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5.0 out of 5 stars Super read! A keeper for sure!!, June 25, 2006
This review is from: Blue Moon Magic (Paperback)
I love anthologies because you can carry the book around and read just one story in a short time, maybe while waiting for the dentist, the doctor or whatever. Not so with Blue Moon Magic. This book grabs you with the first story, hangs on through all 15 fantastic magical adventures, and keeps you turning pages. You won't want to put this one down till you've read all 15 stories. A short run down of the stories:

1. Belle of the Blue Moon Ball by Dawn Thompson starts the magic with two mischievious fairies in an entertaining Regency to tickle your funny bone.

2. Where Sea Meets Skye by Erin Hatton is a contemporary set in Scotland. Who doesn't love a Scottish hero in a kilt? Add the legend of the selkies and magic of the Blue Moon, and you get a very satisfying read.

3. Angels In The Moonlight by Diane Davis White is a contemporary set in California. Sadie, the Shady Angel makes you laugh out loud right from the first page, and keeps you entertained through the whole story. We should all wish for an angel like Sadie to help us find our soulmate.

4. Under The Pale Moonlight by Katherine Smith is an historical set in romantic Scotland. Lady Alicia McCray goes after the man she wants, begging for his love, determined to let him know his handicap means nothing to her. With the help of a magical Blue Moon, her dream comes true.

5. Embers Desire by Meagan Hatfield is a fantasy romance about an inexperienced witch and her spell to find love. The story shows imaginative creation and moves us forward through disaster and growing love. Good wins over evil for a satisfying climax.

6. Spellbound by Aysel Arwen is set in present day Scotland, and is an intriguing story of mystery and romance, complete with a sensitive heroine and handsome Scottish Highlander to die for.

7. Enchantment By The Sea by M. J. Sager is set on a modern day Caribbeann island. Clara Barnes tries not to mix pleasure and business, but how can she not after meeting Grayson Everett? Enjoy a story about magic, passion, love, and forever!

8. Suddenly You by Jaquelin Lorin has heroine, Celine Chauvin traveling from the present, back in time with the aid of a wish on the Blue Moon and a pendant, to find love with the same man whose portrait she just restored.

9. Blue Moon And The Warrior by Lee Roland is set in present day in a Utah. While camping alone, Allison wishes on the Blue Moon for a love like her parents shared. She dreams of a carnival and her perfect lover, and the magic begins...

10. Midsummer Magic by Kristi Ahlers is set in 1557 England and Scotland. The English heroine wishes on the Blue Moon for a dark knight to carry her away from an unwanted engagement. Kieran Fraser wishes on the same moon to find a lady love. When the Laird of Clan Fraser kidnaps Meredith while swimming alone on this magical night, he falls under her spell and two souls are united forever.

11. Secret of The Blue Moon by Billie Warren Chai is set in present day New Mexico. Twelve years after parting, Zoey Blackstone and Jake Runningbear meet again. She's now an emergency room doctor and he's an Air Force rescue pilot. The storm raging inside the hospital is just as fierce as the one outside until something stronger, the secret of a magical Blue Moon, joins two souls meant to be together.

12. The Darkness and the Dreams by Kimberly Ivey Wuttke is set in present day. With the help of a wish on a Blue Moon and a comical psychic named Grandma Bikini, Paloma Delatorre finds true love with the man she thought was dead.

13. The Healer by Leanne Burroughs is a Highland historical romance rich with Scottish history and beguiling characters. With the help of a healer named Agnes and a wishing moon, lovers find their way back to each other. This short story is a special treat as we get to read more about the characters from Ms. Burroughs books, Highland Wishes & Her Highland Rogue.

14. In The Space Of A Heartbeat by Keelia Greer is an exciting futuristic vampire story with enough action, romance, and intrigue to keep every reader happy. With the help of Blue Moon magic, the hero and heroine find a loving bond with their soulmate.

