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184 of 189 people found the following review helpful
on September 12, 2007
I buy tons of gadgets and with the exception of a few products, it seems like most fall short of perfect. Not so here. Instead of little disappointments, I go a lot of little surprises that added up to a great experience from unboxing to actual use.

First off, I could actually open the package without getting scissors. When I looked inside, they gave me a bonus "in-car vent mounted cell phone holder". It's actually not cheesy and is something that I will use to park my phone while I make calls.

They also give you a AC and Car charger. Lots of companies like apple make you get this separately so I was happy that it was included.

OK, so all this is great, but how well does it work? I followed the easy directions to pair it with my Treo 680 and 30 seconds later I was making calls. I rang my wife in the car with the AC blasting and the window rolled halfway down to test it. We could hear each other no problem. I asked her if I sounded OK and she had no complaints.

I LOVE how releasing the mic turns the unit on. Brilliant. My only complaint is that the magnet that holds the unit to the visor clip is not as strong as I would like. You have to be a little careful when you press the mic back in or else it will start to rotate off the clip. I haven't been using this too long so we'll see how much of an issue this is.
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on August 13, 2007
I was really tired of having to use a handsfree device while driving my car. The Bluetooth earpiece used to give me headaches and was just generally uncomfortable. I saw the BlueAnt Supertooth advertisement, and thought that I would give it a try. I cannot put into words just how happy I am with this device. I connected it to my Motorola Razr, the setup was a snap. Now when I get into my car, I merely have to turn on the BlueAnt, and it automatically connects with the Razr. With my other device, I had to scroll through several menus on the cell phone to get the two devices to pair up. Plus what I found to be even better, was the sound quality. The speaker delivers crisp, clear sound, and the people that I'm talking to are often surprised when I tell them that I'm using a handsfree device. The sound quality at both ends is that clear.
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on January 26, 2008
I am on my second BlueAnt Supertooth Handsfree Speakerphone. You have to push that mic arm in to turnoff and pop it out to turn it on. I had it about three months when the mic arm stopped going in, which made it unuseable. It was still under warranty. I contacted the company and I had to send it back at my expense. About six weeks later they sent me a replacement. I have had that for about three weeks and today the mic won't stay in again. There is something very wrong with this product. I need a refund. I don't recommend you buy one, unless you just want to throw your time and money away.
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184 of 215 people found the following review helpful
on October 12, 2007
By and large this product works as advertised. It connects wirelessly to your cell phone via bluetooth. Pairing is easy. The speaker phone is full-duplex so you can actually have a conversation with your counter-party. Battery life on standby is high. Professional reviews are favorable. So why not 5 stars?

The BlueAnt Supertooth Light is flawed. 1. Lacking a screen, there is no effective way to initiate calls from this unit. The Bluetooth implementation on the Garmin nuvi is vastly better in this regard, because it provides easy access to your cell phone's contact list and recent calls. 2. Noise reduction is ineffective. Unless you are stopped, the road and wind noise from your car can make it impossible for your counter-party to understand you. Due to 1 and 2, this handsfree speakerphone is for emergency incoming calls only. 3. The Supertooth attaches magnetically to a metal sunvisor clip. It is easy to install, but also easy to accidentally knock off when you adjust the sun visor. 4. On the Supertooth a blue light flashes when the Supertooth is connected to your cell phone. This is okay during the day since you don't notice it. But at night it is insanely annoying to have a flashing blue light on your sunvisor, prominently in your field of vision. The flashing blue light is so irritating that I keep my Supertooth turned off at night and only turn it on when my phone starts ringing. At that point, its a race between Supertooth start-up/pairing and my cell phone provider's transfer to voice mail. Sometimes the Supertooth wins and I get the call; sometimes it looses and I have to return the call.

