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on February 27, 2012
I would have given the story 4.5 stars but the proofing was absolutely horrible. If I read a book with grammatical errors, I usually walk away from it because it is so frustrating. The fact that I kept reading until the end meant it was a great read but the proof reader should be fired. There were even parts where the wrong character was named in a scene and it led me to believe the characters were cheating on each other. Disappointing to say the least. This is apparently the first in a trilogy but I am unwilling to try the sequels simply because of the editing.
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on November 27, 2011
This was such an enjoyable break from some of the heavier stuff I have been reading. I love all that crazy, heavy reading but sometimes it's good to settle into light-hearted romance.

Kathleen Brooks' Bluegrass State of Mind was just the book I needed. It is full of endearing characters in a `Mayberry' type small town who seem to embrace you as they embrace the main character, McKenna.

McKenna and her friend Danielle witness a crime perpetrated by McKenna's boyfriend and the law partners from her prestigious firm in New York. The group also contained a high-powered Senator and McKenna knew their only hope of survival was to split up and disappear.

McKenna ends up applying for the Assistant DA position in the small town of Keeneston hoping to use an old friend from her childhood as a way in.

The important things about this story are how it made me feel. I loved the town and it's citizens. I felt the author truly knew these people and they were not one-dimensional characters. The romance between McKenna and Will are secondary for me but still well written and important to the story. The added suspense of McKenna's past gave the over all plotline flavor.

I am not a huge Romance reader these days but I am thankful Kathleen Brooks asked for the review. I am happily adding the rest of the series to my TBR shelf and will continue to follow Ms. Brooks future works.

I recommend this book highly to all lovers of Romance and those that need to change it up from their typical reading preferences.
4 out of 5 Stars! Tammy with The Kindle Book Review
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on September 29, 2012
I found this book on Barnes and Nobles website as a free read. I am so glad that I downloaded it. It is lighthearted, fun, but also a mix of the danger.

This book revolves around Attorney McKenna Mason who has just witnessed a major crime and is now on the run. Leaving everything she knows. She winds up in Keeneston looking for a job and an old friend from her childhood. Throughout the book we find out little by little what drove her to the small town.

The book is from only one person's point of view and also just so everyone know there is no sex scenes. I know, I know, sad but it is also good because even with the little intimate moments leading up to the moment you know it's going to happen. I feel that this book was wonderful how it was written. So if you are looking for those explicit sex scenes you will not find it in this book.

Also what made me love the book even more is that the character grew up in my hometown of Liverpool, NY just outside of Syracuse. It's not often that you find author's that have heard of those little town's in upstate NY let alone create a character from those parts. That made this book that much more special to me.

I love Kenna because she is a strong female character and a kick ass attorney who will know men right off their feet in the courtroom. Just like she knocks her childhood friend Will Aston's socks off. She may have run but she had her reasons to keep low until the time is right.

I can't wait to read the next book in the series about Mo and Danielle!!

A must read!
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on March 11, 2012
I rarely start skipping paragraphs or pages when I'm reading a book. Towards the middle of this one, I started skipping whole chapters.

Kenna shows up in a new town and instantly becomes the belle-of-the-ball. The whole town basically falls in love with her and supports her in all she does and drops all they're doing to run to her aid??? Really? I lived in the south for a few years and, yes, the people were very nice. But, you know what, folks are nice here in the north, too. This whole unbelievable background was very distracting to me in this book.

Also, the author got way to deep in the weeds and description of some things. I don't need to know she grabbed her laptop, opened a browser, signed on to her email account, opened her email, and read her email. Couldn't the author have just said 'she read her email'? Do I need a step-by-step visual? I think we pretty much all know what email is and how it's read these days.

She meets a Sheik and within the first few hours/day of their meeting, he's offering to do anything for her? Lend her his private jet? Really? Really?

The ex-wife Whitney... She's a complete b*tch who returns to Kentucky and her ex-husband allows her full access to his person, family, stable, etc? And we're supposed to believe that? Really? She runs into Chad, Kenna's exboyfriend, in Washington DC and invites him with her to an event in Kentucky? Really?