15. Rider In The Storm by DeborahAnne MacGillivray is a contemporary set in Kentucky. Ciara MacIain gives Roarke Devlin a ride to town and a magical journey begins with an instantaneous spark. Roarke brings a grieving Ciara a sense of peace and awakens a longing that's been buried seven years. Blue Moon magic and a lovable cat that steals the scene make this a grand read.

The only good thing about finishing this book is knowing its companion, Blue Moon Enchantment, will be out soon with 15 different stories of magic and love under the Blue Moon.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific Anthology - Something for Everyone, July 10, 2006
M. Rondeau (West Springfield, MA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Blue Moon Magic (Paperback)
Take fifteen incredibly gifted authors, give them a promising premise to base a story upon and you will get a bountiful tome with just as many remarkable magically induced stories to savor and enjoy. Anything can happen when you make a wish upon a `blue moon' and the results can be spectacular! Check them out for yourself.

Belle of the Blue Moon Ball - Dawn Thompson - Best selling author Thompson delights fans with a regency set ballroom, two made for one another soul mates who'd never met, and two determined fairies - Oberon and the dubious bungling Puck, who make falling in love under a blue moon a total delight!

Where the Sea Meets Skye - Erin E. M. Hatton - When Celine Terreau, a marine biologist met Ronan Morrison while on vacation on the Isle of Skye he was able to lay to rest the betrayal of an old boyfriend and open up a whole new world of possibilities for a new life filled with magical possibilities!

Angels In the Moonlight - Diane Davis White - Somewhere over the rainbow Sadie, the Shady Angel is up to her old antics with delightful results when she and her mentor Pricilla help musician Nathan and singer Olivia make beautiful music together. Delightful!

Under the Pale Moonlight - Katherine Smith - Alicia McCray had fallen in love with Arthur Cameron as a young girl. Now as a woman she knew he loved her, but she knew that drastic measures were needed to convince him that his handicap could not alter her love as much as it was crippling his thinking. Sweetly satisfying!

Ember's Desire - Meagan Hatfield - Ember Galenorn's greatest desire was to leave Wychwood, but so far the inept witch had yet to cast a spell that worked, although this last one brought her a naked male. Perhaps one final wish on a blue moon might help him to remain the desire in her heart she truly longed for. Adorable characterizations and sexy!

Spellbound - Aysel Arwen - Emma MacPherson had felt lost and alone for a long time; more so now that her parents had died. Losing her mothers ring would have been devastating which was why she was searching the shores of Loch Ness in the middle of the night to find it. When Alex Grant came along and blessedly helped her find the ring, she had no idea that repaying him for the favor would bring her the one thing she'd been searching for all her life - an everlasting love. - Sensual and breathtakingly lovely!

Enchantment By the Sea - M. J. Sager - Clara Barnes had heard all the big come-ons before and been burnt badly. No matter how good Grayson Everett looked she was not about to make that mistake again, but one night when the blue moon shone bright over the sea, she let her guard down. Would this be another mistake or the heartfelt wish of a lifetime. Oooh so very sensual!

Suddenly You - Jaquelin Lorin -- When art restorer Celine Chauvin made a wish of knowing `who' the gorgeous man in the portrait she'd been restoring was, she had no idea that wish would land her 130 years in the past and face to face with Mr. Gorgeous himself. Luscious time-travel, delicious Mr. Gorgeous!

Blue Moon and the Warrior - Lee Roland - Allison was planning a vacation alone in the desert of Utah to gain some perspective and get over the end of a two-year relationship, what she experienced was a dream night filled with passion and romance or was it really a dream? She who continually sought perfection found in the end that one elusive feeling that would be real. - Sensual, steamy and magical.

Midsummer Magic - Kristi Ahlers - Setting Cumbria, England, 1557 - Meredith was restless after finding out she'd been betrothed. With nothing to lose she made a wish upon the blue moon for true love to find her. Kieran Fraser was out stealing horses when he came upon the beauty who then stole his heart. He'd then do what any self respecting Scot would do, he'd kidnap and make her his own lady wife. - Sweetly sensual, lovely.

