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on September 4, 2002
Love it or hate it, it doesn't matter, this is still a great blues film. Sure this sequel has a silly plot, but so was the's a joke, get it? I found myself laughing repeatedly as the plot continued to satirize the entire concept of a sequel.....if it was too subtle for you, watch it's right there, brazen as can be.
But who on earth would watch this film for the plot? True to the original, 2000 is a great blues MUSIC sequel. You've got to admire the script writing that has Elwood earnestly trying to convince his band they can compete in a battle of the bands against Clapton backing B.B. with Clarence on sax, or Aretha actually delivering a better take on Respect than on the original film, or John Goodman doing James Browns' cape.....this is great stuff.....and what really matters is that the musicians are having a ball.....and it comes through loud and clear, with soul to spare.
Buy this one for the music, the charisma that jumps off the screen and realize that Belushi would have loved it no matter what.....after all, it still celebrates the blues!
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on July 25, 2000
Boy, it took guts to not submit this review anonymously, though I feel less ashamed of myself for liking it after seeing other reviews here. Well, it's not the original-nothing is, and no-one can replace Belushi. (you can't help thinking of that joke while watching this, the one that goes 'what's blue and sings alone? Dan Ackroyd') Thank GOD they used John Goodman instead of Belushi's brother. I didn't like the scene where they all turned into zombies, that was embarrassing--and what the heck did it have to do with the plot? Speaking of the plot, it was pretty much non-existent, mainly an excuse to rehash scenes from the original. But as for the good stuff...Ackroyd did as good of a job as he could. He obviously took off weight for the role, though he is far from the slim, fast-dancing, sexy Elwood he used to be. His dancing has slowed down, but is still solid. He's actually still pretty charming in parts. The kid didn't annoy me anywhere as near as much as I thought he would (mostly because he didn't have many lines) and could really dance, though I winced when he sang. The scene I replayed over and over, that I will probably buy the movie just to own, was when they did "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and there are these killer visuals of storm clouds and then the actual ghost riders themselves--I practically levitated, that part looked so damn cool. Of course, the best thing by far was the sound-track. "John the Revelator" gave me goose bumps. "Lovelight" and even the corny "Lookin for a Fox" caused me to go out and buy the sound-track almost immediately, though I couldn't meet the clerk's eye when I bought it, I was so embarrassed. I love listening to that tape! Worth seeing just for the music-fast forward through everything else if you have to, and stick around after the credits for a treat.
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on January 30, 2009
How could any fan of "blues," not like this? I mean, look at all the great performers in this film and how much better does it get to have all of them join in for a couple of jam sessions at the end? The movie sports a "Who's Who" of modern-day blues musicians and singers and also is directed by John Landis, who has directed some of the most entertaining films of the last 25 years.

Yes, it's a dumb story......very dumb......but it's about the music.

The leading actors were amusing: Dan Akyroyd and John Goodman - and a really neat-looking little kid in J. Evan Bonifant who really makes me laugh. Just looking at this 10-year-old dancing is his Blues Brothers outfit alone is worth a number of laughs. Some of the characters in here are so outrageous they would be tough to describe. The car chases, the dances and clothing were all over-the-top story. No, this isn't Shakespeare and it wasn't meant to be. It's probably closer to Dukes Of Hazzard. It's a much nicer-edged movie than the first Blues Brothers but too many people want "edgy" material all the time.

