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In reply to an earlier post on Sep 6, 2010 11:33:21 PM PDT
Yeah, i got the mail with that re: also.
That's part of why i came to J-o-L's defense a bit i think.
Since i posted- i've been looking over my dvds & i see many that are so close to a 3 hour mark- but just shy of it.

But even with my very 1st version of the dvd "The Color Purple"- before it had been re-issued i had to flip it & i was ok with that. Piss me off? HELL YEAH! LOL But still didn't stop me from enjoying it nonetheless. Now it plays in one chunk & looks better as well- even tho Spielberg is still holding out on some deleted scenes! grrr..
but i digress....

As for the dvd of "Grindhouse" - i'm sure they will work something out depending on how well the BR might be received. The original reception of the movie in general was not favorable unfortunately. Perhaps if the Blu Ray does well it'll make it to dvd... or maybe they need to figure out how to do it. If they can play it on Starz! and Starz! On Demand- they can put it on dvd, really!

I still want my "Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair" released as promised years ago ~;oP

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 6, 2010 11:39:23 PM PDT
DeAd MiKe says:
I do sympathize with you. Most 3+ hour films don't look very good on DVD (once you get used to Blu-ray), but since the picture quality of these films was purposely degraded, it wouldn't matter AS MUCH if it had some compression artifacts on the DVD as it would if the picture quality was meant to be pristine. This was the wrong film to be Blu-ray only. Having said that, Blu-ray has been around for about 5 years and it is excellent, and you can get great players for around $100, so I see no reason why avid film watchers haven't upgraded yet.

I'm fairly sure the Special Edition of Avatar that's coming to Blu-ray in a couple of months (with 16 extra minutes, plus 45 minutes of unfinished deleted scenes) will be Blu-ray only. THAT, I can totally understand.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 6, 2010 11:52:55 PM PDT
Wait, you misunderstand, me thinx! lol
I have Blu Ray in the form of my Playstation 3- so i'm groovy as far as that goes. In fact, my dvds look too awesome on it & i really enjoy that benefit. So yes- i have Grindhouse on pre-order.

I still buy dvds though- depending on the title. If it's something brand new or that's fx driven or fx specific i go for Blu Ray- but if it's one of my regular fave flix that fx don't matter much- i still buy dvd. Or with tv series i have collected on dvd.

So i was mainly just speaking out for J-o-L & others that may come along that do not have BR.
I LOVE my PS3 & i think it's the best purchase i've made since my Dell hd tv. I use a 1480 (?) HDMI cable so my picture quality is outstanding- not to mention my neighbors hate me when i play a good loud movie. This one will surely bother them i hope! heh.
Won't be the first time they've heard GH blasting out of this apartment, that's for sure!

Posted on Sep 10, 2010 3:19:01 PM PDT
Ph0lly says:
How are they supposed to make a DVD version of this, it wouldn't fit on the disc without a lot of compression. Move on to Blu-Ray, the players are cheap now and they play standard DVD's and have many other features like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon VOD and other video services.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2010 3:29:33 PM PDT
There are some reasonably priced BR players out there now- as opposed to when it was a new format. And many Blu Ray discs are now the same exact price as the dvds are- where as they used to always cost a bit more.

I love my Blu Ray player (via Playstation 3- which is NOT an example of a cheaper way to go by the way lol) and once again to reiterate- even your regular dvds will have a whole new look that will wow you. So- you don't have to start your collection completely over from scratch.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 14, 2010 5:00:52 PM PDT
exorcissy72 says:
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In reply to an earlier post on Sep 15, 2010 1:22:02 AM PDT
DeAd MiKe says:
"Actually at this point if you haven't upgraded it's not worth doing, because physical media is going to die sooner than everyone expects it to."