Secret of the Blue Moon - Billie Waren Chai - Zoey Blackstone had left Jake Runningbear twelve years before after his mother had run her out of town. Now she was back, not as white trash but as a full fledged ER doctor. Jake never knew why she left and blamed her all those years for breaking his heart, but now under the magic of the `blue moon' he would discover the truth and they'd recapture a love that never died. - Sensational, fast moving totally engrossing.

The Darkness and the Dreams - Kimberly Ivey - Unable to write since her fiancé Robert's death on the eve of their wedding two years before.Paloma Delatorre filled her days with volunteer work at the hospital. Reading to comatose patient David Hopkins she had an uncanny feeling that he understood and actually listened. Not until her wacky 84 year old neighbor `Grandma Bikini' came by did she realize just how much he understood! -- Fabulous, fast-paced and delightfully magical!

The Healer - Leanne Burroughs - Old Agnes was aggravated as the big lummox known as Warwick hauled her off to the castle Drummond. She remained by herself all these years never wanting to feel again, yet this auld warrior was intent on making her feel things she swore she'd never feel again. Would a wish on the `blue moon' melt the bitterness of Agnes' heart allow old Warwick to finally find the other half of his heart. - Wonderful - this one made the tears run down my face with joy.

In the Space of a Heartbeat - Keelia Greer - Earth 5046 -- Melania Knight was sent by the CGIA to protect the wealthy, available and utterly divine scientist Trevor Kerrin, but she had always felt a pull towards him and tried to keep this meeting strictly business. Unfortunately, Trevor had other things on his mind and one of them was finally claiming his soulmate - Melania. - Features intergalactic sexy vampires playing with super cool weapons and toys - so yummy!

Rider in the Storm - DeborahAnne MacGillivray - Ciara MacIain had stopped living seven years ago when her beloved fiancé Derek had died in an automobile accident. On the anniversary of his death she found herself traveling down the same road at the same time of that long ago fateful night and like déjà vu spotted another read sports car plunged off the side of the road. Roarke Fraser Devlin, the tall dark handsome driver wasn't Derek but yet there was something very familiar about him....could her earlier wish on the `blue moon' that night have something to do with this feeling of recognition that ignited her very soul? Would her heart recognize his? -- Awesome imagery, heart tugging intensity - beautiful story, simply beautiful.

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization
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4.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding!, June 23, 2006
This review is from: Blue Moon Magic (Paperback)
A short synopsis of each story (and there are fifteen) follows:

Bell of the Blue Moon Ball by Dawn Thompson is a regency. Oberon, the king of faeries, and the notorious Puck plan to have Lady Arabella and the Earl of Everton fall in love by drinking from a bespelled bowl of claret during a ball set on the night of a blue moon. Unfortunately, everyone EXCEPT the two drink the claret.

Where Sea Meets Skye by Erin Hatton is set in the present date. Hurt by her boyfriend's betrayal, Celine left Canada to visit Scotland. The unemployed Marine Biologist goes to the Isle of Skye to view the seals. She never expects to meet the selkies.

Angels in the Moonlight by Diane Davis White is set in the present date. Sadie, the Shady Angel, and her mentor, Pricilla, are sent to California. Their mission is to make Nathan, a musician, and Olivia, a singer, fall in love during the full moon.

Under the Pale Moonlight by Katherine Smith is a historical romance. Arthur Cameron had been born with a malformed foot, but never let it get in the way of what he wanted to do. Yet when it comes to Lady Alicia, he sees himself as inferior and unworthy of her love.

Ember's Desire by Meagan Hatfield is fantasy romance, set in "an Alternate Northern England" of the year 1750. Galenorn has never gotten a spell right. The witch decides to leave Wychwood. Instead of leaving, her spell releases Balder, the favored son of Odin, from his underworld prison. And Loki comes to kill them both.

Spellbound by Aysel Arwen is a paranormal romance. It could be set at any time, but seems to be set in the present. Emma loses her mother's wedding ring in some ruins. She returns under cover of the night in hopes of locating it. However, she finds more than just a circle of gold. She finds a love that comes along only once in a blue moon. First before anything else, Emma must break the enchantment upon him.

