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on December 14, 2012
I am writing this review to mainly inform interested buyers that many of the higher ratings for this product were probably written when the company was making these out of silicone. I saw a video showing how to install them and the covers that the person was using in the video stretched easily and fit snugly over the sticks. As of receiving this product today, all of the covers were made of hard plastic. It was a pain to install them and I was concerned for the integrity of my analog sticks due to the amount of pressure required to snap them on. Maybe I got a dud, but it's more likely that the company has changed the material of the stick covers since the earliest reviews. I see there are other more recent reviews here that mention the covers are made of hard plastic.

On the plus side, they do feel good after installation, and still serve their job of protecting the stick and giving you a little more grip on the analog. They are decent, but definitely not deserving of such high ratings.
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on April 4, 2012
This D-pad and analog stick cover set by Bluecell certainly covers the options when it comes to alternate cover shapes; 8 in all.

The D-pad covers are made out of a hard plastic and fixed to the PSV D-pad with 4 squares of double stick rubber/silicone adhesive pads. One basic cross type design and the other a concave, smoothly contoured diamond. Both add height to the PSV D-pad. I didn't use either design as I like the factory D-pad exactly the way it is. For those who don't, here are two more options.

The 6 analog stick caps are made out of black silicone and stretch over the analog stick heads. Due to the small size of the analog sticks, they're not the most intuitive to install, but if you roll the lip back and then over the edge of the analog stick head, it takes maybe 10-20 seconds, less if you've done it before.

There is one convex cap with concentric grooves for grip, one convex cap with grip dots, one smooth concave cap, one cross tip cap with prominent edges, one diamond shaped cap with an indented arrow for grip and orientation and one slightly concave cap with tiny indented arrows.

I'm using the concave cap for the right stick and the cross tip for the left. Subjectively speaking, it's a marked improvement over the factory analog stick heads.

It should be tough not to find one design that is not a personal preference over the stock convex analog stick head. The only problem is that the set only contains one of each design type meaning, if you don't want to mix and match two different types of cap designs, you should buy two sets. I would have preferred matching sets for the analog stick caps, but it is exactly what is shown in the product description photos. No complaints or misrepresentation there.

The caps add a slight amount of height to the analog sticks for better leverage, and the silicone material provides excellent grip.
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on March 27, 2012
I bought this after reading the previous review. I love my new Vita, I got it because of the 2 analog sticks. The sticks are little cute nubbies which do the job but I felt it would all be so much better if the nubbies had rubber caps to improve playability just like the caps available for the dual shock and all other controllers.

Although it never said in the description or by first reviewer, these are indeed little rubber caps. Each of the 6 caps have a different appearance so you can pick whichever appeals to you. These caps give you better control over the sticks as well as make them a little higher, both adding a great deal to playability of the Vita.

The 2 bigger caps are hard plastic, and presumably fit over the D pad and the button pad, but you attach with the provided sticky tape. I did not use these so can't comment on how durable they are.

The little nubbie caps are a b*tch to attach, which is why I gave them a 3 star for fun. Took me 10 minutes of frustration to figure out you put the cap on top of the stick, and wriggle it all around until the miniscule lip slides down and around the stick. Do not waste your time trying to stretch and pull the caps over the stick, unless you have fingers the actual size of a Barbie doll.

In summation, I really appreciate this accessory, the vendor shipped it to me lickety split and I would give them a 5 and buy them again if they came in more colors, like purple.

EDIT: I bought another Vita in October 2012 (Liberation White Vita bundle) so I re-ordered this product . They changed the construction. No longer a rubbery nub. It's a harder, but not too hard, plastic or something. So it snaps onto the twin sticks and stays put. Works much better. Kudos to company for improving their product. I'm bumping up my original rating. Now, if only they made them in purple...
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on February 16, 2014
The reviews are right, these are just hard plastic pieces, but for the price they are great (although it would be nice if they were latex coated, but not a deal breaker.) I wanted something to make the sticks feel better, and they do. I used the recessed caps, which just snapped on easily, and are easy to remove if you need to. I also used the D-pad piece as well, which works great, although you need to apply a sticker to the d-pad to get the cover on. Once putting the caps on, I couldn't go back to playing without them, which is especially noticeable playing games like Killzone Mercenary or any other shooter. The smooth plastic caps feel better than the mushroom shaped rubberized caps which are smaller.