- LOL says who? Microsoft? Physical media will be around for a long, long time. Hell, CDs are still competing with MP3s! CDs!!! You think this country (as well as the rest of the world) can just go ahead and download 30-40 gigs of HD quality media per film, every time they purchase a film? Ahahaha! Hell no. People who care about quality are already used to Blu-ray. We want our 30-50 gigs worth of quality when we watch our purchased films. We want pure 1080p video and lossless master audio. Being able to easily download that any time you want to purchase a film... is not going to happen for a loooooooong time. In addition, we like owning discs and having collections - and the ability to loan discs to people. The digital downloads that you can purchase from places like Zune or whatever, are usually upscaled 720p video with Dolby Digital audio - not pure 1080p with lossless master audio - and they're all DRM-ridden which makes it feel like you don't even own the product. Hell, cable companies can't even transmit 1080p yet. Physical media isn't going anywhere.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 15, 2010 2:46:30 PM PDT
I know, Mike. I totally agree. Was reading this post and was like "What the bloody hell is this person even talking about" lol.
Hmm.. if physical media is going to die- does that include our pcs, our iPods- ALL of it? That is physical media. I still buy cds, i still buy dvds AND Blu Ray discs. And (horrors) i still actually BUY books! You know- the ones you hold in your hand and turn the pages to? Yes- those.
Physical media is far from dead i hate to inform ya, Exo. And so help me if you bring this to some sort of point about 2012- i may just throw up a bit.

Posted on Sep 20, 2010 10:26:07 AM PDT
EdM says:
I would point out that for someone who absolutely HAS to have a DVD version, they can have it from Amazon:
Grindhouse Limited Edition 6-DVD Boxset: Grind House + Planet Terror + Death Proof (Japanese Import)

"Grindhouse Limited Edition 6-DVD Boxset: Grind House + Planet Terror + Death Proof (Japanese Import) [Region 2]"

We don't know for sure, but there is a similarity in design of the cover/case of this DVD version with the BD version.
Grindhouse (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]

It is possible that they both will be issued at about the same time. It is also possible that the industry, in hopes of encouraging people to upgrade to Blu-ray, will present the Blu-ray version first, or maybe only in Blu. As "Black Friday" is not too far off, with even better deals for BD players, the players themselves will be even more affordable. It is also notable that the DVD edition has 6 DVDs, while the BD version has only 2 BDs, but 6 DVDs have significantly less storage space than 2 BDs, which space the BD version uses for its better quality. [You don't get something for nothing.]

In any event, technology does improve, and one is hard put to find any 8 track tapes these days, as an example. It is the way of the world. In any event, as Blu-ray disc players play regular DVDs just fine, or even better than do normal DVD players because of the improved circuitry of more modern electronic devices, plus the _possibility_ of upscaling improving things even further ...

I must report that I was using a pretty high quality, ~$1000 Sony ES9100 DVD player, and I had no idea of the possibilities for improved playing of the same DVDs until I got my first BD player, a modest Sony BD player. With my latest player, the OPPO BDP-83, the same old DVDs "got even better" due to the even better upscaling of that model. The improved audio decoding is an important part of that, whether for DVDs, BDs, CDs, and most other audio or A/V disc formats.

I have no doubt that BD players will be available by Black Friday for only $50 [give or take], as they met this price level last year. However, this year's models will probably be improved compared last year's $50 players, just as today's computers are better than last year's computers. So, I invite those with only DVD players to consider moving up to BD to play your DVDs, regardless of whether you purchase BDs or DVDs in the future. Your existing DVD library will still be as good as, and probably even better than, it ever was. You won't be sorry.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 28, 2010 8:13:41 PM PDT
Nick Castle says:
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In reply to an earlier post on Sep 28, 2010 8:51:54 PM PDT
DeAd MiKe says:
I have a little over 600 DVDs (including TV series). Several of my friends have more than me There absolutely ARE that many good movies, and they are worth watching more than once. You make it sound like he watches all 700 of them in a row or something. Over the course of a lifetime, that's really not that much for a movie lover. Some people strictly purchase instead of rent, so there ya go.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 29, 2010 3:28:42 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 29, 2010 3:31:24 PM PDT
Uh, try to wrap your mind around this.. but some people *collect* movies.. so they can have a "Movie Collection" Hello! Not everyone may have the same non-interest in movies as you.
I've never counted mine myself- but it's a sizeable collection and i know many people who have tons more than i do- as Mike says.
Your remark does nothing to add to this conversation other than being snarky.
Ask Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez how many dvds are in their collection. I guarantee you it is far more than 700.
Just my not so humble two cents again.