Enchantment by the Sea by M.J. Sager is a modern contemporary. Grayson had worked hard to change a ruined hotel into the best resort in the Caribbean. He knows that Clara is planning on writing an article about him in a magazine, even though she has yet to tell him so. Her boss, Benny, had already called and informed him of her arrival. However, Grayson is out to prove Benny wrong about Clara being an Ice Princess.

Suddenly You by Jaquelin Lorin is a time travel that begins in the present date. Celine has spent months restoring a portrait from around the 1870's. When she wishes she knew who the man was, Celine finds herself zapped back in time to meet him.

Blue Moon and the Warrior by Lee Roland is a paranormal. Allison camps out in the Utah desert, under a full moon, and dreams about a magical carnival. Within the carnival, she meets the perfect man. But will Allison recognize him when she meets him again in the real world?

Midsummer Magic by Kristi Ahlers historical romance set in the Highlands. During the night of a full blue moon, the Laird of Clan Fraser is returning home from a raid with his men when he comes upon a lovely lady swimming. Kidnapping her is easy. Getting her accept him is a bit difficult.

Secret of the Blue Moon by Billie Warren Chai is set in the present time. Zoey left New Mexico with no word to Jack. For twelve years Jake hated her for disappearing. Now he is a major in the Air Force. He pilots a rescue helicopter. When a storm hits, he is forced to land at Apache Indian Hospital with his injured patients. But he never expects to find that little Zoey is now the doctor in charge of the ER. And he is about to learn just how badly he has misjudged her.

Darkness and Dreams by Kimberly Ivey is a paranormal romance set in the present date. Paloma lost her husband a year ago due to a drunk driver. Now she volunteers at a local hospital. Her life changes when her psychic (or is that insane?), elderly neighbor claims that one of the comatose patients Paloma reads to is really her husband in a different body.

The Healer by Leanne Burroughs is a historical romance set in the Highlands. The Laird of Clan Drummon cares deeply for his supposed captive, Tory, though he thinks no one knows. When Tory gets poisoned, the chieftain has Warwick, his most trusted warrior, fetch the healer named Agnes. Agnes may be up in age, but she knows almost instantly how her laird feels about Tory. But that is not her concern. Agnes only fears her own reactions to Warwick.

In the Space of a Heartbeat by Keelia Greer is a futuristic vampire romance. The place is Earth. The year is 5046. Melania is an agent for the Central Galaxy Intelligence Authority. She uses her vampiric abilities in cases involving Immortals. Her current orders are to kill the terrorist that has infiltrated the Life Point Corporation and protect Dr. Kerrin, whose work is vital. However, the terrorist is Zelik, a vengeful, grudge holding vampire.

Rider in the Storm by Deborah MacGillivray is set in the present time. Ciara's fiancé, Derek, died in a car wreck exactly seven years ago tonight. She still grieves, but knows it is time to move on. After visiting Derek's grave one last time to say farewell, Ciara makes a wish upon the full blue moon. She wishes to begin living again. As Ciara drives home a storm breaks out. She is startled to see a car sitting in the exact spot Derek had died so long ago. Knowing it to be a bad idea, she stops and offers the stranded man a lift into town. Ciara is about to learn that miracles still happen.

**** This magical anthology has something for everyone. Regency, historical, time travel, contemporary, futuristic, and even delves into the magical realms of faeries, selkies, vampires, and the supernatural. All the tales have one thing in common. Each revolve around a full blue moon and the magical wishes made upon it. I loved every second that my imagination was immersed into these tales. As you read each story, you WILL find yourself believing in magic. And I bet you will be checking your calendar to see when the next blue moon will be. Outstanding! ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Taste for all Palates, June 24, 2006
Patty Howell (Wellborn, FL USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Blue Moon Magic (Paperback)
Romance Galore -- From regency to contemporary and beyond to time travel and paranormal -- You'll find it all within these pages. 15 talented writers weave marvelous tales of love for you the reader.

