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Flavor Name: Adult Chicken Recipe Grain FreeSize: 24 lbChange
Price:$40.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on February 4, 2015
My dog used to LOVE this food before they completely changed it. I've been purchasing this food for quite some time, and have been purchasing Blue Buffalo food for my dog ever since he was a puppy. Just last week I received another bag from Amazon, and my dog stopped eating as soon as I switched to the new bag (both bags Freedom Grain Free). I noticed that the bag was slightly different from the previous bags, with a more plasticky feel compared to what I would previously describe as a paper-like bag. Since my dog is somewhat picky, I decided that perhaps the change in bag material affected the taste enough for him to notice. I trekked to the local pet store, and discovered that they had both new and old-style Blue Buffalo bags in stock for a variety of the foods, with no differentiation. I purchased an old-style bag to see if he would eat it. As soon as I poured out some food, I noticed a difference between the two bags. The new pellets are much larger than the old ones. After putting his bowl down, he immediately gobbled it up as if he hadn't eaten in days (he hadn't).

I then examined the bags. The new-style food suggests that a dog of size 50-70lb should consume 3.5 to 4 cups of food per day, while the old-style food offers a suggestion of 2.5 to 3.25 cups. That means there's 1.5 times as much food in the old bag of the same size and price as the new bag. The caloric differences are 360 Kcal/cup compared to 370 Kcal/cup. Not a huge difference, but one worth noticing.

I'm sending this bag back, and it looks like I may need to find a new brand to feed to my dog.
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on August 8, 2012
We adopted our two year old, female german Shepherd, Cheyenne, from a local shelter last year. We knew nothing about her background or what she ate. I started with a dry food which our previous dog did very well on. Immediately, Cheyenne began having soft stools and diarhea. After a few weeks I tried another premium dry food... same results, soft-serve ice cream stools and sometimes watery stools. Months went by and I tried several other dry and wet foods and dietary supplements with little improvement. It drove me crazy! I took her to the vet and they did tests and ruled out worms, etc... and told me that German Shepherds are known to have stomach issues. Finally, I picked up a bag of Blue Buffalo Freedom / Grain Free... and Cheyenne loved it and her stools immediately firmed up! Most of the time her stools are very normal and firm now... sometimes they are a little soft... but nothing compared to before. I am so happy I tried Blue Buffalo Freedom. I hope that it works as well for you!
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on September 6, 2013
my tiny yorkie used to weigh 2.5 lb before he came home with me. the old owners used to feed him iams proactive health kibbles, and for first 2 months, i fed him the same because that was what he was used to. he never really ate his kibbles, sometimes going an entire day without touching his food. i grew very concerned about his health and well-being, and with the recent recall with iams, i decided to change his kibbles to blue. while i was looking at blue products at petco, i was helped by one of the blue sales rep and was recommended to try this grain-free type. he informed me that if for some reason i wasnt satisfied with the product, i could return for a full refund even if i opened the bag because blue has a satisfaction guarantee policy.

first few days, my dog used to spit out his new kibbles but after a week, he started to eat only his new kibbles and on REGULAR BASIS. gradually, he got more active, gained weight (now 3.5 lb) and his coat got softer. he now never goes a day without eating and even asks for his kibbles. amazon has the best price. i am so impressed with this brand.
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on June 12, 2013
I used to feed my shiba "Wellness" (which imo is a decent brand as well) although he liked it, the kibbles gave him horrible smelling gas. After switching him to Blue grain-free, no more gas issues =) I also like how this product contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate which supposed to help with joint issues.
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on February 5, 2013
My switch to "Blue" has been has made my dogs healthier and more
skin irritations and beautiful coats. I will continue to purchase this dog food from
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on January 24, 2015
Up to November 2014 our dogs loved this food. Then suddenly one of them started leaving most of it in her bowl. The other would reluctantly finish. They both developed diarrhea and one started having problems controlling her bladder, urinating inside the house. Over the holidays, she refused to eat it at all and lost significant weight. A little internet research found numerous reports of similar symptoms by owners feeding Blue Buffalo. Evidently something changed in the fall of 2014.

