a dramatic transformation.

So first, here’s a list of the 8 core premises on which Dr. Hyman bases his detox plan:
1. Throw out all the old clichés you’ve heard about losing weight and focus on the fact that sugar, and anything that turns to sugar in your body, is your No. 1 enemy.
2. As an integrated, interdependent system, what makes your body sick also makes you fat, and vice versa in that what makes you fat also makes you sick.
3. Chief arch villain: Sugar. And it has sweet-talked its way into practically everything, especially processed foods.
4. Sugar proves more addictive than cocaine (rats addicted to cocaine chose sugar water over cocaine in a study as an example), not to mention alcohol and heroin.
5. To break an addiction, you must eliminate the substance completely. No one on alcohol detox goes on a one-drink-a-day plan.
6. Overly sweet foods ignite our primitive brain, and just like storing weight for the hard months of winter, we’re programmed to eat a lot of them and store the excess calories as belly fat. I just love this line, “What saved us as hunter-gatherers is killing us now.” The belly fat does not get used up during lean times, and becomes lethal.
7. Artificial sweeteners of any kind are out: they’re even more addictive than sugar. And yes, you can get fat on Diet Coke. Artificially sweetened beverages increase your cravings and thus cause you to eat more food. Plus, they trick your metabolism into thinking sugar’s on the way, and your body ramps up its insulin production resulting in more stored belly fat.
8. You’ve got to break free by cooking your own food, with easy-to-follow recipes that allow you to cut out the sugar. In doing so, you repair your biology that has been damaged by sugar and processed foods— having become by eating them in excess both insulin resistant (having to pump out more insulin as your body seeks to keep your blood sugar normal) and leptin resistant (your body stops accurately reading its appetite-suppressing hormone of leptin which it naturally produces and this results in your body thinking you’re starving while you’ve actually just had a huge meal.) But wait, there’s more! Your dopamine receptors also decrease, which means you need more and more sugar to get the same amount of pleasure from it.

First and foremost, and right after reading the book, I realized that in order to do the detox, I had to seriously wean myself off of coffee, wine, diet drinks, and artificial sugar. I gave myself two weeks to do this slowly because I realized that my addictions to each of these ran deep. And by doing it slowly, I was able to curb the headaches from lack of caffeine and longing sighs of wanting a good glass of bold red wine to cap off a hectic, stressful day at the office. It takes a serious commitment to give addictive foods up. And that list piles up for those of us with so-called “normal” diets of today, which as Dr. Hyman points out, actually prove completely abnormal to our body’s biology.

I next had to seriously change up my ingredients for this diet. I went on a pantry hunt and found grams of sugar in most everything, all of which got promptly got pushed to the lower shelves for the kids. I went on shopping expeditions to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and a local farmer’s market to find key ingredients: from hemp and chia seeds, to brazil nuts, almond milk, and almond butter. All oils but extra virgin olive oil got banished. I searched the labels of every jar and dressing the fridge, shocked at how much sugar most contained, and these too got consigned to lower shelves. I went on to find harder to source ingredients like extra virgin coconut butter and hempseed milk.

At first, it seems daunting. You’re giving up so much. And each of has a special weak spot that we cannot imagine going without: be that bread, or in my case, coffee. I had to totally reconfigure my diet. I discovered really cool ingredients like miso and tahini that contain no sugar and can be used for everything from glazing fresh, seared salmon to mixing into lean pork meatballs with diced red onions. Dr. Hyman does all the prep work for you with set recipes and menus for the 10-Day Detox that you can easily shop for and make yourself.

Wow! I’m feeling great, and 4 weeks later I’m still going strong. Well, make that 6 weeks as I started a partial version of the detox diet starting in early January. You’ve got many choices at the end of the detox about how to reintroduce some of the common allergens, add back in healthy grains and beans. Me? I’m sticking the detox diet itself and I’m designating the wondrous Dr. Hyman as my new diet doc. I’m positive you should too -- plus, I’ve already convinced a serious number of my friends and colleagues to start the detox…it’s just that good. Actually, it’s a lifetime of good – it’s exhilarating!!
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Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Hello, my name's Jan and I'm a sweets-aholic....

There are enough reviews on here telling about what's all in the book, so here's my experience using it....

It's the evening of day 6 and when I weighed myself this morning, the scale read 8 pounds less than when I started - that's 8 pounds in 5 days! And I haven't 'cheated' once. The thing I miss the most, believe it or not, is chewing gum! Strange, I know. Dr. Hyman says NO sweeteners of ANY kind... so I even gave up chewing gum! My body feels so much better. The brain fog I didn't even realize I was in, has lifted, my energy has returned and the cravings continue to diminish. And I have found other ways to satisfy that need to stuff myself with sugar - exercise, meditation, and EFT.

There were a couple of days that were definitely more difficult than others, but the book warns about that, and gives some remedies for those down days. It has actually been a LOT easier than I thought it would be. Any time I thought about quitting sweets before, I got that panicky feeling, but now, thinking about not going back, I'm OK with it. Just gotta take it one day at a time, right?

The foods ARE more expensive, and it DOES take longer to cook than just going out for a burger... BUT, the trade off is your health. And we did not go totally organic, but we did try to buy as much organic as we could find and afford.

Oh, and as for the supplements - I didn't buy them all, but the ones I did buy I got cheaper on amazon! I highly recommend the PGX, though. I dislike taking it, because of the consistency, but it has definitely helped curb my appetite. (The more water you drink after you take it, the better I found it suppresses it). And I will continue to take the PGX after my 10 days are up. AND more importantly, I will continue to eat this way. That's one of the best things about this book, the diet is sustainable. I CAN continue to eat this way and keep getting healthier and healthier! And THAT is why I would recommend this book to anyone! Good health!
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on February 28, 2014
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I read the other reviews and people have legitimate concerns. After I signed up on their website, I started to get e-mails from Dr. Hyman to buy this and that - not thrilled. However, I feel both his science and his solution are the real deal. I know first hand the insidious nature of sugar addiction. In am 65 years old, morbidly obese, and full of both despair about my situation but hope about the solution. As far as the cost, I have three comments: First, I buy my supplements from You can get them cheaper there. Secondly, when I think of all the money I have spent in my lifetime on junk food, the cost definitely gets into perspective. Third, when you come across something you think can save your life, well, I weighed the value of my life against the cost of the program, and get what won. I'm worth it. I start the program in two days and will do it exactly as outlined. Anyone who cares to comment - wish me luck - I welcome the support.
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