Drink from the claret offered by Dawn Thompson in Belle of the Blue Moon Ball.

Bask on the shores and enjoy the selkies of the Isle of Skye with Erin Hatton's Where Sea Meets Skye.

Fly with the angels, Sadie the not so saintly and her mentor Pricilla, in Diane Davis White's Angel in the Moonlight.

Laugh at the antics of a spurned lass who turns her charms on the object of her desire in Katherine Smith's Under the Pale Moonlight.

Beware the newfound powers of a young witch in Meagan Hatfield's Ember's Desire.

Delight in the powerful love that breaks a curse in Aysel Arwen's Spellbound.

Travel to a Caribbean island resort and find love in M.J. Sager's Enchantment by the Sea.

Board a Mississippi riverboat and travel back in time to meet the man in the portrait in Jaquelin Lorin's Suddenly You.

Hike and camp on a mountain where the hero of your dream leads you to happiness in Lee Roland's Blue Moon and the Warrior.

Ride atop a horse with the arms of your kidnapper wrapped around you in Kristi Ahlers' Midsummer Magic.

Batten down the hatches of the emergency room during a storm reuniting young lovers in Billie Warren Chai's Secret of the Blue Moon.

Cry and cheer on Paloma and Grandma Bikini as they join forces to intervene in an order to remove life support from a comatose man in Kimberly Ivey Wuttke's The Darkness and the Dreams.

Grieve the loss and welcome the love of a stranger in a déjà vu encounter in DeborahAnne MacGillivray's Rider in the Storm.

Lock and load your weapons to protect the world's blood supply and defeat the otherwordly demon in Keelia Greer's In the Space of a Heartbeat.

And last, but far from least, allow your heart to be melted by a warworn warrior as he woos a talented though embittered woman in Leanne Burroughs' The Healer.

All these marvelous stories will have you laughing and crying, but definitely loving the various heroes and heroines.

And make sure and put Blue Moon Magic's companion anthology, Blue Moon Enchantment, on your list to purchase in the next few weeks.
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5.0 out of 5 stars If you have not read this series...., January 5, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Blue Moon Magic (Once In A Blue Moon Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Prepare to be amazed. I'm using the 'be' verb to get to the larger audience who may not frequently read poetry. This is a terrific read for when you need something to take you away from your daily routine. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AUTHOR!!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars 15 Wonderful Stories from 15 Great Authors!, June 13, 2006
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Blue Moon Magic (Paperback)
Once in a Blue Moon, anything can happen!

Belle of the Blue Moon Ball: Dawn Thompson. Faery enchanting! The faery Oberon and his friend Puck are matchmaking, and . . . well, let's just say things don't always go exactly as planned!

Where the Sea Meets Skye: Erin E.M. Hatton. Sealed with a Kiss! Ms. Hatton skillfully weaves a romantic tale of loss and renewal.

Angels in the Moonlight: Diane Davis White. So her wings are a little tarnished around the edges . . . Anything can happen when a Blue Moon and two angels team up with Mel Torme.

Under the Pale Moonlight: Katherine Smith. Slow passion burns the hottest . . . Ms. Smith has written a charming historical story with a heart-stopping hero and a determined heroine.

Ember's Desire: Meagan Hatfield. A runaway witch and a displaced god . . . Hatfield weaves a mythological tale worthy of the gods--their fierceness and passion.

Spellbound: Aysel Arwen. An exquisitely touching tale of passion . . . With the magic of Loch Ness and faeries, Ms. Arwen spins a yarn you won't want to miss!

Enchantment By the Sea: M. J. Sager. Sparks under the Blue Moon . . . Clara Barnes has a job to do--investigate Grayson Everett's resort for the Montana Monthly. Sager again wows us with another sensual story from the heart.

Suddenly You: Jaquelin Lorin. Celine Chauvin, a portrait restoration artist, is enthralled by an 1870s painting of a man and swept back in time.

Blue Moon and the Warrior: Lee Roland. Enchanted on the carousel of love . . . Allison gives her heart to Cahir, a warrior, in an enchanted carnival. Roland has written an enthralling story with well-drawn characters.

