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on September 16, 2012
I bought this litter as a possible replacement for Worlds Best and I wanted to see how it performed. There are several pro's and con's with this litter. I have two cats and I only buy litters that are flushable because I really hate the process of bagging.

- Clumping power - It clumps far better than World's Best Multi-cat formula! I mean way better! I don't understand the reviews that say that it doesn't clump. Perhaps it doesn't clump very fast but that is not a problem for me since I only scoop the litter once a day so it has time to dry out.
- Longevity - It has a little more longevity than World's Best! With WB, I have to refill it a little more often as it loses it ability to absorb water rather quickly.
- Smell - It eliminates virtually all of the smells of my cats' litter box. With World's Best I have always had to make use of a small air filter device. That isn't needed with Blue Buffalo.

- Really dusty, like REALLY dusty - You seriously need to be careful when you scoop it because the red-brown dust goes everywhere. This also makes it really messy as the cats track this red-brown dust material everywhere and it has a strong adhesion, making it like glue when you are trying to clean it up. Even my housekeeper told me that it was difficult to keep clean.
- Is this blood? - When it gets wet (and hasn't completely clumped) it looks a lot like blood which makes it difficult to keep an eye out for potential bowel issues.
- Doesn't flush easily - A potential side effect of its clumping power is that it creates massive clumps that are hard to flush. I typically have to use two to three flushes to get everything down even after breaking up the clumps with my scooper.

Note: Your results my vary. One of my cats is diabetic and he tends to urinate very frequently.

Update: After being somewhat disappointed with Blue Buffalo I decided to try mixing it with the World's Best and I'm very impressed at the results. I'm using about a 1:2 ratio of BB to WB. I find that BB actually bolsters the clumping power and longevity of WB while minimizing the dustiness and flushing issues of BB. I'm about three weeks into this experiment and I'm very pleased with the results.
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on November 2, 2012
For my recently adopted kitty, I wanted to stay away from clay-based litters and alternatively go with a 'natural' litter. After much research, I decided to skip the corn and wheat based litters due to some cat owners reporting bug issues. Instead I decided to give Blue Buffalo's clumping litter a try since it's made from walnut shells.

At first, I was not really sold on this litter, but after completely transitioning over to Blue Buffalo, I found it to be a pretty good litter based on it's overall performance with regular kitty usage.

Regarding Blue's claims, I'm going to give my honest opinion...

* Superior odor control among leading clumping litters.
From my experience, this litter is the best in my opinion when it comes to odor control, bar none! It's excellent at covering up the urine smell and does a pretty good job at neutralizing the smell of kitty poop, especially if it has to sit in the box for a bit because you can't clean it right away.

* Faster, harder clumping for easier scooping.
From reading the other reviews, I was surprised to see some complaints that this litter doesn't clump. Based on my experience, I found that this litter clumps quite nicely IF you let it set up before scooping. Letting the litter set up is the key to good clumpage. Sure, if you try to scoop as soon as kitty is done peeing, it's harder to scoop and will break apart into a brown mush, but if you let it set up for 10 minutes before scooping, it scoops out just fine in one big clump. If you can't wait a bit before scooping, than this litter is not for you.

* Virtually NO dust.
This claim is definitely a stretch... Blue Buffalo needs to rethink this one. There is no question that this litter is a bit dusty, but it's definitely not nearly as dusty as clay litters. My poor kitty would sneeze his brains out every time he used the clay stuff, but now he hardly, almost never, sneezes at all with this litter. However, because this litter is dark brown in color (almost looks like coffee grinds) the small amount of dust that is produced will stain kitty's paws slightly, which is quite noticeable especially if your kitty has white paws like mine. I often have to use a wet wipe to clean keep his furry little toes white and clean, so little paw prints are not left behind everywhere. So for those with light colored furniture or floors, you've been warned - it may stain some surfaces.

* Low tracking.
As far as tracking goes, yes kitty does track this stuff outside the box, but lets be realistic, unless you can teach kitty to wipe his paws on a mat before leaving the litter area, tracking to some degree is going to happen no matter what brand litter you use. So this is a non-issue for me, I just vacuum it up as needed.

The only reason, I didn't give it 5 stars is because the litter may stain a little due to the slight dust produced. That is my only gripe about this litter. Aside from that, overall, I am quite pleased with this litter and will continue using it until something better comes along.
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on February 27, 2014
I got a small bag free with cat food, and I used it in one litter box. I have three litter boxes, two and a half cats (one is inside/outside) and it seemed to work well. I have been using clay based litter but it dusts so much that I wanted something better. So I got a big bag of BB and filled all three boxes with it. Initially it seemed to work okay. I found that it tracked much more than clay based litter, maybe because of the lighter weight, so I would find it on the carpet much further away from the cat bathroom. That was acceptable to me, versus clay dust everywhere. Now using only this litter I found that it does dust a lot too, only it doesn't seem to bother my nose as much as the clay litter. But still, now there is a brown layer of dust everywhere instead of a gray layer.