EDIT: I recently purchased a can of rubber coat spray from Lowes and sprayed the caps, works great.
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on December 5, 2012
A little pricey for a bunch of ABS plastic pieces that snap onto the analog sticks. I paid the extra thinking they were silicone grips that you pull over the analog sticks but in fact they are just hard pieces of plastic that snap on. If you want the plastic pieces, you can get them for cheaper from other sellers/retailers. As others have mentioned, I didn't bother using the D-Pad grips because they are just attached to them with glue but I knew I wasn't going to use them anyway.
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on December 17, 2013
For context, Killzone Mercs is a great game for the PS VITA. My only complaint is that the joysticks are so tiny it is difficult to dial in the proper control for aiming as compared to a full-size controller.

These joystick caps not only add some grip (the concentric circles one is my favorite) but they add some height and therefore leverage and in return, control. SO MUCH BETTER!.

I use the joystick extenders in my aim stick on the full size controller and finally have some for the VITA now too. Well worth the $10 if you are a FPS freek.

As a side note, my secondary issue was trigger issues, but this other item fixed that. Also a great item:
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on April 20, 2015
A lot of people in the reviews seem to complain that these are made of plastic and not silicone, but plastic is exactly what I wanted. Silicone may be more comfortable, but it also gets slippery at times. My fingers can get tougher, and I can deal with a little soreness in the meantime. What I cannot abide is my thumbs slipping off the analogue sticks at a crucial moment! And these caps, the target-patterned one in particular, are exactly what I was searching for. With this, I have better precision and perfect grip. I use a similar cover with my 3DS XL, as well. Really very glad to have found the option exists for Vita as well. The covers snap right on, and stay firmly in place. Very happy with them.

The D-pad cover didn't really factor into my purchase, as I don't believe the Vita's D-pad needs any alteration in the first place, but I figured I'd put it on just to prevent dust from falling into the open spaces. Unfortunately, it didn't fit my Vita slim, but since I didn't need it in the first place I won't even give it a second thought.
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on June 17, 2013
They analog stick covers are hard to snap on and off but they feel great. I am also using the D-pad topper and it feels nice to me. I've heard other people calling it ugly but I find it aesthetically pleasing.
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on November 18, 2013
Terrible. They replaced the awesome Silicon versions with FULL PLASTIC knock-off.. cheap feeling.. ridiculousness. :/ Don't get these. They think they can get away with it.. but here's the post you were looking for.. These are horrendous.
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on February 15, 2013
The Vita's built-in d-pad tends to accumulate skin oils and dirt and the grooves between and around the directional buttons makes cleaning difficult and annoying.

The package comes with two slightly concave (i.e. dips in the middle like a very shallow plate or bowl) d-pad covers, one with adhesive and one without. The one without adhesive can be pushed into into grooves between the d-pad buttons. It's quite secure, and can be removed and attached with the effort roughly equivalent to that of a large stereo headphone jack. The lack of adhesive means you can remove it at any time without worrying about adhesive residue, but another double-sided tape is included if you'd like the extra security. The d-pad cover is smooth, low-profile (doesn't interfere with most cases), and doesn't interfere with normal gameplay. It may even make certain games easier to play due to the extra flat surfaces it adds.

I didn't buy this for the analog stick covers but they seem a bit tricky to put on since they're made out of hard plastic, and you have to forcefully snap them over the analog sticks. I found one that goes on with less effort and am using that for my left stick (used more heavily), but I get a bit nervous trying to push the others on.
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