Midsummer Magic: Kristi Ahlers. Captured by Blue Moon Magic . . . Ahlers pens a tale that will warm your heart with a braw Scotsman and his English lass.

Secret of the Blue Moon: Billie Warren Chai. A reunion of passion . . . Dr. Zoey Blackstone can sew up a gut-shot man in the ER, but can't heal her own wounded heart.

The Darkness and the Dreams: Kimberly Ivey. Paloma Delatorre lost her true love, Robert, to a drunk driver. Ms. Ivey has written and engaging story--poignant, yet humorous.

The Healer: Leanne Burroughs. Bewitching! We fell in love with Agnes and Warwick in HIGHLAND WISHES. Can two lonely people fill each other's hearts with happiness? Tender, touching, and passionate.

In the Space of a Heartbeat: Keelia Greer. Trevor Kerrin makes Malania Knight's fangs quiver with pleasure. Greer pens a gripping tale of action, adventure, and love.

Rider in the Storm: DeborahAnne MacGillivray. Ciara MacIain has mourned her fiancé, Derek, for seven long years. This is a story of true love and passion, of longing and loyalty.

This is a wonderful anthology, with a story to suit every mood! Great for working moms who don't have time to read a whole novel, but want the satisfaction of a good story.
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5.0 out of 5 stars It's An Amazing Book!, June 26, 2006
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Blue Moon Magic (Paperback)
"Belle of the Blue Moon Ball" by Dawn Thompson--Lady Arabella Gilmartin is in need of a husband, or she will have to consider herself on the shelf at nineteen, after her third season no less! The Earl of Everton is home after a long service to king and country and though he detests formal gatherings, he is in need of settling down. Indeed, he is in want of a wife! When it appears all else is trying to keep them apart, the mischievous nature spirit, Puck, and the king of the faeries, Oberon, will make sure the young lovers unite.--A witty romp of a read full of mishaps and well-meaning blunders on the part of Puck. Author Thompson, brilliant writer of The Waterlord and The Ravencliffe Bride, brings readers another tale of love found under the influence of magic's fae touch.

"Where Sea Meets Sky" by Erin E. M. Hatton--Celine mourns a life she thought would be perfect. With the hope of a brilliant career and a true lasting love dashed, she flies to Scotland to study the seals native to the Isle of Skye. There she meets the mysterious Ronan, a stranger whom she feels more for than anyone she's ever known. When he tells her magical tales of a mythical race, she is enraptured by the possibilities she hears in his alluring voice. When she learns of Ronan's true nature, will she have the strength to set him free?--Author Hatton pens a fascinating tale of mythical love that dares to breach the barriers of reality. A haunting accomplishment of love story!

"Angels in the Moonlight" by Diane Davis White--Sadie the Shady Angel is back! She and her prissy instructor are back to ensure musicians Nathan and Olivia realize the full potential of their relationship. Nathan can barely resist the sensual enchantment his band's lead singer holds over him, but he's been burned before and he's not taking any chances on love. Olivia is torn by his aloofness and tries to stomach one more gig with the cold man before cutting out for good. Will their wishes to the blue moon be enough to push them together, or will their doubts forever keep them apart?--Sadie is always a force to be reckoned with, and this time's no exception! Author White's signature character is back in shades of less than pure white and it's just as wild a romp as her first story, "Sadie the Shady Angel", found in No Law Against Love anthology.

"Under the Pale Moonlight" by Katherine Smith--Arthur Cameron is at peace with his physical limitations--or is he? The beautiful and young Alicia McCray longs to catch the handsome man's eye, and has for years. Will yet another yearly visit to his estate finally be the one where he confesses his true feelings? The spirited lass is tired of longing for him and takes matters into her own hands. Will the handsome horse trainer overcome the limitations he's set for his heart?--Author Smith has written a poignant tale of bittersweet love, the kind that overcomes the boundaries set by crippling fears. A sweet tear-jerker of a read!