Unfortunately it doesn't clump very well. I read another review that said it clumps just fine if you give it time to solidify, and that makes sense. I scoop first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, and in between when there is an especially stinky deposit. But I'm finding that urine deposits fall apart and crumble, so the litter kernels are falling through the scooper back in the litter box. Result is urine-laden litter in the box. The litter in the box looks clean but isn't, and I can smell it too, the whole box smells bad now, even with new litter added. Worst thing is my cats are now occasionally going in a bedroom on the carpet. So it's time to throw out all the litter.

I believe it said it will last three times as long as clay litter, but I don't think I'm even getting as long as clay litter out of it. It is much more expensive, so absolutely not a repeat purchase. I'm gonna try another brand of clay litter now that may not bother my nose so much.
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on November 8, 2012
We had one cat and we had been using the Fresh Step crystals, which was about $14 every other week for the bag that we could find at one of the big box stores. He passed away after 17 years, so my wife and I rescued 2 kittens who were about 9 months old at the time. They arrived already litter trained - Now to the product. We were going through the crystals with 2 cats at the rate of one bag per week. Part of my morning chore is the litter box, with both of these products, you HAVE TO CLEAN THE LITTER BOX DAILY! NO EXCUSES! The math 14 x 4 = $56.00. I saw an add either on TV or a magazine for the all natural walnut cat litter so I went to a local pet store and decided to give it a try, 1st with the small bag just to see. THIS STUFF CLUMPS AND ABSORBS ODOR. People walk in our house and don't even realize we have cats - the litter box is right by our front door. The small bag worked so well, I went out and bought the big bag and only have to Deep Clean the litter box about once a month. The 17 lb bag with 2 cats CLEANING THE LITTER BOX DAILY IS A MUST! Lasts for 4 - 5 weeks. When it absorbs it looks like it's using more than what you put in, you only have to top it off occasionally - Make sure you store it away from moisture.

Cons: It is dark in color and with any litter, it will track. I bought a sisal mat that I put under the box, make sure it's big enough so it sticks out from under the litter box to help catch any litter, cats will generally bounce over anything slick/plastic, I just shake the excess litter into the garbage can. I do have to sweep the hallway everyday, I just made it part of my morning routine which is no biggie for me. Dust, you will find brown dust settling close to the litter box, once a week dusting will take care of this - I use the vacuum hose to suck it up.

Pros: Less expensive than most litters once in use. Clumps. No Odor. Longevity

Reviewing some of the posts that say this litter doesn't clump and does not absorb odor? When I clean out the box in the morning I find at least 2 baseball sized clumps of litter that are stuck together, we have an extra large box - If you shake the scoop as if you are sifting dirt it will fall apart back into the box which is something YOU DON'T WANT TO DO with this litter. I put it right into the trash can - again there is no odor even after a week of dumping. You'll be able to tell when the absorption rate decreases, that's when I top it off, but not to the extent of filling the litter box back up again. I let it go down gradually - when it's time to completely change it, you'll know - it will have lost a lot of absorption, it won't clump nicely and the odor will increase.

This is with 2 cats, I wonder how many cats to litter boxes the others have that are complaining that this stuff isn't working for them or if they aren't being diligent in cleaning the box once a day. If there are 3 or 4 cats in the house you would need at least 2 or 3 boxes - I'd still be using this litter!
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on November 1, 2013
* Clumps tightly and thoroughly making urine super easy to clean out. Other litters break apart when you try to shake out excess dry litter -- not this one.

* Eliminates feces odor in addition to the urine odor, and I've *never* found a cat litter that accomplished that.

* Lasts a long, long time if you clean the box regularly and top off as needed. Completely dumping the box and entirely replacing it with new litter is almost a thing of the past -- brilliant.

* I've had no problem with staining on my white-pawed kitty's feet. None. And I've been using this product for years now.

* A suggestion for those experiencing tracking problems: Don't use a mat that's sold for use in front of litter boxes (our cats hated those and *jumped* over them to get out of their box!), use a real Welcome mat that you'd put in front of the door to your house. In fact, we use this one with a "puppy piddle pad" under it: [...] All the litter falls off between the ribs and is trapped there, and cleanup consists of picking up the paper underneath and either shaking it into the trash or throwing the whole thing out and replacing it with a new one. Almost none makes its way outside the immediate litter box area, and NONE gets in our bed -- EVER -- which was a HUGE problem with other clumping litters.