Not only are the characters colorful, so is the cinematography, making it both a visual and audio treat. So....just look at it as a blue concert with a few laughs, and, hopefully, you'll enjoy it.
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on January 22, 2016
The music and special effects are better than those in the original Blues Brothers movie, and the car crashes are even more ridiculous. I saw it in the theater. The musical gags are hilarious (Elwood dissing Blues Traveler, Johnny Lang working as a janitor for Wilson Picket and Eddie Floyd, and the discovery that the Blues Brothers' competition in the battle of the bands is an all superstar mega-group fronted by B.B. King and Eric Clapton).
I have only two criticisms. First, many of the musicians-turned-actors are stiff as boards in front of the camera. But in a way, this adds to the charm and authenticity of the movie. My other criticism is that the songs were obviously studio recorded and lip-synched. The trade-off is that the music sounds phenomenally good (and when you buy the sound track, as I did immediately after seeing the movie, you're getting exactly what you heard in the theater).
I have to admit that dedicating this film to the late James Belushi, John Candy and Cab Calloway mede me receptive from the start. So many of the characters from the first movie were present that it felt like old times The music made me buy the CD the next day; all the while thinking - what a dream roll for a kid! Also, knowing that this second film was written at the same time as the first helped me feel it was just like old times. Also, while looking for the original on video, I discovered that once the movie was in production, many of the people in the final act had requested to be part of the film. Is there any greater tribute to Dan
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on February 24, 2015
Never saw the original, but I've managed just fine since first seeing this as a teenager.

Elwood Blues gets out of prison to learn that his brother and his mentor are both dead. (I mean, really? They didn't tell Elwood his brother died?). Seeking purpose to his new life of freedom, Elwood seeks out his mentor's secret son and gets tangled up with a smart-aleck orphan boy while evading the Russian mob, white separatists, law enforcement, and more in his quest to reunite his old band and win a music contest.

The music is great, and the cameos fun to watch (Aretha Franklin, to name one).

Is this movie ridiculous? Absolutely. Is it a riotous good time? Again, absolutely.
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on July 6, 2016
I first caught the tail end of this by accident about a week or so ago while channel surfing and was immediately hooked because I have always loved blues and rhythm and blues. I knew after watching the epic ending with all the Giants in Blues jamming at the Voodoo Witches mansion in Louisiana that it was a must own for me. I was not disappointed. Sure the plot is ridiculous, but that isn't the point, many of these legends like B.B. King and James Brown are no longer with us, so it was especially rewarding for me. The choreography of the moves during most of these performances is also another treat and as far as I can say, there is a lot of eye candy in this film for anyone that loves Blues and R&B.
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on June 1, 2013
So many shows like THE BRADY BUNCH and DUKES OF HAZZARD comes to theater and get turn into dumb comedies because too often than not the script writers don't know the style of comedy that is called for. This on the other hand took what was good in Saturday Night Live and the original Blues Brothers Movie and did just as good job with it as the original workings was. John Goodman and the kid does an excellent attempt for making up for our dead members of the band.

The only put down I have and I'm not sure if it just me not waiting long enough is that the video case mention special features which aren't listed here on product details that one get to by pressing Pop up menu on the remote. When I pressed the menu the screen went black and the player counter stopped. So don't know if the blu ray is missing the special features that were in original DVD or not.
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on October 25, 2011
Not the original and definitely not as good but, you've GOT to have it if you're a fan of the Blue & the Blues Brothers. John Goodman is not John Belushi but does a pretty good job. The music contest at the end with musicians you KNOW is out of this world.
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on June 18, 2014
As with it's predecessor, some of the best soundtrack in the genre.

Is it an art film? No. Is it an epic production? No. Oscar level dialogue and acting? No.

Rocking good fun? I'll leave that to you, but as for me? Heck yeah!
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on December 10, 2011
I know "The Blues Brothers" was a better movie, but I still don't think this movie was so bad. It takes place 18 years after the Blues Brothers got arrested for wrecking Chicago. Elwood Blues is on his own now that his brother Jake has died, but nonetheless embarks on another "Mission from God", and once again attempts to put the band back together. It's not as funny as the original because of John Belushi not being in it, but I think John would have been proud of the music. I thought the music was the backbone of this production and that the artists did very well. Plus, how can anybody be against bringing most of the original cast back, like Aretha Franklin and James Brown? I'm thrilled that they agreed to this. All in all, I think it's a good movie that shouldn't have been panned by the critics.
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