"Ember's Desire" by Meagan Hatfield--Ember longs for a life less ordinary--less ordinary than spell casting and her coven can provide. Not the most skilled witch, she nevertheless gives it one good last try one fateful solstice night. What she conjures is the makings of any woman's dreams. Balder is a god fallen from grace and at the mercy of the under lord Loki. When Ember pulls Balder from hell, Loki will do all in his vengeful power to smote the two from existence.--Without a doubt, "Ember's Desire" is one of the most enjoyable short stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Hatfield has created two main characters, and one foreboding villain, that abound with emotion, conflict and a fiery passion. An added bonus is Ms. Hatfield's coming full-length debut, "A Magical Encounter", coming in 2007 from Wings ePress.

"Spellbound" by Aysel Arwen--Emma MacPherson is a frequent visitor at Loch Ness and its ancient stone edifice, Castle Urquhart. When she loses her mother's beloved wedding ring on the grounds, she goes back in the cover of night to search for it. What she finds under the blue moon's irresistible sway is Alexander Grant, supposed night watchman to the castle. As the clouds give way to the moon's soft glow, Alex enchants the lovely Emma with tales of the vengeful Lady of the Loch. Finding her heart has more in common with this stranger than at first thought, Emma soon finds herself in an enticing temptation. Will Alex's gamble with the lovely Emma break the Lady's hold on him?--Ms. Arwen uses a poignant sensuality in her writing, giving her characters a real depth and passion that readers will feel coming through the pages. A multi-published author like Arwen is not to be missed.

"Enchantment by the Sea" by M. J. Sager--Clara Barnes is all business at an exclusive resort in the Caribbean. She's there to interview the owner, Grayson Everett--not to become attracted to him! She learned her lesson the hard way before and she's not about to let another handsome face cost her a job. But thanks to the pull of the blue moon and the man's insistently sensual charms, she finds herself falling for him. Has she made the right decision, or his her heart in danger again?--Readers will feel an instant connection to Clara, whose dilemma is heart wrenching to read. Betrayal and a healing of the heart both make author Sager's story a fantastic read. Check out her other short story in the "No Law Against Love" anthology as well, entitled "A Second Chance at Forever".

"Suddenly You" by Jaquelin Lorin--Celine Chauvin restores old paintings and her current project has her much more than intrigued. Her fascination about the subject, a handsome unknown man leads her to a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi and to a wish on the magical blue moon. Yanked back in time, she is suddenly confronted with the man of the painting! The dilemma Celine now faces is to find a way back to her time, or find a way to embrace a past love she had no idea was waiting for her.--Fans of time travel romance will be delighted with author Lorin's contribution. Prepare to be transported back to a love of all consuming and timeless magic in this riveting tale.

"Blue Moon and the Warrior" by Lee Roland--Allison has it all--a great teaching job and wonderful friends, yet her heart yearns for someone she can love. On a camping trip in the desert, she makes a whimsical wish on the blue moon. What appears as if in a dream is a magical encounter with a stranger she will never forget. As another year passes, Allison cannot let go of her dream lover, until she meets Richard Fallon. Something tugs at her memory when she is with Richard, but will her heart be able to recognize the gift standing right in front of her?--Author Roland pens a fresh, unique tale of paranormal love that dares to step from the boundaries of dreams into the heart of real life. A gripping read with some very interesting twists!

"Midsummer Magic" by Kristi Ahlers--Meredith is a lass troubled by an impending marriage, for her future husband is a most cruel lord. Her wish to the blue moon has her quickly in the grasp of Kieran Fraser, a powerful Scots chief. With his own wish to the magical orb, he's fair convinced Meredith is the lass he has been longing for. When the light of day chases away the moon's beguiling haze, Kieran is not quite the man she envisioned. Can he convince the fair maid she means more to him than a mere feudal prize?--A powerful attraction marks this bewitching tale by Ms. Ahlers. Meredith and Kieran's heat sparks from their first meeting till the very last page. Just enough tidbits of 1557 England infused the story, lending an excellent air of historical romance. Another brilliantly penned tale by Ms. Ahlers! Check out her debut story, "The Trouble with French Kisses", found in the awesome anthology "No Law Against Love".