* I hope you'll give this a try and it works as well for you as it does for us.
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on March 12, 2012
Finally, a cat litter that actually does what it advertises! It is almost completely dustless, very low tracking, no odor, a natural fragrance, and clumps hard. I've tried wheat, corn, pine, paper, and clay litters. Most were dusty, heavily tracking, and/or had strong fragrances. I had almost given up hope of finding a litter that wasn't dusty and didn't track all over the house. My cats can now breathe easier and my house is litter dust free. Blue Buffalo Quick Clumping Litter is the best litter on the market and deserves all five stars and more!
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on March 21, 2013
The Salesperson at Petco must be on some type of commission the way he raved about this litter. Said it was natural, eliminated odor, clumped quickly, all of his customers loved it, no complaints, and lastly so cheap! Of course I had to try it. I've owned cats before and believed all litters were made equally since I've never had any trouble with other brands- Naturally Fresh proved me wrong.

First, It's incredibly dusty when scooping, pouring, or when the cat digs. I wanted a mask to come with the bag- Walnuts or not- I don't want to breath it in.

Second, the litter sticks to the cats paws the second it touches it and then it get's dragged through the house- a problem I've never had before with any of the other litter's I've used.

Third, it does clump quickly as promised- but it does not hold strongly together. When I tried to clean the litter some the clumps fell apart into small pieces.

Lastly, the deal breaker- no smell elimination whatsoever. The room the cat box was in reeked horribly- and I change the litter every day, and if I can I change it immediately after the cat uses it.

I went to the store bought a different litter and all of the issues I mentioned above dissolved. A consumer would only believe this was a good product if they had never tried another brand.
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on March 14, 2014
I have tried many of the more natural based litters like corn and wheat based products and always reluctantly moved back to the major label clumping clay litters because the alternatives just didn't perform well enough.

The horrible chemical fragrance and dust of the latest and best clumping litter combined with the guilt of sentencing my two kitties to be trapped in their litter box with it drove me back to the internet in search of something better. You know the "there has to be a better way by now" feeling.....

Well, its been a week and we (the cats and I) are thrilled. Because I don't feel poisoned by the experience, scooping the box is a much more pleasant experience that I am much more apt to do multiple times of the day. The litter clumps great and the clumps don't stick to the side of the box. I have never found any litter that clumps perfectly and this is not different. Even the best clay litters have particles that fall off the clumps and such is the case with this litter as well. I be a little more gentle and it works better than any other litter that I have ever used.

There is no "litter box smell" and I am thrilled that the horribly artificial fragrance smell of the clay litter is gone (imagine how the cats feel) for good. I'm also not surprised that the constant eye discharge that my cats have is already gone. I always was troubled by the thought that if the dust and smell bothered me while scooping that it had to be a nightmare for an animal that has more acute sight and smell than I and was confined to the box while the cover was on.

Thanks Blue Buffalo! This has been a god send!!!
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on August 14, 2013
This product claims to clump faster, harder, it does..
This litter is awesome as far as Covering the smell of cat urine, etc..
My three cats took to it with no problems.
Love the fact that it is natural, has no chemicals.
It claims to be low tracking, it is to a point but as with any loose litter you will have some tracking.

These are the positives now to the negatives:

I bought this litter at least three times now in hopes that I might have bought a bag that was tossed around alot and created more dust, not true, just bought a bag and just to see how much dust there was purchased a kitchen sink drain strainer and went upstairs to where there was alot of sun light... Put some Blue Walnut litter in the strainer, shook it and loads of dust came off of it..I had it all over my hands also..Their claim on bag is "virtually no dust", they may want to rethink that claim and perhaps either take that off of the bag or find some way to make their claim true...

I have been searching for a natural "clumping" litter for my cats that has no chemicals, Silica dust or the ingredient that is found in most commercial cat litters and thought I found a good one.
One of my cats has "allergies" and if it is a grain the walnut litter would have been fantastic.

Secondly, it is a little overpriced...

I normally don't write bad reviews, however I am so disappointed in this Cat litter , if it weren't for the dust it would be the best cat litter that I have ever bought for my boys...I have tried WBCL, SWHEAT, they also have quite a bit of dust.

So Blue, please find a way to make your cat litter as you claim "virtually no dust" and I would buy this as long as I have my cats ....
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on September 5, 2012
First off, clay litter aggravates the asthma that one of my cats suffers from and gets up in my sinuses too, so I had to find a good alternative. For a while we were using Feline Pine clumping and that seemed great--until they reformulated and it no longer clumps. But this litter DOES clump. It clumps better than even the old, good Feline Pine did, so it's easy to clean. Because the clumps are so thorough, we go through it quicker and it isn't cheap, but I think it's worth it. As for tracking, well, yes, there is that. But there doesn't exist a litter on this earth that my cats don't track on the floor. I don't have a problem with it; sweeping the floor is just part of the nightly litter box cleaning ritual.
The smell is great--it's sort of nutty (as you'd expect) and pleasant, and it controls the biological waste odor really well. The walnut hulls are somewhat surprising at first, since they look more like coffee grounds than like any other litter I've used.

In short, this litter clumps better than pine, smells nicer than newspaper (I don't know how anyone can use a stinky litter like Yesterday's News), and doesn't get inhaled like clay. Plus, it's biodegradable and renewable. I have yet to find a better litter anywhere.
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