Posted on Sep 30, 2010 2:37:40 PM PDT
J. Brown says:
Moral of the story, you want a premium disc, you're going to have to upgrade to Blu. This isn't the first and won't be the last feature that utilizes all or most of a 50 GB Blu disc. Sometimes the truth is harsh.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 30, 2010 3:18:34 PM PDT
I do agree- the upgrade is inevitable.
However- as a huge fan of this movie.. *if* i only had a dvd player with NO option of otherwise- i'd settle for a flip disc or even a 2nd disc.
Might break the continuity of the movie a bit- but if you're a big enough fan of the material, you don't mind so much. It'd be a pain in the butt- yes- but i'd live with it if that's all i had.

For now- i will gladly enjoy my Blu Ray and DVD both in conjunction. And am thankful enough to be fortunate to be able to do so.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 30, 2010 9:02:33 PM PDT
Thomas Hall says:
How do you know what will not come out on blu ray? Classic movies look better on blu ray.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 1, 2010 6:47:19 AM PDT
good for you DeAd Mike I own over 2000 Dvd's and another few hundred on VHS that were never released.
I'm a film lover as well as a film editor so If I'm not watching film for enjoyment I'm scanning thru them for
reference The film medium has only been around for over a hundred years so of course there will always be
new movies to watch as well as old ones that your familiar with be it Westerns,Sci-fi,musicals,horror,Drama
Action,Adventure,Fantasy, Ex, Sex or Blaxploitation A person's film collection represents something they like
and are proud of to be able to enjoy anytime they want.

Posted on Oct 5, 2010 11:32:57 AM PDT
Dyrn Czantor says:
If it's not coming out on DVD, I'm not buying it on disc.

Blu-Ray is pretty, but it's a transitional format with a lot of limitations and not worth the investment, IMHO.

Posted on Oct 5, 2010 1:17:04 PM PDT
Not American says:
2 quick things:

1) I don't know about the USA, but in Canada "Grindhouse (Theatrical Version)" was released today on Blu-Ray AND DVD. What surprised the crap out of me was that the prices at my local HMV were lower than Amazon's prices! But, because I didn't actually SEE the DVD *OR* Blu-Ray, it's a distinctive possibility that...

2) ... they released it in Canada sans extras. I said before that I would NEVER by a Blu-Ray, unless it had extras (that I wanted) not available on the DVD. But now it's the opposite. 90% of Blu-Ray's in Canada are under $12, because there's nothing special about them. The frickin' *DVD* releases of recent movies have more extras than the Blu-Ray. Apparently it's something to do with Alliance (a studio/distributor which, coincidentially, distributes about 90% of movies to Canadians) - they are convinced that Blu-Ray is going to die off soon, so they said, "Screw it. Why waste money & time on extras? Let's put out these Blu-Ray's for $9.99 a pop, and just put the movie on it." Or so I've heard. But there's gotta be SOME reason that Americans can get Blu-Ray discs the way they've always been advertised (i.e. - "B-R is the ultimate in sound, picture, and features!"), and we get screwed. But, like I said, just gives me one more reason NOT to buy Blu-Rays.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 6, 2010 4:57:45 PM PDT
Moray says:
inet has it on DVD for $17

Posted on Oct 8, 2010 11:50:58 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 9, 2010 12:16:05 AM PDT
For what it's worth, I've seen name-brand Blu-ray players selling in electronics stores here in New York for as low as $100 (occasionally slightly below if on sale). I know that $100 is still a lot of money to some, but all things considered, that's pretty damn cheap.

I got my Insignia player (that's Best Buy's brand) for $150 a year ago this month, and there was a damn good deal attached to it: Monsters Vs. Aliens on Blu for $5 with purchase (this being the same week it came out, so it was "new release" as you could get). On top of that, a free B.O.B. alien plushie with purchase of the Blu. That's what finally prompted me to buy a Blu-ray player. Up until that point, I wasn't seeing them for any lower than $200, which was too high for me.

I still buy DVDs, and not just titles that aren't available on Blu. My decision is primarily made based on what film it is, and what the price and bonus features are between the DVD and Blu. If Blu has more bonus features for only a few dollars more, I'd probably get the Blu.