This was a freebie book but I think I deserve restitution for my time for reading such drivel.
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on August 2, 2012
I downloaded this book because it was free and the plot synopsis (young woman working at a large NYC law firm moves to small town Kentucky and of course predictably falls in love with a local cowboy) sounded interesting enough. However this book is not well written and has a plot that is so "out there" I found it hard to stay engaged with it. We are supposed to believe the protagonist was the first woman ever to make partner at her big law firm (every major NY law firm has female partners) and then shows up in small town Kentucky and is welcomed with open arms immediately by everybody except the villain (come on, everyone knows people in small towns are friendly to but wary of outsiders). I could perhaps get past these inaccuracies, the numerous typographical errors, and the fact that the narrator sometimes switches the protagonist's name from Kenna to McKenna in the same sentence, but for the following. The event that precipitated her departure from New York (and this is not much of a spoiler, since it takes place in the first couple of chapters) is that she witnessed her boyfriend, several senior partners from her firm, a bunch of US Senators, several federal judges, oh and a Supreme Court Justice, gang-raping a stripper. Together. In a conference room of her law firm. I mean. The events that took place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are more believable. I love a good law firm/government conspiracy tale (a la John Grisham) but this plot is so ridiculous I could not enjoy the book.
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on April 4, 2012
I never give up on a book, and before I go further I should say I only got 10 percent through this book before I couldn't take anymore. It's filled with errors and the dialogue is the most stilted and artificial I've ever read (and I've slogged through some bad books). How about a contraction every once in awhile?
Finally, being a Kentuckian, I have to wonder if the author has ever been to Kentucky and if so, whether she thinks we're all backwoods small town folk. We're not. And we don't have DA's, we have Commonwealth's (or County) Attorneys. Fact checking and proof reading are an author's friend.
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on April 15, 2012
I agree with the review who said " a glaring lack of editing--myriad typos, spelling errors, and usage problems (e.g., wrong verb tenses, inappropriate word choices, etc.)"

Doesn't anyone proof these ebooks? Since there are sequels, I guessed that there must be an editor around somewhere...but where?

The author doesn't understand subjective and objective pronouns. "Her and Ahmed.." begins a sentence. YUK. ..."between Will and I..."

Please get an editor/proof reader.

The story was eclipsed by the deplorable grammar and status brand name dropping.
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on April 29, 2013
I only finished that book so I could give a review without feeling bad for not having completed it. I will try to avoid reading any more books of this author.

The plot had some promise but the execution lacked in logic and very obviously in a competent editor.

New paragraphs in the middle of a sentence made it hard to focus.
The author's choice of adjectives is... well... let me use her favourite: amazing. Everything positive is amazing: a hat, a person, a view, a dress, a meal, the races, the atmosphere, an apartment, the main character was constantly amazed, even twice in a sentence, she even found a way to use amazement. Honestly, what's wrong with all the other words? Fantastic, stunning, unbelieveable, gorgeous, beautiful, incredible, brilliant, I would even have been happy for great, awesome or grand. I dare you to have your kindle count the amounts of amazing in this book. For those who can't be bothered: 36. I'm not kidding.
Once she used "massive" in three consecutive sentences. Simply by putting "massive" in an online dictionary I can come up with huge, vast, giant and enormous within 5 seconds.

I also couldn't find any sympathy in me for the main character. She throws around brand names like everyone is supposed to know what a "red Donna Karan" looks like. She drinks 3 martinis and then drives - in her BMW M6, no less.
I had quite a few how-stupid-can-you-get moments: She's supposed to be smart. She's a hotshot attorney from New York on the run from criminals and then opens her own business and registers it under her own name. Really???
She falls in love with a picture-perfect guy but when his ex-wife is riling her with lies about getting re-married, she believes it on the spot and doesn't even bother talking to the love of her life.

I found all of the characters very stereotype and not very plausible. The too-good-to-be-true boyfriend: of course good-looking, well-educated, sporty, rich, without a fault in character - boring. The misunderstood sheik: good-looking, rolling in money, looking for the one true love or only a friend, poor rich kid. His bodyguard and head of security: good-looking, feared for his interrogation methods and having a reputation even among FBI agents but really such a good boy being blindsided by a girl's tears. Yeah right. The ex-wife: loud and obnoxious, obviously getting on everyones nerves but surprisingly being suffered by the same people who don't hesitate interfering with anybody's privacy.

Some parts of the book seemed to be taken straight out of a comedy: The main character has to justify her presence in the little town in a cafe packed with locals and a few weeks later has to lay out bits of her growing relationship with her boyfriend in front of the same people. All the court cases she mentions are totally crazy - sure, I can imagine one or two things like that happening but not a dozen a week.

Bottom line: a waste of time. Please clue me in where this high average rating came from.
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on February 17, 2012
While the story line was good, I did not like the constant name dropping.
Brand name that is. Do I really want to know the brand of every garment the ladies wore? Also needed better proof reading. Not something I will read again.
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on March 15, 2012
Wow, what a dud--this book contains a stew of chick-lit cliches, seasoned with a glaring lack of editing--myriad typos, spelling errors, and usage problems (e.g., wrong verb tenses, inappropriate word choices, etc.)--not to mention the absurdity of female characters walking through the mud of horse paddocks in 4-inch heels--but, on the other hand it IS a free book that demonstrates clearly you get what you pay for--don't waste your time...
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