Bottom line. The flashing blue light and poor noise cancellation are so annoying that I had decided to return this unit. Then I received an incoming call and I thought that even with all its flaws I'd rather just push a button on my sun visor than fumble with my cell phone while driving. If the Nokia HF-300 were available today, I would return my BlueAnt and try that. But it's not so I guess I'll keep the BlueAnt.
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on January 27, 2008
I have been using the BlueAnt Supertooth speakerphone for over two months, and have not yet had to charge it. Every time I notice that I didn't turn it off again, and expect it will finally need a charge, it is still working fine.

It was very easy to setup with a Treo. I've lost the directions, but it's so easy to use that I just press the buttons until it reconnects. Everyone I talk to over this phone can hear me perfectly. I have to turn the volume down when I'm listening to people with loud voices. So, good sound quality.

There is a blinking blue light on while the phone is connected to your cell phone. The blue light seriously annoyed me for a couple days, but it just seemed to disappear after that because I got used to it.

It is very sturdy metal, and it looked like it would hurt if it hit my head during a collision. My visor seems to be close to my head. So, I put the speakerphone on the side of the visor away from me, towards the roof of the car. Doesn't matter - sound is still strong incoming and outgoing.

Easy to use, good quality sound, super long lasting battery charge, not too expensive.

Update: September 26, 2009
I have been using my BlueAnt Supertooth speakerphone for over 21 months now, and it is still excellent. I have tethered it to a series of phones: Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung and back to Nokia, and briefly a Motorola. Just keep changing my mind, or work changes theirs, someone is always changing my phone. No problem. I don't know how to work my Supertooth, so whenever I get a new phone, I just press the buttons until somehow the phone and the Supertooth connect. Why waste time on the manual when I can get it done faster by guessing, is my practice.

And the battery goes and goes and goes. I can count on one hand the times I have charged this speaker in the past almost two years. It seems impossible. I don't know if I just got a freakishly good battery or what. This thing just goes and goes and goes. And I don't remember to turn it off, but doesn't matter.

And the sound is so good that if I drive below the speed limit on the freeway, which of course I always do!, then people can't even tell I'm in a car. At a standstill with no motion sounds, people can't tell I'm on a speakerphone. In a pinch, I have used this speaker to make conference calls for business meetings. The sound quality is that good.

In all honesty, I think it's kind of cool looking in a slick, black, modern way, but I also think it's kind of ugly. I mean it's not pink. And not cute. And I am so ready to get a new, cute speaker for my cell phone. But I can't! Because this thing just keeps working perfectly, almost never needing a recharge, sounding excellent. No one has ever stolen it. I leave it in at valet parking and car washes and in hotel parking lots. No one wants this unsexy, workhorse.

If you just want a terrific product that does what it is supposed to do exceptionally well, and don't mind that it won't break and no one wants to steal it, that you are just stuck with it for god only knows how long, saving money, having Mr. Dependable Speaker always ready, then go ahead and get this. But it is really seriously not cute at all.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on January 27, 2008
I've been using this for over 6 months. The battery lasts forever (I always forget to recharge it). Sound quality is great, most people don't know I'm on a speakerphone. It even works decently with the windows partially open at slow speeds. But don't try that on the highway. And some voice recognition fails with it (not just my Verizon LG8300's crappy voice command features, Jott often won't recognize my speech).

It takes a few seconds from the time I hit the call receive button until both parties can hear each other. Many people will just hang up unless I've previously told them to wait. If you silence your phone ringer, this will still ring until you reject the call to voicemail -- no stealth ignore.

I don't know if this is related to my phone or the Supertooth, but after a long idle period (maybe an hour), the pairing fails. Incoming calls will then be routed to the phone, but you'll still be hitting the Supertooth's call button. Now you realize the call is going to the phone and speak into the handset, but since you've already hit the Supertooth's receive button, you've started the pairing process again. The call is now in limbo for several seconds while transferring to the speakerphone.