@Not American - My local supermarket here in New York carries some imported Canadian DVDs and Blu-rays (they just got the Blu last month). Although I don't care for the bilingual packaging, I've bought many Canadian DVDs and Blu-rays. Not everything Alliance puts out on Blu is without bonus features. I think it all depends upon what's on the master that the American studio gives them. The Alliance-released Blu-rays that I own - Coraline (2-Disc, Blu & DVD), Diary of the Dead, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Lucky Number Slevin, Planet Terror (2-Disc), 17 Again, Shaun of the Dead, Wedding Crashers, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno - all have a healthy amount of bonus features equal to their American counterparts.

Only the Alliance-released Blu-ray of The Faculty is without bonus features, but it was never released on Blu in the States at all, and the DVD release from the late 1990s is 4:3 Letterbox with only a trailer as a bonus feature (source: So I consider the Alliance Blu to be the "definitive" Region 1 release of the movie for the time being. Maybe Dimension Films will see fit to cash in on Robert Rogriguez's fame and give the film a Special Edition Blu-ray Region 1 release with the extras that are on foreign DVDs, and maybe new extras, too.

With all of that said, not all Alliance-released Blu-rays have the bonus features that the DVDs releases contain. I passed on a few titles in my local supermarket that I know have lots of bonus features on the DVD releases:
* The Kevin Smith films Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Chasing Amy (just about any Kevin Smith film has tons of bonus features on DVD, so if I see a barebone Blu of one of his films, I'll pass on it)
* Robert Rogriguez's Sharkboy and Lavagirl (my father owns the DVD, which had 2D & 3D versions plus some bonus features - none of which are on the Alliance Blu)
* Seven (which New Line just released on Blu with all of the DVD bonus features)
* The Punisher (2004)
* and I think one or two more.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 12, 2010 9:10:12 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 12, 2010 9:11:40 AM PDT
Not American says:
Paul - I'm sure it's not EVERY Alliance/Canadian/whatever Blu-Ray that is "extra-free", but like I said, without extras, I have no reason to buy BRs. I mean, the "3 pack" of Blu-Rays that tipped me off to this "lack of extras" issue was Memento, Trainspotting, and Requiem For a Dream. The Trainspotting *DVD* that I have used to be heavily sought by Americans because of the many extras (more than an extra disc worth); Memento was released in US & Canada in that blue "case file" packaging with the many extras that you had to solve puzzles to get to (or pick the title number, or look up the "easter egg cheat" online); and Requiem, while not having an extra disc's worth of bonus features, sure had some amazing ones - interviews with Selby and others; an amazing Arnofsky commentary; all kinds of great stuff. But this "3-pack" had nothing; when I posted my problems on the net, Americans were telling me that this could only happen if I bought an "ex-rental" copy... but about a week later Canadians were chiming in. I don't mind buying things from the USA that are more "obscure" or "less popular", I think it's ludicrous that I should have to buy, say, the Sin City 2-disc Blu-Ray when it is already so popular here!! Oh well - I'll just stick with my DVDs as originally planned. It doesn't matter until I get a new "surround sound/ theater speaker" set up, because I have an HD TV, which (as someone pointed out earlier) "upgrades" most DVDs - an axiom I have found to be quite true.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 14, 2011 6:09:18 AM PDT
compsciguy says:
Do you even know what a fact is? A fact is a statement that can be objectively proven to be either false or true. Simple boolean algebra there, buddy. Your little rant is most certainly NOT a fact. How about YOU get off your high horse and reaize the economy is still bad and many average homes can't affort your prescious HD products.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 14, 2011 6:12:12 AM PDT
compsciguy says:
Like you said, these movies are not meant to be in High definiton. They are GRINDHOUSE quality for a REASON, buddy. How about YOU get with the times.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 14, 2011 6:14:16 AM PDT
compsciguy says:
If cable companies don't have 1080 high def, then what are all these HD channels I'm seeing. Like, Discovery and Nat Geo in HD? And yes, physical media is better quality than downloaded media. CDs are better than itunes downloads.
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