"Secret of the Blue Moon" by Billie Warren Chai--Dr. Zoey Blackstone is a brilliant doctor in Lincoln County, New Mexico, but her past comes back to haunt her one fateful day in the form of Jake Runningbear, the man she left behind. Jake remembers their irresistible attraction and has always wondered why the petite woman ran from him. It's time to solve an old mystery and he's not letting another opportunity pass him by when a storm leaves them stranded together.--This heart-wrenching tale left me breathless at the unfair actions taken against Zoey in the past. Jake is a formidable hero, and his pursuit of Zoey was an exciting chase to read about. A brilliant and engaging story, Ms. Chai!

"The Darkness and the Dreams" by Kimberly Ivey--Paloma Deltorre reads to comatose patient David Hopkins. Poetry, romance, it matters not what, but she reads to him fully believing it will help in his recovery. It is a way to soothe her own heart's aching loss--that of her fiancé one year ago. With the help of her kooky neighbor, Grandma Bikini, Paloma will come to realize that love can indeed cross over to endure in a way she never before imagined. When David miraculously awakens one day, he is not the man she thought he'd be, but one her heart recognizes all the same.--What an interesting twist author Ivey pens into her unique story! A sure-fire win of an entertaining read!

"The Healer" by Leanne Burroughs--Author Burroughs takes fans back with her vivid portrayal of the Scottish Highlands as told in her riveting books "Highland Wishes" and "Her Highland Rogue". Agnes, the frank and capable healer is in need of no one, especially a man. But when Warwick, the laird's second in command comes into danger, she will look to the blue moon to guide him to safety. Can an auld woman learn to open a heart she's long guarded? And furthermore, can an old warrior learn how to handle this confounding and bewitching woman?--Burroughs takes us right back to the time of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce and shows us that love can indeed flourish amongst the hills and valleys of that long ago era. An endearing and heart-grabbing story!

"In the Space of a Heartbeat" by Keelia Greer--Melania Knight would rather avoid Trevor Kerrin, sexy vamp and vitally important employee of Life Blood Corporation. Since she's been hired to protect him, it's no dice for her. When an immortal and fanatical enemy sets his sights on Melania, she and Trevor team up to take him down. It's a kill or be killed in a race to save not only themselves, but the fate of the human race.
-- Greer has penned two delightful characters that readers will yearn for more of. "In the Space of a Heartbeat" reveals a cleverly built futuristic setting that this reviewer would love to see again. Bravo, Ms. Greer, for a great, action packed thrill of a sci-fi short! Looking forward to more!

"Rider in the Storm" by DeborahAnne MacGillivray--A love that endures, one that lives, breathes and beats still--this is Ciara MacIain's dilemma. For seven years she has maintained the pain of losing, through death, the one person that made her heart whole.
How can she let go of that last vestige of her lover's life, her grief? It keeps his memory alive and she knows not how to release it. On the anniversary of her lover's death she encounters a stranger. Roarke Devlin is a man possessed by haunting whispers of another life. Something has driven him to the hills of Kentucky, and the rolling storm this night drives him into the arms of a beautiful woman. When his strange actions and astounding comments begin to alarm, Ciara knows all is not as it appears. Something about this alluring and sensual man speaks to her as once another did.-- MacGillivray reaches into the heart of her readers, barring no emotions that come with the loss of a loved one. Every aspect of this story is alive, from the thunderous storm to the persnickety cat,
Sinnjinn. A wonderful addition to MacGillivray's growing slew of writing successes! Be sure to pick up a copy of her upcoming solo anthology, "Cat `O Nine Tales" from Highland Press and "A Restless Knight" from Kensington.

Romance fans will treasure this all-encompassing anthology of love made possible by the magic of the blue moon. Be sure to check out its companion volume, Blue Moon Enchantment as well. Bravo, ladies, for a brilliantly done book!
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