A few annoyances but the utility of the device more than makes up for it. And it comes with what appear to be standard mini-usb AC & DC chargers. Parts of Asia are requiring this on all mobile tech, to eliminate some of the waste of constantly buying new chargers each time you upgrade.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on April 6, 2008
I recently puchased this device with a some "concern" due to the comments about the retractable microphone not staying in place. Well, I received the item promptly from Amazon and carefully removed it from the package. So far, so good! I examined the unit and it looked like a well built device, although it is a magnet for fingerprints! I carefully retracted the microphone and the unit came to life. I figured all was well......except when it came time to push the retractable microphone back in! No such luck! After about 30 or so attempts to get the microphone in, it just stuck out and the unit would not power down! Yikes! I figured well, perhaps it's a defective unit which I can easily exchange through Amazon. Despite the unit being "on" (with the inability to turn it off - due to the microphone sticking out), I decided to try it out in the car to make sure it performed OK. Well, that's when I decided to return the unit for a refund. People I spoke to complained of severe echo and noise problems. The only positive thing about this unit is the magnetic holder and the speaker volume (it's pretty loud). Despite the speaker volume, what's the sense in buying a unit which sounds horrible on the receiver's end of the call? In addition, I worry about the longevity of the poorly designed retractable microphone. It's just a matter of time before it stops working (as some other reviewers have noted).

After going through the problems I noted above, I purchased a Jabra SP-5050 and a Motorola T505 for audition. I love the size of both units and the Motorola works very well with the built in FM transmitter. Plenty of volume! The Jabra is also a fantastic unit with its slim size and ease of use. In fact, I'm keeping both units (one for home and one for when I travel in rental cars). In closing, stay away from the BlueAnt and consider the Jabra and Motorola units. You really can't go wrong with either one!
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2008
Overall this product does exactly what it is suppose to do, give you a trouble free hands free experience for the car. I originally bought my wife one for her car for Christmas as she needed something easy to use and with as little buttons as possible. It was easy to setup. You just clip the metal clip to your visor and then attach the BlueAnt device to the clip via powerful magnets. Now I have read in other reviews that perhaps the magnets are not strong enough. I can tell you first hand, that unless you are hitting the side of the device with a lot of force, that the magnets are diffidently strong enough.

After a week of my wife using it and listening to the quality of her voice, I was so impressed that I bought one myself and for my tech novice parents. The speaker was so loud that it was ideal my parents who at times could be hard of hearing. I use to have a Moto Earbud for my phone, but since I typically don't use Bluetooth hands free outside my truck this was ideal for me. The more that I use it the more I love it.

The device allows you to create a connection to 5 different phones so you can share it among different users in your home. This is very convienent for those who have multiple phones and/or muplite individuals who might be using it.

When the device is on and connected it flashes a blue light about every 5 seconds. I don't find this too intrusive at all. Since my entire dash board is lit up like a Christmas tree I don't even notice the flashing blue light unless I look at it.

There is a total of 4 buttons on the device.
Green Button: Is used to pick up and place calls. If your phone supports voice dialing or dial by number you just push the green button once and you can place a call via your device without having to look at your phone. When your phone is attached to this device your phone will ring AND he Bluetooth device with ring. It doesn't ring a special ringtone that you may have downloaded but it does give off a nonintrusive tone.

Red Button: Used to hang up on a call

Volume + / - Buttons: Used to increase or decrease the volume of the speaker when in a call.

Voice Quality:
I wasn't expecting much in this category as I use a speaker phones at work and sometimes they just get annoying. However after using this device I was amazed as to how loud the speaker could be. I was driving the highways here (70MPH) in CA in my truck and it isn't the quietest cab around. From the humming of my tires and the typical highway traffic I had no problems speaking to or hearing the person on the other end of the call.

I have yet to use it with my windows down (it's still winter) so I will hold off on commenting there as I have not had the experience needed to warrant it. However, I do suspect that it would be difficult to hear/speak with the windows down at 70Mph but we will see.