Luckily, our dogs' refusal to eat probably avoided significant health issues. We switched to Nutro and all of the issues disappeared within a week. Sorry Blue Buffalo, one bad experience is all you get. We will never feed your food to our pets again. Never.
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on November 2, 2013
I havent been able to find a dry dog food that my dog would eat. I started with blue buffalo small breed freedom grain. I would mix the dry food with her canned food. She liked it right from the start. Im looking foward to when i can completely stop the canned food. She has skin problems that in your customer reviews several people stated blue buffalo helped their dogs to be rid of that issue. Im very happy with the results so far.
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on April 3, 2013
My dog has doggy IBS and gets really itchy/gassy/unhappy when he eats food with grain. It was a relief to figure out the cause of his distress, but frustrating trying to find grain-free food. I was so glad that I found this! He loves it, and whenever other dogs come to our house, they love it too. I would, have, and will continue to recommend this widely to all dog owners whose dogs have sensitive tummies.
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on March 19, 2014
I've used many holistic foods over the years but Blue Buffalo is the best I've ever used. I like the Freedom grain-free large breed for my Aussies. They are 50lbs.+ and work hard. I like the extra joint support in it and the protein levels are good (I can tell by the smell that comes out the other end) and their coats are healthy and they were overall very healthy. I switched off Blue Buffalo to the Merrick's Before Grain Holistic- Blue Buffalo was hard to find where I moved to- a couple of years ago and really regret the switch; my dogs and cats all got very ill and my 2 Aussies (littermates) were diagnosed with cancer (one died last year). The surviving dog and cats have been switched back to the Blue Buffalo and are all doing much better- cats are fantastic and the dog is still battling cancer but he is obviously more comfortable and his coat came back nicely! I wouldn't mind switching within the Blue Buffalo brand- according to their needs as they age, but I won't ever swich off it again.

My new trainee (a rescued Aussie) is on a diet and this food does not hinder his progress; when I first brought him to a vet I got scolded because he was 90lbs. and I explained I'd only had him 2 weeks and they wanted me to come back and get a prescription for a diet plan for Science Diet. I've worked with many dogs over the years and many foods- science diet is not the best- I didn't like the results when I'd used it years ago with a Border Collie who had a sensitive stomach (she still vomited every time she ate and didn't look the healthiest). I started him on Blue Buffalo Large Breed Grain-free, doubled the food recommended on the package (from the size/ weight chart) and slowly decreased it. He seldom acted hungary- he did once eat 1/2 a grasshopper but he never tried to eat the cats. If he was hungary I'd give him a small handful to hold him over until supper. A year later he's almost at his ideal weight (45-50lbs.), his coat is shiny now, he's more energetic, and he's getting to be quite a character too!
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on April 10, 2014
Over the past 2 years I have been buying Freedom for my dog he has a really sensitive stomach and has worked wonders with him.

But....Yes here is the but

Over the past 3-4 bags strange things have been going on I have always purchased Freedom Adult Chicken Flavor

1. One bag Adult Freedom Chicken had tiny kibbles almost for small/cat size very very odd I still feed it to him I thought maybe Blue was changing there line. I contacted a Blue rep they said what happens sometimes they might not have replaced the cutter with the adult size and there was the small/cat cutter on for the food.

2. Since the start of 2014 the issues have increased big time. Over the past 4 months 2 out of the 4 bags have had a very odd smell a cross between a "Smelly locker room" or a "Really bad foot odor"... When I smelt it I went back to Petco and there was a Blue Rep on site had her smell the food and she had to step back because of the order she never smelt anything like it. She said write a note to Blue and give them a sample so I did and still nothing in return. Then about a week ago I ordered a bag off of Amazon the same thing!!! The smell wasn't as bad as the first but it was still there!!

In conclusion Blue seems to be a great company overall with the products out there for are furry friends but I will be moving to Wellness Core almost the same as Freedom and I have heard it's better. I can't take a chance of another bad bag of food my dog...

Our animals live for a short time give them food that they will enjoy...
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