Another thing that I would like to now is that because the device is in front of you (on your visor) you don't feel the need to YELL when on a call. I have seen some people talk louder when on a Bluetooth device attached to their ear. This device doesn't give you that feeling.
When I place calls on the device I sometimes ask the other party if they can hear me, and they typically say, "Why?" I then tell them that I am on my Bluetooth device and they are amazed that I it is hand free. When I listen to my wife or parents call me I am also impressed with the quality. I can hear they are on their hands free device but it is minimal at best.

Pros or Cons:
Since it is a speakerphone and not attached to an individual's ear it does pickup EVERYTHING that is going on in the auto. So if you have a rowdy bunch in the back and you are attempting to make a call, that might not work so much and the person on the other end will hear all the conversation in the car. When my wife calls with my 3 year old in the back seat I can actually have a conversation with him. I can hear him say, "Hi daddy" and "Bye daddy" just as if I was the one talking to him. I find this to be a feature but at the same time I can't tell my wife anything "secret" or the entire car will hear it.

What I really enjoy about the BlueAnt device is that you can clip it to any side of the clip. This allows you to move your visor as you normally would (down during sunny spots, to the side by the window) and move our BlueAnt to one side or the other of your visor.

I really enjoy this feature for a few reasons;
1. Gives you the flexibility to move it to any side of the clip
2. Allows you to remove it and take it with you inside during the night or take it off and hide it under your seat or in your middle console when in "unknown" areas of town
3. You don't have to constantly be removing the clip from your visor which could be damaging

Battery Life:
I have been using the device on and off for about a week and I have not had to charge it once. When I leave the car I turn off the device (push the mic bar in). When I get back in the car, I turn the device back on (push the mic bar again - which pops it out)
I really enjoy the thought of it coming with BOTH a cigarette lighter charger and an AC adapter for the home. This gives me the option that if I want to charge it on a long road trip I can or if I need to charge it over night I can.

Since I have had it I had had only 1 issue arise. On occasion (twice in a 2 weeks span) when I place or receive a call with the device the other party can hear an echo in the phone. They can actually hear themselves talking to me. It is about a ½ second delay and it could be very annoying for the other party. On the phone end you can't hear a difference. At first it happened to me when I called my wife. I thought it might just be the device was defective, but when I received mine it happened on a call as well. This led me to believe that it may be a design issue where the speaker is feeding back into the microphone. To resolve the issue you have to hang-up the call, push the microphone bar in (turn off the device), wait for your phone to detect the disconnect and then turn the device back on. It takes about 10 seconds to resolve it in total time. Because the issue can quickly be resolved and it doesn't occur but rarely, I felt that it still deserved a 5 star rating (ideally it should be a 4 ½ but that isn't an option).

Recommend it to:
I would recommend this device for anyone who;
1. Needs it ONLY for their car or truck.
2. Doesn't need to worry about privacy in the car with others.
3. Needs a loud speaker.
4. Needs minimal visual interference (it's on the visor so it doesn't add anything more then what the visor already does.
5. Needs to be able to remove the device for security or convenience reasons.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on September 1, 2007
I had been looking at different car handsfree options for a while. I had looked at the options from Motorola, Parrot, and Blueant. I went with the Blueant since the only things I had heard about their produtcs were good. I'm glad I did.

This unit works extremely well. It's simple to use and does what it is supposed to very well. Audio both ways is very clear. There are a number of design decisions that they made that were just ingenious. First is the way the pop-out microphone also turns the unit on and off. By using this as needed I haven't had to charge the unit in 3 days despite regular use. Also, the visor clip is metallic and on the back of the unit they have a couple of really strong magnets. So, basically you leave the clip where you want it and can just remove/replace the unit easily when you get out.

It's great. If you need a bluetooth handsfree for your car this thing is the way to go.
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on August 26, 2007
I purchased voice recognition software for my HP iPAQ HW690 combined with this BlueAnt device gives me true hands free operation of my cell phone while driving. The device easily connects via Bluetooth. Battery life is very good. Sound is loud and clear. Clips easily to your sunvisor, although it did come with an alternative mounting clip.

Well worth the money.
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